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  1. Easter - almost the last opportunity to spend quality time at home, so no thanks
  2. Just completed 2 air fix models with my 2 boys (7 & 9). They loved it but not as much as I did and I'm 48!
  3. Ah, a peeing competition. If it's worth anything I've been around as long as you, so there!
  4. With all due respect, it's not.
  5. Companies already overcome workers rights by getting staff to sign T&C's to say their happy to be shafted.
  6. Surely ctrl/alt/del is the best way of dealing with Brexit from an IT point of view? At worse a full reset back to windows 95 - at least we can all use that.
  7. I can't see this thread lasting much longer
  8. the Scottish referendum was fixed by the English? A valid point? The English didn't get a vote.
  9. Lambing has started in the northern dales, daffodils are out, we've had a bit of sun and it's date night on Friday! Could be a curry out, a nice 30 mile round trip.
  10. Ranting about the English doesn't give you any answers, just indigestion.
  11. Everyone has challenges and reasons to be dismal. However its whether you want to find the flaw rather than the opportunity. The Scots voted for the Union, so hopefully they will continue to do so.
  12. You prove my point. If this is about Brexit, why another thread? You do realise we have more choices than being miserable or over the top happy. Indifference for example.
  13. I think you need to untwist your knickers
  14. I was originally of the opinion that they were. But now I would say no. Being in Champ1 would have given the club at least another year to avoid salivating at the prospect of an entrance to SL. It's a drug that the club and others don't seem to be able to handle and it's rearing its ugly head again by the sounds of things.