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  1. Funnily enough I really like it. I have seen it done in cricket but not a high paced sport like ours. I think it needs a bit of polish, but I think things like this, player mics etc can be real differentiator between ours and other sports.
  2. I'm not convinced it is necessarily apathy. I have thought about this recently. They now do more build up than ever, 45 minutes for the 2 main games a week, they do the excellent stuff at the screen, I wonder whether they decided the graphics stuff was dated and went back to more simple stuff. The NRL and FA Premier League don't do it for example. They have also added far more 'experts'. But tbh, I used to quite like it. After a try we have a couple of minutes of dead time. Replays, stats and graphics can fill that and makes it looked more polished. I think they have just decided not to waste the time and effort on it and gone in a direction that just seems much flatter to me. But that is a personal opinion, I'm sure many hated the graphics and stuff.
  3. Sky seem to have really cut back on everything and spent it on having half a dozen 'experts' talking over each other. The stats and graphics are almost non-existent now. We used to have all sorts of graphics on screen, some would be dated now, but we just get the bare minimum now.
  4. I thought maybe I was missing something, as I thought we had moved on from that kind of misogyny
  5. What do you mean by calling her a dog?
  6. It's not Wembleys decision. It was the RFL. They explained why they made the decision but it didnt make much sense tbh. When they did this 20 years or so ago they had the other game on before and it worked fine.
  7. Cook Islands v South Africa in Sydney. International RL in a nutshell.
  8. I must admit, I'm coming round to this way of thinking, that the punishments should be harsher. It is blatant cheating and professional fouls. I understand that high tackles happen at times, and even offsides can be misjudged etc. but nobody steals by accident.
  9. There is a point in there that it is easy for a comedian to play to a certain crowd and build up a following based around that. But tbh, I see humour in the UK as quite different to that nowadays. I think comedy is a brilliant thing, and we are in a great time for it. There is some amazing thought provoking comedy out there, as well as rather childish simple comedy too, alongside extremely sophisticated stuff too. Living in Edinburgh we are lucky to have the Fringe during August and the talent on show is unbelievable. But it just doesn't play out like you suggest. People are far more open minded to comedy I find, apart from in cases like this where we have the likes of Piers Morhan stirring it up. Good humour crosses all sorts of boundaries. Your Green Party example is weak, as the joke doesn't make sense in that they have never governed or been the target of the IRA before. I suppose you could get some laughs as part of an anti-tree-hugger piece but it wouldn't be his strongest work. Back when Jimmy Carr was a good stand-up he would mock and be offensive to every group, and he is very successful. I saw the most offensive comedian ever a few years back, Neil Hamburger who made your jaw drop, but his craft was outstanding (far superior to the likes of Frankie Boyle). It is the craft and humour of the act that people laugh at, not necessarily the politics. Sure you will get political comedians but good ones will mock all sides. I think you are displaying some old fashioned views here. This isnt the 80s and 90s where bigots would go along to Mannings and celebrate how racist they are.
  10. That may be true for you, but you cant make that statement about others as fact. I have listened to many comedians make jokes about things I care about and can appreciate the humour.
  11. Yep, I accept that defence, and I think had he apologised quickly and dismissed it as a brain fart but acknowledging the potential for offence he could have weathered it.
  12. It is a joke because of the delivery, style and the fact that it is an exaggerated 'fantasy'. The fact that the characters she is referring to are the likes of Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage makes it easy to play to a crowd and it is humorous, whether it is your personal taste or not. Frankie Boyle came under fire (not literally) for a violent joke recently: "Theresa May has offered to resign if she can get her deal through... it's probably a relief for her. I mean, she spent the weekend at Chequers with her worst enemies - like Boris Johnson, Jacob Reese Mogg, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, all in one place. Where the f*** are the IRA when you need them? All these groups that keep getting back together. What about the guys that would really help us?" Offensive, sure. It will be a poorer world if we stop comedians being able to be offensive and shocking.
  13. I think it would be a tough defence to claim that somebody didn't understand that using a monkey to represent a mixed-race baby would be controversial.
  14. This isn't the 70's Martyn, comedians aren't just telling traditional jokes with traditional punchlines. Of course it was a joke.
  15. Unusually I disagree with much of this tbh, although not the overall point you are making. I don't think there was an over-reaction to Baker. He made a joke that was hard not to be seen as racist - this wasn't people clutching at straws. Using a picture of a monkey to represent a mixed-race baby deserves the criticism it got. Even then, he could have sorted it with an apology, but he doubled down on it with an arrogant and nonsense apology. He did properly respond 24hrs later. It was a direct insult aimed at an individual. Brand, on the other hand was making a rather generic joke, pretty much like any 'string them all up' or 'they should all face the firing squad' kind of quip that is not particularly unusual. I'm not sure this joke deserves any criticism in the slightest, nor an apology.
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