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  1. Whilst it might not suit Hull KR to go to Toulouse, I would have thought that strategically having Toulouse in could be beneficial for Rovers given that they are more likely to win their other home games against SL clubs than Fax are and also potentially against Catalans
  2. Game is relevant for Leigh because Huddersfield are more likely than Wire to lose games in the middle 8s
  3. Not sure but could be a good thing in the end if Wire dont end up in the bottom 4 with us.
  4. Double headers are a very poor idea for challenge cup semis because no-one is neutral and no-one cares about anything but their team winning The losers of game 1 would not hang around for game 2.
  5. I would initially suggest alternating between Trailfinders (for smaller games) and Brentford. Is Fulham still a no go?
  6. They were the pre-licensing standards that our teams had to meet to get promoted (but were never applied to incumbents like Wakey). They then became criteria under licensing, but not requirements, thus again helping incumbents like Wakey. Currently there are no SL standards as far as I'm aware
  7. How about each team being limited to 3 video ref challenges, other than that the refs call
  8. The Aussies should have done this back in 1908
  9. Awful and in my eyes derogatory to Rugby League and our history. both sports should be called by their full names the rules were pretty much the same after the schism, so it wasnt as if we'd given up our sport as Manningham did. Rugby League has all the core elements that RU has, so it has to still be called Rugby. It's not as if we've introduced a forward pass or can bounce the ball forward
  10. A derogatory expression for RL in France? Wasnt Rugby a Treize banned after the war until recently. I personally think we should keep using "Rugby" on its own. We may yet be the code who wins out. RU is also very different from the form of Rugby at the time of schism
  11. Absolutely made my ##### dayβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Nonsense penalty. Why didnt he blow before it was caught if offside?
  13. Yep - I meant Scott Quinnell
  14. Why would contested scrums have been an issue? Scrums were contested in RL until only a year or two before that match in 95'. Virtually every single Wigan player would have known how to scrum properly. Also Scott Gibbs was playing for Wigan and he was an RU prop. Wigans biggest mistake in that game was playing Joe Lydon and Graeme West who had both long since retired