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  1. I may have posted something by Balto before, but they keep surprising me with different genres of music so I'm not apologising for posting them again. They are currently my favourite band by a mile. Check them out - everything from blues to rock to country to soul. This one is a damning commentary on Trump's America sung by lead singer Dan Sheron. It's a remarkable song, brilliantly written and performed.
  2. I didn't realise I wasn't supposed to enjoy the game last night. I can only apologise.
  3. Marginal favourites to win according to the bookies
  4. Don't apologise OF. I'm wearing my primrose and blue specs and just enjoyed the commitment of the players tonight, who showed huge desire. I've just started watching it back now and I might see things differently, but we were white hot tonight. It might look different 2nd time around
  5. Just got home from the match and the awful journey back due to motorway closures couldn't dampen our spirits. That has to be the best comeback ever from a cup final defeat. Pride, passion, character, teamwork, skill, pace, power - we had the lot. I thought our goal line defence was excellent too. We played with real freedom with ball in hand, the support play was wonderful and the commitment in the tackle was exceptional all night. Goodwin has been great all season but I also think Jack Hughes has slipped under the radar. I thought he was excellent tonight. The margin of victory will obviously turn the spotlight on Hull but I reckon we'd have beaten most teams by a cricket score tonight. We just really wanted it. Last word for the Hull fans who made it over (maybe 200?) - I hope you all get home ok and I doff my cap to all of you for staying until the end. Things can only get better from here.
  6. Yesterday was my 5th Wembley final in 10 years following the Wire. That makes me pretty lucky given that some people will follow their team all their life and never get to a big final; so a sense of perspective is required. We stayed for 2 nights and chatted to about a thousand happy, smiling people over the weekend and had so much fun with my 12 year old son, who is now fully aware of what it really means to be a rugby league fan. It's the sport that matters, not just the team. Disappointed with the result, of course, but it's a magical story for the Catalans club. I went to watch the Wire in Barcelona and had such a good time with the Catalans fans and it was the same yesterday. More wonderful memories created by yet another brilliant Wembley weekend. Thank you RL.
  7. Leeds Wire

    Wembley Crowd

    What? The old Wembley only closed 18 years ago!
  8. 1934 apparently - Jean Galia's touring team from Villeneuve I think. Great stuff, thanks for posting.
  9. Leeds Wire

    Wembley Crowd

    Regardless of alternative journey options, do you think that the closure of Euston will have an impact on the attendance?
  10. Leeds Wire

    Wembley Crowd

    If you think that the closure of the mainline station into London is an irrelevance then you need your bumps felt.
  11. Leeds Wire

    Wembley Crowd

    This is the ticket situation right now. What it doesn't tell you at first glance is that those areas not sold out are all very nearly sold out (you have to click on each one). So with the top tier closed it looks like there aren't many tickets left! I\m looking forward to my first visit to Club Wembley. Anyone else been there (we are in block 223)?
  12. Saints and Wire fans don’t travel? What a curious observation, what’s it based on? With regard to Bolton, I parked for free within a 2 minute walk of the stadium and was surrounded by many bars and food outlets, plus a huge supermarket. I admit I beat the traffic queues as I’m familiar with Bolton area but anyone with a map or sat nav could got away from the stadium without waiting with just a little research. I thought the venue was perfect. Great view, amazing atmosphere and easy access in and out.
  13. Leeds Wire

    The inevitable??

    There are a couple of things that explain it - Wire took a lot of fans to Perpignan in the first year or two, then Calatans decided to host a Wire home game in Barcelona. The Wire fans responded in big numbers and we had a great time*. Then Catalans came to Warrington for a cup semi v Wigan and of course the Wire fans turned out to support them and they won (no animosity towards Wigan, other clubs would have done the same). Today was more obvious and doesn't need explaining. *best away match ever bar none.
  14. Leeds Wire

    The inevitable??