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  1. I don't know if it's any consolation but until the game got away from them I thought that was the best I've seen your team play all season.
  2. Been a great week to be a Hull fan after two very impressive performances. It's going to take a good side to stand between us and the trophies. I was proud to be a Hull fan last night and proud of my home town. The Jack Harrison commemoration was superbly presented. Take a bow whoever was responsible.
  3. The Allams don't need any help shitting all over us all.
  4. Suffered a very serious knee injury last year. Still in the process of working his way back to full fitness as far as I'm aware.
  5. Said the same thing at the game, mate. It was cheap and was dealt with appropriately by Child.
  6. Looks fantastic. It would have been great to see the first team wear it.
  7. Near Immingham more like.
  8. I remember it well. It was a massive upset. We celebrated so hard my dad couldn't get his key in the front door when he got home.
  9. Absolutely, setting aside the debate on the rights and wrongs of the decision, the important thing is if Luke Gale is OK.
  10. Too far away from us to judge at the time but I've just seen the video on the Sky Sports website. I can barely see the case for a penalty, never mind a red card.
  11. There won't have been a single person in the crowd, Hull or Cas fan, that thought Hull could have defended the lead for an hour with a man light. The Cas fans reacted as if the game was in the bag when Hicks produced the red card and you couldn't blame them. They're the last team you'd want to face in that situation. Hull were magnificent today. It was the performance of a champion team and one of those days you live for as a fan.
  12. Very magnanimous of you, cheers. On the second point, I very much hope so and I see no reason why not.
  13. Allow me to help. Wigan were certainly still slight favourites half an hour before kick off. I know because I backed Hull at 11/10. The reason it sticks in my mind is because I blew the whole 55p in an evening of wild celebration.