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  1. Judging by the name changes, grounds and club colours... they've tried to please everyone.
  2. is there a website??? wouldn't mind buying a jersey either
  3. Well if you were a disgruntled white or black man in South Africa why not try your luck in league... that whole place is a basket case.... when it comes to sport quotas.
  4. well give us a hint? is it a car company, dose it sell insurance, or is it a beer at least give us a clue?.... and how many zero's does it have on the end 1.. 2.. 3... not that hard to give us an idea without saying anything
  5. as long they pay for to be the sponsor.Not another stobart deal.... Lets start the guessing game...Trump Towers
  6. Merry Christmas bring on 2017 and the World Cup
  7. Did London forget to release a kit before Christmas?
  8. maybe we should spot her a couple of tickets for next year...
  9. Great news good on him
  10. I believe we need a SL1 and a SL 2... team that comes last in SL1 gets relegated to SL2. Have 12 teams in SL1 and have 8 teams in SL2 both comps being all professional but in SL2 have a smaller salary/budget. Also for the SL semi finals should be played as a double header... So you have 4 teams 2 games winner into "next weeks grand final" play it at stadium of over 40,000 seater... Market the game so you can entice at least 8-10000 fans from each club to attend.
  11. where was HQ before?......... and how is the Federation going any news about a pro league or such?
  12. Team from Scotland or Ireland would be nice...
  13. I always thought rhinos where native to Leeds... but one thing I would like to see on each kit, on the opposite side of the current logo the former traditional club crest on the other side or at least on the seelve
  14. any news about the broncos kit???