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  1. Show a bit of heart, fella. No need to take the pee.
  2. The article is a bit odd, in that it talks around the issue of age without really quoting the relevant statistics - though the source of the stats answers your question about quantity, rate and population age: =============== Deaths increase in 2015There were 529,655 deaths registered in England and Wales in 2015, compared with 501,424 in 2014; an increase of 5.6% as previously reported in our provisional analysis of 2015 death registrations. This is the largest annual percentage increase since the 6.3% rise recorded between 1967 and 1968. The number of deaths has increased each year since 2011, with the exception of a 1.1% fall in 2014. The number of deaths is affected by the size and age structure of the population. As people are tending to live longer, leading to the population increasing in both size and age over time, we may also expect the number of deaths to increase. Age-standardised mortality rates (ASMRs) are a better measure of mortality than simply looking at the number of deaths, as they take into account the population size, its age structure and the age distribution of deaths. Compared with 2014, ASMRs in 2015 increased for both sexes with 1,156.4 deaths per 100,000 population for males and 863.8 for females; the percentage increase was larger among females (5.1%) than males (3.1%). With the exception of 2015, mortality rates have generally been decreasing (Figure 1). This is due to improved lifestyles and medical advances in the treatment and diagnosis of many illnesses and diseases. There have also been government initiatives to improve health through better diet and lifestyle. ( ================ There are a few other correlations that are worth drawing out in this context: the region of England with the highest mortality rate in 2015 was the north east; the English local authority area with the highest mortality rate was Blackpool. The areas of England with the lowerst mortality rates are the south Midlands, south east (with some exceptions to the east of London), and southern regions. It is hard to not make links between higher rates of poverty and increased mortality rates.
  3. From Euston, get Victoria line to Oxford Circus, then change for Central Line westbound. Get off at Perivale, then get the 297 bus towards Ealing Broadway, alighting at Scotch Common - from there, a 5 min stroll to the ground. NB - there's no facilities or points of interest at Perivale (no cash points, boozers, food shops). Alternatively, get off the Central line at Ealing Broadway, have a few scoops and a bite to eat and get a Joe to the ground - it'd be about 10 min car ride. Whichever route, budget about an hour from Euston to the ground.
  4. Mountain bike for man of the match. Donation to a nominated community club, chosen by man of the match. Giving man of the match award to the biggest name player on the winning side, regardless of performance (nope, still got that one!) SKY promoting the sport as a big deal. That segment in Boots'n'All (RIP) where former players did fitness and skills tests.
  5. Ey up Futtocks. Is your dad down south? Have a look out for "Oscar WIlde" mild from Mighty Oak in Maldon - traditional old school mild, decent drop.
  6. And on the other channel, we've got a commentator who reacts to pretty much every try with the phrase "simple, basic, rugby league football." We don't do ourselves favours at all.
  7. Agree completely here - the number of clubs from across RL, soccer and union who have sold their ground with no solid long term plan in place and has then more or less disappeared is a depressing one. If a club gets a chance to buy their ground outright and doesn't, then there'd have to be an incredibly strong alternative option on the table.
  8. Admission policy is open application, but 50% of intake to have attended a school in Newham. It does look as though this college was specifically designed to "hot house" bright kids from a crappy part of town to get in to the top unis - and the aim and execution has to be applauded, system notwithstanding.
  9. It's just across the way from my work - it's selective on academic achievement and is a sixth form college rather than a school. Sounding like my dad now, but one of the noticeable things about their students is that they wear a uniform rather than sports gear to attend college. Having just looked at their website, they've also got a fantastic board of governors and while it's amazing that this college exists in the middle of Newham it also suggests that to get into Oxbridge it's who you know (and who you can get to write your reference) that is as important as grades.
  10. Some craft beers are a bit derivative - once you've had one over-hoppy American style IPA you've probably had them all - but then the nature of the beast is that they are mostly m\de by small-ish, experimental/ new brewers who don't yet have the experience to find their own distinctive style. (I'm excluding the band-waggoning larger brewers who sense a market share slipping away and have rushed out to produce hoppy versions of their standard beer and called it "craft"). But living down south, craft beer has been nothing short of revolutionary. 15 years ago I couldn't get a pint of real ale in my neck of the woods - now there are 3 small breweries, 2 with their own taps, and about half the pubs have local craft beers on, and a few now carry decent real ales as well. There's also much more interest in a wider range of beers among general drinkers - stronger ales, porters and stouts - than I can remember.
  11. Still not convinced by Cook as Captain, but this England side looks to be going places again.
  12. Jerusalem is the sound of a thousand public school boys playing soggy biscuit. I cringe when the England (and Wales) cricket team have it played. If we have to have a song to play before an England event, we've arguably got the best back catalogue of popular music in the world to pick from - let the crowd pick en masse from a juke box selection and blast out the tunes!
  13. Good luck with finding something new, Griff. In the meantime I hope you came away with enough to enjoy Christmas and at least a few weeks without too much pressure while you think through what's next for you.
  14. A blog on a completely different subject (commuter cycling) that rang lots of bells with me:
  15. Voted early and often. Sinister!