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  1. Marseille were once one of the great RL teams, and the photo of the 1951 team returning to France with over 100,000 lining the streets was taken there. Not far from Avignon and Carpentras Jean Dop was one of their greats https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Dop no RL history in Nice but its in Provence all the same - and a great place for a break!
  2. Why was this game on a Thurdsay night on Easter weekend with great weather? Its financial suicide. I still didnt expect London to have 3 wins at this stage, so there is still every chance if staying up. Perhaps the warmer weather will suit their style
  3. Take a test to Marseille, Bordeaux or Nice on a Saturday afternoon in June. pretty sure you’d get a few thousand fans going over
  4. The RU lions are not the best players from all four countries and never have been - otherwise it would have never had any Scottish or Irish players in until recently.
  5. Sanity prevails. Hope the Bradford can get a great turnout
  6. I personally despise the seeding of the cup. It robs most lower clubs of the chance to play top teams. A major reason why crowds are down for the final. if they want to seed it, do it the reverse way of making SL clubs play first so only 4 SL clubs can get through to play the others in the last 16. That would be far more interesting
  7. If Bradford v Leeds is not the primary fixture on bbc, then the RFL and beeb need their heads examined. Complete no brainer and the only tie thats really interesting, followed by a country mile then Wire v Wigan (who cares as they are always playing each other)
  8. More than happy for St Helens to give up their place in SL for New York, Toronto or Ottowa. Would yield great crowds in the second tier and expand the game in SL
  9. 1/ Twickenham and Richmond area is a great night out 2/ Their fans generally have more money than ours 3/ Their crowd will be augmented by lots of posh west country folk who live in London 4/ Twickenham is an easy straight 90 min drive from Bath across the M4
  10. London not being in SL is even worse for negotiating a TV deal. What do Uddersfield offer besides a taxi full of away fans?
  11. Where it all went wrong - the bonkers decision in moving away from the Valley after the first season there to the Stoop. This also gave Quins RU a massive shot in the arm. btw Londons biggest crowd was over 15k as Fulham
  12. Putney Bridge is close - nice walk down by the river too. 1.5 mile walk/bus from Hammersmith
  13. What a lot of people have forgotten is that Craven Cottage is the spiritual home of London Broncos. They have never played a game there since the mid 80’s unfortunately, and I think if they’d played there in the mid to late 90’s it would have been packed. I do think it is one place where the football fans might also turn out because of the history. It’s also the best located of all the grounds. It would be great to have a night out in Fulham after a game
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