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  1. He’s a soccer fan. An earlier post has a link to his Twitter account.
  2. I wonder how many club bosses look at what might be happening in North America and think “we have to get in that system “?
  3. Surely they’ve googled the names of the people involved?
  4. An unknown (yes, totally unknown) person writes a “controversy piece” and you think that is representative of Australians?
  5. From that link (no references though): “There are agreements in place to broadcast the 2018 season in China, Brazil and Australia.”
  6. Having them bid for rights is key though. I’m not sure they are even aware of the sport.
  8. A Clash of Cultures: A Canadian Persepective

    When I visited the UK and went to SL games I was amazed at the “passion” of the fans. Very different to Australia where we are more toned down with our language. However, nothing beats the UK Premier League soccer game I attended where the crowd sang about murdering opposition fans!
  9. A Clash of Cultures: A Canadian Persepective

    Well it is a higher division. :-)
  10. Is Eric Perez involved or are these guys chancers trying to be first in market?
  11. I’m concerned about UK people trying to establish a team “the UK way” in a foreign market. I’d prefer US business types be involved,
  12. If it is a PE teacher with no substantial business background this could be good for a laugh in a few months when the RFL, having done due diligence, knock him back.
  13. Is it really the same guy?
  14. That would be incomprehensible here in Australia. Totally unthinkable. As an Australian raised in a rugby league heartland even reading that makes me feel a bit confused. However that’s because the market here is totally different to Canada. It’s refreshing and interesting to see how the Wolfpack adapts to the market in Canada.