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  1. Salford Transfer complete

    now they wont to buy AJ Bell http://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/42623097
  2. Is it time to resurrect the PSG "brand"

    For a team that last only 2 years i seem to remember they had a few kits
  3. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    someone needs a girlfriend.
  4. Is it time to resurrect the PSG "brand"

    Its time to make Paris Rugby League great again.
  5. Is it time to resurrect the PSG "brand"

    Does anyone have that Qatari guy's number?.. I'll give him a call.
  6. France Rugby League 1995

    does Paris even have any rugby league clubs anymore?
  7. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    Bring back PSG
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas, its been a great year.
  9. RIP Jean Barthe

  10. That's why we need neutral referees!

    Maybe we should only train and employ referees from countries that don't play rugby league for example Luxembourg
  11. Now its time for Wayne to finnish the job
  12. Can England beat Tonga?

    Just give it to Mc Gillvary, and it'll be fine.
  13. What if England win the World Cup

    party hard?
  14. 2018 Kits

    I like the fact that London have some really high profile sponsors, but I'm not to sure about the new jersey... might change my mind if I see a real pic