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  1. Lobbygobbler

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    Never saw him make a break at London or Leigh - you cannot be a top class scrum half and rely on your other team-mates to break the line.
  2. The move of the Halifax game means that the teams on Sunday (e.g. Widnes) will know exactly what they have to win by.
  3. Lobbygobbler

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Does this mean that some in the top four in the championship will get less next year (assuming they dont go up)? Will someone get a parachute payment?
  4. Lobbygobbler

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    I’m disappointed that my own club voted for this. However I’m assuming it is because the funding will be more equally shared?
  5. It does mean championship clubs already need to be a good standard rather than buying in after promotion
  6. Dont be daft - Your so big a club that our crowds were much better than yours last year.
  7. The amount of interest increasingly generated by the middle 8s make me wonder why we are ditching it for one-on-one which is not enough promotion chance. we always change when things are doing well - we got 20k for the last playoff final before licenshit With the new system why not retain it as a middle 6 or middle 5?
  8. Good summary but have forgotten about London. If they lose to Salford, then they play Fax at home where they should pile on the points. Widnes could get six points and still finish outside the top 5.
  9. Widnes need other results to go their way too but not impossible. If Toulouse beat Hull KR next week then Rovers would have to beat Widnes to avoid the MPG
  10. Toronto will beat Widnes and then may well win at Leeds (who might be safe by then and put half a team out)
  11. Lobbygobbler

    New league structure revealed

    How many “rounds” does the English soccer premiership have which is far bigger than AwFuL?
  12. Does this sort of result help solidify Rugby League in Toronto? I’ve always been worried that TWO might swap codes and join the USPro RU comp (like what happened with Paris RU clubs feeding on the bones after the demise of Paris saint-germain