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  1. I'd love to see them be really bold and aim for 100k soon. Wigan v Saints 24k Hull derby 24k Leeds 19k Wire 15k Catalans 10k Case 12k Over 100k, that would send a message.
  2. Nobody is moaning about those crowds, just questioning the London one. As part of my research earlier in this thread I looked at historic crowds, London v Cats on a Thurs has never hit this level.
  3. Yes, thought that was an easy way to smash it tbh.
  4. It is, but not a record, and the pre-prepared release would go in the bin.
  5. It is pretty rare to get full attendance figures now. One thing I did find strange was that I don't think Wire announced theirs on Twitter during the game like normal. It got announced as part of the coordinated press release. But Hulls and Wigans were announced live so there may be nowt in that.
  6. Was the London crowd announced last night?
  7. No, the targets I had written were just the Good Friday records. They beat the record they were going for by 260ish. That London crowd on a Thurs would be outstanding.
  8. Unfortunately, I'm with MoK here. They had set themselves a target of the 78k in the article and it looks like they have manipulated the numbers to beat it. Had they managed to get another 1 or 2k across other games they probably wouldn't have bothered. It is a great result though, and the pleasing thing is there is room for growth with the same fixtures.
  9. Taking a hammering. I must admit to being a bit nervous about this one. This may bring us back to earth a little and re-focus our performances.
  10. This stadium at Hull looks and sounds excellent with this kind of crowd on.
  11. Thought the Sky tribute show was an excellent one. Always liked Eddie and thinks he gets some unfair stick. He is excellent at the moment as he appears to have a weight lifted from his shoulders since he announced his retirement. It is funny that he highlighted his regret as not being there for this year's Grand Final, suggesting maybe the timing wasn't 100% his choice.
  12. A quick look at the Good Friday games during the Super League Era. Averages: Across 6 games - 9,800 Across 7 games - 11,094 Last 5 years - 10,630 First year of SL - 7,724 High - 12.636 in 2012 (7 games) Cumulative: Across 6 games - average of 58,802 High of 72,670 (2015) Low of 46,345 (1996) Across 7 games - ave - 77,661 High - 88,455 (2012) Low of 56,344 (1999) So if we end up with Wigan (22,000), Hull (20,000), Leeds (12,500), Wire (11,500), Cas (9,300), London (1,000) - that would give us 75k, which would be the highest crowd ever across a 6 round Good Friday. 72,670 is the number to beat from 2015.
  13. Yep, just looks like more of the same doesn't it?
  14. Aye, but it is an SLE target. Had we sold out Wigan, Hull, Cas and Wire, which are all a stretch, but achievable, then that would have been 75k over 4 games.
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