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  1. Lobbygobbler

    Middle eight fixtures - What are they?

    I would argue that it is in TWP’s interests that the strongest 3 other championship teams make the top 4, so that there is a more realistic chance of SL clubs losing against other championship teams
  2. Lobbygobbler

    Middle 8's, who can't afford to miss out?

    Not sure if we will make the top 4 but I really dont want Leeds or Catalans in the bottom 4, as they will not go down (and too valuable for the RFL) and it would be a wasted slot. The best chance for top 4 clubs is that Wakey (carp ground, carp crowds), Widnes (carp crowds), Salford (Carp Crowds), Huddersfield (empty soulless stadium, carp crowds, no away fans) come in the bottom 4. If all 4 of these “deadwood” teams went out of SL they woukd not be missed
  3. Lobbygobbler

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    Blame Donny Loneghen
  4. Narbonne is a ###### place anyway. Much better at Toulon Shame England v France is not in Nice
  5. Lobbygobbler

    The future of RL's TV rights

    Complete twaddle - are you saying crowds would drop to Shinty levels?
  6. Of coure State of Origin strongly showcases and benefits NRL as everyone in the state teams plays NRL (has there been an example where this is not the case?)
  7. Lobbygobbler

    The future of RL's TV rights

    So what? Most wouldnt get jobs in union or the NRL. I dont think it would affect crowds. It might even make games closer and more equitable bring in more fans. i couldnt care if Leigh were full time or part time. I’d still support them
  8. Lobbygobbler

    The future of RL's TV rights

    I’d rather stand up and fight for a good deal and if that means walking away with no deal (with new opportunities) that is better than a really bad deal (with no opportunities) which makesus look weak. there is no way sky want to lose RL and their is no way the EU wants a no deal (what would all their students do who cant get places in the tres ecoles)?
  9. It would have to be non-NRL refs and non-Aussie
  10. If international RL isnt competitive then why bother with an Australian ref all the time? IMO the NRL doesnt want international RL to be competitive. Why would they? Australia not being top dog would make their comp look second rate. That is why they ensure we cant win. The only chance we have is (a) to get a British ref who will not be biased in favour of Aus (l can recall many games when this has happened) in order no to offend, (b) not go upstairs at key moments (to an Aussie VR who will rule in favour of Aus), and (c) for us to have a good game.
  11. Lobbygobbler

    The future of RL's TV rights

    As with BREXIT, RL must be prepared to walk away with a no deal scenario. If this happened would it be so bad afterall? It would be no different to 1995 and Most players would be part time. However people would still go and watch their clubs in numbers - probably very similar crowds to now. RL is tribal at club level
  12. There was only a 5 month gap between the last game as the “old club” (last game in Nov 1897) and the “new club” (Apr 1898). That is similar to the end of season break. Pretty sure all the fans of the old club would have carried the torch forward. RU clubs are desperate to have histories like Dewsbury (est. 1875)
  13. Same fans, same ground as the original club = continuation if club history. No different to Hull FC in the 90’s or Leigh having one year off after the war. It sure why Dewsbury dont call their heritage back beyond 1898 - every RU club does the same
  14. I’ve noticed recently that several club garments have incorrect years of establishment which deny heritage before 1895 even though the rules were basically the same before and after the split (for a couple of years). An annoying example is Ellis Rugbys merchandise for Huddersfield which says est 1895, yet Worster Worriers are apparently older, whichnus garbage as Huddersfield RLFC were established in tve 1860s Dewsbury state 1898 on their shirt but were formed well before that, supplying England internationals Why is more not being done to ensure our real club history becore 1895 is preserved?
  15. Can someone turn the effing music off when the game is playing? Worse still it is heavy rock/metal music which is awful/uncool/embarassing