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  1. That's the problem with the Corbynista; they're much more concerned with doing down Blair than they are the Tories and are more concerned with the past than the future.
  2. On Peston less than an hour later it was 11 times, maybe they're not realising after all. On Marr it was probably avoided because Marr himself was taking the p out of it's over use in his introduction of her.
  3. That's a rather surprisingly unflattering opinion of May, especially considering the author and the publication.
  4. Well after May's two nervous, faltering performances on Marr and Peston compared with Corbyn's relaxed, confident rally yesterday I can only see that trend continuing. Back into hiding for May I think.
  5. Stand by for the repeat now airing on Peston. Doubt I will need to watch as she'll give the same robotic, evasive performance that she's just treated us to on Marr.
  6. Not just May. All the brexiteers would rather Europe decend into fascism than admin they were wrong.
  7. They do. Brexit means brexit.
  8. So UKIP have give up on the idea that they can take seats off Labour in their northern heartland?
  9. Yes, I'd seen some accusations about dodgey dealings but couldn't find any links to something more concrete than speculation to support them. Thanks for the link.
  10. Only when all (or the vast majority) of the polls start to show a movement in a single direction week after week can you say they is a trend developing. Those showing an improvement for Labour might be the start of something or they might be an anomaly.
  11. So this myth about the Tories being sensible with money... Thames garden bridge scrapped by Sadiq Khan £37.4m (some reports that it's nearer £50m) with absolutely nothing to show for it other than the inflationary impact on Boris Johnson's ego.
  12. That's what happens when you go to the edge without first going forward. Ouch.
  13. I was convinced there was no way Kelly retained possession there, but I was completely wrong.