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  1. Henson Park Old Firm

    Grand Final Bus Ads

    we need photos
  2. Henson Park Old Firm

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    I would like to see a life sized super league trophy made out of gummie... Mmm gummie
  3. Henson Park Old Firm

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    Who do think will win the Elite 1 this season?
  4. Henson Park Old Firm

    French Scene

    French Rugby League is like a Mexican soap opera, never a dull moment.
  5. Henson Park Old Firm

    2019 kits

    Looks like according Wikipedia that catalan dragons new kit supplier is o'neills https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/O'Neills You heard it hear first
  6. Henson Park Old Firm

    David Argyle to relocate Skolars to USA

    The only way my idea would work is, if Skolars/RFL team up with the likes of Canterbury or Penrith Leagues Club (2 massive league's clubs which have massive amount of money) and help build the idea. In the trade off a percentage of the league's club (25%) would be owned by the Leagues Club and all players and juniors come under the clubs district. So if they find a player with potential they could go off and play in the NRL. But in return a proper league stadium in London would be built and players in the area have a chance to go pro. The stadium could be both used by Broncos and Skolars just like how Roma and Lazio share their stadium. Pipe dream I know.
  7. Henson Park Old Firm

    David Argyle to relocate Skolars to USA

    Get the RFLto help build a 10k stadium at New River and build a head office for RFL and a small Leagues Club
  8. Henson Park Old Firm

    French Scene

    Any news of a pro league?
  9. Henson Park Old Firm

    Million £ game venue?

    I'll be hosting a million pound party, come one come all!
  10. Henson Park Old Firm

    New York team & tests still in the pipeline

    aren't London Skolars moving to NY?
  11. Henson Park Old Firm

    Toulouse stadium situation

    i'm confused?
  12. Henson Park Old Firm

    Union trying to poach Gigot

    Considering top14 is full of non French man I'm not surprised.
  13. Henson Park Old Firm

    England need a game.

    Bastille Day test match play it in France every year then have Armistace Day test match play it in England. Also each year some of the proceeds can go to charities for the arm forces. But also on the same day have a women's game and a wheelchair game as the curtin raises. Make it a meaningful celebration and not a pointless match and your on a winner.
  14. Henson Park Old Firm

    Irish interest in League 1

    Maybe it's time for a European Championship League. Belgrade, Dublin, couple from France, maybe Italy
  15. Henson Park Old Firm

    Catalonia Origin

    I remember a years ago their was a Catalonia Rep side, they had a website and wore a black jersey. What happened to them? On another note, maybe the Dragons should make a move into Andorra... they have the players