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  1. Lobbygobbler

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    Would playing as historic Cumberland be better than the “fake” Cumbria
  2. Does Partizan Belgrade also have an RL team?
  3. Lobbygobbler

    Leeds South Stand opening

    Could the club do it if they buy the houses backing onto the West Stand?
  4. Lobbygobbler

    RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

    Only a small percentage of Rugby League players and clubs are fully pro. Most of these clubs dont have big squads, so a game with a smaller number of subs is beneficial all levels. much better to have a game where the players are generally playing a full 80 - I would bet the game will be miles safer too with less high impact collisions with the 10minuter stamina-less hulks removed. Also we would get more shocks
  5. Lobbygobbler

    RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

    “Have been known” suggests they hardly ever do it. Rugby League is not geared or rich enough up for huge squads where we can rotate hulks plus it makes for a better game with smalller faster fitter and more skillful guys. Watch games from the 80s with a slippy ball and part timers. Miles better IMO
  6. Lobbygobbler

    RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

    Totally disagree. At the moment we have 10 minute hulks who have little stamina. Much better to go back to when we had guys playing a full 80 who were really stretched. Made for a better game to
  7. Lobbygobbler

    Beaumont leaves Leigh

    Doesnt your team throw a lot of money around to stay in SL? At least we had some time in the sun and beatIng our local rivals convincingly (Wigan, Saints and Wire) at home in the process.
  8. Lobbygobbler

    London Broncos Announcement

    Last time Drinkwater played for London they were relegated. He was below average at London and Leigh - couldnt break through a paper bag. Had half a good season at Catalans surrounded by great players. Never seen him make a break tbh
  9. Lobbygobbler

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    No chance - could be quite close thinking about it with all the Southern players now up north like LMS and McMeeken. could be a lot of biff too
  10. Lobbygobbler

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Repeat fixtures in different comps felt completely different though to lots of SL repeats
  11. Lobbygobbler

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    For me, the only Origin that could work is North v South, however this would require the South to be competitive and we need far more players down here. It’s the same issue with France and the other Ctic nations Did Rugby ever have North v South before the breakaway?
  12. Mickey mouse cup with a mickey mouse name Terrible idea. Players should only grace Wembley if they deserve it
  13. Lobbygobbler

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    The clover was always on GB shirts from at least the 30s through to the 70’s as part of the beautiful ornate lions badge with the red rose, daffodil and thistle
  14. The main issue for TWP is that the final will not be in Canada even if they come top. Joke-wise it will likely be a near as possible to whoever they are playing - prob at Wire or Saints if if Widnes get to final