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  1. My kids are dual uk oz citizens. Born in Australia yet they wear England soccer tops while cheering on Australia. If they were great at a sport they could easily embrace playing for either England or Australia. They'd casually switch like a native bilingual person naturally switches languages. If both teams play each other they in any sport they either simply enjoy the contest or pick the team with players they are familiar with. With them being big raiders fans they be yelling for Elliot Whitehead and Josh Hodgson as they have met them a few times. The selections are no big deal at all.
  2. I loved it when Paul Gallen was called a drug cheat by a rival player. but that doesn't drag in women's body parts, skin colours, disabilities etc
  3. They weren't that thuggish at all.
  4. It was promoted all over the various Wolfpack sites. UK was geoblocked. It was also the first Wolfpack game Australians could watch legitimately.
  5. I wonder how many would have stayed around to watch more if they had a couple more cameras and at least some on screen graphics. A better package may have more initial appeal to the total newbie. The halftime discussion was also pretty bad and would have caused quite a few to lose interest.
  6. For those like me outside of the uk, it was a very easy to find link on the Wolfpack Facebook page.
  7. I just strolled back into the room, was that a drop goal conversion?
  8. Salford try. Toronto are falling apart, sloppy play etc
  9. Toronto is all knock ons, high tackles, sloppy handling etc
  10. Toronto's passing isn't as sharp and they are also pushing their luck too much, showing impatience and giving Salford plenty of opportunities.
  11. For a one camera broadcast it's from a good angle and height.
  12. Were the commentators seriously pushing Christianity?
  13. Toronto are doing everything they can to give Salford opportunities
  14. The commentary sounds like an enthusiastic community radio team.