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  1. It’s logical to think anything that splits the subscription base is in all likelihood going to split the audience. However this move is aimed at getting more subscribers to buy into more personalised packages. Until we know what the packages are , it’s hard to say but the theory that for mainly RL fans, paying (as an example) £10-15 quid a month for one channel that shows RL rather than the 40/50 quid a month at the moment for every single Sky Sports channel regardless of if you just want to watch RL or not should theoretically attract more subscribers back to Sky. As an educated guess I would think that RL will be on a “catch all” channel with a variety of different sports that don’t quite fit on their own, on probably the cheapest package and they’ll throw that in for free if you go for the mega bucks football package, so I’d think we’d still catch a few floating fans.
  2. This has been rumoured for a few months and it's not just contract negotiations, it's a number of things that could be affected here like where will RL be shown full stop. Sky aren’t going to give RL a dedicated channel, there isn’t enough content especially since they have dumped all their magazine shows. The two options would be to lump us in with Union and call a channel Sky Sports Rugby which I’m sure would go down a treat, or more realistically (for now) would be to be on the AOB “Arena” channel. Of course there is less room to manoeuvre there if there is a clash of live “AOB” sports. My first instinct is the clash on Thursdays with Premier League Darts. I’m sure this could be worked out though. However, it seems Sky have finally recognised that there are plenty of fans of certain sports that are no longer willing to pay bloated prices to inflate the Premier League’s pockets when they don’t even watch it - coupled with the rise of a streaming generation that can pick and choose this has been inevitable.
  3. Looking at the press release, this is something which has been added which is good. I really enjoy these games so have already put my order in, and whilst they aren't perfect they have been slowly improving since the PS2 days. I really enjoyed the "become a player" mode in the last one, similar to what FIFA has had for a while. Hope that is expanded upon in RLL4 The game will have even more of a UK flavour this time as Eddie is doing the co-commentary with Vossy, to the delight of a few people I'm sure Didn't Eddie and Stevo both do commentary on an old PC game right at the start of the SL era. The players were very cartoonish in that game I seem to remember
  4. Fair enough point, however I guess I was surprised they received so many (any) letters accusing them of being Pro-Brexit.
  5. Fair enough, it's obviously the latter issue that sticks in my mind. However, I would say if you have been a reader for 50+ years, I'm not exactly sure why you are so surprised at their treatment of any party leader
  6. This already happens doesn't it?
  7. After the Brexit result, one of the following issues had two pages of letters, split almost 50/50 that the Eye was bias towards the cause they didn't support. That to me shows it's balanced about right.
  8. Yes, the first team has been extremely reliant upon the academy, especially during periods where loanees have been recalled.
  9. Interesting - I think we're at a point now where there isn’t an RL coach in existence that could save us (if you believe the rumours, he’s been coaching the team for months anyway). But, given the situation I wouldn’t blame the bloke for going back home and quietly editing any mention of his involvement at Bradford from his Wikipedia However, logic would say that if he was going to go home on our relegation to League 1, then why bother becoming “official” coach now. Logic is often in short supply at Odsal these days though. Too many unanswered questions for now. Like I say, only relegation will bring us any answers about the club’s future IMO.
  10. Dr. K has been tweeting about the Bulls for years on and off - I'm sure he said Bradford would be back in SL quick-sharp three years ago as well and I'm still waiting on that one. For what it's worth, we can't be relegated soon enough (IMO), as surely that will surely force some statement regarding the club from someone official.
  11. I lost a shoe in there too when I was a student! Found it eventually, but now wondering if it was yours I found...!
  12. Cheers, I hope we stay up as well
  13. I do wonder why they put the two biggest supported teams together on the same day - the first year of the bash they kept the Bulls and Leigh separate and that worked well in term of creating a decent atmosphere both days. Of course putting them together last year created an amazing atmosphere on day one so maybe that's what they wanted again. Atmosphere is probably the only positive thing I'll have to say about Bradford's match. From a Rugby only perspective, I'm glad we won't be involved with the bonus round fixtures next year. Always enjoyed the larger event themselves but on the pitch, barring an exception or two, it's been 10 years of misery for Bradford at these events. Can't see Saturday being any different
  14. Bottom two after the eights, yep. Points are not reset though unlike the middle 8s. So, teams that have stayed up in the past 2 years have got to 20 points at the end of the entire season. That leaves us to aim for 22 Points from an available 32 (16 games left, including the 8s)....! Take out the presumption that we'll lose 4 from the remaining two fixtures against Hull KR, and that is some run we'll have to go on.
  15. Ah yes, the first day of the season. Those evenly matched days when you put 50 past us...