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  1. Can England beat Tonga?

    Just give it to Mc Gillvary, and it'll be fine.
  2. What if England win the World Cup

    party hard?
  3. 2018 Kits

    I like the fact that London have some really high profile sponsors, but I'm not to sure about the new jersey... might change my mind if I see a real pic
  4. can't someone just save a Saudi or Russian Billionaires life and in return build London their very own stadium as token of thanks?
  5. Championship and League 1 sponsors

    If you where a French Beer company you'd think you would sponsor a comp from England with French teams it would make sense.
  6. England WC shirt farce

    If your looking for a "el cheapo" england shirt.... https://m.dhgate.com/product/england-rugby-league-world-cup-2017-home/405849627.html#s1-7-1;searl|1649767548
  7. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Interesting times for France and rugby league as a whole... Hope the end result is a handful of a pro French clubs..
  8. New Badge

    gee they should have went with this
  9. New Badge

    Is it too late to change it... and who decided it was a good logo. I would have much rather see the letters S, R and D over each other like the Rangers logo inside of a disc and on the outside have have Salford Red Devils RLC
  10. England WC shirt farce

    Does the Scotlands jersey look any good?
  11. The best trophy, NRL, SL or...

    I know this is off topic (but don't really want to open a new thread) but why don't the super league have the GF on the same day as the NRL. in the morinng you watch the NRL GF and it could be dubbed as a curtain raiser and great way to start the day for the SL GF night... Just a thought
  12. The French will need to Travel in numbers next week now that the club is on life support
  13. Poor Kids.............
  14. It's a little scary... all that hard work now in the balance of 80 minutes
  15. Good news... so a new logo again?