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  1. 2018

    same here rog,happy new year fella and rest a dogs clan. not had best a 2017 healthwise so heres to 2018. UP THE DOGGIES,
  2. Players past and present

    1 tiger. 2 jd. 3 squires.
  3. Todays game

    decent crowd for a decent game, like the look a the fella ward with the socks down crack on with it type player. harrison looks to have beefed up well and made plenty a big yards, jc looked well quick off the mark and i cant wait for a firm pitch. plenty a dropped balls and dumb rugby at times but the tackling was getting better as the game went on,not everything came off but we sure tried to throw the ball around, hemmingways try got us on the front foot and it was good to see him take line on and make it stick.looking good so far and we look to have a good beefy looking squad to biulod with. giddy for next game now.
  4. He is back

    best get the custard out..i know he made a few mistakes but so did a few other players,only blowing the cobwebs away but tom took the game by the scruff and took the line on to score and get us back in the game and we kicked on from that move. plenty of biff to come from our beefed up squad for 2018
  5. New signing alert

    shouldent we have at least showed some respect and showcased our fresh signings for anyone who looks in to the clubs TEAM along with those lads who have stayed with the dogs rather than move on for poss more bucks. rather than still have hallet and squires listed in our team along with a few more.
  6. Xmas films

    Gladiator were a treat again with my now sound bar. not sure whats happened to lampoons this time round as i cant find it, egg noggs at the ready too.
  7. Christmas Greetings.

    have a nice christmas folks,and a great 2018 season. see yer boxing day..heres to health n happiness.
  8. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    but looks mighty fine with ball in hand at pace. i would a welcomed him back no probs at all.
  9. Why did we spend £10k......

    now we have gone back to manual scoreboard. cant we stick electric one on ebay and buy kevin brown with the proceeds.
  10. Kev nic and winner

    a few tough lads in amongst them lads..macca,bungy,greeny,stozza, conway and gordon the sponge too, try spot the 3 b boys lads who were having a run out for second team at the time snuck in before running off to upton game, ps, bottom row 5th along,, is that craig stevens or a young tom hemmingway.
  11. favourite paintings

    like sam tofts prints myself.
  12. Will Maher

    hitchcock had a few run outs and showed some quality at times,looked to have come on well at end a season for cas.we could a done with keeping holmes for the last games but wernt to be.minnikin were brill season before for us and a cracking bloke too off pitch.he even came to our games as a fan when he had played for cas same week.
  13. Will Maher

    to be fair to fella he was a bit green when he came,looked the part and am sure he will be fine with plenty of game time,seemed to run well with ball in hand but dropped too many balls and tackling was suspect as he were wrong footed too easy..hope he kicks on for fax but will be hard to get in that squad am sure.
  14. Izaac Farrell

    he will do fine am sure.looking brighter by the day for 2018..
  15. not guilty..............even after been well grilled by pc plod.