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  1. MidlandsRugbyLeague


    Not quite 😂
  2. MidlandsRugbyLeague


    Yeah. Like America and Canada.
  3. MidlandsRugbyLeague


    Russia and Spain. Also took U18s to Serbia in 2012 and 2013.
  4. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Penrith Panthers. Went in 2017 for a visit to the Academy and training ground with England Universities and were made so welcome, we played against their U18 "Jets" team and watched them beat Manly a few days later, they even sorted us a floodlit training area FOC when the NRL had "exhausted all options". Before that I was NZ Warriors - ever the expansionist!
  5. Clearly. But theyre just playing the same teams?
  6. On the one hand I agree. On the other hand, this comp is launched as a much vaunted rival to its northern partner, but if the teams (not clubs) dont have second teams or juniors, arent playing any longer season than previous, cancel games due to player availability, cant generate their own finance, etc etc then it doesnt look credible in the eyes of the wider game. Im hoping the above is not the case, but despite asking several times, nobody can tell me what is better and different about this league. In the west, we've got five teams 'elevated' from two leagues. Is whats left behind now sustainable? 5 teams are they going to play each other three times to have 12 games, which they played last year anyway? I just want to see what advances and development looks like, as at the minute all the 'news' lacks substance.
  7. So they will be playing a longer season then? Is this a certainty?
  8. Hence the questions.... can anyone tell me why this league is better than what was there previously? Whats the impact on the game for growth? Why is it noe Tier 4 if nothing has changed?
  9. What should it look like? Well, The NCL; full season of fixtures (22+ games), second teams and juniors in place at participating clubs, fields at least roped off and ideally a fixed perimeter barrier, match report of each game...
  10. So can anyone explain what makes this competition a Tier 4 competition now, elevating it from Tier 5?
  11. Playing each other 3 times is 15 games. Its not that long ago that the Midlands Premier and the London Premier were 14 game regular seasons. Struggling to see what makes this better than every other Tier 4 league in the south of England.
  12. So what makes this any better than what was previously in place? Basically a merger of the West Of England and Wales Premier clubs?
  13. If you mean, "In the same way that Bradford and Huddersfield are the same place", then yes.
  14. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Chalmers - RFL Board should half their pay.

    You said over £100k, and there's only one salary band at the RFL that goes goes over that figure and only person in it unless others have had significant rises.
  15. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Chalmers - RFL Board should half their pay.

    I'd say that there'll Rimmer at the RFL, Wood at the RLIF and nobody at the RLEF. You're kidding yoursef if you think salaries at the RFL are that high!