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  1. How many internationals are their and who are they.... Would like to see Elite 1 one day on it..
  2. looks OK, but would have rather seen a half white/green chevron on it and maybe different colour shorts... Waiting to see the away kiy
  3. I reckon it would look like the stadium where the Super Rugby team Canterbury Crusaders play at
  4. well lets hope they stay up
  5. .... mate get a life
  6. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/vikings-confirm-chase-walker-deals/
  7. while we're at it, lets rename it RPL (Rugby Premier League)
  8. What is the reason behind the late start?
  9. One think that all the french clubs should get is a web designer.... bloody hell some of the websites are so 97
  10. Hopefully this is the start of a eventual french pro league
  11. so what did he say its all in French!
  12. Welcome
  13. If your wondering what beer to drink in Sydney, Reschs Draught on tap or Pilsner is pretty good...
  14. I must admit they are starting to look good and building towards something.
  15. I reckon a doube header would be a great idea... you could have the game played at different stadiums each year around the country (only need a 40,000 seater).. . It would build up hipe for the final....And even if your team lost you would still want to watch the next game... everyone has a team they would love to see loose.