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  1. There's more talent around than SL needs right now. The biggest difference between players in SL and the Championship is fitness and conditioning. Same between Championship and Community level. If it is financially viable for players at those levels to pack in their jobs then they will. Unfortunately right now, it isn't.
  2. Go into the article on Thatto and it's in bold. It is not obvious at all.
  3. Does anyone know where the stream of the game is, I can't find it? Edit, just found it. I assume the BBC aren't making this easy on purpose
  4. Just make the pre-season competition open to any Yorkshire club
  5. Talksport - utter rubbish. All McCoist and Brazil do is glorify gambling and binge drinking. Durham is an obnoxious oaf and Danny Kelly can talk filler better than an interior decorator. Oh and then there's the adverts for betting companies and the mild misogyny. Brilliant.
  6. I'll have them if he doesn't want them, I have a gig on Saturday in my A4 convertible. Have you any idea where I can source industrial quantities of shaving foam?
  7. Faux outrage on both sides of the argument. Typical of the world we live in at the moment.
  8. I think buying it and creating a Lancashire club or relocating one, would be a good idea.
  9. I know I can't listen to the crooning pervert and his hypocritical gush any more. Even Billy Jean has a tone to it that basically says "it wasn't me". The guy clearly had a guilt complex even then. There's also a strong argument to suggest the Jackson family had some part to play in this saga because they were living in the same house when some of the alleged abuse was going on. There'll be house keepers, gardeners and other maintenance staff with a story to tell and IMO it's only a matter of time before someone cracks and spills the beans. Why has no-one has opened up yet? We can only guess. As for Wade's mother, she in particular made the whole thing far too easy for MJ, he took her son off her the first day they met him in the States. I don't know how she can look herself in the mirror.
  10. Those parents will always be like that, it's up to the rest of us to stand up to them and set a good example. In my case I have deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts - this site is now my only social activity on the web. If people want me they can ring or text.
  11. I've just had a "talk" with my 11 year old. He'd created an instagram account by pretending he's 13 so he can chat with his mates. When I came across him fiddling with his ipad I got suspicious and asked him what he was up to and because he wouldn't let on, I went through everything. The third picture on his Instagram account was a boy bullying someone else - binned it. XBOX - he created a profile in the chat room where other kids were telling him how to get into the settings to make the account more open - binned. Youtube - mainly boring stuff until I came across the "match challenge" where people create shapes using matches and then set fire to them. The latest shape is of male genitalia. Unfortunately my 6 year old has access to that too. - binned. Obviously I am now arch enemy number 1 and he's acting up big time but as I said to him, I don't want him thinking it's OK to bully people and if he thinks it's cool to like a post like that to get in with the in-crowd, then he's proven to me that he's way off being ready. Ironically I found a leaflet in his school bag about internet safety screwed up into a ball, so we contacted school who told us they were aware that some of the year 7 kids were active on social media and therefore they were going to write to parents. Seems to me the whole social media bubble is a boil that must be lanced and we will be judged by future generations if we don't do it soon. The comparison is so similar to how we now judge those who thought people like Michael Jackson, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris etc etc etc could wander among us and our children unchecked. The Saville and Rolf bubbles burst pretty easily, the Jackson bubble has taken some time because of the money and people involved but it's going to happen, so let's not leave it another 10 years before we put restrictions on internet access that are laid out in law. Our kids will thank us for it in the end.
  12. York or Chester. I did Harrogate and York last week as it was half term. Premier Inn for £35 a night plus £9.50 for breakfast (kids eat free). Visited Fountains Abbey, National Railway Museum, Jorvik Viking Centre, Castle Museum and also a bit of shopping. Had a brilliant curry in Harrogate and ate at Panda Mami in York - one of those all you can eat places. Took the boss and 3 kids. We were shattered after all that.
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