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  1. No doubt this will be heralded as a brexit success: Electric Mini to be built in Oxford. However, when you look at the decision it was a bit of a no brainer really; existing production plant with a workforce that knows what they're doing building pretty much the same car.
  2. JOBS! For who though, us or them? As it's Trump my money's on them.
  3. Wnt and had a look at that Conservative Cavalier site. First thing that caught my eye was this Taxation is theft tee shirt. tells you all you need to know about their warped world view.
  4. Went to see them (again) in March. Despite line up changes they've still got it. And I still wouldn't argue with JJ, even in his 60s he still looks handy.
  5. It's what you can catch back that you need to worry about.
  6. I think Labour's position on brexit may do more to loose the support of the younger voters than some pie in the sky, sometime, maybe, never thinking out loud around student debt.
  7. But still leave the EU. They really do deserve everything they get (loose).
  8. I've always said the LLS has been undervalued since the move to the Grand Final as the decider as the top of the top. They are both worthy of recognition in their own right IMO.
  9. More project fear turning into project fact: Liam Fox 'open' to importing US chlorinated chicken
  10. (Mail reading) Brexiteers; ever get the feeling you've been conned?
  11. In other words our membership of the EU has been of no hindrance whatsoever to us trading with the rest of the world all along. Thank you for the clarification, another leave myth quoshed.
  12. Go on, humour me (and it's not just me going by previous posts). I think if you're going to make such serious accusations then you should be able to substantiate them with some evidence or alternatively withdraw the accusations. I'd have thought it would mean, it must be some extremely obvious and deeply offensive racism to upset you so much given that last week you told us that the use of the phrase "N###er in the woodpile" was only worthy of a mild slap on the wrist.
  13. Looks like you were right all along about the Trans-Pennine electrification Trojan. You may now say a very loud "I told you so" to your detractors.
  14. Again I seem to be missing something as I still can't see an example of this racism you keep refering to. Can you please highlight it for me?