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  1. The problem is I have a lot of knowledge of the way the AFL has carried on over the years and the cover ups. The 3 strike cover up rule on drugs. The Gary Ablett Snr situation where that girl died in his flat of a drugs overdoes and then after that the AFL put him into the AFL hall of fame. The many allegations against players involving women and then all of a sudden the women drops the case, perhaps hush money is paid, what do you think. The Ben Cousins situation where he admits he's been a drugie all his adult life and not once did he test positive for drugs. The tax payers of Blacktown getting ripped by GWS and then GWS doing a runner. The countless lies they have told about junior playing numbers to get more tax payers money and later got caught out later I'm honest and as your aware all the above is true.
  3. Rugby League is played mainly in 2 states in Australia and mainly on the North Island in New Zealand. There is no excuse what so ever as to why we are not beating the Aussies and Kiwis on a regular basis.
  5. I would, but they would obviously have some British juniors in the academy as well. What a lot of people seem to forget is that that we have been playing Rugby League in this country for over 120 years and yet we still need imports from Australia and New Zealand.
  7. There would be nothing to stop the Wolf pack having a full time academy over here.
  8. I still think that it should a condition of Super League membership that you have academies and reserves. For me no matter who the club is and what ever the excuses no academy = no Super League place.
  9. That doesn't excuse the fact that he didn't do any research. England is such a multi-cultural country nowadays that research is needed if your making remarks about people.
  10. Perhaps Mackenzie should have done just a little bit of research before he wrote them comments about Barkley. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. There are quite a lot of people of mixed race in this country, who you wouldn't at first glance think they they were. Any hope The Sun had of increasing its circulation in Liverpool isn't going to happen now and probably never was. In fact i think they will see further drops in its circulation, faster than they thought
  11. Why are you defending a game that's racist, sexist, homophobic and covers up its drug problems with a 3 strike cover up rule. Which means a player has to be caught 3 times using drugs before any action is taken against. Your welcome to dig out articles about bad behaviour by Rugby League players if you want, but they will be small compared to the bad behaviour of AFL players.
  12. Just for you max. We have Drugs, bottle rape and abuse of women and cover ups.
  13. I'm not wrong though. Look what happened with the 34 players at Essendon and the drugs cover up for starters. Gay AFL players are frightened to come out because of the reaction they know they would get. I can post you loads of links of how bad AFL players have acted, and far worse than anything Rugby League has seen. For reasons unknown to me and many others they appear to have the Aussie media in their pockets.
  14. AFL has had huge problems for many years with drugs, racism, sexism and homophobia. If i lived in Australia i wouldn't want any members of my family young or old involved in it at any level.