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  1. These guys are also interesting. There's also the Wolfin Around podcast on iTunes and elsewhere. So there's already a few podcasts and a few fan groups for the Wolfpack already.
  2. I can't find that one but folks can check out other clips here
  3. He was occasionally 18th or 19th man for the Raiders but never got his chance in an NRL game. From what I saw of his game he lacked flair and just went through the motions.
  4. An interview on a Canadian podcast with a Wolfpack staff member said 6 people involved with Barrow had a "background". However, Barrow initially said none of them had a problem.
  5. In the wolfcast podcast they said Barrow originally claimed they had nobody with a criminal background but it turns out 6 people involved in the club had problems.
  6. Great news!
  7. From two hockey fans who have discovered rugby league A podcast from two Australians living in Toronto.
  8. Another group. There are also a few different Wolfpack podcasts.
  9. Wait until you see the comments about which village, town, region, country etc a referee is from! A significant number of English fans are just solidly provincial and the culture clash with a Canadian sporting world view is interesting to see. Even here in Australia we generally don't care where our players are from while at the same time we know very little about the rugby league world outside of Australia.
  10. UK promotion and relegation might be a good marketing tool. They might also like attaching themselves to the history of UK clubs. the UK/French teams, promotion and relegation etc brings an established narrative that they might consider easier to sell.
  11. Saw this online.
  12. Interesting. There is no other location in North America that has the history of support that Toronto has provided to rugby league. I understand Florida has shown some support but they have not had the big crowds, or a local rugby league show, like what has been occurring in Toronto for a number of years now. I wonder how serious these new parties are?
  13. If Moi Moi is only a Tongan citizen there's most likely a different, more administrative, process in place than there is for UK citizens. He may also have to go through Tongan government institutions to get documents which may be a lengthy process.
  14. Take your good wife to state of origin in Queensland.