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  1. silverback

    Toulouse game

    ?how many have given up saying owt for a long while now, i doubt the far more than 6 are quiet because they are ho so happy with the game. far too many gone and doubt will be back from at least 2 years since due to one factor overlooked by those in charge, am not too overfussed as i know things wont change for a while yet but just enjoy the day out with those who also love all things batley.rebuild in 2020 and get the fans back onboard.too many faces missing of late,
  2. silverback

    Crikey, Giants down to 18

    not too fussed about russell,daft trying to build round him when he can go back anytime soon,we need to use what we have correctly. young wood on the other hand will be a big blow to lose as he will be great for any team and grows better with each game and would fit in my team while ever its possible. kids got bags a talant.
  3. silverback

    V Sheffield

    nope. he went to bulls a while back,all this ones done is prove to a lot a folks he knows diddly.
  4. silverback

    Toulouse game

    wake me up when its all over..
  5. silverback

    Toronto Prediction

    well i dont want to "keep it to myself" if we go on a 10 losing streak again fans have a right to ask if the bod feel things are still fine and dandy. a lot a those people who for the moment arnt too overjoyed pay for season tickets,shirts,sponserships. so o would think are only voicing an opinion. i hope we have turned things round but i just dont think we will with the present setup.
  6. a moment the lad will remember for a long time, all i see is a win for everyone involved,
  7. silverback

    I don’t believe it

    dont worry everyone will have learned a great deal from that game, cant wait for next weeks team if coach sends at least 5 packing. we have a team that half can and other half need help,we could have had one hell of a set a players with right gaffer.
  8. silverback

    Toronto Wolfpack V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread

    manning. by a mile, brownie, does more than his share every week. scotty, a foot taller and hes at cas. mentions to run thru a brick wall cropper. leaky 100%would be one a my first on team sheet,
  9. silverback

    I don’t believe it

    some rubbish tackles,woefull play a ball at times before it rained,devoid of ideas, how galbraith got away with his gobfull a effin n jeffin at side a ref i dont know unless hes deaf. so at least 6 will be out next week if disco sticks to his plan, get ourselfs a 7 a side Rl setup and we could be top a league, only think i would note is if i were stuck for a few players due to injuries and seen that game. manning.scotty, cropper brownie and gledders would be my target.
  10. silverback

    The 6 Nations hype...

    can they bottle the fire scotland had second half and post it to batley please.we need it.
  11. silverback

    Scratching my head.

  12. silverback

    New 7

    but what if we light a spark with russell and play like demons for a few games, then he goes back and were in deep again rather than try make what we have work to start with. or will this russell be up for grabs maybe if hes the answer to our prayers. i do think if right man comes in and makes things happen that leaky/yates will click too.
  13. silverback

    New 7

    one year could a done, but dont forget his interview first week was we were a stepping stone to england job.
  14. silverback

    New 7

    am not saying anyones lazy at all, far from it as the mounts been transformed in past 30 years,lots a work gets done but its crazy having best looking ground in north,best food outlets and barstaff, best marmalade and ale, then make do with a coach thats naff and proved hes naff time after time, give me a team next week that includes FAZ n crookes and davey and i put my house on we do better. and leave coach in his pub and we will do even better, so the less hassle is aimed at it must be simpler to do same old or it would a been changed 2 years since,
  15. silverback

    New 7

    see how many fans are missing again at next sorry after 38 years a support the last 3 have been rubbish, anybody with half a brain cell can see our teams been chopped and changed and we still aint got a set a halfs to play and get lads on front foot. give a right coach a couple a week and we would be playing to win have some fire back in the bellys.