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  1. I suppose it depends what you mean by gimmicky. Indian Premier League would be classed as gimmicky if it was RL. As would T20 overall tbh. Things like supergroups in the RLWC were right for the time. Boxing and darts play on gimmicks.
  2. I think his record is sufficiently bad to be left as it is tbh mate.
  3. I always like that argument, which is pretty much 'if you ignore the games he has won, then he has lost loads on the bounce'
  4. The problem is Scubby if we apply that logic a bit too simply then we end up going back to a 10 team World Cup, or we scrap the Challenge Cup, or get rid of playoffs etc. RL crowds are odd, they are often far more complicated than 'this game is not interesting so the crowd goes down'. I dont disagree with your general point, but things being a bit difficult and awkward shouldnt be a key reason for structure change. We have seen some good crowds, we have seen some poor ones, we saw the same under other structures too. But tbh, we have done this discussion to death, I am in the camp that structurr changes wont kill or drastically grow a sport, there are far bigger thibgs we should be looking at.
  5. Well, that was professional and efficient. Cant complain!
  6. But you are ignoring the additional sky money, cumulative crowds and increased sponsorship income. I get you dont like it, but you are overstating it i feel. Plenty others work with late scheduling even though it is difficult. Many are championing 11 home games, clubs have that guaranteed at the moment, surely that is enough to sell your season tickets and corporates on if that rationale is to be followed. Ive just got corporates to Man City v Liverpool in the Champions League in less than 4 weeks. The first leg is in 3 weeks. It isnt a massive shock to clubs and fans and sponsors that they have 3 or 4 home games during July and August. The first round or two is an issue znd ive suggested before having a cup and international break to allow the effective planning over the three weeks. Tweaks can help sort issues.
  7. Sky Sports

    The fee is £7.99 a day for NowTV iirc.
  8. But that is one tiny aspect you are hanging on to. They have at least one extra game and a big increase in tv money to cover it. It is the same for cup games and is the same for other sports who have even more uncertain games to sell.
  9. Sky Sports

    The Premier League and Sky abandoned PPV matches years ago. Now TV is the new PPV.
  10. Its an interesting one. It goes back to my original point. Many would agree with you that system isnt the issue to focus on. But if the proposal was to just keep this one now forever some of those same people would not be happy with that. People want to stop focusing on structure (as long as we have a structure they like)!
  11. Super League Viewing Figs

    I don't see any reason why Sky wouldn't be up for covering a 10 team SL (for example) that still gave them the same number of games - as tbh, they would have more top clashes between the better teams. I suspect that radical structure change would be a rather easy sell tbh. Of course, it is all guesswork, but I expect they aren't massively wed to covering Warrington v Halifax instead of Warrington versus Wigan for a 3rd time.
  12. Super League Viewing Figs

    This was the quote with Neville Smith (courtesy of LoveRugbyLeague): “We’ve seen two great Million Pound games. We bought into it, we promote it, we’re happy with what were getting from it. “There’s probably one or two tweaks that can be made but those are game issues not ours. We don’t instruct or influence how the game is structured. They put this together and I think we’ve had some fantastic competition in the Qualifying 8s. “The Million Pound game it causes a stir, it causes some controversy but the reality is if the game wants promotion and relegation then that’s its choice and therefore somewhere and somehow someone’s going to get relegated. “We don’t apply pressure [to the RFL] either way, we don’t say you’ve got to have that if you use those games for something different. We embrace that and get on with that but I have a suspicion they want to continue with it.”
  13. Super League Viewing Figs

    I suspect the value piece isn't solely linked to the number of viewers though. Sky have a stated aim of having more choice and having something for every person in every household - for me that helps us somewhat as I think the Arena and Action channels have some value in the 'providing variety' category. Rugby League plays a major part of that, particularly now that they have just added the NRL coverage for 5 years - imho that suggests RL is a major part of this channel offering. I agree with the unequal contract point though - in that SKy have made a decision which could be seen to have reduced our visibility, and I think we actually have some bargaining power here. I think conversations around SKy offering up more visibility through FTA channels (see RU and Channel 5), or demanding increased presence on Main Event and Mix, or right down to the basics of coughing up more money, as we may be helping Sky hit their objectives, but they are hampering ours as a game, and there should absolutely be a premium for that. Where Sky have been canny here though is that in reality, the Super League deal was worth c£145m over the 5 years IIRC - the rest were for things like cup coverage, Sky TRY, and Championships rights. I could see a situation where they increase the Super League rights offer to £170ish, keep their 90 games a year, cut free the Championship and sack off Sky Try and both Super League and Sky are winners. I suppose at that time we would see whether the Championship has value elsewhere.
  14. Super League Viewing Figs

    Yep, he did say that, and tbh, I think people twist this argument a bit to suit their own agenda (referring to the likes of Gary H as opposed to Martyn here!). I suspect Sky want a certain amount of games/rounds, but would guess they aren't too fussed exactly how those games are cut - as long as they always have access to the big games etc. they should be easy to manage. Even the talk about the million pound game, as you have highlighted, last year's game had low figures as it wasn;t a particularly gripping event, but a Championship Grand Final for promotion or a 1st v last for promotion game would have the same effect.
  15. Super League Viewing Figs

    The convenience factor is clearly a massive issue. There is obviously a segment of viewers who will generally float around the main channels, but that doesnt over-ride everything. I was called a channel snob for complaining that England WC games were on BBC2 instead of 1, but it makes a huge difference.