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  1. Well if you dont mind im gonna celebrate these wins now if thats ok, rather than worrying about potential games next year.
  2. I'm not convinced either tbh, to me it looked clear that Carney moves to his left and lifts his arm. Had Carney stood still then I think it's fine, but he does move into the ref's path ever so slightly.
  3. This is one of the most pleasing thing for me: Wigan had 12 British players from 17, 9 through their own Youth System. Wire had 15 British players from 17, 6 through their own Youth System. 27 British lads did themselves proud at the weekend, all coming through the UK systems and none of them let themselves down against the Supermen of the NRL.
  4. Nice little shout out about Warrington's win on the Chrish Evans Show this morning - said he had an amazing night.
  5. Next year should suddenly become a much easier sell now.
  6. People can complain about the offside all they want - sure, change the rules - but the guy was offside, it is no try, not really anything to debate on that.
  7. Bizarre summary of the game imho. You do seem to be struggling to give unreserved praise to Warrington and Wigan this weekend.
  8. Well done Wigan and Warrington. Stood up to the Supermen!!!!!
  9. Im good with that one. I feel that had to be touching the white line.
  10. Jeez, three errors in first eight minutes from three England stars.
  11. Lucky break there. Wigan need to respect this ball. Two turnovers in their own 10m!