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  1. Expecting the full monty of excuses.
  2. Assuming GDPR compliance. This is Rugby League.
  3. 9100 tickets distributed, not bums on seats.
  4. Mergers are the way ahead. Here is the proof.
  5. Is that refuse them after begging for them?
  6. Joint ownership. Council and the football and rugby clubs. It’s 24,000 seats still show little sign of wear despite its 24 years of service.
  7. Manx RL

    Where to stay in Wigan

    But just look at those forgotten forum heroes on this thread.
  8. Manx RL

    Where to stay in Wigan

    Poole’s pies and the Bees knees recommended?
  9. Manx RL

    Where to stay in Wigan

    Is Gallagher's still the best place for a drink?
  10. Serious inconsistencies
  11. its too much to dream of