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  1. Dave T

    9s World Championship

    It's another cheap example of doing something half assed. We'll hold it in Oz so we can provide 16 or 18 teams mainly from oz. On the cheap.
  2. Dave T

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Yes, I should have clarified that. Agreed.
  3. I did read on Twitter that he was talking, so hopefully ok.
  4. Dave T

    1895 Cup

    Im not convinced. Teams outside of SL contribute a lot to the Challenge Cup imho.
  5. Dave T

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I think we should look for different games. We are really milking this NZ match up!
  6. Dave T

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Going back to a Manchester, Leeds and London format would be going back to some of our most successful recent series. It is a form that was working.
  7. Dave T

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    3 Test Series's should always be played in Lancs, Yorks and London. Etihad, Elland Road and Olympic St should probably be first choice, with a bit of variation (Anfield, St James, Wembley etc.). Internationals need to be events, let's now move on from regular SL grounds for good.
  8. Dave T

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I tend to agree. I used the shuttle bus, it was excellent. The stadium is tired, but it is a decent size, holds the sound in well and because you are crammed in the atmosphere is better. It feels like a bigger event there than Hudds or Wigan too. A big problem though is Eng/GBs shocking record there !!!!
  9. It's a good point. As disappointed as I was, the Kiwis were a joy to watch today.
  10. Bit of a reality check, which ain't a bad thing, coming after we won the series. A lot of big players disappointed today, for them to score so many points under the posts was a shocker. But we can be much better than that, as we have seen.
  11. Yes, was near us and was really quite upsetting during the whole pre-match ceremony. The guy was alive when taken away, fingers crossed he is ok.
  12. Fine margins. We've been ok. For allthe criticism of halves, we have created chances. Some of the defence in our 20 is the weakness here.
  13. Either you or Martyn are lying, or mistaken. Which one, and which one? I hate fake news. So let's be honest round here.
  14. That is appalling spin Martyn.
  15. Im not after an argument Harry, but none of the above prevents a full international game (with tours if we want). It may be seen as easier, but changing whole seasons for something that can be done anyway (with the right effort) is unnecessary.