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  1. silverback

    2019 Fixtures

    i mixed with them when we had cheak to beat em when they were going to beat all before them, fans spitting at our mascot,and even shouting racist comments to one a their own players who dropped a ball. and stewards manhandling young kids who were stood on yellow paint cheering their team on for a great win(at end a game).nasty horrible scenes for our game and aint been since,plenty a fans stayed away even when it were free entry.
  2. silverback

    Why oh Why

    why, do you think aston looked at local lads or maybe a championship 1 player when they rocked up to ours with an handfull a st helens players.if we go DR am sure there will be a choice of a few players, am a batley fan a 35 years and i want to see batley players on pitch doing the graft for a shirt. i doubt fev lions will get a run out when fev have their pick a rhinos players, each to there own but i really thinks its a load a cobblers from day one. wouldent it be great if all the chairmen had got together and said were not having DR no more,that would a been end of it cos rfl wont ever stop it thats for sure.
  3. silverback

    Paul Rowley

    now the posing will stop.
  4. silverback

    2019 Squad

    could it just be that marshall is a better coach. you had plenty a quality for 2018 so duffy will have to shine next time round without some a star players,he sure did his job in toronto so must be the man for 2019 to fire you fellas up.
  5. silverback

    Why oh Why

    its not that easy to understand for me, we managed without for 2018 and even with all the players out injured we went with what we had and for spells played some fantastic rugby, would we have gone up the table a rung if we had used an handfull a giants players and felt a lot better, fev played out their skin to beat toronto with a patched up side and the players they needed wernt sent for a few games, i would a loved kevin to a made a statment that we wernt even thinking a going DR and would bring in local lads to train and go with what we had.with the lads we kept and the new signings we cant be that far off a decent squad for 2019 anyways.
  6. silverback

    Championship odds

    tell that to your hard trained waterboys,i would be prouder to lose the odd game or two than cheer on kr players while yours are missing out.and dont think when your own players are stuck back in the deep end they give 100% cos they dont because you have already kicked em in the pods.DR is pap and killing our game.
  7. same old same then,,lots a cobblers talked but a bit floppy when it me a beer..
  8. silverback

    Boxing day

    you need to start watching game a bit more and not counting crowds fella, were all losing fans for lots a reasons so maybe enjoy what we have for now. its only a gameshow..
  9. silverback

    Boxing day

    stepping on yer toes are we.. for what its worth i hate DR and to be honest if we go down that route i think i will hang up my overcoat for 2019. cant think if a worse way to kick your own player in nuts than to bring in a SL player to fit in his shirt.not for me at all.second team is the way to go and rfl should insist we all have one, our lads after a days work and training all week deserve better for mine.
  10. silverback


    lads like a fine wine,,,gets better with age. great stuff.
  11. silverback

    Boxing day

    thought greenwoods phone were red hot last week..
  12. silverback

    Why oh Why

    not for me at all,you only have to look at your own players who have trained all week,been stuck in traffic on motorway to get to training to then be left out for a SL/DR player to rock into his shirt,its not fun been waterboy, i know the likes a minnikin and holmes came in handy and i really liked fairbanks as a player and a great bloke but we we lost games when they were missing late in season. i think it does more damage for team moral than anything and would rather lose a few games with a full batley side fighting for shirts than go DR. i know some fev fans think its great and does no damage to them but i think theres more who would do without, they should give the DR two more years to run and bring in second teams for all clubs and bin the DR once teams are up to scratch. its a farce when you think a the money saved by us playing/getting fit SL players when they should be part of there own clubs setup, season loans i can live with but only limited to 3 players but rather just have our own squad.
  13. silverback

    Bulldog inbound - Tyler dickinson

    does it get any better for us doggie fans..well suited with this fella,power/pace monster tackles and a step too. were going to need a printout of whos who for boxing day..
  14. silverback

    Bulldog inbound - Tyler dickinson

    kettles on and mr kipplings are ready.this should be excedingly decent for us little old doggies.
  15. silverback

    when it was easy to attend a game

    jim did our sports day awards back in 68/71, and them waggon wheels were so much bigger back then in tuck shop..