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  1. he can always get fit at fev for a few games..
  2. great stuff, can someone tell brownie its all good as he looks a bit miffed..
  3. smeaton. wardy. jc. great game, must a been hard to not lose it with all the grub shots off knowles in every tackle.
  4. saints have plenty of quality all over the park,any one player can spark a touch of class so saints by 24 easy peasy. might just be a classic.
  5. PO road it is then..to be fair if were sorted well before hand the stalls could be run by RL folks,but am sure there must be a RL venu fit for the whole weekend that would put more effort in and make a better spectacle, hell last year we were still locked out 25 minutes before kickoff for first game sunday.blackpools just so tired and they take mickey with costs a stuff once the RL folks are in town.
  6. never understand why we cant keep the £££ in RL, why the need for blackpool/newcastle/liverpool/old trafford/elland rd. whats wrong with giants ground, loads a room to set up a load a food/beer stalls/rair ground and make real weekend a job,plenty a B&BS.even york would be great and keep the funds in RL as am sure a lot a clubs need some extra £££ so why give it away.
  7. whos shirts he got ?
  8. john kear would do a great job.
  9. can you askTW fans to give us a wave please so we know there not just here for the beer,
  10. sheffield by 12, bradford to score more than 6, and dews to still be in with a shout in last 15. ps, dogs to win by 2.
  11. tell that to the 500 leigh fans shouting cheat cheat cheat in first 10 minutes fella. i would a gone for inept myself as some a decisions were baffling to say the least.he gave a knock on under sticks against us at play a ball when their player had it in his hand, all swings and roundabouts but i do wish refs would listen to the touchies more cos if not they tend to not bother chipping in after a few minutes and ref gets deeper in over his head. had love a few lady refs as am sure they wouldent get old manned as easy. UP THE DOGGIES.
  12. think were good for more than 10 to be fair. UP THE DOGGIES.
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