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  1. challenge cup

    I think he got his idea from ManU who've lost the bottom half of the Carabao Cup
  2. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    Any advert demanding £3 a month, particularly fronted by a sorrowful celeb, is enough to get me switching over. When did charity stop being a heartfelt but personal choice and become such a commercial and cynical enterprise?
  3. Success in North America

    Slavery was so in vogue at the time, it was worth fighting for
  4. Polarisation

    Me in a nutshell, too much trolling. The way opinion can be faked so easily into "fact" puts almost all social media on the "only essential" list, including TRL. Shame really.
  5. I Am Happy....

    I love international RL, SL, Championship RL, NRL, RL,RL,RL etc etc... ..and I'm a happy bloke, that's why I don't post on here very often.
  6. Feedback required

    Looking at your proposals leaves one question. What do people get in return? In my opinion you need to find a reason for people to donate. How about creating memberships? Gold, silver, bronze etc. Tie it into season tickets for example (even half season tickets). For example, what if a bronze donation offered 4 key matches with an option to upgrade to silver (half season), or gold (full). I'd buy a bronze tomorrow as I rarely get to the games these days. Work with sponsors and other local business to offer discounts to members. There are many more ways of using the clubs current networks as a focus for raising money and it creates the possibility of growing the network.
  7. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    The bottom line for me is whether the RFL can find the money to make the Championship and League 1 even more compelling by having English based teams both financially and rugby competitive. It's in our best interests really because ultimately Super League cannot absorb an infinite number of new teams.
  8. digital radio

    Living in rural N Yorks, DAB is terrible.
  9. Grand final sell out

    FFS all I needed to do was PM SteveR instead of buying my tickets. Clearly it's not what you know it's who you know.
  10. How many times have a club under the franchise system at the end of the season, sitting in 9th position in the table, playing a team in 11th or 12th, on a Saturday afternoon, been on SKY TV? I think we all know the answer and gives us a much clearer idea of what the audience is for RL at the business end of the season.
  11. The problem is not the proximity of the clubs!!!! A trip from Campletown to Newcastle in Australia is approx. the trip from Widnes to Hull. Have a guess how many NRL clubs you'll come across on your travels? TEN, that's 2 less than our entire Super League. Similarly how many Aussies live along that route within an hour of an NRL club? I bet it would not be dissimilar to access to an SL club in the UK along the M62. What the difference is, is value. Value of the competition to TV companies. Therefore I think you need to blame the UK public along the M62 for their appetite for football, not the fact that the game is strongest along a 125 mile corridor.
  12. Just remember who dug the well. People have a right to protect the heartland of the game. Without it none of your expansion clubs would have the players or someone to play. Many of SL clubs have players born and bred playing the game in some of the country's least glamorous places. Places like The Heavy Woollen that have never had a SL place but have produced some of its best talent.
  13. May the best team win. The French can survive the drop pretty much intact if it comes. Leigh, I don't know. If it is Les Cats, the RFL need to be looking to see what value the Championship will have in new markets because the league should be a marketeers dream.
  14. Helpdesk again.... doggy

    Advice from Mrs Ackroman The most successful solution is to train your dog to ignore the sounds. You can buy a CD with various noises on it from fireworks to police sirens. The idea is to put this on in the background while playing with your dog, grooming it, anything really that is a positive distraction. You must repeat the exercise regularly, gradually increasing the noise hopefully to the point where the dog doesn't care any more. The herbal stuff can help but doesn't tackle the issue head on. Edit: Just seen Hindles Post