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  1. I've been watching Wire home and away for many years and the performance at Huddersfield a few weeks ago was genuinely one of the worst I've ever seen. I put it down to new faces, new system etc but the weather was also so awful that everyone under cover got soaked by the swirling storm. The forecast for Friday is not much better than that, but I expect us to continue our impressive revival. Bookies give Hudds a 22 point start. Good away match for Huddersfield fans - less than an hour on the direct train and a 5 minute walk to the stadium. Have a good trip folks.
  2. You brought more than most Superleague clubs and made a right noise. Hope you enjoyed it.
  3. Interesting call, given that I turned to the bloke next to me after an hour and commented that we are really spoiled by having Daryl Clark most weeks. Smith’s distribution was really wayward and lost us momentum several times. Probably unfair but inevitable to compare him to Clark, but the difference was stark today.
  4. That one was for the fans, who never gave up on their team. Well played you noisy buggers. How Bryson Goodwin didn’t get man of the match is an absolute mystery, it was the most clear cut decision the sponsor would ever have to make. The man is superb and I’d rate him as highly as Moon and Watkins if not better. He’s all class.
  5. How would you improve the game

    "Ball back" for kicks that go dead as well as those out on the full. Oh god I've been banging on about that for years! Some great posts on here - an excellent thread
  6. Probably not released yet. The BetFred twitter feed seems to be the quickest at releasing stuff. Look at this quick hands, vision and pass from Ratchford...
  7. There was nothing from HKR players or fans who were right in front of it. Good point.
  8. Akauola off the bench - you need to take his legs!
  9. Roberts looked to be struggling with his knee for a while yesterday although he was running more freely later on. I suspect he won't be risked unless it's to try out some new moves. Goodwin also took a few knocks so I'd rest him. Clark gave us another magnificent performance so he is owed a long lie in with breakfast in bed. I don't think Cooper returned to the field for the 2nd half (someone correct me if I'm wrong) so he probably won't be risked either. Just another few comments about yesterday's game - I thought Ratchford was MOM by some distance, with superb defence and a constant threat with ball in hand. I think Jack Hughes is having a great season under the radar and Akauola has made a big impact off the bench. As for the HKR comeback, two of the three tries early in the 2nd half came from lucky bounces, but Warrington still have a massive problem defending kicks. It's something we've been working on but need to sort out quickly! Oh and those HKR fans singing about our support being rubbish (I'm paraphrasing here), we had earlier commented that it was the most sparse we'd ever seen the away end for a match against the Robins. Still, I hope those that did come over had a good day out in the sunshine.
  10. HKR won't roll over, I know that much. Always a tough match but the bookies give Rervers 14 start, which is is quite a bit. Hoping for an entertaining one and oh, how I wish more Wire games were on a Saturday afternoon so I can pop over on the train for a day out. Thursday and Friday nights are rubbish!
  11. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Years of being a scientist finally paid off for Bob8
  12. SL Attendances (After 9 rounds)

    Silly question but where are SL attendances published?
  13. This fixture was always scheduled for Saturday. https://warringtonwolves.com/2018-fixtures-wire/
  14. BMM is out for 3-4 weeks. https://warringtonwolves.com/steve-price-match-preview-and-injury-news/