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  1. I had SO many interesting things to say on Thursday night. Funny how the problems seemed to emerge just as Wire won at Wigan..... Hmmmm..... Who do I complain to?
  2. Tragic beyond belief. Just a kid playing sport. So desperately sad.
  3. https://warringtonwolves.com/club-news/hiku-signs-wire-2019/
  4. Pleased for you and all the Huddersfield fans. I wish your club nothing but good fortune.
  5. Welcome back Phil, it's the RL family here.
  6. I happened to start chatting to a stranger in the park recently* and it slowly emerged that he worked for the armed forces, more specifically mending helicopters. He was about to do his 4th tour of Afghanistan. One of the things he was adamant about was that "the west" will continue to feel threatened and he attributed it directly to our involvement in Libya, over and above anything else. It was an interesting perspective and, yes, probably for another time on this forum, but I felt the need to defend Anita here who seems to be getting a bit of stick for putting forward an honest and valid viewpoint. *his dog and my dog were getting along famously and you can't just stand there in silence...
  7. The cheerleading in the commentary box is infuriating. Nearly as bad as Lee Crooks on 5liveX earlier, shouting "forward!" at Saints passes.
  8. That's a very astute observation.
  9. Bleep I think it's ace that you feel that you can post on here about something that I'm guessing you have worried about doing. It says a lot about the quality of people on this wonderful forum. We are your rugby league family. It's fine mate. If you ever want to come out as a Salford fan though, have good think first eh?
  10. Stefan Ratchford is 6'1'' (186cm) and he's quite handy.
  11. Cas to win by plenty. Hope they put on a show for their big following.
  12. Now the Wire. Time to step up and put on a good display in front of the cameras for once!
  13. A Wigan wedding:
  14. Thanks for the info, Derwent
  15. It's a shame this isn't on telly. It should be a belter.... 29-28