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  1. Manx RL

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Depends where they’re off to 😁
  2. Manx RL

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Fair call. But Shudds have cowbell
  3. Manx RL

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Which three?
  4. Manx RL

    Shaun Edwards

    Judy Garland
  5. Manx RL

    Shaun Edwards

    And a genuine no.2
  6. Manx RL

    Bring back continuous live rucks

    Wasn’t live ruck a prog rock band?
  7. Manx RL

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Hotel or the airport
  8. Not really. A palendrome or palindrome reads the same from left to right and right to left, such as madam or aha
  9. Manx RL

    Hemel and New York

    I shouldn’t worry too much. Most of the ‘home’ games will be played in the UK due to extreme winter weather.
  10. Some would argue Dorking to reduce travelling time and proximity to pubs.
  11. They are consistent. Consistently poor..