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  1. to me other than a few hundred supporter and Mark Aston , Sheffield doesn't want a rugby league team . Its a shame as fans and Mark plus a few others have worked so hard with this club .
  2. superten

    league one

    Having seen many one sided games in my time. Matches that just become a training session. I wonder how many fans go home happy and feeling they had value for money when watching there team put 100 plus points passed a hapless West Wales Raiders. Surly this cant go on as much as I would like to see a team in South Wales west Wales are obviously not up to the mark. This has to be the worst semi pro team of all time . Its making a mockery of club records . To me unless they can prove they have strengthened there squad they shouldn't be allowed to start next season .
  3. superten

    shaw lane fc

    obviously you haven't been to many grounds in championship or league one then . Wasn't talking about this man in general just the fact that if people are out there throwing millions at none league football clubs why cant the RL attract these people into our sport . I expect people in Manchester already travel the short distance to watch wigan , leigh , Salford , Swinton , Oldham and Rochdale but still plenty of people calling for a Manchester pro club.
  4. superten

    shaw lane fc

    surely the aim is for the RL to seek a sell the sport to these people.
  5. superten

    shaw lane fc

    Just reading Shaw Lane FC from Barnsley have resign from football league tier 7 . The chairman who has spent over a million plus says he cant go on. Just thinking what he could have achieved if he had invested that sort of money in starting a rugby league team in Barnsley. To me Barnsley would had been a perfect area to grow our sport . Just on the edge of the west Yorkshire heartlands and close to Sheffield and Doncaster. Shaw lane little stadium would have been ok for league one or Dorothy Hyman stadium . Had they managed to get to super league Oakwell would have been a great addition to super league . There seem to be plenty of people out there investing money in none league football clubs where league teams already exist , why cant RL tap into these people and sell them the dream of running a rugby league club instead ? Does the RL ever hold conference days where they invite business people to come and see what RL has to them and the area where live.
  6. superten


    I think several people here are missing the points. Its not about how bigger crowds London teams can get although it does help. Its about Tv revenues would we be able to sell our game more around the world if we had London teams in our competition . Would we be able to market our league better down under if the Aussies and Kiwis had some interest. By giving teams named after them I think so . Tv money is running our game just like every other sport we need to explore every avenue to maximise our influx of Tv deals.
  7. superten

    Summer Bash attendance

    Just try something new instead of the same old same old . The magic weekend and summer bash should be moved to later in season . Just play the fair 22 round regular season before split. The magic weekend could be used in super 8s so each team would play 3 home games 3 away and magic match which makes it fair. Same with middle 8 3 home 3 away and summer bash weekend at Blackpool. As table stands at moment you could have St Helens v Wigan , Warrington V hull fc , Castleford v Leeds and Wakefield v Huddersfield . With summer bash being Catalan v Toulouse Hull Kr v Featherstone , Widnes v Salford . London v Toronto . With more at steak I am sure these games would get the crowds they deserve.
  8. superten

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    I go with Manchester Eastern Mets play a few games at Spotlands , Boundary Park , Edgley Park , Gigg Lane and may be one game at Etihad.
  9. superten


    When new TV deal comes round , should we again be looking to have one or may be two London teams in Super league ? I feel we need a strong London if we are to market our game world wide. There's a few London players coming through now , but at the moment the London clubs can't keep there best players from heading north. I feel if we rebranded both London clubs to become London Roos and London Kiwis and say roughly have squads half and half . So Kiwis squad would be 50% British players and 50% New Zealand players. Like wish the Roos would be 50% British players and 50% Australian players. Could having these two team improve our possibility of better TV deals down under ? . Also a London derby on the calendar has to be great press for RL in general . Would be great game for magic weekend especially if the weekend was in London . Stadium wise I'm not sure where both teams could play , but a few doubleheader could help full grounds. Plus better fixture arrangements , lets face it if we can arrange for Toronto to play all there away games first the all the home games surely we could sort something for London clubs. I know plenty of people will be against these ideas but I do feel for us to grow as a sport in UK we need London .
  10. superten

    Magic Weekend in New York

    I'm going to throw a curve ball . Why look at seaside places with good football stadia . Why not try Brighton ?
  11. will it be a selected 24 teams or just the current top 24 teams that make up the two leagues ?
  12. superten

    Making RL Less Predictable

    I think the season is to long . Starting in February isn't great . Should look to start March or maybe even April or have Easter weekend where ever it falls as opening week . Regular season ends at end of September . I would brig back the five meter rule instead of the ten . Would reduce subs to three players from four . Then have six interchanges instead of ten . Also I feel we are losing the art of goal kicking , I think the game has gone to much in favour of attacking sides and tries. Defending teams now are always giving away cheap penalties in order to get there defence sorted. I would try going back to three points for a try , two for a penalty or conversion and one for drop goal . Would also try a few games playing four quarters this could potentially bring in extra tv revenues . Also try a few games playing 12 aside instead of 13 lose the loose forward . This could save clubs money with one less player and one less sub so only 15 players on match day duty instead of 17 .
  13. to be fair I quite like the idea. But we could have east v west that would include all clubs .
  14. superten


    I seem to remember going to watch England A V Russia at odsal I think the score was 102 nil . But every one has to start somewhere. For me Wales needs two clubs or more . But if they cant attract the players then there's no point . I would have looked at re branding north Wales crusaders to become Wrexham Wizards and then had another north Wales team in Deeside called Deeside Druids . At least then they could attract more players from Widnes / Warrington areas to help them to they develop enough Welsh players. Plus I think it would give Wales a genuine derby game then. Also then make the racecourse ground the national home for Wales international team. Rugby league doesn't stand a chance of succeeding in South Wales .
  15. yes I did know that but I'm talking about in time having two pro teams may be five years down the line