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  1. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    Id say he has a better chance with 2022 and 2026 for the Commonwealth Games
  2. Sally Bolton - A candidate to replace Nigel Wood

    No she works for the All England Tennis Club.... of which Richard Lewis is CEO.
  3. New Years Honours

    There are no Knighthoods or any honours for RL this year according to the full list.
  4. Birmingham 2022 and 9s

    Not insourmountable as it will be part of the Games Framework. But any deomstration event designed to capture the attention of Commonwealth Games Big Wigs and Movers and Shakers should surely be undertaken at the heart of the main event?
  5. Birmingham 2022 and 9s

    Well its not recognised as part of the Games is it, its being run by the RLIF not GOLDOC and taking place two months prior to the CG2018 taking place. So the point for me is if you are having a demonstration event you do it where the bulk of the Games will take place, just like the 2014 event did by doing it in Glasgow.
  6. Birmingham 2022 and 9s

    The 2018 9s isnt even taking place at Gold Coast... its at Redcliffe which is about 40 to 45 minutes North of Brisbane. Or 90 minutes plus north of Gold Coast.... equivalent to us hosting a Birmingham 2022 event in Leeds. FFS.
  7. Birmingham 2022 and 9s

    So... 9s isnt part of the Gold Coast Games. A 9s tournament is taking place as a demonstration event organised by the RLIF. Same as in Glasgow. Its not part of Gold Coast 2018 like the Glasgow event wasnt part of Glasgow 2014. For 9s to be part of the CG it needs to be accepted to the Commonwealth Games Federation. Thats highly unlikely to happen before 2022. Birmingham Council or the LOC when its formed for the 2022 Games will only be able to choose from the framework and theyve already pinned their colours to the 3x3 Basketball mast from an optional team sports perspective. https://www.thecgf.com/sports/
  8. Challenge cup 2018

    This discussion is a myth. The club had their travel paid in its entirity by the RFL.
  9. Challenge cup 2018

    They'll come in with the Championship sides wont they?
  10. 2018 ncl

    Not working for me.
  11. RLWC Final may struggle to sell out.

    The atmosphere was flat as a pancake. Virtually silent. Amazed to see Aussies rushing out at the final whistle.
  12. I was at the game last night. I'd say around 5,000 England fans present!
  13. World playing nations at present

    http://www.rlif.com/ignite_docs/Annual Report 2017.pdf Full list contained within!
  14. YML

    At one time yes... the UK also allowed slavery but times change. Im no Nigel fan, but dont you think a £200k salary is proportionate to a £24m turnover business?
  15. YML

    They are the national governing body tho?