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  1. Championship name could be changed The name of the Championship could be set for a name change for the 2021 season. The upcoming TV deal in 2021 could throw a spanner in the works for Super League, Championship and League One, depending on how it pans out. Super League are their own entity now, meaning the RFL’s divisions – Championship and League One – could fully breakaway. There are rumours the Championship could change its name to ‘Premier League’ or ‘Premiership’, with League One then taking on the ‘Championship’ tag. It could all get a bit confusing!
  2. How can you have a international meeting in a country that doesn't even play your sport?
  3. I've never seen one United fan in Manchester, every time I go there I just see bed sheets.
  4. I won't be attending as I have to do the local raffle draw at my local strip club 'Lit TItties'
  5. This has Nigerian pyramid scheme written all over it
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