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  1. Has Barrie McDermott been drinking or something? He wont shut up. Jeez he thinks hes thr main commentator and spends ages talking but saying nothing! Great day of Rugby this though.
  2. You do know Hudds have punted this one forward a few weeks dont you?
  3. Hmm. Im not sure people would be so understanding if this was Wigan annd Wigan Athletic.
  4. Anybody who suggests it is not better to play once a week rather than this double weekend is being disengenious at best. Otherwise what the hell does everyone complain about at Easter? And Cas and Wire who have to play these fresh teams next week wont get the weekend of the rearranged game off either as they are still in the cup.
  5. I honestly dont recall these gifts for Lineham, i dont really remember us getting out to the outside backs - when were Lineham's chances? I thought we completely underused our three quarters even coming oit from our half which is a feature of our game. It reminded me of Union a touch where tge forwards just got in the way, at the end of any link play was a big forward instead of a three quarter, and two different props kicked on the last tackle - that is a shambles.
  6. Priceless. Parky demanding these things be verified. 😂😂😂
  7. Aye I thought you had missed the point it a little Tony - because of the England training camp we have a 2nd 'Easter weekend' double header round.
  8. Its next week they will get their advantage. Just noticed Hudds play Wire lol - bloody sods law - Wire will be playing their third in 9 days, Hudds their 2nd. Saints have the same advantage over Cas.
  9. It is widely recognised that the week or two after the tough Easter double header is a killer - they will not have to deal with that twice like everyone else.
  10. Aye right! Theyve played it perfectly.
  11. The RFL set the comp fixture dates. Hudds and Giants are benefiting from this. Your statememt that clubs just set their own fixtures is wrong. They should only be moved for exceptional circumstances and this doesnt have that.
  12. Player welfare cant be in place for 2 teams from 12. Round 15 and 16 is meant to be played over a weekend. It is part of the challenge of the comp.
  13. This quote from Hudds CEO tells you why its wrong: "From a playing perspective both sides avoid the two games in four days scenario which no one likes". there is no good reason for this game to move. They saw an opportunitt to avoid this '2nd Easter' and have played everyone.
  14. Are you joking? You do know that isnt how this works.
  15. Im genuinely not sure what you wanted him to say. He was clearly unhappy, he said he was very disappointed and that we were way below our best.