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  1. Ashes exclusive to BT sport.

    It is coming back to some extent http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/40455556
  2. Ashes exclusive to BT sport.

    Last month my Sky tv contract expired, so I played a game with Sky and Virgin to see who wanted my custom more. I ended up with Virgin TV including all Sky Sports and BT Sports channels for £44 a month. I wasn't even a Virgin broadband customer. All I had to pay was £20 for installation. Not trying to be smug by the way, just pointing out that customers do have a lot of bargaining power, especially through the sales staff you see in shopping centres rather than via call centres or online.
  3. Podcats

    I had absolutely no idea this existed. Thank you Shadow! I am absolutely filling my boots with these now. Danny Baker's is an absolute joy.
  4. Just googled ‘Mitch Brown Tries’ Anyone know something I don’t? 🤔
  5. express vpn works fine and doesn't slow down your bandwidth in my experience. Don't use the free ones, they are rubbish. It's a small cost over the year to pay for a proper vpn.
  6. The BBC RL web link to the world cup highlights now takes you to the BBC live news page instead.
  7. https://warringtonwolves.com/club-news/leuluai-joins-wire-performance-team/ Three mentions of the word "culture" in that press release - tells you all you need to know about this brilliant appointment. Welcome to the Wire, Kylie.
  8. I switched to Firefox browser and it's fine.
  9. Screen keeps going black - gone off altogether now just as it is about to start.
  10. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Crikey, there's been an outbreak of positivity. Maybe Roberts can compliment our home grown players and "do a Leeds" next year, coming back up the table into contention.... Or we can "do a Konkrete" - drag the mood down by automatically objecting to everything and deriding anything remotely positive.
  11. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    One more prop and hopefully Murdoch Masila to come, then we have a solid pack for Roberts to work behind. Combine his attacking skills with Kevin Brown's kicking game and we might just be back in the mix next year. There are more announcements to come off the field too, so we really are blowing away the cobwebs. Well done Wire.
  12. It's official. https://warringtonwolves.com/club-news/henderson-named-wire-assistant/ Happy with that. We just need some players now!
  13. https://warringtonwolves.com/club-news/price-right-wire/ I'm not qualified to comment on this appointment, but obviously I wish him all the best. There is a vacancy for his assistant too.