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  1. Yes, but that's a couple of hundred hours where he's not in the White House and not on Twitter thus making the world a safer and nicer place.
  2. It's not just a reduction in absolute police numbers that is the problem it's the quality of the officers they have been losing as well. They have been losing a large number of their more experienced people which according to a report this week has resulted in a drop in cases going to court and of convictions when they do go to court due to a combination of a shortage of manpower and of quality of the evidence gathering due to the shortage of officers with the necessary experience.
  3. Yeah for democracy: Tories use 'take out the trash' day to dump controversial reports
  4. And if that's true so is "The only reason left wingers dislike the BBC is because it's consistently right wing." which is trotted out just as often.
  5. I'm with you on the salad cream, great stuff. It's also lower in fat than mayonnaise.
  6. Charming chap: standards that were 'good enough for India' could be good enough for the UK
  7. Who is being tipped in some quarters to be our next glorious leader.
  8. The way things are heading then comparability it may very well turn out that way.
  9. Absolutely. And we still have the Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party thread running with a good 50% of the criticism coming from those with a left leaning view of the world.
  10. I think the reason is that the Tory party are the government of the day and therefore doing "stuff", stuff that people disagree with and have every right to criticis. Prior to 2010 there were plenty of threads critical of the Labour party because then the Labour party were the government of the day and therefore doing "stuff", stuff that people disagreed with and had every right to criticis.
  11. I wonder why the government announced this yesterday (when they knew the papers would be full of BBC wages stories) and not on May 7th as originally planned (in the run up to the election)? Odd timing.
  12. Don't you know he stormed off in a huff a few days back taking his ball with him.
  13. I've heard them say that before, last week in an interview on The Today Programme and obviously it's very welcome and the right thing to do. I do wonder how they're going to square the commitment with the law outlined in the Guardian article I quoted. Let's hope there is a quick and easy solution that will go some way to restoring this councils credibility (fwiw, even if the council changed from Tory control to Labour overnight it's reputation locally would be no better IMO, the damage has been done and all trust eroded).
  14. You have to laugh (or you'd cry): Tory Liam Fox claims new trade deal with EU will be 'one of the easiest in human history' I see they've ommited to give him his full title, "the disgraced former minister"Liam Fox
  15. Trojan should like this: Kensington and Chelsea may be rich, but it has no money for housing "Kensington and Chelsea is a rich borough that should have been able to avoid the disaster at Grenfell Tower, partly because of the £274m in reserves it is said to have. But housing is paid for by councils out of their housing revenue accounts (HRAs). These were ringfenced in 1980 by Margaret Thatcher – so that any other money a council has cannot be used to fund council housing."