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  1. Heard on the rumour mill from a few places Sky are considering this. Split along the lines of Football, F1, Cricket and Golf specific channels/packages, and then a "best of the rest" which would include RL I think (and RU as well).
  2. I think the question is of how many people will vote full stop. The campaign has been incredibly muted to say the least and I had thought turnout would be low before today and now I think it will be incredibly miniscule. The fact that Burnham is a shoe in, that I don't think I could name another candidate and now the opposition probably have bigger fish to fry now I cant see many people traipsing to the ballot box. Didn't Manchester also vote against having a mayor a few years back too? Still, I've talked to people involved in his campaign and they are very keen to stress he isn't a Scouser - although everyone else seems to think so.
  3. Again, to me that is something that already exists, but different stokes and all the that. I'll leave it there, lest this become like the episode of The Simpsons where they end up creating Poochie after listening to the conflicting opinions of the public too much
  4. In which case, I haven't a clue what kind of RL publication you want that doesn't already exist...!
  5. Do those monthly sporting mags have a weekly sister paper equivalent? Genuinely have no idea. RL (during the season) has a steady weekly schedule, boxing doesn't really have a season, does it? I would equate RLW more to Four Four Two that takes an overview of a game rather than a han a monthly boxing mag. Even to mention RU - Rugby World does the same, overview of the game and there is a weekly paper to cover the rest. Fair enough if it's not your bag, but I think there are other publications to serve your needs and it isn't a totally fair like for like with the boxing press
  6. To play devil's advocate, I read League Express for news, reviews and previews , I read RLW for a broader view. I think it's hard for a monthly mag to stay relevant with all that stuff as it can very quickly be out of date in the modern age. The internet is the elephant in the room there, but those who want printed views a lot quicker then surely that's what the RL papers are there for. Like John says though, you can't please everyone but LPL does have those needs covered already.
  7. The RFL have a job on filling grounds when England are on home soil and its a tenner a ticket.
  8. There are more people in the world with bank accounts than have a TV license, doesn't mean they'll stump up to watch a pay per view stream.
  9. I think - if true - that's the most frustrating part. I have no problem with the RFL exploring streaming options but if we are actively shunning the BBC to shove the international game behind an online paywall, then somebody, somewhere is seriously misunderstanding the current media landscape and where RL currently stands within it. It's preaching to the converted.
  10. A well thought out prediction then...
  11. Considering you need about 30 points on average before the split, I'd say that's already impossible isn't it..?
  12. Stayed pretty much exactly the same as last year - around 4-4.5k
  13. I'm more confident than I was a couple of months ago. Didn't think we'd be this far into the deduction, maybe 4 points back max and there is certainly a better team spirit than there has been the past couple of years. We've struggled against both Dewsbury and Batley since being in the Championship and yet with a hastily put together team we've had probably our best results against them in the past two weeks. Says something, perhaps, about the overpaid squad we had previously. Not a sure thing by any means, I think if we keep beating the teams in the lower half and maybe get the odd "scalp" along the way we're in with a shot. The win against Tolouse early doors may be invaluable. However the squad isn't huge, and neither are our forwards. Injurys and loans being recalled may take it's toll later on in the season. However, it looks like we won't go down without a fight and that's all I can ask for.
  14. I wasn't moaning! Thought it was interesting.
  15. It was before that, a bloke from St Pats surprising his wife. He was in a video with the bloke from first dates and he wearing an England RL Polo at one point too. Ant and Dec always mentioned it was Rugby though never Rugby League. Make of that what you will. Edit - Ah beaten to it.