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  1. Indeed. Can't believe nobody is congratulating Featherstone in this thread - the team that almost - but didn't quite - beat the team that won today, and almost - but didn't quite - beat their previous opponents (but did last season when today's winners were in a lower division than all clubs currently being discussed) Sometimes you just have to admit, it ain't all about you. I'm sure you'll embarrass us with Chisholm later in the year so keep your powder dry!
  2. So you're saying Fev are about as good as the side bottom of League 1...?
  3. First post I read on here is about Bradford being poor. Not sure what standard of rugby you expected from a Bradford squad who were mostly playing in League One last year against a full time SL side. TRL never change! After all the rubbish we've been through, this was (almost) worth it all. We've beat a team in the league below us by a couple of points, one in our league in extra time and now a SL team by a couple. Can we thrash an NRL team in the quarters then? Never been prouder and never fully believed it would happen until the full time siren. Like John, there was more than a little something in my eye at the end. Hopefully this kick starts us, but if not then what a day! Hopefully not too much of a "nostalgia fest" for those who didn't want it on the TV! It did end up with us winning after all...! Same old same old...
  4. For me the worst I can say about Eddie is I wish that bloody try had been score against literally any other team than the Bulls. I was at the match, so would have gladly never seen that try again - alas it wasn't to be! Hope that clip retires with him Seriously, I have nothing but a lot of time and respect for Eddie. As well as being the voice of RL, for me he was the voice of my childhood, and the voice of the glory years of the Bradford Bulls. I think perhaps a lot of his criticism is because he's been lumped in with Stevo, when Eddie was always the straight man. I think Sky will struggle to replace him, and although perhaps some of the enthusiasm is gone, he's a steady hand that only comes of being years of being an absolute pro. The people who complain now will miss him when he's gone - and then start complaining about the next commentators!
  5. Bradford are in Toronto the week before, return on the Monday, so I can't see them wanting to play the Thursday or Friday either. I suspect it'll end up not being on TV due to logistics, and played on the Saturday. The cup prices are lower than the league prices too, although the Bulls have struggled to attract any sort of crowd for cup games for a number of years now, but we're hardly alone in that.
  6. Armando hasn't written for Partridge since the film (and even then, I believe his involvement was quite small). Everything from Mid-Morning Matter 2 onwards has been masterminded by the Gibbons Brothers (alongside Coogan) who were brought in to write for Paul Calf on one of Coogan's tours about ten years ago but found they actually knew the "voice" of Alan better and gradually got called back to write more stuff. They were heavily involved in the film, and I, Partridge, but since then Iannucci has taken a step back, and I don't think is even a producer on This Time. If you've enjoyed anything Alan's done in the past ten years, I get the impression those two are the ones to thank. I think this series is great, it's got elements of pretty much every Partridge series so far, but still feels new. Also looks like there will be further Partridge on the BBC, in another format - https://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2019/03/03/42440/alan_partridge_to_make_another_bbc_series
  7. If you are precious about spoilers then don't look, but the synopsis for the next episode sounds like a brilliant scenario to set up some classic Partridge. I really enjoyed it, it's kind of cherry picked the best of things like Knowing Me, Knowing You, Day Today, Mid Morning Matters and the recent "documentaries" on Sky and yet created something new with it. It started off slow, but there is lots of potential there. I listened to a podcast with the writers the other day and they said they are already working on the next Partridge project for the BBC so I wonder if this series is only intended to be a one-off.
  8. I think that's only temporary. I don't think in 30/40 years time when he's no longer with us, they'll talk of his 2018 album blemishing what The Beatles achieved, it'll likely be a largely ignored footnote.
  9. On the flip side, if there is no points deduction, what is to stop clubs going to into administration, wiping out any debt and screwing over the people that are owed money rather than settling debt the honest way? The RFL would be crucified for letting that happen too. The way to sell Widnes now, is probably similar to the way you sold Bradford two years ago, you ain't getting a sniff of anything good in the next 12/18 months but you've got the good basis to build this from the ground up if you do it properly. Nobody investing in any business - sport or otherwise - should be expecting an instant return from a business in administration surely?
  10. Two weeks ago, not at all. Today, hugely. Think it depends where they are this time in a couple of weeks.
  11. For arguments sake only... Looking at a few years of a 14 team league (I took SL at the start of the decade, purely as the Champ had bonus points back then) and around 30-32 points would get fifth. So Widnes would have to aim for a 42-44 points which is table topping form. Depends on the squad, but seems unlikely at this stage. Probably not what is actually top of Widnes fans agenda at the moment, and I suspect just survival of the club will do.
  12. I think it's just the closeness of the games and the title race. I only put rivalry in quotes, as - from my POV anyway - there is very little animosity that you sometimes get with these things (so long as our chairman keeps schtum anyway...). Agree, I genuinely thought the bash would be a repeat. There is always the Challenge and 1895 cups. Maybe I'll feel different on that last one after Sunday...!
  13. Blimey. Reading this news makes me feel sick and bringing back a lot of awful feelings I've felt too many times, so I really feel for all the Widnes fans - a club who were so kind to the Bulls during their original troubles. I hope that if needed, the favour can be repaid.
  14. Interesting one at Odsal. I genuinely love our new "rivalry" with York, and like to see them do well (except when they play us). I think this may boil down to is that overall, I think the Knights have clicked already, and I don't think the Bulls are there quite yet. Perhaps the rivalry aspect will help the Bulls get into gear, but my feeling at the moment is York by a couple of scores.
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