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  1. Will Skolars stand in their way then or have you got plans to broadcast too?
  2. Gorging on sponge fingers
  3. That's 16K employment cost per player I guess? Once the various taxes, NI etc are taken out any player would be on a small fee for a squad of 25. Still, can always skip those and hope no one finds out...
  4. Anyone know why Mike Ford pulled out as guest speaker? Radlinski and Wane have stepped into the role.
  5. Nothing on Skolars website, facebook or twiiter feed about this?
  6. Back in 2004 they thrust an ill prepared Essex Eels into NL3 at the 11th hour to make up the shortfall when Teeside Steelers dropped out. That went well. Worth repeating the experiment.
  7. Re-introduction of the pencil test? Lets hope not.
  8. Only at Headingley... Must be a Yarksher thing
  9. Used the royal train to get there too! Brave lady.
  10. Nice tie in with Coach Core which his charity helps fund. London Rugby League already taking advantage.
  11. He's got a better haircut too
  12. Ah yes. That warm feeling of the local pickpockets hands in your pockets and the colourful drunks spewing on your shoes. Fabulous
  13. Its a living museum like Beamish but not so modern or welcoming
  14. Is he bringing in Max Clifford to handle PR?