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  1. silverback

    Paul Brearley signs

    great stuff. few ribeyed steaks in him and hes good to go.
  2. silverback

    James Duerden

    its a pity he dident just say NO. and the lad would a been cracking on with game,
  3. silverback

    Stockpilling frogs legs

    think al stick wi cornbeef ash sunday... its gonna be a cracker and i cant wait..
  4. silverback

    Great initiative

    i think its great that someone his going to match what you raise by sounds of it all. i would a thought dewsbury would have had the biggest income of a lot a clubs with the bootsales/driving lessons for hgv and bikes, functions/bar, and all weather pitchs use. do these moneys go to the club or have i missed sommat. all the best with it all anyways.
  5. silverback

    York’s cup match thread

    thought it were a decent game to be fair in the conditions, york will do well for sure and have a few scalps this next season,a well drilled side with pace to burn and just seem to know when to step it up a bit with some great flowing well coached rugby. great to watch and a good time for a york fan for sure. i think they suprised us with the pace at the start and we looked lost and couldent get to grips with the game for half an hour, i like the look a dickinson and hes got plenty a power and did plenty a dummy runs too to baffle defence.brownie tried too hard at times and he must be aching a bit this morning as his workload was massive,need to see more a yates and leave scotty alone hes gotta be best Fb in championship. i did think we would have enough for york downhill but we made hard work of it, showed a few great moves that almost came off and finished the game how i hope we start next one without some a the one man stuff we went thru for 15 minutes in second half. i think once some a the lads get into swing a things we have a team that will play some cracking rugby and pull off a few upsets this next season all day long,, UP THE DOGGIES.
  6. silverback

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    does that include hallet.
  7. silverback

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    used to be.
  8. silverback

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    haaaaa, i see now,i did wonder so thanks for that heads up.
  9. silverback

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    thought two from south yorkshire declined anyways ?
  10. silverback

    Best and Worst Presents

    back in 50s i got an apple and orange with a bag a nuts, bottle a jack/honey does fine nowadays with plenty a socks n tuttie, bought wife a nice shed and shes well suited.
  11. silverback


    i dont think we got outa second gear to be fair, decent run out for both teams,i liked the lad dickenson and the other big lad with his name spelt wrong on his shirt. far too much laying on from dews and if thats the way its going to go there in trouble with a stronger ref this next season.we couldent get a roll on at all and build on a quick play but were told its a runout for everyone on boxing day.i think jc will have a blinding 2019 once he hits tham gaps as he as pace to burn once sun comes out. nice day out and i cant wait for season to start,happy 2019.
  12. or me, he had a decent rugby brain and decent fitness,his failings for me his the constant beefing at everybody if he dont get the ball,rather than going and getting it himself he winds himself up so much he misses tackles and drops the ball when it does come out wide.he were just same at dewsbury,coach him to keep to calm down and chime in and he will be good to go for sure.
  13. silverback

    turnstiles on boxing day

    can you all stand together in a crowd so we get an idea of vast numbers. you get half of everyone not just the few sheep that turn up,
  14. silverback

    Hurry up Boxing Day.

    but we will, and you might just ask same thing all year.who knows you might be gloating come boxing day dinner, just hope we have a massive crowd to witness this spectacle and also help with all the new names ont pitch. merry christmas everyone, and many of em.
  15. just caught up with > no country for old men, a fantastic film for sure, next up is national lampoons christmas vacation for a change,with a glass of egg nog.merry crimbo.