See England take on the best at the 2017 Rugby League World Cup


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  1. I saw s Thai team play in Canberra. Many of the players were speaking Thai and some were Thai residents. I think one used to be a monk. They were hardly a team of 100% Aussies running around.
  2. Their trial game against Newcastle is currently being livestreamed from a link on It's at their old ground across the border in NSW.
  3. This year the NRL has 6pm Friday ko
  4. There's a good chance a state or regional government in Australia would throw money at a game that opens the Super League season in Australia.
  5. This new addition to the new 24 hour rugby league channel will cause a lot of rage. It's gonna be hilarious! "NEW state-of-the art studios and game-day graphics, including a virtual 10m line that will give viewers a clear idea if a team is off-side."
  6. Hearing Gould is a great reminder of how good it is to watch the nrl on Foxtel where I never have to hear his moaning voice again.
  7. Phil Gould just said the indigenous team should be allowed to play in the World Cup. No no no no no no no!
  8. I hope it's not the exact same format when it comes to Australia. I think a day night event on the Saturday would be great. An open invitation to non-nrl pro clubs would be great too. i think the guys who create stadium atmosphere at the big bash could also provide some inspiration.
  9. Some good reading
  10. The first scrum of the day.
  11. The conversion rates are usually appalling. They just can't kick them.
  12. They had to shut the gates at the stadium leaving a few 1000 outside. It was free entry but still people have to make the effort to turn up.
  13. Wow. You actually compared all sorts of nasty child abuse, child soldiers etc with the sugar industry. no more comments from me as this thread will go totally off topic.
  14. The cocaine industry produces all sorts of misery such as child soldiers who are encouraged to kill and who also die horrible violent deaths. Cocaine users are almost up there with people who consume child porn and help sustain that abusive industry. both industries result in child abuse and child deaths.