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  1. Amber Avenger

    McDermott Gone (Merged Threads)

    Wasn't Darryl Powell moved to being a "director of rugby" at Leeds when they were essentially trying to bin him off way back when?
  2. Amber Avenger


    Have to say from what I've read so far, this seems like an almost carbon copy of the first of the recent crisis-es at Bradford in 2012 and it absolutely stinks to high heaven, as that crisis did back then. Hope things don't go on too long for the Haven fans, and those fans who have forked out for an 18 month season ticket get to see all the rugby they are due on it.
  3. Amber Avenger

    James Lowes to Widnes?

    Yes yes, and Leeds and every other game we lost in that time. But you get my drift
  4. Amber Avenger

    James Lowes to Widnes?

    Yes, Noble was so simplistic at the Bulls it only took the rest of the league half a decade to work it out.
  5. Amber Avenger

    Film 2018

    Fair enough. They aren't everybody's bag. I find it odd though that superhero films get singled out. Generally nobody ever seems to ask if cinema needs another RomCom, another spy film, another war film etc. There are plenty of sub genres within, Ant-Man is basically a heist movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming a high school comedy, The Dark Knight Trilogy is as polar opposite from the first two as you can get. And if you don't like 'em then fine, but they may well be paying for films you do - Inception wouldn't exist if the Dark Knight hadn't done great guns at the box office.
  6. Amber Avenger

    Magic Night Out

    I thought it was rather obvious that it was deliberately scheduled due to it being a good commercial opportunity! The fixtures aren't entirely random - if so it's unlikely Thunder will have played York at home on the same weekend three years on the bounce. Rather than complaining about it, I did something quite controversial and have bought four tickets and am dragging along two RL newbies. Can't wait.
  7. Amber Avenger

    The TV Thread

    And then the final episode of Car Share following the cliffhanger of series 2 is on a few weeks later, on the late may bank holiday
  8. Amber Avenger

    Keep the 8's

    It is one solution. One big drawback there is that system is over in four weeks, the current 8s system and semi finals/grand final is 9 weeks, so if they all started the same weekend Super League would be over whilst the Middle 8s have a month left to run.
  9. Amber Avenger

    Keep the 8's

    I'd agree that I also really like the Middle 8s. I think by and large a lot of people do. The issue with the 8s as a whole is that the Middle 8s is the only one that really works as it should. Super League's top 8 tend to tread water until the Semi Finals, and the Championship Shield is one of the dampest squibs known to man, only useful really to clubs trying to avoid relegation. The game as a whole has to weigh up if the excitement of the Middle 8s outweighs the other two groups of 8 losing a huge amount of momentum as the season draws to a close.
  10. Amber Avenger

    Film 2018

    I thought Annihilation was a load of old tripe - albeit visually stunning tripe. Really don't get all the fuss. Not a bad film by any means, but maybe I'd read too much of the hype.
  11. Amber Avenger

    7-8 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Yeah I understand that line of thinking but don't necessarily subscribe to it. Neither set of fans seem happy with the appointment, so honours even then. He's reffed us a couple of times I think but hadn't picked up on the Bradford connection. Hopefully the game speaks for itself and I'm sure it will
  12. Amber Avenger

    The TV Thread

    The Generation Game is a sort of damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of format. Change it too much and people complain, don’t change it enough and it’s stuck in the past and just doing a load of greatest hits, apparently like what happened on Sunday. It’s obviously been through production hell, it was originally supposed to be four episodes and has been cut to just two. It’s really easy to knock light entertainment (see plenty of posts in this thread for examples) and plenty of the complaints about the latest Gen Game could have been written to the letter before a second had even been recorded. When light entertainment is done right there really is nothing like it. In this day and age, shows that can be enjoyed in equal measure by people of all ages from 5 to 105 are in short supply. For me I think the hosts are key – for me Mel and Sue aren’t prime time bankers, they are a cult hit who enjoyed a bit of good fortune presenting the Bake Off (and did it very well, even if their presenting style isn’t to my taste) and shows of varying fortune before and after. I think the Generation Game is probably doomed to failure in any reboot as there are too many things working against it, as too many people think it should be different things. That doesn’t mean light entertainment elements can’t be taken by other shows. In fact many have – it’s fingerprints are all over Saturday Night Takeaway for example. What I think will probably happen in reality is that people will deem the latest Generation Game a failure and that will hinder any future light entertainment programmes trying anything similar for a while. It did rate reasonably well though, will be interesting to see if many people go back for episode two.
  13. Amber Avenger

    Radio thread

    This was on Radio 2 but is also a podcast. Pilot series of four episodes - been getting good feedback looking at Twitter etc, but not sure where it would go in the schedules long term considering they are revamping their entire evening output next month. Also Colin Murray's "At Home" series on 5 Live - again on podcast - has been well worth a listen over the past few months.
  14. Amber Avenger

    Bradford Bulls on the up again

    All we need to do now is find a billionaire backer. Simple!
  15. Amber Avenger

    Bradford Bulls on the up again

    Click the article, it is definitely talking about Manchester City.