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  1. Leeds Wire

    Dom Crosby.

    Good luck Dom. He's not had much luck since he signed for us Wish him well.
  2. Disappointed with Catalans tactics tonight, but we should have been smarter. I won't blame the ref, it's such a tough job, but the players need to help. I'm sure that was deliberate gamesmanship by Catalans tonight. They are good enough to win without that stuff for goodness sake. Just play rugby.
  3. You've not been to many games then, I take it?
  4. If they can give a yellow card in soccer for deliberately diving, why can't we? I absolutely hate it. It didn't affect the result, but it fired up my blood pressure. I can't stand cheating and Bird was a cheat.
  5. Sandow to the Loiners is the rumour round here in north Leeds.
  6. Leeds Wire

    Blake Austin signs for...

    Delighted with this signing, what a great response to the departure of Roberts, who has shown glimpses of what might have been. Bums on seats at the HJ. Can't wait!
  7. Leeds Wire

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    Five potential replacements according to the Warrington Guardian
  8. Leeds Wire

    Chris Sandow returns?

    He shouldn’t be allowed back. He walked out on a contract and disappeared. How can he walk back in again somewhere else?
  9. Leeds Wire

    Jason Clark to Wire

    Excellent news!
  10. Leeds Wire

    Sam and Joel Tomkins - Fresh as Daisies

    This is most unlike you EW if I may say so. I expected John M to appear at any moment with his ‘whataboutism’ but not you. I also think it’s disingenuous to suggest that Radlinski oversaw a disciplinary and cover up without actually viewing the video evidence.
  11. Great day out today and what an atmosphere in the ground. The first 15 mins of the 2nd half were a bit quiet as it looked like Wigan were creeping back in, but there were some almighty cheers at successfully defending some attacking Wigan sets; something I've not witnessed for a long time. I think Wigan were short of ideas today but we just didn't let them play and held our line brilliantly. Roberts had his best game in the P&B by a mile and Ratchford was exceptional too. Our pack played as though their lives depended on it and it's a wonderful sight to see the likes of Philbin, Sita and BMM appear from the bench just as you think others may be tiring. I have high hopes for this team, without getting carried away.... There's something in the attitude, the teamwork, the effort, something that also got right through to us in the crowd today. Massive effort in defence and attacking threats all over the field. More of the same please, Wire.
  12. Why was Brown’s try not an 8 pointer?
  13. Hi everyone I'm looking for some culinary inspiration. At this time of year I am in a mad rush every night to feed 3 hungry boys as they are all dashing around to various sporting commitments. My problem is that I have run out of ideas for quick and healthy meals. There are loads of recipe websites out there but they are either unrealistic with loads of ingredients, or they just don't understand that hungry young cricketers won't eat tagliatelle with hazelnuts and truffle oil! Any recommendations for recipes, websites or books will be gratefully received.
  14. Leeds Wire


    I agree. Rashid's talent has been wasted - he's a genuine wicket taker and I really don't understand why he didn't keep getting picked. The selection of Buttler is ridiculous; he's been bashing it around in India but has barely played 4 day cricket. I hope he proves me wrong but I worry about his lack of experience at playing the long game.