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  1. Manx RL

    Full Eighty Minutes

    Who’s hosting the show? Mr Roarke and Tattoo?
  2. Same odds as Derek appointing administrators
  3. Derek always looks out for those less fortunate and speaks eloquently about it
  4. 3 for 1 deal at the Pound Bakery?
  5. Are they his personal loans or AB Sundecks Limited? its not totally clear and AB Sundecks Limited do have a charge or MR01 lodged with Companies House against Sporting Club Leigh.
  6. Manx RL

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Bradford and three other losers so far according to mick
  7. Manx RL

    No headline spoilers, please

    BBC didn’t get the memo
  8. Manx RL

    Rowley to Leigh

    Is that who Keiron listens to?
  9. Manx RL

    Rowley to Leigh

    He’d be very hands on
  10. Manx RL

    Rowley to Leigh

    She’d be a hit. And her career needs resurrection
  11. Manx RL

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    But that was all the fault of York. York gaining promotion should see the end of those issues.
  12. So good you quoted it twice 😂