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  1. One of the little bleeders was on our feeders yesterday. I hope you told it to clear off back to its own side of the river.
  2. Sounds easier to just go to Whalebone, mate. And a lot more enjoyable.
  3. Must be quite a North Sea storm surge expected. I noticed the River Hull tidal barrier being lowered while I was gazing out of the office window this afternoon.
  4. Liked the look of him very much. Well I think it was him, there were so many Hull players without squad numbers that it was difficult to identify them at times.
  5. I gather I wasn't the only person to recommend the "Amuse Agents" to you. I found the depiction of the lives lost at sea incredibly moving. From a personal perspective it was almost a little too moving.
  6. Is it not pasteur bedtime?
  7. You are Arthur Bostrom and I claim my £5.
  8. I have to say, I'm not surprised.
  9. Loving the front cover. Good work
  10. I knew it was going to be something bad. But not that bad.
  11. Had a good look around the 'Made in Hull' installations tonight. The spectacular stuff was all great but the 'Amuse Agents' shop down Whitefriargate had me laughing out loud.
  12. OK OK I'll talk.
  13. I'm sure as rugby league fans we're all familiar with hatchet jobs carried out by sad, pathetic hacks.
  14. It'll be a pleasure, John.