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  1. With the new 24 hour rugby league channel starting in Australia the more content the better. Even replays on the channel could possibly give them higher ratings than they'd get in the uk. "Perez believes television coverage is vital for club success and securing a deal for all Wolfpack competition games to be shown in Canada and the U.K. and he is currently negotiating a deal to broadcast Toronto games in Australia."
  2. After China they hope to go to Brazil “We have a reality TV program that will have global distribution, (The Last Tackle), documenting our current search for talent and squad recruitment. Next year we have plans for a Last Tackle China followed by a Last Tackle Brazil the year after. “The exciting thing about that is we will recruit a Chinese and Brazilian player to our squad as a result.”
  3. This is the show about athletes trialling for the Wolf Pack. On this page it says they are looking at having series two in China.
  4. I followed this and it now works. thanks
  5. It works! thanks
  6. I appreciate what you at saying but an aussie going to England for the surfing is like someone from the European alps moving to Australia for the ski fields. I've seen some of the beaches in the north of England and they aren't very good at all and the surf breaks are of a very low quality. I was raised in an area that has produced many world class surfers and spent decades surfing so I know what i'm talking about. Regarding walking in nature I live not far from 2800 square miles of genuine wilderness (Wales is 8023 square miles). The food, climate, nature and outdoor offerings in England, while fun, would not be a great attraction for Australians. It's the things you guys find mundane and everyday in England that Australians find appealing - the appearance of old towns, rich green grass, quaint villages, old pubs..... the general built environment and it's interaction and location within the local environment that appeals to us.. old stuff in nice locations
  7. The quote button doesn't appear when I use safari on the iPhone. In fact I can't even add comments on my iPhone now. I could just after the update but not now. It's so awkward on the phone I've given up. I can't access notifications on the phone either.
  8. I'm using safari on iPhone Can't find quote button my post count has dropped by a few thousand.
  9. Dave Taylor is doing some shifts in a pub not far from my home. He clearly has some work to do to get another good nrl contract. Re France, it's clearly a nicer place to live than the north of England. Australians used to a nice climate would be bonkers to not consider very carefully any offer from Catalans.
  10. Very good. That pitch looked rough!
  11. why not just stay quiet?
  12. why?In a world where you have full control on who migrates it's not hard to create regulations that permit people to enter temporarily (ie not forever) to work in selected industries.
  13. Pass. On a heavy week I will only have 2 drinks so I barely drink these days anyway.
  14. Thanks. I know a Polish family in Australia who have become NRL fans to the point of buying season tickets etc. I might point them in the direction of your site.
  15. Yeah!! One of my best moments from earlier in my life was telling my ex-wife it was all over. She was horrible. It seems cruel but I still get some joy from remembering the genuine shock that appeared on her face when I told her. I kicked her out of the main bedroom and told her I will leave when my new job started in another city. :-)