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  1. I dont think people do wabt to do that, but nonsense arguments from obe side will be met with nonsense from the other side. Relatively speaking proper international RL is in its infancy (outside of the main nations) and to expect it to be paying dividends before you support it fully is nonsense and is the main reason RL never does anyyhing and sticks with it. We are at a stage where it needs investment in money and effort to allow it to realise its potential. It costs little for clubs to embrace it, but once you get into a victim mindset then you will complain about everything - long flights, injuries, players eating mcdonalds etc. If you embrace it you accept that things like injuries are a part of sport and the other things are minor obstacles. Other sports deal with it all the time.
  2. But as we saw with the World Cup it does affect them. There is a risk of injuries, they play more games and they return to pre-season later than other players. They still support that against your criteria. And so they should. They just make it the bare minimum to look reasonable.
  3. Despite what The Great Dane says, the NRL does support the international game. Maybe not as much as some of us would like but they clearly dont agree with his view.
  4. Unfortunately people go to the extremes to make their point. There is more than enough room for all.
  5. To suggest there is nothing in it for the clubs is spectacularly missing the point. This will never change with this attitude. There is a likelihood that NRL, SL and Origin has peaked. The real area with potential for massive growth is international RL.
  6. There are plenty of internationals played each year that are not gifted to us by the NRL.
  7. Sorry Harry I did mean to reply, however I trotted off to my Christmas Party and didn't want to appear here after copious amounts of wine and ale! I will get round to replying when I get a sec to give it a proper answer! Cheers
  8. Toronto v Halifax venue

    You announced that they would be playing only 4 games in Canada iirc. Maybe come back when that is true.
  9. Canberra can feel peeved about the injury, but thats life. It could happen in training, a club match, at home or an international match. You have a squad and have to deal with it. The point about the fatties is laughable. Id fine the players. In any case they will be knocked in shape pretty quickly. The Great Dane's claims that these things have cost Raiders tens of millions of dollars was the best bit though. Hysterical.
  10. I think they realised they had reached saturation point on this and that there was more mobey to be made through panels of sponsors like the Olympics or World Cups. They also felt that by not having a beer or bank sponsor as main partner it would allow clubs to get their own official partners in those categories. It would be interesting to know how this strategy worked for them.
  11. Toronto v Halifax venue

    They have sold them based on a minimum of 10 home games which should still be achievable.
  12. Toronto v Halifax venue

    I think they need to be very careful next year. Reducing the number of games over there, and the way they are staging them, week after week is a bit of a risk. I really hope they don't undo much of the good work from this year.
  13. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/why-nrl-clubs-fear-test-between-england-and-nz-in-united-states-next-year-is-dangerous-territory/news-story/999cb19d4fe6bb837d292c8f0b448262 A couple of quotes from the article that highlights the retarded attitudes: WOULD you like to see your NRL club’s 2018 season ruined by a proposed mid-year exhibition Test match between England and New Zealand in the United States to promote the 2025 World Cup? - that is the opening line! The follow up to that question is: That is the question that will surely anger many fans after the NRL this week flagged the idea for a game to be played in Denver, Colorado, smack bang in the middle of next year’s State of Origin series ...the timing of this match couldn’t be worse... “We certainly have some concerns about the safety and welfare of our players and how this is likely to impact our club,” Dragons chief executive Peter Doust said. ...If the game goes ahead, it would impact most clubs during the busiest time on the NRL calendar for what is essentially a “look at us” match to promote the 2025 World Cup in the USA... Melbourne football manager Frank Ponissi added: “We support the concept but definitely not the date. “It should be played in October, not mid-season.” I genuinely despair.
  14. I think where there is a defensiveness around that is when people automatically link replacement to these clubs. There are many people who state that they would love to see NY in for example and would happily sacrifice existing clubs (usually naming Leigh, Wakefield etc) to deliver that. I don't see it as an either/or - although I accept that levels of funding will largely dictate that. We have also seen that when we have brought new expansion clubs in, they have often been at the expense of other clubs, so there is a natural cynicism as many people see that as inherently unfair. I keep repeating this point, but I don't see replacement as expansion. It's why I would welcome a stated approach ie. we are looking to expand SL to a 16 (for example) team SL and the additional places will be awarded to new areas. I believe you would get far more support if we demonstrated a commitment to the UK game as well as expanding. Dismissing people being concerned about the UK game or existing teams as flatcappers isn't helpful. I absolutely believe we should be strengthening our existing base as well as focusing on new fans, players, viewers, sponsors etc. It really doesn't need to be a conflicting position.
  15. Parky makes plenty of points I agrer with. Unfortunately he often ends uo flip flopping or finding a new soundbite and you end up in a contrary position again without even knowing how it happened