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  1. just grabbed a few snowballs(egg nogg) ready for lampoons flick. and one hell of a film i never tire of is the epic deerhunter. dont get much better. merry crimbo.
  2. cant understand all the beefing,we must be in the best place we have been for a long long time, cracking squad that did us proud last year and kept that pack to do same again,and we bolstered up on that with some youngsters and quality players to all come in and fight for a shirt,lets just hold on for the ride and am sure we will have a cracking season in 2017.well done to the whole batley setup as we seem to have come a long way in past few years.a few more magic moments to come am sure for us doggies..
  3. Gin

    always seemed to taste like aftershave so dident take to more of a applejack man myself.but have just bottled a batch a rubarb wine thats rather tasty...
  4. yep,look how many sets we had in first 20 last dews game,it were still 0-0 due to not really having a clue. we need change and we need it fast,
  5. not much imagination required to be fair, we keep thinking we will be ok but everyone knows we needed a quality ball handler/leader on the pitch that can aim us were we need to be for at least the past 18 months, we keep thinking everything will be fine but it comes to end of another season with same old same, i think it btj who said we dont want to win every game but if we compete hes happy and thats same for a lot a fans,someone needs to bite the bullet and bring in a class halfback to bring out the best in what we have,we do have some great players but not all know just were to be at times,its going to be sad times with 200 to 300 fans if someone dont stop the rot fast.
  6. mighty crunchy this morning, we might a stood a chance with danny brough in our squad. well done on grabbing one a the best players around to lead you all over the pitch. our loss for sure not having a right 6 and 7 all year,but worse still been told by our coach we dont any ball handlers.
  7. good form,? a couple a games when we seemed to play like we can aint cutting it, we have come just short so many times due to not having the old head gaffer on the pitch same as sammut/moore/finny type player, everyone including the fans seem to have known this for far too long and the lack of commitment by the bod will no doubt dwindle the fanbase even more, sad times due am afraid to say.
  8. one things for sure it wont be "easy" like one or two a you think thats for sure,and now sammuts back in shop window how long will he be with you i wonder,back to crying in your cornflakes then folks,,dogs to nick it in last 10. 22-20 to the doggies
  9. sorry bsj,i thought they were on about other end a pitch,i did read all about the roof req for the terrace thats finished incase it rains. like we cant get look at odsal 20 years ago with 20.000 crowd and only 2.000 in the stand,rest got wet am sure many times. i took other end to be a no go now as they needed more brass so its getting shelved. not sure what difference is for not getting 4th ££ wise.i wouldent a thought the extra seats are needed that badly but would look well smart all done n dusted.
  10. lets be honest here,fev have gone trhu some cracking players past couple a seasons who were deemed not up to it by different coach.s/ far better players have been shown the door but he will do for us, look at tommy saxton and just how well hes still playing.. i would love him up at the mount.
  11. to be fair i dident rate him that well for years,he were at boys proppin with my lad and he never seemed to try run past player or even put the effort in at all.he needed jump leads on him sometimes,but hes suprised me thats for sure and hes come on very well past couple a years,he seems to a lost a few pounds of late and that dont always do you good but it has for keegan, fev did him well i reckon and he really seems to take the game and the whole settup with a bit more fire in his belly,no world beater but he will do for me. heres to a cracking game, p.s soz on the stand jobby it were yer
  12. yours is an easy answer graham lad,have a ganders at the dvd and its same 3 players who rather have a cheap late shot rather than try a one on one tackle, i thought you had a few hours watching leigh dvds at one point. no swet as they soon got sat on their rears by rowie,, UP THE DOGS. keegans gonna get yers.
  13. seems all the work thats gone into the new terrace at other end all for nowt,you needed a better finish to justify the costs,so i were told by a couple a long standing dews fans,there again if wakey come knocking you could have the £££ to finish it,probably a load a tosh but they seemed to think it common knowledge. am sure you no doubt fill us in bsj.
  14. dont swet its same fella who knocked our half a stand, shame it turns out theirs is on hold for 3 years and a waste a the foundations £££.
  15. our defence were massive in last 10,you had a few sets but simply dident have the power left to smash over the line,and we held up very well in the last few minutes,i know without thacks you aint on full tilt but lend him us and it will help lets just hope its in same mould as last game and i will be happy,if you play us off park i will not shed a tear so long as every player puts same work in as brownie n rowie :bb:cant wait. keegans back too to sort a few a 3rd man in merchants..