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  1. This board is the last place you need to be if you have anxiety problems.
  2. You don't know me so I find that comment highly offensive for 2 reasons. Firstly I have no "brethren" and secondly you have no evidence to justify calling me ignorant. I am also wondering why you would wade into a discussion with me when you would prefer me to ignore you? I would also like to point out that by putting you on ignore as well, the content of the threads are far less antagonistic.
  3. Total ignorance of the facts. I'm not going to bother listing the benefits TWP have brought to the game of RL, I'll just put you on ignore like the other fella incapable of thinking first before they type.
  4. Just like any ecosystem, as soon as you start thinking the bottom of the food chain is an irrelevance then you start a chain reaction of cock ups that can destroy the very thing you want to protect. For this reason we should recognise every contribution to the game of RL. As an example, my own son plays in the North East at U10 level. This Saturday we were in Cramlington north of Newcastle U Tyne, with a whole bunch of enthusiastic kids, parents and coaches in a new heartland. They enjoyed each others company, played hard and shook hands. It was really warming to go and see how well organised and popular it was. We then drove south to watch Dewsbury v Toulouse at Tetleys stadium. The French were very, very good. We then watched Toronto v Bradford on TV. I also had the pleasure of watching Wigan v London on the TV the Thursday before. How good is that? RL is becoming a very diverse game with broad appeal, so for those who can't handle it F-Off to soccerball or something similar because the future generations won't have your ridiculous prejudices and narrow minded opinions.
  5. We are no better than the Romans. The "Long View" on Radio 4 did a comparison between modern voyeurism via social media and ancient gladiatorial events. The human race hasn't improved a jot.
  6. There's more talent around than SL needs right now. The biggest difference between players in SL and the Championship is fitness and conditioning. Same between Championship and Community level. If it is financially viable for players at those levels to pack in their jobs then they will. Unfortunately right now, it isn't.
  7. Go into the article on Thatto and it's in bold. It is not obvious at all.
  8. Does anyone know where the stream of the game is, I can't find it? Edit, just found it. I assume the BBC aren't making this easy on purpose
  9. Just make the pre-season competition open to any Yorkshire club
  10. Talksport - utter rubbish. All McCoist and Brazil do is glorify gambling and binge drinking. Durham is an obnoxious oaf and Danny Kelly can talk filler better than an interior decorator. Oh and then there's the adverts for betting companies and the mild misogyny. Brilliant.
  11. I'll have them if he doesn't want them, I have a gig on Saturday in my A4 convertible. Have you any idea where I can source industrial quantities of shaving foam?
  12. Faux outrage on both sides of the argument. Typical of the world we live in at the moment.
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