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  1. you get us a couple like faz up to scratch for 2018 and i will be yer mate fella. ps, that grey stuff were very tasty but it were a dangly bit off a bullock. mi grandad loved it and i tried it cos he said it made yer hair curl...
  2. great news, we sure know when hes missing thats for sure. the posts about him off to dews had me worried, (on that note i wonder how morro would a gone on if he had got the last 5 players neds got) plenty of skills still and does make things happen. him and dom work brill together as after all these years they just know whats req at any time during the game,, another big /buster prop req and 6 like young mellor..and were sorted for 2018.
  3. walker. scotty. ainey..
  4. lol. missed out the word >>> team.. was getting a bit exited too after such a decent game, we still dropped a lot a ball first 15 and did a few dumb things near the line but hey ho roll on the bulls.
  5. brown faz walker. cracking game that had everything, fitness showed in last 15 and our boys could a gone another 40.. play like that and cut out the dropped balls and niggly stuff and it could still be a top 4 yet.
  6. i reckon there will only be one chop at end a season.. start again for 2018..
  7. looks a bit thin on the ground,must be 11 players gone/loaned/ and one fresh player in the swap. not enough and a massive ask for the lads left to try keep a top 6.
  8. its just another game to me, forget refs and crack on with the job. i said weeks back that the fev and dews games would show us were we are. other teams seem to have bolstered up well in most departments and have players fighting for a shirt or two,seems to be some handy fringe players coming out a wakey of late so how come we dont get a sniff, we just dont seem to have backed ourselves very well for what should a been a cracking 2017 run in. 4 on trots too much for me so will wait and see sunday.
  9. bit late now to try bring in reinforcements for this season,and were told we aint getting nobody anyways, but am sure it were mentioned a few weeks back in bn that we were looking at a couple a players so maybe they got snapped up. i really think we have missed out this season by not bringing in a couple of extra impact players, all this blaming refs and what ifs n buts. are we that far behind when you think how dews ripped rochdale to bits and were we struggled. i feel that corner we turned is going to be one long bend back to were we was years back/ hope to be proved wrong sunday.
  10. 10 minutes as cowlings head connected with the elbow/ball not on purpose likes. looked worse than it was i suppose in a hard fought game.
  11. what about week befores 22 minutes too,you need to go home for a brew serving up that pap.its like watching doncaster from 10 years ago, as for the player down you might want to check highlights a that, if ref had seen it right you would have had player off for sure.. all the best at dews,,NOT.
  12. BOTH COACH AND WHOEVER WROTE THAT ARTICLE NEED TO SHAKE THEIR HEADS ABOUT A BIT, if thats entertaining week after week why aint they got 2.000 fans,we outdid em in fans on the day and quality a rugby too, if they had let us get a roll on we would a blown em off park. we dont have extra 20 minutes in normal games just when we meet rochdale with all rolling about like footballers whacked with a mallet, even dumming ball into scrum twice for extra set that really aint on. faz seemed to get in bother a few times when all he did was take some cheap shots and simply laugh in their face. credit the lad for that too as last season he would a knuckled em all. best signing for 10 years..UP THE DOGS.
  13. leaky. looks a bit leaner and meaner./ faz. not that long ago he would a been off for a lot less attention paid to him. manning. tough as old boots game after game. they all train hard,put in all the effort to get fit and get to games,fans spend their hard earned coin, and were left baffled by officials who cant even spot a forward pass thats a metre forward. games going to pot.
  14. well have heard plenty a stuff this season but never that one, things are looking good at the moment but dont get too exited just yet,lots a things are said because fans of 30.40 years care a lot about whats gone on and dont like to see all the hard work ripped to bits by dumb decisions at times that just dident make sense. no patting on backs too much just yet as to me it looks like the players have looked at themselves and decided to give it there all for the fans, there is plenty a fans missing and have been since good friday so plenty more to do to grab them back onboard. i aint too fussed about winning every game or even been in top 4 so long as we play like we used to ala sunday every week. and well done the staff for now.. UP THE DOGGIES. .
  15. yep,credit were its due, fantastic day for to be a doggie, if half a new faces come back that will do, players looked like they have been locked in a darkened room for a few hours watching old game dvds.. cos we sure looked good in every dept. so if we build on that over next few games without massive change we should be ok, hope rowies ok but we might need a couple a fresh bodys to join us for the final push for that top 6. well done all involved but just dont hope turn another corner for a while UP THE DOGGIES.