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  1. Was that THE Marseille, which used to be a really big RL club?
  2. Watching the same type of rugby is dull. Winter rugby meant players had to play in all sorts if weather so the matches were played in lots of circumstances which was interesting, in the same way that competitive scrums adds uncertainty. the main factor we should be aiming for is close matches with uncertain outcomes regardless of the scoreline. We dont want basketball scores and regular blowouts another thing - winter nowadays is nowhere near as treacherous as it was 30-40 years ago so games would never be called off (has winter affected union adversely?)
  3. The opening game against London was at London as I recall (remember watching it)
  4. And Leigh, London and Sheffield
  5. Some second div teams are full time
  6. I think the middle 8's still favours the SL clubs a bit too much. I'd like to see the second division clubs all get home games, or have a sliding scale of home games depending on finishing position (so the top second division club would get all 7 games at home and the bottom SL club would have to play every single game away - analogous to the old top five if you came fifth)
  7. Was he moaning the season before when the middle 8s was Wakey's saviour?
  8. Why are people calling the game before 1895 Rugby Union - Surely it was only Rugby football? It does a dis-service to everything (games, players, heritage) leading up to the split, and makes out that a new game (on the pitch) was born. This is not true as the sports were virtually identical for several years after 1895 (I recall Padge saying a few years back that there was only one insignificant rule change to do with the scrum retirement??) RU has also bifurcated from the original game of Rugby common to both games
  9. Good question because some people would still watch their club if they were semi pro and if going pro shows no increase in crowds then why do it? my view is that it should shore up weaker clubs if all players are fully pro rather than when just Wigan did it. Also I think people generally gravitate to watch players who are playing to their full potential. This is exactly what happened with club RU since 1995. They have not changed anything of any great substance
  10. In 1995 with the switch to full professionalism, we should have stuck with winter, competitive scrums and the 5m rule. Games would have been closer and more varied due to more variable weather. I think summer rugby, nonsensical scrums and the 10m rule are red herrings and the main reason for crowd increases in the top division was going fully pro.
  11. Why 12 pts penalty rather than 6?
  12. I woukd argue that players are not necessarily fitter or have better stamina, as: A/ They play far less games per season B/ They dont play a full game Difference in Australia is that the bottom clubs still get over 10k as RL is the main sport, as well as games being generally competitive. Somehow we need to make most games close/unpredictable, which help lead to bigger crowds (at some clubs). However this is not enough and better marketing and or greater tribalism (an "our town our club" mentality) is needed so that modt people in a town feel part of the club. I think Derek Beaumont has been doing a good job with this at Leigh
  13. There are quite a few buses from Ealibg Broadway on Sunday - one route has a nice big pub on the way (which is a 5 min walk to tge ground)
  14. Not true What about Fev's crowds (despite being poor on the pitch), and Leeds and London?