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  1. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    Love the image they've used on the Open Campus programme of events website.
  2. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    Been to a few. He is a good speaker but thankfully not the sort who loves the sounds of his own voice too much. He knows his stuff inside out.
  3. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    Thanks for the heads up, Vik, it sounds really interesting. Just booked two places.
  4. The TV Thread

    I almost felt like rewinding it and watching it backwards as soon as it finished.
  5. The TV Thread

    It's fair to say I wasn't disappointed. The quality of the writing is getting better if anything.
  6. Interesting ride home from work. Sleet, hail, wind and snow with a bit of thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.
  7. The TV Thread

    Mr Jelly (no, not the Roger Hargreaves one) is one of my all time favourite comic creations.
  8. The TV Thread

    Yep, I really hope they can maintain the quality for the rest of the series.
  9. The TV Thread

    Really enjoyed that. It was superbly put together.
  10. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Very much agree with your last sentence. The fringe players looked out of their depth in this fixture last season. The progress between then and now was clear to see. Either that or Rovers have gone backwards.
  11. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Connor was worth the admission money on his own. I felt almost cheated when he was taken off but by that point I guess he'd nailed down his starting position for the opening game of the season. His first try was class but the skill he showed for the second was astonishing. Hope you haven't caught a chill from sitting in a draught in the boozer after the game.
  12. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    I tend to agree. I think the pre-season derby is just overkill now. It's run its course. I'd much rather see the Clive Sullivan Trophy awarded to the winners of the Good Friday derby.
  13. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    He looked in some distress. Let's hope he's OK.
  14. Fast Eddie tearing it up, bless 'im.
  15. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Terrible news, wonderful memories.