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  1. Last ever super league game in France ?

    The French will need to Travel in numbers next week now that the club is on life support
  2. Last ever super league game in France ?

    Poor Kids.............
  3. Last ever super league game in France ?

    It's a little scary... all that hard work now in the balance of 80 minutes
  4. Salford cut losses and to break even in 2018

    Good news... so a new logo again?
  5. South Africa

    Maybe if SARU invested in rugby league they would have a better chance of winning the union w/c
  6. London Takeover & Move To NRL

    Slow news day.
  7. Why are Salford's crowds dropping so low?

    thats very low.... seriously no one is bothered to turn up?
  8. WRL re-brand

    They look good... great kits for home/away i think the Bronco lettering should be thicker... or have the old bronco embelem with this new horses head? Either way great work!
  9. WRL re-brand

    Salfords and London Broncos... 2 really average logos
  10. Graham to join the Dragons

    James is a gun player... by far my favorite player.. plays with passion
  11. Here's an idea....all games telecasted
  12. England RL World Cup 2017 Song

  13. What Now for the Red Devils?

    Why can't salford buy it? Lack of founds
  14. World Cup Boycott?

    Great news for England!

    Well i hope catalans can pull a rabbit out of their hat