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  1. Broke our hearts at Wembley back in '85 but still one of my all time favourite players. I wish him all the best.
  2. I think they took it off him after he'd cocked up the intro to Low Rider for the sixth time.
  3. We looked good when Ellis, Taylor and Watts were on together for the first 20. After that we really seemed to lack direction. As you say though, job done and a massive two points. We're in the 4 at the split and in the cup semi next week. One of only two teams in the competition in that position. Can't ask for much more than that.
  4. What on Earth was the thinking behind going for the two points? All it did was give Huddersfield the chance to get the ball back from the short restart, a chance they predictably took with more than enough time left on the clock to snatch the game. Fortunately Hull's defence, which was outstanding again, was up to the task of holding them out. Although you'd have to say it was assisted by a lack of composure from Huddersfield who I thought were even worse than Hull in that regard.
  5. Great to see Ellis back but the return of Chris Green is also very good news. He's developing into a quality front rower and was in the form of his career before he got injured. I'll be a bit surprised if Albert Kelly plays, given the way he pulled up at Saints.
  6. Decided I'd better read the match thread before I put the house on Leeds at +16.
  7. It's Sam Boa you want to look out for.
  8. Don't know if it's intentional but it wouldn't be the first championship we'd won wearing black shirts with a white 'V'.
  9. Spot on. There have been an awful lot of red herrings brought up on this thread but you've hit the nail on the head for me,
  10. Cod

    No need for all the huss. There's blenny more where they came from.
  11. Never mind that. Any chance of us running a trip from Whalebone?
  12. Beat me to it. He still likes to give us the occasional name check.
  13. Was it raining over there?
  14. Discipline's been awful from Salford but they've paid the price for it. Sort that out and they've got a real chance in this game.