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  1. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Neutral Referees for Internationals

    There are completely neutral referees for the 2018 European Championships and a very diverse range of officials from 7 or 8 countries: https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1653/rlef-celebrates-most-diverse-ever-match-official-appointments-for-european-championship
  2. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Dublin - travel advice

    If you are flying back after the game, walk over to the Crowne Plaza (3 mins from hotel) and get the free hotel courtesy bus back to the airport! Takes 15 mins and runs every hour and half hour.
  3. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Harry jepson 2018

    I dont watch RL on TV so not sure what the trending conversation is!
  4. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Harry jepson 2018

    Very much so....! But I'm quite ok not to live in the past 😘😂
  5. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Hemel prop scores stunning length-of-the-field try

    He's been immense for Loughborough Uni and England Students. A Devon lad... breaking the mould!
  6. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Community Conference Rumour

    The no clarification bit is the giveaway.
  7. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Community Conference Rumour

    They may have done but theyve also played for the Bears before Dragons came on the scene.
  8. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Community Conference Rumour

    Theres nobody from either club playing for Cov Bears.
  9. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Community Conference Rumour

    Jason Bass born in Leicester Harry Chapman born in Worksop Dan Gover born in Coventry Malikhi Lloyd Jones born in London Paul Emmanuelli born in Wales Chris Vitalini born in Wales James Mason born in Cardiff lives in Gloucester for six years Chris Barrett born in Salford, recruited in final year at Loughborough Uni, lives in Midlands All Cov Bears regulars and theyre the ones I know personally without looking at a team sheet for the rest.
  10. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Community Conference Rumour

    So wrong Jim. Cov and West Wales have lots of local lads. In fact Cov's squad has 11 lads playing Student RL in the region many of whom are fully paid up southerners. As for Hemel, Sheffield isnt on the M62
  11. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Nottingham Outlaws Publish Open Letter

    They should have continued!
  12. Ps. Great to see the tour going!
  13. I dont get why you're taking a referee when Italy has more than competent officials developing under the RLEF's tutelage?
  14. MidlandsRugbyLeague

    Nottingham Outlaws Publish Open Letter

    And at least one of those shoukd have gone into CLS at its inception rather than being a big fish in a small pond.
  15. In 2007, all 17 secondary schools in Doncaster played Rugby... either Union via the Knights or League via the Lakers. The primary schools for each secondary family also followed suit. It was about a 60/40 split in Union's favour. The great thing about it was that EVERY primary school played Tag at Years 5 and 6 and the Knights and Lakers ran a joint programme of competition accross Doncaster. The two school sports partnerships provided £20k to the two clubs to make it work. Community RL Coaches didnt appear until late in 2009 in Yorkshire. Arguably they were never needed in the schools in Doncaster.