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  1. Replacing CLS

    Not disagreeing. Just remember to have your leg pulled once and again
  2. Dont underestimate the costs involved in this. England Uni's Student World Cup trip cost £90k. Whilst this will be a shorter event, the flights and other fixed costs will easily run to £60k for a northern hemisphere team. For England women for exanple, theyre already in Aus this year at the World Cup ao spreading the financial burden is critical. In 2014, the southern hemisphere teams only had 5 days on the ground in Scotland - PNG's inbound travel was 40 hours!!!
  3. Replacing CLS

    The appeal of summer rugby so great some lads go to the ends of the earth to get a game
  4. Replacing CLS

    A few Toll Bar lads doesnt constitute propping up teams in anyone's book, not even yours!!
  5. Replacing CLS

    Actually Coventry Bears didnt, the RFL did and Dragons couldnt prove they could sustain the club during the RU off season.
  6. Replacing CLS

    My point was; its very easy to say the game is unambitious and that the game is failing a club like Hemel by not providing a pathway... but Hemel never engaged with Conference South (the pathway) when offered. No CLS team was propped up by any northerners to my knowledge and I saw all the teams play on many occasions.
  7. Replacing CLS

    You are right.
  8. Statement by South Wales Ironmen Owner

    What happened to the previous owners?
  9. Replacing CLS

    This is the club who never entered a team in the original Conference League South when your League 1 colleagues Coventry, Gloucester and Oxford all did! Very unambitious indeed....
  10. Birmingham

    That would be an interesting debate. A few years ago I could provide you with all the stats to back that claim but I'm not sure that is still true. The factor of two universities with two sides comes into this and as a county Notts also as Wolf Hunt as well as the Outlaws... where as Warwickshire also has two Unis, Dragons and Royals, Sky Try activity, Bears 5s activity and the Bears of course. However, best individual effort this year in the region has to be Telford Raiders winning the North West Counties U17s Premier League.
  11. Whilst Sally Bolton took the plaudits for 2013, Jon Dutton was the absolute engine room Of RLWC2013. Without Jon's involvement, 2013 would have been a different story.
  12. Netherlands v Germany

    When is that game Simon and where?
  13. Netherlands v Germany

    Although having never played for my country, ive been involved in managing national teams and have moved heaven and earth and risked matrimonial strife and missed important children's milestones to do my duty. I'm sure Dutch players can do the same with a rah rah game?
  14. Knock Ons in Wet Weather

    The match standard Rhino Balls and the same Steeden balls have equal grip at that level and both cost nearly £70 per ball. And theyre both made in the same factory!
  15. Worrying developments with World Rugby League

    The concern for me is the damage they do to the sport. "Presenting their credentials to Sport Accord" does nobody any favours.