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  1. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Tuna, red onion and fresh tomato with tabasco. It's the perfect pizza. It's also my minimum demand before I sign the contract. I also can't guarantee being at my best, having hit the booze, eaten a pizza and my son supporting Wire from the stands. I'll give it a go though.
  2. This time last year I went to this fixture and (as a Wire fan) it was one of the worst games I've ever seen. It was lashing down and everyone under cover was soaked by the swirling, freezing rain. Thankfully the forecast is better for this Friday and I hope the Wire can continue the good start to the season. These are the games we need to win to make top 5. It will be tough with Hudds looking to fight back after 2 disappointments. 16-22 if it's dry.
  3. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    That's annoying, because I've booked train tickets and was hoping to have a glass of wine with my tea at that Italian in Huddersfield then have a pre-match pint at the Slubbers Arms. I'll bring my boots as long as I can still have a tuna pizza and not have to tackle Murdoch-Masila. Deal?
  4. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Not really. I know RL, cricket and squash but then squash isn't exactly a pub quiz regular. It's annoying when you know about sport but then all the pub quiz questions are about cars or horses racing each other round and round in circles. That's obviously not sport if you're basically sitting down and it's not actually you who is doing the sport bit. Anyway.... Maybe I could be in your squad of 19 announced on the Thursday, but politely dropped when the final 17 is announced; unless someone pulls out with a late memory loss injury? To be honest, you'd be better using someone who knows about films and stuff, because they always come up in pub quizzes. Humph.
  5. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    I'd love to be on your quiz team* I'm ok with history, geography and nature, utterly hopeless at films and TV. I can make it over to Hudds if you need a ringer
  6. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Toby King was superb in the 2nd half of last season and justifiably replaced Atkins in that centre role. I think he's a cracking player.
  7. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    You can go off someone very quickly
  8. Leeds Wire

    Warrington rugby heritage

    Great work, well done ntw. A labour of love, no doubt. If you get round to updating the all-time player list that would be amazing.
  9. Leeds Wire

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Never heard of Luther Burrell. I have heard of Toby King.
  10. Leeds Wire

    British/Irish Dialects

    pants on fire
  11. Leeds Wire

    British/Irish Dialects

    I'm with you on this. I didn't realise people had such daft words for obvious things! I was a bit disappointed with the omission of the word "mither" though. That would surely place everyone in the north west? PS: It's a barm. There's no cake involved. Silly Yorkshire folk.
  12. Leeds Wire

    where was prince philip going?

    Travelodge digger crash arrest Mystery solved, we have an answer to the OP
  13. I'll ignore the various things in there that I disagree with and stay positive towards the author: He makes a very good point about tickets being more expensive when bought on the day of the match. It's the same throughout the events and leisure industry, but maybe RL could look at that. If a family is waiting to know whether they are available or not but don't know until on the day, or are waiting to see that the weather is like for example, then they could pay up to £20-30 more to attend and are effectively being heavily penalised for making a late decision. It's a debate worth having....
  14. What a truly bizarre post. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, it was you who made the accusation against Austin with no evidence whatsoever to back it up, so the onus is not on me to prove anything. Tomkins was not held, so he wasn't "prone" or "exposed", it happens dozens of times over a season where a tackle is incomplete. It looks like an accident and that's what the RFL has decreed. I don't understand how you know any better. What I still want to know, however, is why the penalty and subsequent sin bin were officially given. As I stated earlier, my theory (from where I was sat in the North Stand) is that the ref saw a ball rip to prevent Rovers playing the ball. I don't know for sure though, so I wouldn't rant at people about it on a public forum.
  15. How do you know that Austin struck Tomkins' head?