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  1. I really think a series of Magic Weekends could be great expansion tools. Let's all play in Newcastle. If we are targeting Oz for SL growth, let's all go. Let's all play in the US. Plus internationals on top. We have more than enough games and flexibility to be able to do this. If we genuinely want to target media and sponsors around the world, show them up close what we have.
  2. Dave T

    Saints - Play the ball

    So we are all in agreement that Saints are cheats though, right?
  3. Dave T


    I agree. But on your last question - are there enough players - as long as there are more than around 300 potential RL players then the answer is yes and doesn't need IMO attaching. Now that may mean this mythical 'SL standard's drops, but that will be the new SL standard.
  4. It may be, but even then we have seen that a World Cup done well can outperform normal internationals by some distance.
  5. Dave T


    It's a bit of a weird position Harry and I'll assume you are just trying to be challenging to flush out views. SL standard is a subjective thing, there is no hard and fast criteria, if we banned all overseas players now we could fill our teams with French and English players and they would by definition be SL standard. What clubs do is try and get the best quality players they can for the money they can spend. It's what everybody does in every sport and your point is a bit odd. Some of those good players will be Aussies, some Kiwis etc. Taking your point - basically unless we have 100% local players in SL you can make your claim that we don't produce enough SL quality players. It doesn't make sense. SL is just a comp of 12 players with the best players clubs can muster. There is not an issue in the slightest using overseas players. And your last point is just wrong. It is absolutely not a necessity at all. If they decided no more overseas players the game would continue. It is a choice, not a necessity.
  6. I genuinely prefer the one ref system and think our VR is better than the bunker. I think having two refs is a case of too many cooks and leads to a lack of taking control and being assertive. I also think with the bunker they are too quick to make a decision.
  7. Dave T


    Of course I am. What I'm not doing is saying that the weaker teams are not Super league teams which was my point. Come on Harry, you seem to be intentionally missing the point a fair bit on this. I don't criticise subjectivity, it is when people think their subjective opinion is FACT.
  8. Dave T


    Did Parky suggest in that 'post that I am somewhat coming to agree with him??? Please send help...
  9. Dave T


    Typical RL fan. Never happy.
  10. Aye, probably set us up for a nilling. Sorry about that.
  11. We've had 26k before against Fiji, 23k last time. Sell out. We average 20 odd k vs the Kiwis but got 67k in the WC semi, up from 16k 13 years earlier. 40k is absolutely possible.
  12. I'm still enjoying watching the best defensive team in the comp - Leeds Rhinos!
  13. Dave T

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    So that reads to me like both Leon Pryce and the crisp stealer would be fine.
  14. Dave T

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Couple of snippets from a quick Google search, can't validate the accuracy: Summary offenses in Canada are considered relatively minor (for immigration purposes) and are usually punishable by a maximum of 2 years imprisonment or a fine in Canada. If you have a single foreign conviction that is equivalent to a summary offense in Canada – regardless of your actual sentence – you are likely admissible to Canada. And for major offences: If you have a foreign conviction equivalent to an indictable offense in Canada (and remember, hybrid offenses like drunk driving are considered indictable offenses for immigration purposes), then you can not enter Canada until ten years have passed since the completion of your sentence, and you have not committed any other offenses during that time.