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  1. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    Todays full time game is garbage compared to part timers in 1980s in the mud with a slippy mitre size 5 Bring back the 5m rule, proper scrums and limited (2) subs to get rid of lazy 10minute hulks who cant do 80 mins and have no flair skills
  2. Ince Rose Bridge @Leigh Miners

    Watched this from deepest Surrey - Thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and not just because my dad played for the Miners in the 70’s. I think the approach of having regular extended fan/crowd shots is novel and a real winner. Also the commentary was brilliant. It defo comes across as a proper honest working class game which will be popular country and worldwide. The funniest bit was when the ball knocked a womans coffee all over her. Did it hit the babby first though??
  3. Bernard

    RU/Vichy try to do the name change with the disgraceful Jeu a XIII. If anything we should be Rugby, they should be Jeu a XV
  4. 1:31 - can see a Hull fan with a scarf round his yed 1:49 - can see a proper old Kop-like crowd surge to the top right corner
  5. Visiting Fans

    I think it does matter to some extent. I much prefer going to games or watching games on tv where there is a sizeable away support packing out an "away stand". It makes for a much better atmosphere
  6. In what year would Leigh have gained a license? If it had been 2014/15, then Fev would have been the likely number 1 due to their exploits under Darryl Powell. We'd have been in the doldrums for 3 more years and may have folded. Licensing is a stupid system. I still can't fathom how Wakey managed to keep not being thrown out I have no qualms with Leigh's current position.
  7. Rugby League Football

    I would say yes, if the core distinction is running with the ball. Consider this - if the Americans had called it or chose to call it "American Rugby" then it would be interesting and valid. 15-a-side certainly isn't as the original game had 20-a-side The ruck and maul certainly isnt, as recent posts on here show that rugby prior to 1895 used numerous other ways of restarting
  8. And that particular route was later removed under Lewis, when your club was basking in the sunshine of SL
  9. Rugby League Football

    We should carry on using Rugby until either: 1/ We become the no.1 rugby game 2/ We merge with Union 3/ We totally change the rules - eg start throwing the ball forwards anything else is a joke. IMO the Aussie RL folks have been stupid to give up using Rugby. Do they call RU footy in NZ?
  10. Disagree - Wood stopped clubs dying outside SL. Your club was fortunate to be in the promised land under Lewis.
  11. I was watching a RL SL GF (either 1998 or 1999 I think) with a few mates in a London pub (the Northumberland Arms) on Tottenham Court Road. Unbelievably around KO time, Scott Gibbs happened to wander in and ended up watched the game with us. Co-incidentally he was staying in a hotel nearby. During the match and after many ales, I quipped that I didnt think Union was as good as Rugby and to my surprise he agreed that RL was better. I think he was still playing RU then too, which still makes me chuckle. Top bloke is Scott Gibbs
  12. Rugby League also dates back before 1895 just as much as RU. Both RU and RL have rules which are different to Rugby in 1895
  13. Padge, the thing is, RU has also gradually changed the rules since Aug 1895, so both games are distinct from the single code played before the split. As you've pointed out in the past, the first rule change in Dec 1895 was to do with retiring at the scrum. I would argue that this was far more more minor than changes RU has itself made since 1895. Perhaps 1906 is when we became distinct, and close enough to 1907-1908 for when NZ and Aus took the game up. The NU players would not have had too much more time to adapt to the big changes made than the NZ All Golds - and this helped make the games more even and interesting??
  14. Even Ealing Broadway is way out of town though (10 stops on the Central Line from Oxford Circus I think) and nowhere near the main artery train stations like Waterloo (coming from the South, SE or SW) and linking networks The Stoop was also terrible I agree
  15. Ealing Trailfinders is a nightmare to get to even from within London. It us also nowhere near any of the main London rail stations, so if you a travelling from just outside, it is over two hours one-way which is not justifiable loss of time on a Sunday afternoon. I feel this is why the crowds are garbage and will never kick on The club really needs to find a better ground, or even potentially base at Trailfinders but play "on the road" in London if they go up - e.g. A game each at all the lower to mid football teams (Brentford, Fulham, Millwall etc)