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  1. It still won't be Corbyn's fault in the eyes of his disciples.
  2. The Electoral Commission's view: From:
  3. Do they honestly think that will help?
  4. I tend to agree. To gain the wriggle room needed I think they need to increase their overall majority to 20-25, which ought to be achieved comfortably. (I say 20-25 because that's the number of Tory rebels that has been most often quoted when there have been U-turns forced in recent months).
  5. Could be in Georgia, Malta, Portugal, Romanian, Aragon and Catalonia where he's also the patron saint.
  6. What further legislation could be brought in? How would it be more effective than what we have already? By it's nature it's something that is not very easy until, all too often, it's too late. Education is probably as good a way as combating this awful practice; at least then there's a chance of preventing it in the first place.
  7. A hypothetical question I know, but what effect would not winning by the expected landslide have on May's leadership? Say the Tories lead is only increased by single figures or stays the same?
  8. They do have form Nick,
  9. Judging by the comments below the article these policies would be very well received by many of the Torygraph's readers (and quite possibly a few on here). What I don't understand is the way people get all het up about Sharia law/courts and hallal food but aren't the least bit bothered about the Jewish equivalents.
  10. Absolutely regarding the press's sudden interest. However, as much as I try to like Tim Farron I still have concerns about his religious fundemetalism.
  11. I hope not, we still have coal fires. However, I do try and burn more wood these days.
  12. I'd be very surprised if the Venn diagram of people who agreed with all that exceed one.
  13. While people like this are involved in politics satire is dead.
  14. It's about time we re-christened "Project Fear" as the much more accurate "Project Reality".
  15. So much for Trump being the saviour of brexit: It would be churlish to point out that many of us said Trump couldn't be relied on and the only thing Trump ever puts at the head of the queue is Trump.