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  1. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Why not have both? In my view the heartlands has far too many games and it becomes totally saturated. Too many games leads to lethargy and its nothing new going to the same old grounds. Much better to spread around to new places and get tickets sold well in advance
  2. Or top goes up, then second and third playoff (both home semis) with second and third bottom
  3. I do wonder if there are IRB people involved running the NRL. The NRL (and their refs) should be nowhere near international RL
  4. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    Do you work for RFU top brass?
  5. Toronto v Halifax venue

    If TWP do play some home games in the UK they should be at somewhere like Fulham and promoted to the max to the Canadian expat community
  6. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    There were up to 4 teams in the Northern Union then (from memory inc. Treherbert and Merthyr) but I didnt know there was a lower league in Wales. Wouldnt soccer players have had the same time off issues?
  7. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    The NU could and should have become the dominant form of rugby in Wales as offering open payment for playes. I think the NU had 4 Welsh teams in 1907/8 and the Welsh international NU team has been successful, so what happened? Perhaps its because the Welsh RU team was already entrenched due to being the only team to beat the 1905 All Blacks? Perhaps it was because the NU were overconfident and didnt pump in enough money and planning to cement the game. Perhaps it was because the rules had just changed to 13 a side with a ptb and this made switching harder? Perhaps it was because it was called NU and this sounded un-Welsh? I suspect it was the NU being inept as the main reason, as the RFL have been ever since especially in the 1980s when at least one top team should have been in Wales. Part of the problem being that the NU would probably have had no high quality top brass management as the RFU would have had. I'm guessing most NU top men were ex-players or pub landlords
  8. Could tonga v samoa not sell it out alone now?
  9. Tony Smith on FiveLive this morning

    Those restrictions could and should still be imposed in a P&R system (similar to overseas quota's). Catalans could/should have also be exempt
  10. Yep - would never let Perenara near a test after that. Has to be a non-NRL neutral ref
  11. If it was a Kiwi NRL ref he would favour Australia. It has to be a ref who represents neither SL or NRL - what is wrong with the French championship or the local NZ league? Who cares if they havent reffed in the style of SL or NRL. Would be same for both teams
  12. We would have won if the ref had been neutral
  13. This ref is truly awful. No way was that a knock on near HT
  14. Joke reffing. Why are we putting up with this ######? I'm convinced that the NRL refs want to shaft international RL so they can focus on the precious comp
  15. Modern day RU is not the same sport as was played in 1895 so they also have no more right to call themsleves "Rugby" Also omagine what the guys who played rugby in the 1870's with 20-a-side must think of the softarses who later played 15-a-side