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  1. Unfortunately your analysis is dumb. Heart. Meh.
  2. At some stage this epic defence my fellow Wire chums say we have adopted will kick in.
  3. Spoke to him this morn, had already got sorted. Hope all is well John.
  4. Managed to amend some plans and so will be heading down for today only. Beautiful scenic train ride from Edinburgh, almost a home game! Looking forward to booing Toronto most.
  5. Hardaker to Wigan

    Whilst it wouldnt surprise me if he gets into bother again, people do a lot of growing up in their 20's so do change plenty. Most people anyway.
  6. Good point. I suspect Westwood is at risk but as the rest of our lads are angels then itll be 5 reds for the pies I assume?
  7. I do indeed miss Koukash, although he is still around. I enjoy characters in the game, and I enjoy calling out BS too. But I have always made the point that it is up to the rich owners how they spend their money, and those missing Reds fans maybe didnt deserve him to splash his cash. But i do reserve the right to call out his BS, the same goes for Pearson's, Lenegan's, Hudgell's and Carter's. All have been vocal so far this year with nothing to show...yet.
  8. Rowley and Toronto

    With all the worries of foreigners, it may be timely to remind people that the vast majority of central funding is spent in the heartlands. The RFL even retracted from lands as far away as Scotland and Wales. The heartlands are not being neglected.
  9. Are you sure you are not the good Doctor, Oxford as you are always extremely defensive of any words against him, even when evidence is provided of him not doin what he said he would. But in any case, it wasnt me who brought him up in this discussion.
  10. It was agreed a couple of years ago. He didnt do what he said he would. I provided quotes.
  11. Rowley and Toronto

    Its a blatant lie, is what it is. From somebody with form.
  12. I don't disagree with too much of this, but just a couple of points. 1 - First bold bit - a Saturday afternoon on the BBC will still deliver our biggest TV audiences of the year by some distance. If we want exposure, Saturday afternoon on the BBC is perfect. The problem is that there is only so much coverage we will get from them. 2 - On the streaming point, Sky did show a few games streamed in year one of this new structure, have no idea why they abandoned it.
  13. i'll be peed off it we can't score with 10-a-side!