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  1. I would argue in favour of Bradford Northern having a strong legitimate claim for being the continuation of Bradford RFC because: 1/ One third of the club voted to stay in NU, so it wasnt as if the club voted en masse to leave 2/ The part of the club that stayed continued playing the same sport (BPA played a totally different sport) which suggests that they would have retained the lions share of the fanbase and players. The fact that BPA switched sports and BN stayed suggests that BPAs claim is also weaker (would have breen analogous to RU breaking away in 1895 switching to playing soccer but claiming the prior heritage - RU had approx 2/3 support in the 1893 vote on broken time) 3/ There was no pause between Bradford RFC and Bradford N RFC
  2. I understand what you are saying but couldnt the same be argued about the oldest soccer club? On your basis they are only as old as their first game and their first opponents
  3. Immediately after your quote it says HRUFC was re-born in 1909. The club was originally named Huddersfield Old Boys, matches were played at the United Cricket Club in Luck Lane, Marsh and players changed in the nearby Croppers Arms pub.
  4. Huddersfield Athletic club was formed in 1864, which became Huddersfield Rugby On a similar note, why do Huddersfield RU Claim that their club was reformed or reborn in 1909 (http://www.huddersfieldrugby.com/pages/huddersfield-rugby-club/history)? This club had nothing to do with the original club (now the Giants) which continued unbroken after the split and can be the only righful club to use the pre1895 rugby history and heritage. Huddersfield RU was simply a new club in 1909
  5. I dont think the Wakefield RU club was ever called Wakefield RFC as they were not as old as Wakefield Trinity RFC (aka Wakefield RFC), - rather Wakefield RUFC
  6. Leigh should have won this by 20...
  7. It would have been in Manchester wouldnt it at the Etihad Sports complex. Would have been interesting
  8. Perhaps Brisbane are no good
  9. So the ref has penalised Leigh for not playing it properly and not playing the ball on the mark - which everyone does but never gets penalised for. Hope he will be consistent
  10. Looks like we are throwing this away
  11. Given our forward domination, we ought to be 20 up but I still think we are missing Ridyard
  12. We'd be moaning if it was RU being referred to as a rugby! So Ant and Dec are merely saying that RL is the true Rugby!
  13. Don't know the ins and outs of why Brierley left but I wouldn't mind seeing him back at Leigh. He was an exciting player and will improve as he gets older. Perhaps Fartown isnt the right club for him???
  14. Shall we just brush it under the carpet?
  15. From the photos I've seen it looks like Huddersfield took no more than 100 fans to Leigh. This is at least 10x fewer than any other northern SL club takes. Why is this? Is there just no away culture?