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  1. silverback

    Toronto V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread

    day. big faz, ward.
  2. silverback

    Batley v Leigh

    i put it down to players more than the coach, when we were going a rubbish time last year game after game there seemed to come a time when the players said right come on lets play how we want, lets play for the fans, and we sure do play some great rugby at times but am sure heads got together without the coach involved. lack of a few strenght in depth players as killed us yet again as those playing with knocks cant possible play to the level they themselves want. plenty a fans still not come back now for a long time and to be fair past couple a months even more are missing, if i win lottery am buying a dozen players and grabbing dennis betts for a few years. fill the place up to rafters.. then i woke up.
  3. silverback

    Toronto and visa's

    not sure fella, it was just posted on ours.. but am sure your guys will know next week unless horse n carts on order. 5 hours ago, Stephen B Senior said: Toronto pay for the flights plus b&b in student accommodation. When asked about evening meal the RL said if they were at home they would be feeding themselves. The bulldogs have to pay for coach to Manchester airport. The team land early Monday at Glasgow thus incurring another 2k unrefundable cost . The trip from Glasgow to Batley will take almost as long as the flight. The RL say this is good for the growth of the game I say it is stupidity.
  4. silverback

    New signing alert

    i think green came in p/x on butterworth other direction. maybe still up for grabs from bradford if he aint req, like you say much player movements last few weeks but none up to mount much.
  5. silverback

    Toronto and visa's

    well am told its costing our guys £2.000 for coach trip from glasgow on way home, hard for working fellas to do all this traveling, its only a game show.
  6. silverback

    July 14th vs. Batley Bulldogs

    yer talking pap, we aint got any players to rest at all,far too many injured and our key player brown banned, none rested thats a cert fella, and if championship shouldent play SL then we best bin CC cup.(think they have anyways) but honestly dont think we have sent our second team as we aint got one, lets see what happens when you have cas and wigan coming over and you have a few knocks after 8 or 9 games next season you will know what were going thru, and likes been said what happens if one of our players gets crocked over at your place when there working fellas,am told we have had to stump up £2.000 for lads to get back from glasgow on a coach too so dont think all these teams are chomping at the bit to get over. lets see were we all are in a couple a years when you have been bashed around by some real top squads for a season or two and you might get to grip better.ENJOY.
  7. silverback

    New signing alert

    so they dont cover all the costs then, i did think players had to have insurance nowadays. i used to love the trip to bramley, bar almost an touchline...
  8. silverback

    New signing alert

    twas a joke tom mi old...but i would have him, lets face it nobody else wants to come up to mount for some reason or other.
  9. silverback

    New signing alert

    back to told WAGGA is game for a few beers and a bag a crisps..he would be our answer to a few prayers for the next few weeks, fit as a lop too and cant drink much so low maintainance..
  10. silverback

    New signing alert

    i thought toronto paid all the expenses for the trips including air travel and hotels, thats what someone on the TWP forum seemed to be telling everyone, but your right i would a given em 2 points and had the lads have a rest, but fans have already gone out so wouldent be good really.
  11. silverback

    July 14th vs. Batley Bulldogs

    i think you will find a bit a grit from the dogs thats a cert, but for folks to think we have given up before stepping on plane is crazy. i wish we could a faced you with full squad all fit 100% but its not to be, you look after em and am sure they will give you a game..
  12. silverback

    Toronto and visa's

    you were only on about injurys like. " Batley appear to have picked up a few (more) before their trip and Danny Maun has come out of retirement... " brownies also banned for 2 more games, no big deal like as its just a farce anyways, there already saying we have given up before getting on plane,i would a given em 2 points and let lads have a day off in brid...
  13. silverback

    July 14th vs. Batley Bulldogs

    (giving up before they step on the plane,) really, lets not forget these are working fellas who mix compo and lug bricks around all week, so try not to diss em too much after a few hard games against teams who have more in 3 players than our whole setup, you guys are full time and spend a few days been spoilt while pushing the game for you over their,all well and good but lets wait and see just how you go when its a SL game for you fellas week after and your stuck for backups one game or two, unless cap wont count for a few years and then you can bring in a couple a fresh imports. maybe you should just wait for those meaningfull games you mention before adding to the massive crowds.
  14. silverback

    Toronto and visa's

    or yer right,, like toms hospital job with his jaw and neck, or croppers broken collar bone again after all these months waiting to get back in game after same injury,come on folks. we should a DR with you fellas and made do with a couple a your out a favour lads.
  15. silverback

    Signing off now

    yep, have a real time rog fella, dont get lost in that 7,000 crowd for beer tents while other 500 are watching