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  1. Will we have to categorise non York fans as ANO? If we simply call them away fans then the Parky-calculator will refuse to work.
  2. Deleted because it serves no purpose to feed trolls. Not you BTW but the subject of your post
  3. Parky. If you are so worried about insults may I suggest you refrain from them yourself? I've counted nearly 10 posts since this morning where you begin with a derogatory comment. If you prefer shall we just report these incidents that you find so abhorrent because I'm increasingly getting a twitchy finger?
  4. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
  5. Teams like Toronto bring a completely different angle to attending sports events, rather than "rugby matches". is this so hard to grasp?
  6. You've got RL hypochondria and that's the nicest thing I could think of putting.
  7. you're setting the standards, so what do you expect?
  8. The point I was trying to make was that the Championship is becoming a diverse and competitive league with more teams capable of SL than before. It therefore needs investment to add value to SL and not be perceived as a league of failure.
  9. I disagree. It depends on what you expect from the Championsip now rather than what it delivered 10 years ago
  10. Shows how valuable the championship is to SL. It needs investment as it is becoming increasingly important for expansion
  11. No. I don't see what you mean. I don't get you at all. The thing about failure is it is inevitable. It is how you react to it. theres a lesson for you in that
  12. What it shows by you reply, is you don't base your opinions on the facts.
  13. HKR were second bottom with 14 points after 23 rounds. Huddersfield were bottom with 12 points. Leigh have 10 points after 19 rounds. Therefore they have an opportunity to do better than HKR and certainly do no worse. It therefore shows that the middle 8's provide enough of a lift for Championship clubs to learn how to compete against SL sides. What it has also shown is that 2 clubs in the middle 8's last year, can make the top 4 of SL. So talk of a lack of standards, or competitiveness, is rubbish.
  14. Maybe you need to look at the Championship table.
  15. Nothing. Does that mean my opinion on racism is invalid?