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  1. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    61k makes it the second largest? Wembley, Old Trafford?
  2. Rugby League Kits for Burundi! Please Help

    I have some referees kits - let me know where they can be posted to.
  3. Challenge cup 2018

    Then they would have. LSRL hosted Italy a few years ago, food was served, drinks were had.
  4. Challenge cup 2018

    Perimeter Fence. Check.
  5. Old Cup reborn

    Dearne Valley guesting in Doncaster? What happened to the SWYARLA Cup? Died of death? There will be a Steel City Derby this year with the reformed Forgers taking on the Hawks!
  6. The Big Five

    The first Eagles home game is a must Martyn, new ground and all that. And Coventry Bears v Bradford Bulls in June. Will be a cracker.
  7. Challenge cup 2018

    Where does it say they have to?
  8. Challenge cup 2018

    The criteria or YOUR criteria?
  9. Challenge cup 2018

    I refereed them last Wednesday, got a phone call before from the captain and parked on campus no problems. What a lot pf people dont realise is that even our biggest and most successful SRL clubs are fighting to keep their heads above the water in their AUs and SUs where other sports often take priority, with big scholarships and bursaries, so for post match food - forget it, the Uni itself woulf be charging £8 to £9 per head for basics... I doubt many SRL clubs have that kind of budget. And the club wont have the decision about whether the coach can come on site at the weekend or not... that decision will be made way beyond their sphere of influence
  10. Challenge cup 2018

    On the grounds that a successful club is penalised by only getting 24-0 when it feasibly could win a game 56-14 as an example.
  11. Challenge cup 2018

    Actually it was up to and including the 2016 season on a Sunday by default and both teams by mutual consent could move it. From 2017 its the home team's choice with the RFL ruling on disputes.
  12. Challenge cup 2018

    Second time Valley Cougars have done this. Three year ban from the comp... i hope the RFL throw the book at them. All challenge cup rounds used to have Sunday as the default day didnt they? Has that changed?
  13. Talent coming out of Wales

    Its the Challenge Cup FFS! The dates are set long is advance and the clubs notified before they accept... was this one of those surprise weddings that was organised last minute? Was nobody else in the whole of Wales able to turn out for the club? Very poor show. Valley Cougars have form for this, second time theyve forfeited a cup game. Another three year ban from the comp on the horizon.
  14. Bassetlaw Bulldogs Junior Rugby League Club

    Immingham Wasps
  15. Bassetlaw Bulldogs Junior Rugby League Club

    What age groups? Are you plugged into Sherwood Wolf Hunt and Nottingham Outlaws who are also in the county and aiming to run juniors and likewise North Derbyshire Chargers who are just over the border?