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  1. Bradford Rumors

    It's actually the other oft rumoured thing it seems - a link up with Torronto but this time it's Duel Reg.
  2. Bradford Rumors

    Matthew Shaw tweeting Bradford have been in talks with Gregg McNally and Ryan Bailey (!) but is unsure if it's linked with today's announcement.
  3. Bradford Rumors

    If you think Bradford fans were calling for us to be in League 1 as it'd be a doddle to get out of at first chance then you've very much got the wrong end of the stick.
  4. Bradford Rumors

    But my point is we do know, or at best guess, were it not for his intervention there would likely be a very different Salford in existence currently, perhaps in a similar position to where Bradford are now. Only Salford fans can comment in retrospect if Dr K was a good appointment or not, but my reply was in relation to the point that he didn't set the world on fire and my point is I don't think Salford fans wanted to set the world on fire, they just wanted a club to support - that is the feeling I suspect Bradford fans can strongly relate to so if Dr K has set the world on fire or not is - to my mind - largely irrelevant. Our current owners have an especially dismal track record if we want to play "previous ownership top trumps". As for the state he has left Salford in, well that remains to be seen and it's a legitimate concern for sure. However it's a problem that is deep rooted in the game itself and one that has been debated on here ad infinitum and if it wasn't Dr K "interested" in Bradford, the same arguments could - legitimately - be leveled if it was any other wealthy backer interested in this, or any other RL club (of course, no truly wealthy backers have ever been interested in Bradford, as the past decade has shown, but go with it for argument's sake. I still don't think one is right now!). Should that prevent wealthy people investing in RL because they might not feel obliged to invest in that club forever? I genuinely don't know the answer.
  5. Bradford Rumors

    He stopped Salford from going bust, something I imagine might resonate with some of the Bradford faithful! The point of stability is an interesting one, but surely the point of a multi-millionaire owner means that for once, the stadium would be something we would be able to afford?
  6. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    The one that has annoyed me most in years is the Flash advert with the singing dog. At a guess, they must have been trying to get the rights to that song for years, and yet when they do they seem to have totally bungled it. Also the Oak Furniture Land ones are quite bad, but in a laughable sort of way, so I’m never sure how deliberate that is supposed to be.
  7. Bradford Rumors

    I'll believe it when I see it. I think the Bulls have planned to announce an apparently decent signing this week anyway, so I would guess tomorrow's conference might be that. Edit - IF it was true though, and it's been in the works for a while, perhaps the timing makes sense now that the court case has been settled...!
  8. The TV Thread

    Agreed, probably the best series so far and that really is saying something. Someone online has re-edited it the "right" way round and it still makes perfect sense which is some going. "Me mum's just ordered me a biryani"
  9. New England sponsor

    Betfred? They sponsor everything else and were a secondary England sponsor at the WC?
  10. I'm feeling somewhat the same. This time last year I was about ready to pack in RL for good, but like a sulking teenager I quickly realised I needed a bit of a time out so decided to take a bit of an RL gap year. Only went to see four games live I think which must be the lowest since I started going regularly. I think Bradford lost all three I went to, and the other was the Grand Final. Better luck when I turn up this year I hope. Anyway, the “year off” has given me a bit more perspective and hunger for the game. I really have missed it, and having kept up with the papers/mags/websites and watching a few games on TV, it’s not quite the same is it? I’m looking forward to the year ahead, with new teams and new challenges. I’m living in hope, rather than expectation, that this is a turning point and trying to not to be too downhearted if nothing changes for us (I’m still very sceptical about the current management, but old habits die hard and this is supposed to be an upbeat thread. I'll give them a bit of slack - John Kear is a belting appointment). I also hope to get to some more games as a neutral as it’s not something I’ve done enough I don’t think.
  11. New name/ number font

    It's been getting there for a while. SL, Championship and L1 have had the same name/number font on their shirts for a few years - since the 8s at least (although without the SL "S" on the number for the lower leagues, obviously). However the logos of the Champ/L1 were never updated alongside Super League's so like you say, good for them to have a consistent look, although I suspect the same sponsor across all leagues helps.
  12. To get more money into the game presumably and to be attractive to a wider portfolio of companies. Kingston Press took a punt on the Championship and L1 which is lower risk for a smaller company that probably wouldn't have gone in for SL title rights. The English Premier League in Barclay's was a different sponsor to Sky Bet in Championship, L1 and L2 so it's not unprecedented the other way either.
  13. The TV Thread

    Went to a preview screening (in Manchester, sadly, not the packed out one in the Odeon in Bradford) and won't spoil it, except to say I loved it! Hope you get your peace and quiet to enjoy it!
  14. BBC coverage(again)

    To be fair, the RFL probably don't want all the Apprentice candidates coming in and showing them up with how much more professional and organised they are.
  15. BBC coverage(again)

    Not sure if your post is a parody or not, but to presume it isn't...If you want news, they reported James Clare signing for Cas yesterday - it's a quiet time of year now, so it's hardly going to be bursting with content is it? Next week's trade papers will noticeably thinner than they were a few months back too. There is plenty of analysis from the post game, reaction from Tony Smith that this forum has picked up on, and the BBC RL Podcast posted on Monday that covers many of the issues you desire to be covered. There will probably be some sort of end of year review at some point too, but I think you are confusing the BBC sport website for an RL fansite. Is anywhere else outside of the trade press doing anything of this sort? People were saying Sky Sports's coverage of the WC on their website outshone the Beebs, yet their last analysis of the world cup issues was...err..three days ago as well. Don't get me wrong there is plenty more the BBC can do, but to complain there isn't enough coverage of a tournament that ended nearly a week ago (but did get analysis in the couple of days that followed) is a little harsh IMO.