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  2. I and others have advocated taking a one off WCC to either Singapore or Hong Kong to tap into the corporate dollar and tap into the expat communities in them places. I don't think a game involving Wigan v Hull would have the same affect as a 1 off WCC between Australian and British club sides.
  3. About 12, but what has that got to with it?
  4. Perhaps,but you have to remember nearly all the PI players are Aussie and Kiwi born and play and most of them play in the NRL Even all the Kiwi players will be from the NRL come the world cup. This will be different with the novelty value.
  5. What it will do is that show the insular Aussies that there is Rugby League life outside the NRL
  6. Yep good news for Super League and good news for Rugby League in Australia
  7. The real ssue is that clubs shouldn't rely on away fans. They should do better at promoting their home games and then the away fans that turn up would be a bonus.
  9. Bradford have to abide by the same rules as other clubs do. All clubs should be treated the same with no exceptions. Are Bradford paying Tooveys wages or a 3rd party?
  10. We need to get more schools playing the game. Easier said than done i know, but that's what we need to do.
  11. Parky will be jumping of the humber bridge if that happens
  12. Trips to Canada sound good to me and probably most of us.
  13. Jamie Peacock is a big fan of the Toronto Wolfpack and that's good enough for me.
  14. Unlikely i would have thought, but as we know sport moves in a mysterious ways nowadays. Nothing surprises me much nowadays what goes in sport, so i gear myself to expect the unexpected.
  15. There you go. That will get the Salary cap down.