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  1. if the bottom side was to go on and win 5 more games between now and the end of the season . I wouldn't relegated them . We are to hasty if a team wins around a third of their matches it shows they are competitive . I would just then promote the Championship winners and go with 13 teams next season . Therefore growing super league slowly .
  2. I would like to see super league at Blackpool 3 double headers on may bank holiday . Two games Saturday , two sunday and then two Monday .
  3. With two championship sides beating super league sides in the challenge cup this year . I was wondering is this the benefit from championship sides playing in the middle 8 . Standards at the top of end of the championship have certainly improved in the last couple of seasons . Has RL again dropped a clanger by scraping it . Ok it should have been tweaked a little but to scrap it seemed a little hasty . I know Bradford didn't play in middle 8 , but with others doing so has forced Bradford to raise there standard to compete with rest in the league .
  4. im working my way through good Friday derbies so hope to complete all them one day
  5. did you manage to get your programme as I have a copy
  6. I would go with 12 team super league , 16 team championship . That leaves 9 teams in league I would then invite super league reserve teams in to the league to make up the numbers. So if 7 super league clubs could field reserve teams to make the league up to 16 . The super league teams wouldn't be allowed to get promoted though . Also bring back the cup comp for the championship and league one teams .
  7. Hopefully they can survive in Super League . I would also love to see the Skolars push on and hopefully get to championship level at least .
  8. People keen saying get rid of Thursday night games but how much does Sky pay for that night? How many people love watching Thursday night games on the box. Does the money from tv out weigh the attendances ? I am going to put my head on the block and ask if Thursdays are worth a lot to sky and our Tv deal . Why not look at having a live Tv game on Wednesday nights as well ? All depending on what deal we could get . But with most super league teams now playing home games Friday nights why not look into it . Super live games Wednesday night and Thursday nights . Then rest of fixtures Friday nights with a soccer Saturday kind of programme to cover the four games.
  9. I cant see the value of it . It would be park rugby . The Skolars are to important to our game to be put in a de valued league like that.
  10. The big question is which teams are better prepared for super league ? Plus what will happen to those clubs who miss out ?
  11. Crusaders might not have any welsh players at moment but development with a good pathway is in place . As for Racecourse ground I was only saying Wales national team to play there. It wouldn't bother me where any team trains . You could have Deeside train at Warrington tapping into the rivalry between the Cheshire clubs. Its also true there's some good young players at West Wales but with no senior players there are been pushed into action far to early . I would have the two clubs I have said , then set up a joint Wales academy offering the young players at west Wales places and pathway.
  12. for me if Wales wants two semi pro teams they both need to be in North East Wales. Crusaders based at Wrexham and second team at Deeside. Both could tap into Cheshire for a few players . The game between the two would be a genuine derby. Make the Racecourse ground the national stadium of Wales Rugby League.
  13. for me there's just to many games. 30 plus games a season is to many. Match days and kick off times are all over the place to suit TV. The magic week end and summer bash also to me make the leagues unfair with so much to play for . Had there been no summer bash round would Leigh have qualified for middle 8s? Season should start March and end September. If super league clubs want more games make them play in earlier rounds of challenge cup again . Which can help lower teams finances.
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