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  1. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Nottingham Outlaws Publish Open Letter

    They should have continued!
  2. Ps. Great to see the tour going!
  3. I dont get why you're taking a referee when Italy has more than competent officials developing under the RLEF's tutelage?
  4. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Nottingham Outlaws Publish Open Letter

    And at least one of those shoukd have gone into CLS at its inception rather than being a big fish in a small pond.
  5. In 2007, all 17 secondary schools in Doncaster played Rugby... either Union via the Knights or League via the Lakers. The primary schools for each secondary family also followed suit. It was about a 60/40 split in Union's favour. The great thing about it was that EVERY primary school played Tag at Years 5 and 6 and the Knights and Lakers ran a joint programme of competition accross Doncaster. The two school sports partnerships provided £20k to the two clubs to make it work. Community RL Coaches didnt appear until late in 2009 in Yorkshire. Arguably they were never needed in the schools in Doncaster.
  6. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Sally Bolton - A candidate to replace Nigel Wood

    Damian Irvine would be the Australian. Jury's out for me on that. Neil Coupland just became CEO of Wasps foundation.
  7. I'm reading press and website that suggests it is. Im guessing you're on the ground and it isnt?
  8. All that you desribe is happening, no?
  9. Not at all... interested in your view.
  10. What makes you say that?
  11. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Bears ramping up the publicity for Bulls game

    Sky Try pay for this!
  12. Each league in Tier 5 voted for its rep. In the Midlanda we put the vote to the clubs. I couldnt tell you what other leagues did, but would suggest some will have asked their clubs and others will have made the decision as elected committees representing their members.
  13. But that is democracy mate! You can't say that the existing Tier 5 rep or his predecessor weren't democratically elected - each league had the vote. We turned the decision over to our clubs and went with the majority to ensure it was the clubs who made the choice.
  14. The guy living in Kent was voted for by the Tier 5 Leagues. For two terms. He stood down and the current Tier 5 rep was elected by the same Leagues. And yes that includes Pennine and H&D.