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  1. Henson Park Old Firm

    Salford fan causing trouble in Perpignan

    Was she hot?....
  2. Henson Park Old Firm

    I was wrong. Take a bow Steve McNamara!

    Get this man a mug
  3. Henson Park Old Firm


    Why don't you just custom make your own mug http://www.mugworks.co.uk/mug-gallery/SPORT/RUGBY/Rugby-League/27.html I'll start up a Go Fund Me page.
  4. Henson Park Old Firm


  5. Henson Park Old Firm

    Hudgell hints at collective SL ownership of London

    For London to be successful and carve out it's small loyal fan base. It needs it's own stadium or at least a percentage (like Huddersfield). A 10,000 stadium would be more then perfect. Once that is achieved you connect with the locals and and your current fan base., for example loyal fans can sign for a 3 year season membership at the price of 2 years. When people know you have a permant home supporters and away fans are able to plan weekends and in time will create classic rivalries. There also has to be written some where that the clubs colours and name must not be ever changed, so it can maintain some kind of history... for example black, red and white for home games and blue, red, yellow for away games. Also a way to connect with fans,supporters can design or vote on the next seasons kit (And get rid of the current awful logo) But this all comes down to money and what do I know, I'm just a fan.
  6. Henson Park Old Firm

    Hudgell hints at collective SL ownership of London

    You could make London work, it's just that there was no one smart enough or paitent enough to do it. Changing colours, names, owners, locations and stadiums won't work. Setting down foundations does, if it worked for Melbourne it could work for London. Fulham, crusaders, Broncos, harlequins, Broncos.... I rest my case
  7. Henson Park Old Firm

    Fantastic Maketing Plan

    Very sad for Salford... the club is slowly disappearing into the oblivion
  8. Henson Park Old Firm

    14,480 at Stade Gilbert Brutus

    great little picture also
  9. Henson Park Old Firm

    We need to cancel the GB tour!

    Don't worry the way rugby league operates its most likely already cancelled. They will just wait to tell everyone 1 month out from the tour.
  10. Henson Park Old Firm


    like to see London back, but we need to see Broncos in the fold. Besides London needs a proper stadium first for rugby league and crowds.
  11. Henson Park Old Firm

    New Hummel England RL Kit will be on sale ?

    I'd like to see a bit of blue.. on it say on the collar or shorts
  12. Henson Park Old Firm

    Lyon still alive

    I see your point but France can't seem to get there act together. They talked about pro/semi league this year and it went silent...
  13. Henson Park Old Firm

    Featherstone's Major Announcement

    Going 3 ply toilet paper
  14. Henson Park Old Firm


    what a outer ######
  15. Henson Park Old Firm


    Gee 5500, 10,000 would have been better