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  1. Concentrating and I quote "above all else" (my emphasis), prioritising. Call it what you like. I call it bonkers. The 8s concept is irrelevant to Bradford this year as they are going to be in the bottom 8s come what may and the one objective is avoid relegation, so why look to the end of the season and not the start. It could be too late - like last year. You are advising the club to ignore their own mistakes of the past, when everyone else is advising the opposite. I've told you why it's unlikely - no players, any players we do get have never even trained together and the season starts in two weeks. We can have all the money in the world, it's no use if all the players have been signed up for this year. Good players don't tend to be free agents this time of year - funny that. I know we "only" (!) have to finish above four other teams to get to the semis - wow now that impossible task now seems only incredibly unlikely. Fact is Dewsbury got in the shield on 24 points last year so Bradford would "only" have to win 18 out 30 games to make that and then "only" win two more to retain the shield. So "only" twenty games to win this year then out of 32 - so only a 62% win ratio this year then - last year we had about a 70% ratio with a vastly better squad and more money. I imagine you'll ignore most of that, like my last post, but anyone who thinks we are going to get out of this simply because we are Bradford must have been watching a different Bradford the past 6 years.
  2. That's entirely down to personal preference - although plenty of our fans had advocated us started again in League 1 in 2018 and skipping this year, there would have been plenty of people who would have felt no connection to it. Likewise people won't feel that this year either - that's fine too. Only so much rubbish people can handle. My take is this - it is the same club, I do have an emotional connection to it, however as it stands my desire to go and watch them play rugby is very little at the moment. The difference is subtle, but crucial. The advantage to the club there is that if they get their act together I - and others like me - can potentially be won back, rather than those who feel the connection is lost forever can probably never be won back. That's my view on it anyway, don't blame anyone for approaching their support to this - or any - club differently. You can't tell people how to feel. Tomorrow's press conference is probably very key to many fans and if they will continue to support the club this year and beyond.
  3. The funny thing about "concentrating on the final 7 games plan" is that isn't beyond the realms of possibility that we could be relegated before the 8s even kick off. Not saying it's the most likely scenario, but I could see it happening. Agree that I don't think we'll ever get any momentum and then it's a case of like winning, losing is a habit too. Hard to inject a lot of positivity and team spirit into that especially since right now, the team doesn't know each other, or have ever passed a ball to each other nearly 2 weeks to kick off. If we pulled it off - from a pure sporting POV - it would be Roy of the Rovers stuff. But in reality if you look at any of the facts in isolation for more than a moment then I'm not sure how 99 times out of 100, knowing sport as we do, this results in anything against a total dead rubber of a season.
  4. 20 points over the entire season saw Oldham safe last year out of a possible 60. That means the Bulls would have to get around 32 points to stay up and win half their games. The same form as Halifax had who finished second in the shield final table and essentially 6th over all. So Bradford still have to be one of the best 50% of teams in the competition consistently. Strengthening for the 8s like Wakefield did is utter lunacy because the points won't be wiped like they are in the middle 8s. Any failing club at the bottom of SL can have a "rest" for a month or so if the first bit of the season goes badly and they are condemned to the middle 8. The team at the bottom of the Championship does not have that benefit. Bradford have to be consistent all season - presuming we could just wander into the 8s last year then strengthen later on was essentially what nearly killed the club. To suggest Bradford concentrate only on the final seven games when they need a 50% win ratio over 30 games is total madness. Also, agree we need someone in there who knows the Championship, but Karl Harrison's knowledge wasn't particularly effective for us during the 2015 season. Plus as mentioned I think his last experience at Bradford was so bad he has given up coaching forever. Probably makes far more money working as an agent now.
  5. I don't think anyone suggested Smith was an experienced super coach when he came over - it was his first head coach role, so what you are suggesting is no different to what we've just had. Considering the situation is completely different to last season, I think experience is exactly what Bradford need across the board
  6. Yes, but he followed it up saying the new coach also had a proved track record as a head coach which would seemingly rule out HP
  7. A new Bradford owner bringing back a face from RU from our successful period to please some fans who no history of success as an RL head coach, as a way to save money . What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Presuming we'd turn over loads all the Championship clubs simply because we were full time is what got us in this mess in the first place. 30 points - or thereabouts - gets you in the top 4 out of a possible 46 points. We start on minus 12. To say we might even challenge for the Top 4 when three weeks out from the season we don't currently have a single player on the books is detached from reality to say the least.
  9. He's assistant to the National team isn't he?
  10. Why would Anderson take a huge step down to Championship assistant? Pretty sure he could hold out for a SL head coach role.
  11. Worth flying round the world for? The RFL won't let it go easily - see Marc Green. You'll have to play a pretty long game with the Bulls imo to simply get the land. RFL been burned too many times.
  12. Wasn't meant as an attack on you or your sentiment in any way mate. Just explaining why it's easier said than done. Too much water gone under the bridge to ignore (IMO of course).
  13. I don't doubt you wish the best Oxford - however the Bulls fans have been encouraged to move on in 2012, 2014 and now 2017 and fat lot of good it's done me. I'm absolutely done with giving anyone involved with Bradford the benefit of the doubt, and that's because those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I realise this is vastly unfair to the new owners, but tough. I've moved on quite quickly multiple times now, forgive me if I'm not so quick to do so again. Wish I could bloody move on!
  14. What I'd like to ask both Lamb and Thorne (and indeed the new owners) - what is/was in it for them? Especially in the case of Chalmers/Lowe, why fly all the way around the world to take over a bankrupt second division RL club. There are far better investments going, surely?
  15. Our sense of humour was auctioned off by the administrators in 2014