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  1. Leigh to do a Leigh and go straight back down at the first attempt.
  2. He doesn't get one, does he?
  3. Couple of meals. Like it. 😂
  4. Works for Wigan and Hull
  5. Ben Flower? They must be proud.
  6. One council. One stadium. Both teams get a new stadium. Why would they want two?
  7. They can both have a new stadium.
  8. More bivouac than marquee
  9. Is that in addition to the development officer they have in place?
  10. HMRC. It's become a regular appointment at court with Swinton over the last six months.
  11. Aha! This one then, item 76 And HMRC...
  12. Probably this. but the strike off order was removed on the 21st.
  13. Yorkshire