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  1. It's a shame this isn't on telly. It should be a belter.... 29-28
  2. I was about to post something almost identical. Giants to bounce back strongly after the cup humiliation. 22-26
  3. Yes, I'd forgotten about him. "Here we are in the Barcelona sunshine. I'm getting paid to watch world class sportsmen at their peak, and quite frankly, it's an absolute disgrace".
  4. Yep. I think Philbin is showing some really positive signs too.
  5. Really good post, just how I saw it. Do any other sports have such extremely critical commentary like ours?
  6. Yes. Seems a bit daft to write Sam T off really, he's one of the most gifted players of his generation and you don't just lose that....
  7. 1. Chris Morris - The Day Today and Brass Eye. 2. Craig Cash/Caroline Aherne for Early Doors and the Royle Family. Early Doors gets overlooked but it was an absolute gem. So much more to it than the Royle Family. 3. Dylan Moran - I've seen loads of comedians live but Moran was the one who left me breathless with laughter. Not a single punchline, just shambolic rambling. The TV series he was in with Bill Bailey and Tamsin Grieg called Black Books was great fun too.
  8. Correct. Let's not let facts get in the way though, let's boo injured players instead.
  9. It's always a thing of beauty to see Wire beat Leeds. I thought it was a thrilling game with loads of skill and controversy, with a little skullduggery thrown in. I suspect that the Hill - Ablett rematch at Headingley will be interesting. The Atkins so-called knock on was a perfectly good try. I'm biased to the point of paranoia but I thought the commentary tonight was shocking. Still, absolutely chuffed to bits. Now The Wire!
  10. Yes. Puts rugby into perspective doesn't it?
  11. Fill Your Boots
  12. At least six, unless my parents and Grandparents lied to me. Apparently people had to abandon their cars many miles from the stadium due to congestion. Great video Konkrete thank you, I hadn't seen that before. Such a shame The Wire have no tradition.
  13. At what point do you think Warrington started playing? What does the year 1876 mean? Ever heard of Brian Bevan? What was the crowd at the 1954 Challenge Cup Final replay? What year was Warrington's first 20,000+ home crowd? Do some research and pop back here to let us know how you got on.
  14. That is possibly the most ignorant thing I have ever read in my 13 years on this forum. Congratulations.