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  1. Dream Team Announced

    Must admit I was trying to work out when I had last seen you lot play, how many times have you been on this season?
  2. RLWC Scheduling

    Why do you think tgat?
  3. RLWC Scheduling

    Just the 3 England Group games, England QF, England Semi and Final. Actually one game less than 2013 as they at least showed the Wales v Italy game live then. Load of rubbish. Hopefully we will get a decent highlights show though at a decent time, but I wont hold my breath.
  4. RLWC Scheduling

    And unfortunately with our super awesome Premier Sports deal it means that we are unlikely to get every game broadcast live, unless they use the FreeSports platform to broadcast some.
  5. Cool, as you stated earlier, there are no adult conversations to be had here.
  6. Derwent, as a slight aside, in the Watkins review it was stated that "The payment of an equal share of profit to each RFL professional club member would be appropriate" - does this mean that the three clubs named above would not receive a share of the RFL profit?
  7. So, a couple of things from that. Point ( b ) is to develop and manage the playing of the game at international level. Doesn't mention expansion through the club game there. They can do this by staging the odd England RL game, or staging a Four Nations, or the 2021 World Cup. Point (e) is to to organise and administer competitions for the playing of the Game in Great Britain and Ireland by Clubs and those others invited to participate in such competitions So even in the constitution it highlights that some clubs will be invited to participate. Once again though scotchy, we are in a peripheral argument, not about the actual point. If you did a survey of what the Super League Rugby comp is, and what the Pro14 comp is and you will get very different answers. One is clearly an international league, one isn't.
  8. That isn't true though, no matter how many times you repeat it. The UK structure is no more a world wide structure than the Aussie structure because they have a Kiwi team and a PNG team playing in the Aussie comps. The Celtic league teams in RU made the decision that they would restructure how their comps would be run and presented and are truly international leagues - we redesigned a logo and made a Paris team up.
  9. Dream Team Announced

    I think Hardaker, Gale, OLoughlin and Percival are probably guaranteed. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of Eden, and didnt McMeekan make his debut vs Samoa - so maybe 6 there. Not sure what the score is with Shenton, bit id select him.
  10. RLWC Scheduling

    Im not sure of the point. TV rights should be massive. Instead we #### about with fixtures and tournaments and things like excluding one of your 2 key markets for the WC opener is not a good move. It has been awful for years and is showing no signs of improving.
  11. RLWC Scheduling

    It wasnt on tv. We know that recent numbers on the BBC have been very encouraging, up to a couple of million. People want to watch. We just make it really hard for them to do so!
  12. Dream Team Announced

    Maybe 5 or so as DoubleD suggests - which is disappointing as youd want your England squad players performing better.
  13. RLWC Scheduling

    In 2008 Eng v Aus got 267k viewers on a Saturday on Sky TV. This game at 10am on BBC would have far exceeded that. Things like this are why we dont command great tv deals.
  14. RLWC Scheduling

    Then more fool you!
  15. Dream Team Announced

    Doesnt seem to be too much to argue with there. Dont know much about the hudds prop.