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  1. Food and drink thread

    Easy peasy salmon stir fry recipe (serves 4-5): Ingredients: Salmon steaks, grilled or pan fried separately Chopped veg: Pak Choi, red onion, red and green peppers, courgette/broccoli Whole veg: Mange tout, endame beans from the freezer. Tin of water chestnuts Noodles or rice to serve For the sauce: A large dollop of minced garlic and ginger mix, soy sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice, chilli flakes, fish sauce or shrimp paste (from Waitrose) Instructions: When the salmon is nearly ready, bung it all in a wok and fry it on a high heat. Serve the salmon on top, all on a bed of rice or with the noodles stir-fried in. Easy and utterly delicious!
  2. TRL Help Desk: Chef's Knife

    Another triumph for the TRL Help Desk, thank you everyone. Just been out and bought a Robert Welsh 18cm signature chef's knife from John Lewis. I didn't spend as much as anticipated but all the reviews point to a very good purchase. Salmon stir fry tonight...
  3. TRL Help Desk: Chef's Knife

    I once watched a very entertaining cookery demo by "Dai Chef" @masterchef57 at the Llyn food festival in Pwllheli and he said that he'd spent 3 months salary on his knife when he first started out 20-odd years earlier. He was still using the same knife that day - and probably still does.
  4. TRL Help Desk: Chef's Knife

    Thanks but Maturi on Vicar Lane closed down years ago. I think there is still one in the centre of Harrogate though so that's a great call if they're still around.
  5. Hi all I've decided to invest in a decent all-purpose kitchen knife but have been left confused by the sheer range on offer and the mixed reviews. I want something that will be mainly for chopping and am willing to spend a few quid, but I've no idea what sort of money gets you a decent knife for domestic purposes. Anyone got ideas please?
  6. The Fall

    Great memories of sliding around the dance floor in my uni days.
  7. Luis Johnson

  8. Premier Sports cancellation

    I signed up for the World Cup then gave them a month's notice. They surely must have noticed the rise and fall in numbers?
  9. Absolutely right. It's indisputable, but then again it doesn't matter does it? I have fantastic memories of Christmas as a child; it was all about fun and games, literally. Oh and family and friends coming round, Morecambe and Wise on telly, endless treats, and my Dad doing John Wayne films in charades while we all pretended we didn't know what film he was doing. Christmas was a time when all the rules were broken and I try to do the same now with my own kids. I hope they look back on it with the same sense of fun and gratitude that I do.
  10. One of my favourite bands of all time. So good live!