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  1. It’s possible some of the investors are weird.
  2. why no fox sports channel on tv?

    I wonder if Fox league will block the live Super League broadcasts or will it be another way for UK folk to access SL without Sky?
  3. why no fox sports channel on tv?

    Fox league channel is great. 24/7 rugby league. If you have unlimited data at a reasonable speed it’s the only thing you need on your TV. Just sit in front of the TV at anytime, turn it on, and something related to rugby league will appear.
  4. why no fox sports channel on tv?

    It has to be a very high chair to get the NRL from Australia.
  5. I’ll put it to you next time for approval. Can we set up a system?
  6. He’s here all week folks!
  7. The previous thread about a World Cup in Pakistan was eventually closed. Quite a few RL fans contacted Pakistani government officials and even the Italian ambassador in Pakistan to tell them a World Cup wouldn’t be the real deal. It looks like a bit more information has appeared. It’s turning into a 9s World Cup. Read the whole article about how they want to essentially join up with RU. “A recent match held at the world famous Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad between Pakistan and Italy attracted over 5,000 and demonstrated the bridges that can be built. I’ve always been about building bridges,” added Ikram who is working on a rematch as well as planning for a ‘rebel’ World Cup 9s involving WRL member and observer nations.”
  8. Where could they play in Boston?
  9. Kato Ottio

    His cousin has been stabbed and cut up by villagers who think he used witchcraft to kill Kato. He is now under police protection.
  10. I’m not sure this forum is ready for a heap of 15 page threads on Boston. It still hasn’t recovered from Toronto’s inclusion.
  11. Success in North America

    I was born and raised in NSW. Seppo was quite common as a slang term for a US citizen.
  12. RL on Canadian TV

    I’ll see what I can work out.... TWP has a few players known in Australia this season and it’d be good to see how they play.
  13. RL on Canadian TV

    It’s a great start. Fox sports is the biggest payTv player in Australian sports.
  14. RL on Canadian TV

    Is that the show they have on YouTube or something else?