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  1. Success in North America

    It’s Australian slang for a US citizen. Yank -> Septic Tank -> Seppo. It was used by all the surfers where I grew up.
  2. New Captains

    Both will be a step above most in the Championship. I sat near McCrone’s family for quite a while in Canberra stadium. A couple of them were very annoying and it was great to see them leave. Fortunately Toronto is a long way from Australia.
  3. RL on Canadian TV

    We’ve never had TWP games.
  4. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    If it’s on the public record somewhere in a local police station or government office and you are confident of your source, spill the beans for us.
  5. RL on Canadian TV

    still waiting for news about an Australian broadcast deal... I’d like to watch a game or two.
  6. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    When I last visited the rugby league heartlands in England I clearly missed the big surfing scene. :-)
  7. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Is there a Cornish word for rugby league?
  8. Toronto

    No surprises re Dave Taylor. I guess he can go back to pulling beers in Queanbeyan.
  9. To keep the first team fresh for the NRL.
  10. No. If it happened I’d hope the Raiders sent a junior team for developmental purposes.
  11. The Revolutionary Code

    There’s nothing right or left wing about overcoming racism. It’s an appeal to everyone.
  12. They’ll offer TV blackouts.
  13. WCC Scheduling

    What Australian channel is Melbourne v Leeds on?