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  1. Not so long ago I was persuaded to go and see King Creosote on a Monday night in Wakefield, despite never having heard any of his music. He opened the gig by saying "well, here we are in Wakefield, on a Monday night". It was do deadpan that I assumed he really didn't want to be there. He and his band then proceeded to perform brilliantly for about 2 hours and it was pure, raw entertainment. I was absolutely swept along with the whole thing.
  2. I visited Harlech castle last week. I spent a while learning about its history in the interactive visitor centre, then stood looking out from the castle walls envisaging what it must have been like in the times of Edward I, Owain Glyndwr, the Wars of the Roses, The Civil War etc. You can really feel 800 years of history under your feet. You just can't get that feeling from a text book or a website.
  3. I absolutely adore Kobo Town. They play calypso reggae with a very modern twist. This song however is 86 years old. Incredible stuff.
  4. Susto has a new album out, with lots of tuneful rock and roll malarkey and a huge attitude.
  5. Whatever happened to the Assclown thread?
  6. There are a few ludicrous comments by Leeds fans on this thread. If you criticise them or enjoy their current predicament then you're apparently either a "troll" or neurotic. It's arrogance personified.
  7. We never get repeat sets. Last night a couple of repeat sets late in the 2nd half might have calmed it all down. It's baffling. I'd like to see some stats on how many repeat sets we get compared with other clubs.
  8. I have a feeling that there was a contract and that whoever has turned Edwards away from it has offered to pay it off. Whatever the truth, all I know is that I saw Edwards put on a Wigan t-shirt and parade himself in front of the media to announce the deal; he even gave interviews about how much coming back meant to him. He now looks like a disloyal, shallow, back-stabbing, self-serving snake and I hope Wigan sue the ###### out of him. AND he was definitely offside for that first try at Wembley in 1990.
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