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  1. YML

    At one time yes... the UK also allowed slavery but times change. Im no Nigel fan, but dont you think a £200k salary is proportionate to a £24m turnover business?
  2. YML

    They are the national governing body tho?
  3. But budget isnt an issue as its paid for!
  4. I think you miss my point. The southern clubs know they can join. My point is that on the one hand some clubs are quick to point out they are a NATIONAL Conference League Club and then grumble about a trip to Bristol!
  5. Since at least 2013. Its interesting that clubs proudly state their National Conference League membership but the reality of a truly national competiton is beyond the majority of them. Time the N stood for Northern?
  6. Away teams get £500 and trips over 250 miles are paid for? I'd bet that a trip to Ireland would be paid for. Especially as you can get a return for £20 with Ryanair to Dublin* *Pending them actually flying!
  7. Do we have a chance?

    Australia and New Zealand play each other regularly including the NRL 9s. They are fairly evenly matched. England have only played France since the last World Cup. We generally bash them up. The other nations are very much unknowns as only the four I've mentioned participated in 2013. It will be a tough ask to win it but our players are passionate and we have a lot of athletic talent. How well we adapt to southern hemisphere style of play and officiating will determine our success. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for the team!
  8. I read somewhere Northampton Demons are in?
  9. I've seen the game played in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Serbia, Italy and Australia. All unique experiences. Also been on RL business to Germany and Denmark. The most humbling: players erecting goalposts pre match in Serbia immediately before warm up. The most comical: marking a deadball line with gaffer tape ten minutes before kick off. The best feed: post match Serbia v Ukraine in 2014. The best welcome: Ukraine.
  10. Lower league coaches

    This. His loyalty to Sheffield (18 seasons at the helm) has definitely held back his coaching career.
  11. England WC shirt farce

    England Students kit was delivered on time and looked a treat!
  12. Replacing CLS

    Not disagreeing. Just remember to have your leg pulled once and again
  13. Dont underestimate the costs involved in this. England Uni's Student World Cup trip cost £90k. Whilst this will be a shorter event, the flights and other fixed costs will easily run to £60k for a northern hemisphere team. For England women for exanple, theyre already in Aus this year at the World Cup ao spreading the financial burden is critical. In 2014, the southern hemisphere teams only had 5 days on the ground in Scotland - PNG's inbound travel was 40 hours!!!
  14. Replacing CLS

    The appeal of summer rugby so great some lads go to the ends of the earth to get a game