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  1. Dave T

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    Another example of random bragging here sorry Bob!!!!
  2. Dave T

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Does test cricket not get decent crowds? Some test matches I see can get around a hundred thousand for the match.
  3. Dave T

    Golden Point Special

    I think he focuses a touch too much on the on-field stuff for my liking, but he does highlight that his area will be focusing on commercials, media rights and marketing. I liked what he said about a more youthful market, maybe that is why we have Blossoms playing the Grand Final instead of middle-aged indie bands of recent years. Interested to see what happens.
  4. Dave T

    Golden Point Special

    The one that made me chuckle was when they overstated the structure point (imho a slight tweaking of numbers isn't a new system), but then when asked about future structures Elstone couldn't guarantee that we will keep this newly agreed structure - so basically the thing he is critical of (constant change), and the thing that isn't a solution to the game's ills (structure) may be changed, but that is different when he is in charge instead of the others for the last 20 years.
  5. Haven't watched Backchat yet, but did watch him and Elstone on Golden Point. It was ok, but as you say there is never anything in the answer. They did clarify a few governance points, but when it comes to future plans, just talking about innovation, enthusiasm and a more youthful market is all a bit hollow. It will be interesting to hear from them next Feb as we lead into a new season. It will be good to see what changes.
  6. Dave T

    Attendance Obsessives....

    i find the people who are fans of RL use crowd numbers more to beat the game
  7. Dave T


    I think that this shows that it isn't all about money, and it is more about what they feel is the right area to invest in. I'm not convinced parachute payments are the way to go by the way, I'd rather have a player fund which can help those who lose jobs.
  8. Dave T

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Sorry, not a sport! Cricket attracts good crowds for other forms of the sport.
  9. I'm not sure I'd agree with some of your criticisms of the event. To address the specifics: - The event hasn't grown - whilst I think there is far more we can do (use fresh grounds that excite people, live bands, create a festival buzz) - the event has grown, even if it is modest. Last year was 15% higher than year 1. The last 4 years in Newcastle have an average that is 10% higher than the previous 8 years. - Revenue being down - not sure this would be the case, although difficult to quantify. This round has a title sponsor, contributes to the value of the TV deal, and all customers are paying. I don't think Super League would necessarily have 65k paying speccies in a regular round. - New audience - I disagree, it has taken the game to Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester - I'd rather we rotated it more and took it to more places, but we have seen good things in Newcastle on the back of it, and Scotland had a far more engaged RL community when Magic was in Edinburgh. I still know a few people at work whose only exposure to RL was Magic at Murrayfield.
  10. Dave T


    I am aware that some of the Super League clubs are doing good things in this regard. Maybe the RFL should publish a league table of club investment in youth so that we can all see who are the real contributors in this important area.
  11. I don't generally have a bad temper or suffer from anger, so I can usually shake my head and roll my eyes at the douchebags. But, I do always hope that when they walk round the corner they suffer a really horrible, horrific, gruesome, slow death. I find that helps. See, no anger at all.
  12. Dave T

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    I think the technology is amazing. We have a newspaper, encyclopedia, phone, dictionary, history books, maps, calculators, camera, television, radio etc in our hands. All of these are accepted as positive things that enrich our lives, not sure why they would be frowned upon being used more and more. This criticism does come across as fussy duddy snobbery. But... as with all good things they can be addictive and be a problem. My wife and I have had to make a conscious effort recently to put our phones to one side in the evening to ensure we give our daughter attention and the same for each other. But tbh, my parents would just be the same with tv, radio, newspaper etc.
  13. Dave T

    Eric Perez

    The main objective of Toronto Wolfpack was to have a nice kit, get a sponsorship deal with an airline and have a hotdog gun. They have achieved all three. I will keep repeating the above until it is accepted as truth.
  14. Dave T

    Eric Perez

    I don;t think they will make it tbh Scubby. They are not exactly romping it at the moment.