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  1. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Im not a fan of announcing he is a marquee player. It seems a bit tacky to, in effect, refer to his salary and mark him out as a big player and put additional pressure. I understand perhaps that the club may be trying to show fans that we are being aggressive in the market, but I prefer when we are a bit more business like and professional and I see no reason to refer to marquee players as that.
  2. New Badge

    If it had a Devil instead of the tree it would be decent. Instead it is horrible. Truly terrible - who the hell signed it off?
  3. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Yup. At a time with a great exchange rate and a lower NRL cap.
  4. New Badge

    Spot on. Its like the designers missed the blindingly obvious - a Red Devil!!!!!
  5. New Badge

    I like the thought process, looks like what Wire did - but there seems to ve one huge thing missing!!!!
  6. Homes Under The Hammer

    You are a liar. The above post is full of claims for levels of coverage that nobody has made. People believe that this game should have been on BBC One. It was named on One and RL appears regularly on One. For a game as important as this it should not be relegated to BbC Two. They wouldnt do it to other sports. The debate really is that simple. You even agreed it should have stayed on one. So what are you arguing about?
  7. Homes Under The Hammer

    Literally every sport being discussed will have empty seats at times. The BBC havent moved the Eng game from bbc1 to 2 with two weeks notice because Ireland v Aus got 5k in Limerick and DCollins knows that.
  8. I read that more as over the next couple of years they will be competitive whichever division they are in.
  9. Homes Under The Hammer

    Loads of sports with empty seats are given decent media coverage. You literally make no sense.
  10. Homes Under The Hammer

    Expecting the BBC to show England in their World Cup on BBC 1 at a non-Prime Time slot is not unrealistic. Especially when they had it booked into that channel. And you are too dishonest for the rest of the debate which is nothing to do with why other events are overed - it is about HOW other events are covered.
  11. Homes Under The Hammer

    Indeed. RL needs to fill its grounds but the BBC should be driving viewing figs for its events.
  12. someone at the RFL!

    I'm not convinced there is an issue here tbh roughyedspud. They are clearly in negotiations with Wembley, hence the mentions of other grounds. They have also carried out a review of Newcastle, as they do every year and released tickets and press info on this at exactly the same time as last year. Grand Final is standard and they announced a three year extension a few weeks back. What you need to look at is why they may be doing these things: 1 - when negotiating they make it public that they are looking elsewhere. I suspect this is a better tactic than your announcing 5 years at Newcastle, which I think is a poor idea, and announcing that you will never leave Wembley weakens your position massively. In fact your proposed solutions are pretty terrible from a business pov. 2 - The tickets going on sale now will have no impact on the amounts attending imho. We still have the Christmas period ahead of us, and the first of these events is still over 7 months away. That is plenty of time. Sure it may pee off a few people who are used to getting their Wembley tickets the day after they return but they will be the staunch customers who are unlikley to be put off buying now. 3 - By delaying next year's sales until now, it means that if you leave Magic Weekend buzzing and looking for more action, you may be more likely to pick the Challenge Cup weekend instead of just paying for next year's Magic. The problem of utilising the same fans for all of our events is an issue and staggering sales can be an effective approach. I have no issue with next year's events going on sale today like this - apart from two quite major issues. 1 - What about the Blackpool weekend? Has that now gone? 2 - what about the internationals. It would be great if we knew that in mid-October each year we would get the following year's events schedule and tickets going on sale, including all internationals.
  13. Homes Under The Hammer

    1 - I did, as it is directly relevant as to whether the media can grow interest in events. Why? 2 - I'm not sure whether you are confused, or drinking, or whatever, but let's break this down. You said in the above quoted post that "The BBC doesn't make them big time events, the BBC covers them because they are big time events. You are putting the cart before the horse by thinking it's up to the likes of the BBC to make RLWC bigger than it is." You then say " it's not up to the media to make RL more mainstream, that's up to the sport itself. RL gets 3rd/4th tier English football crowds. The media go where the interest is. " So you are saying that media just cover popular events rather than them growing them. Yet there are loads and loads of examples of the media actively growing the coverage of these sports to make them popular - hence the womens and paralympic examples. If you want more, look what ITV have done with the RUWC - they got behind it, even when it was far less popular on TV and built it into a major broadcasting sports event. It has been done tonnes of times, millions of people don't just suddenly become more popular in things like tennis or cricket than they are every other week - the media builds up things like Wimbledon and the Ashes into must-see events. The BBC are doing the opposite with the RLWC and putting live sport down the pecking order. I'm really not sure why you have returned here DCollins, you don't like RL, cool, go elsewhere.
  14. Magic Weekend Returns to Newcastle

    Yes iirc. The other two events are late. The new ticket system is live though allowing you to handpick your seats which is great. Good to see no change from Wembley although the pricing structure if 50quid a ticket anywhere in lower tier seems strange. Never been like that before.
  15. Magic Weekend Returns to Newcastle

    I think they should really be pushing for that sellout on Day 1 that they often talk about. As you say, Day 2 looks less attractive, but the Hull Derby will certainly help that one.