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  1. Amber Avenger

    The TV Thread

    There was a documentary a few years ago where Joanna Lumley went to live with Will.I.Am for a week, it was actually pretty good tv.
  2. Amber Avenger

    Old Trafford Public Address

    I was in the East stand, no problems for me
  3. Amber Avenger

    Free Metrolink Travel for GF Ticket Holders

    Yep, but I do get on it every day to get to work. Some weeks I'll get it checked every day, others I can go maybe a month without an inspection. On a match day on busy trams to Trafford you tend not to, but we did last year coming in from South Manchester on a quieter line.
  4. I did say it was RFL logic, although it's shown the Shield up for the absolute farce it's always been.
  5. You've got great 180 skill, I'll give you that.
  6. The RFL logic seems to be that they gave dispensation last week because it was a nothing game Usually, I'd go along with this and say that if you were the other side in a game that matters you'd be pretty narked if the other side were getting all these players, crisis or otherwise.However, the RFL have made a rod for their own back with last week's decision, and a very hasty decision to make this match exist at all. Shambolic all round really.
  7. I see the tin foil hat brigade is in town. You don't remember fully correctly. If there had been no vote, the playoffs would have been exactly as they have been already - 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th, the winners playing each other in the final except the season would now be over. To suggest that the RFL rushed through the announcement of this proposal within 48 hours of Workington beating Bradford at Odsal is giving them an immense amount of credit, considering it's been known all season that a structure change was coming. Also, with York still to play Workington and Oldham, it was entirely possible Bradford could have gone up as Champions. It's easy to put a spin on a narrative way after the event. I've seen a lot of posts - here and on twitter - accusing this being rushed through to benefit the Bulls. However, if you even apply the simplest of logic this doesn't work - the original proposal announced in September was that this year's system would change last minute so that the Top 2 would go up automatically, then Teams 3-6 would play off. That system, which would have guaranteed the Bulls go up, was rejected, instead replaced with a system we have now. If this was brought in purely to benefit the Bulls, why didn't they go with the first choice? Especially as the RFL had the final say on the structure, not the clubs - and they are so keen to "help us", or so people insist. Perhaps they should have, as Workington would have had a decent chance of getting promoted in last week's final vs someone else, and they'd all be on holiday now.
  8. From memory of the day the new structure came through - so forgive me if I'm not entirely correct as there was a LOT going on - when it came to the restructuring of the Championship for 2019, the clubs all discussed a couple of proposals, but at the end of the day decided there were too many people who had a stake in what was happening, so the RFL implemented this fudge we have now but based on the conversations that had been had in the room. It's entirely possible this fudge was one of those proposals
  9. Amber Avenger

    Malcolm Andrews

    Ah, I'm genuinely really sad about this. Always loved View From The Strand - an incredible writer who painted the vividest of pictures, with passion shining through. Maybe in time there could be a collection of the best entries from VFTS from over the years? RIP Malcolm
  10. Amber Avenger

    The TV Thread

    I thought Bradley was pretty good, as was the new Doctor. Some of the Yorkshire accents were absolutely criminal though.
  11. Get in. Made up for the London faithful.
  12. Indeed, only way Saints can win a knockout game is with us back in SL! 😁
  13. If they were going to do anything to help the Bulls, they'd have stuck with the original proposal to promote the top 2 automatically.
  14. Absolutely chuffed. Finally something to cheer. The Championship will be a stonker next year and I'm glad we'll be in it. Now, to celebrate.