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  1. watching that makes me think the quicker the North Americans get hold of rugby league the better. This isn't a comment about structure, it's knowing how to sell it.
  2. The decision to re-instate Bradford will be based on the sympathetic nature of other Championship clubs facing a big whole in their budgets.
  3. what you state here will be the issue regardless. my point is that c.i.c's offer much better governance and protection without the need to come up with an ownership/stewardship reinvention
  4. community interest companies have been around for years. in the best interests of community led RL it is possibly the easiest legal entity to access right now without trying to reinvent the wheel. however they require thought and significant community benefits to work. although the last time I mentioned it on here some thought it was a hilarious idea for a commercial business. the thing is c.i.c's can raise funds, make profits and re-invest wealth but need to act responsibly to fulfil the law. i've set up one up and if you get the community benefits right, there are grants available although I've only ever managed to raise funds commercially.
  5. I'm quite offended by this. Name 1 commentator that isn't full of cliche's? It comes with the job!!! If sports fans know who Stevo is then he's doing a bloody good job. Either congratulate the bloke or don't bother. For me the guy was ahead of his time but he also remembered who dug the well from which we all drink.
  6. Sorry old bean but we have a Parish council.
  7. I can't seem to find ticket prices (although I'm sure I've seen them). Does anyone know?
  8. Carlisle are another that needs adding to the list of teams I saw play that are now defunct.
  9. When did I say it was people on this board? A bit of an assumption there. However, have a look at what the MP for East Dulwich said in June about respecting the vote and what she's prepared to do now because she's got a couple of constituents bursting into tears over Brexit. Absolutely pathetic. BTW I don't think AOB is for me. Far too many clever people with all the answers when all I have is an opinion.
  10. OK but there is a trend at the moment to try and scupper what the majority wanted and the reasons are beyond belief. I don't think however it's the right thread for the comments I would make so I'll look elsewhere
  11. Democracy worked fine until the establishment lost. I see there's now a trend in saying x% didn't vote for it so therefore we shouldn't have it. Suits all those with the most to lose and little to gain.
  12. Just following your lead. I guess it's OK for you to say I'm scared and having a rant. That's fine. You don't do humour. I don't understand what you're on about.
  13. Not at all. I'm saying EU citizenship is only open to those whose nationality (dual or otherwise) is in an EU country. EU citizenship is not a stand alone entity so I can't see how you can be a UK national and an EU citizen after Brexit.