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  1. Sunday's officials

    we wont even know hes ont pitch... cant wait.
  2. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    i did along with a few batley fans, our game was saturday so came to see you perform, and as i said above your defence was great,set after set you kept them out on the line but sheer size a some there lads took its toll in the end, but toronto game you looked lost in attack but fax game you threw ball about well but there were too many balls went astray or lost when it mattered, some a players are just going thru the motions and not putting anything like 100% in, one a your big lads were sat at back a me and by sounds a things wont put a dews shirt on again so sommats not right fella, am sure if you grab a couple a wins things will turn but have just been out all morning with a couple a long time dews fans and there well fed and think its same old same yet again so who knows,, thats best thing about our little old clubs it does taste mighty fine when you push one a the big time charlies on ft pay. all the best for rest a season.
  3. Mariano Released

    and dewsbury was? ho hang on a moment...
  4. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    but in that last two years we have done a lot a little things right and its all coming together again, am quite happy with the way things are going. can you say the same cos from were i was sat yesterday you had maybe 6 players putting the hard work in, 2 that dident even want to be on the pitch, and you fell apart after 25 minutes by letting off steam at the ref for everything and anything at play a ball rather than cracking on with the game, you seem to have ended up with a few castoffs that are happy to do not a lot and get paid, we may only finish 6th or 7th but i know we have that desire to just maybe nick a couple a scalps yet this season and to a man our boys put there bodys on the line game after game.
  5. Halifax predictions :

    seemed to be a fair few neutrals today from other clubs looking for a decent game, i know it were said a couple a weeks ago dews dont bleet about refs but you had good reason to today, highlight clips should make for good viewing for those in charge to help struggling officials, looked a 40.20 to me and the amount a knock ons he gave when balls were punched out in tackles time after time. i thought dews threw ball about better this week but had a lot better goaline defence last week, some players couldent even be ar*** trying to get to a tackle if it were more than 10 feet away. fax have some big strong lads that did plenty of hard graft, that try were murrel grabbed lose ball while at pace towards is own sticks and qlt came at pace other way onto a super popped up ball was a thing of wonder and should be in for try a year for fax. lots a nit picking by ref spoiled the game but to be fair dews needed to stop bothering ref every play and crack on with game, as for the dews fella stood in front a fax fans forking em and offering them on for a fight he made is self look a numptie, same fella who did same 2 years ago at our boxing day game and caused a whole lot a bother so maybe now you know him do sommat about it, far too much efffin n jefffin in the stand and as folks were going out when thers lots a kids and players kids too at that.not needed at all when folks come out for a decent game and put £££ in other clubs tills. see yers at blackpool.
  6. This League Structure aint Working

    better still, blackpool.york.newcastle.
  7. Halifax predictions :

    makings of a decent game, last time fax were on telly a few looked rather portly so who knows what thret they will have, see they have qlt now too but will he be in the squad for sunday. should be a few wandering fans from other clubs needing a game and a pint(maybe bits a pork pie n sausage rolls too ) hope moore shows a bit more effort,and rest play with same goal line defence and owt can happen,(i will be there) fts>>> hallet. att: 892, rams 18, fax 22.
  8. This League Structure aint Working

    dont want to derail this thred bsj, but its the owners who are spending the £££, not that long since had spent plenty on the raceview restaurant carvery upstairs.
  9. This League Structure aint Working

    spot on, talk of opening the back straight terrace again after 20 years,with a roof on too, been going 35 years for stock cars and they seem happy with job and to be fair gets some great crowds, i remember odsal with over 20 thousand on a saturday nights in 70s and 80s daily mirror meetings,
  10. This League Structure aint Working

    dont be too sure robin fella, talking to a lad who helps out at owlerton today and its getting a 6 million quid makeover starting in sept..maybe a move backs on the cards. new portacabins... and a bar they let away fans
  11. This League Structure aint Working

    i think your selling yerself short here, thats the whole point of some of the highs is that chance performance against london or leigh or maybe even giants, how many sets did you keep out toronto sunday by hard graft on the line so all i could see you needing is a couple a belly busters to grabs a few trys and your sorted. had rather struggle a few times with the fevs a this game than run 60+ up against cov bears, its a great game so enjoy it for now, might all change once sky find sommat better to do. couple a years you will have spain/glasgow/belfast,new york. for away game maybe..
  12. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    brown, MASSIVE.just monsters everything and makes it look so easy. crookes. you just know plenty a hard yards are coming everytime. big faz, what a workload he got thru today and some great hits. thats hardest mom have done for a while as they all deserve it, little faz had a blinding game and scotty were safe as houses, dom seemed to up his game today too, manning got some hard yards in too,well done the whole team.
  13. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    fantastic game a rugby,and we had plenty a pace all over the pitch, never seen so many happy faces on and off the pitch today,well done boys.
  14. Major announcement

    seen coukash having a breakfast special int redbeck at dinner..
  15. Problems out wide

    must a been cracking players some teams missed out with as those who missed them seemed to lose that weekend withour dr.. or was it the players put back in the squad thought sod this for a game a soldiers hope you have a plenty fit for sunday graham as us dog fans will need the entertainment were used to of late,wolves in a the sheep pen.