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  1. Aviva funding
  2. New England sponsor

    Why better than Kingstone Press?
  4. Wigan will always be humble in whichever division they reside
  5. So League One clubs haven’t evolved and improved facilities in almost 40yrs?
  6. Very handy with an office at Media City. Neighbours to the RFL commercial department?
  7. Andy Burnham

    Just you
  8. Amazon r us.

    or reduce from a few dozen people
  9. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Hope there's a direct train.
  10. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    You did along with many many other people. No mistake, no apology required.
  11. New RFL President Andy Burnham

    He’s knows his way round claiming expenses too
  12. New RFL President Andy Burnham

    With Mark Croston as Vice President it certainly looks so. Or Wigab as its described in the article
  13. Nigel Wood has left the building

    Sloppy reporting, perhaps?