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  1. i remember the 72 put up as years be fair am really hoping that a few things will a changed for sunday,get back to a few basic things and put something on in their 20.we have players that can hit gaps at pace and score, those in charge must know were been nailed all over the park and our players are better than whats been shown, hell kaineys looked crocked for months but even he were scooting thru gaps last week and making things happen cos the lad wants a shirt. we know their fit enough thats fer sure its like we have lost basics out the game cos 3 or 4 cant read whats going on and it effects the whole team. might just surprise us sunday night.
  2. hope squires does ok for you guys,hes had some great games for us and shown a few times what he can do, just not had chance this time enough for us ,dident someone mention his dad played for you guys.? and am sure everyone will now be playing for a shirt incase any new lads come in so might be hard for a few,we might pass you on the up
  3. used to live in wakey as a youngster and my old mate lived in normy so it were redbeck then off up por when them chimneys were fired up with none smokless,great memories and you always seem to grab the players me and the wife think you will grab for 20 years now,we watch games and say hes off to fev,not always the best at the time but like loads from lots a clubs you get the best outa did well to come good again after daryl with a few chopping and changing but if yer not in top 4 al bare mi rear over common..
  4. call me what you want fella, but try not to clash with anyone for us folks who might need a decent rugby fix and aint in it..
  5. and john kear once said ont telly "if you keep doing the same,you will get the same everytime". barry mac copied him last year at one point too.
  6. but if we can see this from 4 games ago or more why cant those who know more than us,, is it really a case of grabbing a wage and not really been bothered, none a this is fair to the fans or the players,respects been gone since these jollys start a least couple a years back when we let teams start with a couple a trys we fought back in last 10 and nicked a few games now we look like u14s.papola.
  7. well one side throwing it about will do me at the moment,its like watching paint dry with us wanting to play like sure brought best outa jd thats fer sure..
  8. their will be plenty of 40/20s, lots a one on one decent shots from the big lads,gang tackles without all the wrestling nonsense,few high bombs to test a few players in the air, some great tackles out wide to fire players into touch, lot of flair and gaps been hit at speed and scoots galore all over the park, and even a few angled grubbers on the last to test a few even more when their puffing and blowing, so at least 48 points, trouble is we will be read like a book and score 14. grass cutting time.
  9. cant wait,will be one tough game for sure and there might just be a few undercover neutrals wanting to see some biff and free flowing rugby too.
  10. spot on,a few more have had a turndown in the tackling dept and fax will rip us apart all over the park, young chandler put a hell of a lot a work in defence and some decent shots too and went unoticed most a the time last season, now he looks lost along with a few more when he does get on the pitch and dropped easy balls and missed a few tackles he normaly nails, have had a look at a few dvd last couple a days and really think we have gone back too far with all the changes brought in all at the same time,too much too quick as spolied the way we used to play,we have even gone back to waste a space dink on last that everyone played hell about with leatherbarrow insted of having somebody that can hit a gap and score like a tiger or ash type player.. anyways am off fishing. see you at blackpool
  11. bit low even for you..what would he have been without customers as they are to blame too.nice to see him at the games thou..
  12. i did seem a lot deeper than the coach telling us a couple a (newer)players aint going to the gameplan on the day, if whats getting to be common knowledge depending on who you talk to then we aint going nowere fast, and should a been sorted weeks back. can understand now why some diehard fans have already said cobblers. rubbish carry on.
  13. yes, but then it were mentioned you had to nominate one of the group not everyone who had bought in new at the time,few years back but i remember one person playing hell about the change, to be fair it dont matter to me as i know the people in control know what their doing with the ££££ element, its the players i worry about incase they decide to move on if our ambitions have changed for the worse.
  14. lol, yep i were kidding a bit with wardy but the fella knew how to fire a team up, not that scotty n coops needed it like,i had 5 numbers last week and if had the other one dennis betts would a mine all mine..on a 10 year contract.
  15. thats spot on fella, someone mentioned a few games back that we aint a super dooper side so why make thing too complicated all at once, you got to feel for some a them players who are top rugby players and are been made to look a bit naff thru no fault of their own, try some new things now and again but we had some cracking rugby at times last season and a few blips too along the way, we used to do it tough same as fev and then have the player to nip in and score with ease on the last, were back to trying anything and then a dink to nobody getting anywere near the corner fast enough. us fans do care like and for me its like having a real nice classic car thats taken 4 years to restore, and we have lent it to some chavs to destroy, whats wardy doing nowadays...