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  1. The challenge cup starts again this weekend , but has it had its day ? Crowds are poor only get 3 or 4 10,000 plus gates in rounds. We struggle to sell out the final in fact last year less than 70,000 turned out. At the moment its possible with the challenge cup that teams could play each other six times. Twice in regular season , Magic weekend the super eights, The semi final play offs and then the challenge cup . If we scraped the cup it would free up four weekends or so . At moment we play 22 regular rounds , 1 magic weekend , 7 super eights, two play offs and four challenge cup totally 36 weeks. Its also hard for clubs to budget with the cup . If we had leagues of 12 teams playing each other 3 times for 33 rounds 16 home 16 away and one magic week end , still keeping top four play offs . Then the most teams could meet each other is 4 . Also with 33 rounds could this be worth more when going for TV deal . Also clubs by playing more games, 16 home games they have more room to offer better deals on season tickets .Fans would know the season and who there playing where well in advance to plan holidays around season this is one problem at the moment with super eights. We could then may be looking at Super league finals moving to Wembley . On another issue of super league if licensing returns I would look again at London being in there in fact maybe having two teams if we dropped the Catalans . Have two London teams play alternate weekends at home and have them play Saturdays and every game live on sky similar to what Catalan do . I would look to create a TV package that enables every first week rounds to all be shown live . 1 game Thursday night, 1 Friday night , 1 Saturday game , two on Sunday and then one on Monday night . Also both May bank holidays weekends and August bank holiday weekend games to be spread across holidays ad all shown live . Plus the magic week end all live . Alone with the play offs and final that's a possible 117 live games to offer . If we manage to keep the world club challenge as a three team event you could even have a double header final at Wembley . The final of course being between the two semi final winners with Champions up for grabs and gold medal for winners , runners up could get silver medal plus both qualify for World Club Challenge . Before main event you could have a bronze medal play off between the two semi final losers . Winner gets bronze medal plus qualifies as third team for world club challenge . So that's another possible TV game to make it 118 and with four top teams going to Wembley with something to play for Ithink we could sell it out.
  2. mergers

    A lot near than when Carlisle merged with Barrow . The idea I looked at was to ground share with Football teams also you split the 6 regions in Cumbria South Cumbria , Barrow , South Lakelands , Copeland total population just under 250,000 people . While Carlisle , Eden and Allerdale total population just over 250,000 people so a fairly even split.
  3. mergers

    When super league started there was plenty of talk of mergers . Should we now look again at merges if super league goes down the road of licencing . If certain clubs or areas have any hope of ever getting in to super league surely the only way is to merge with local rivals . Fans don't seem to want to but there again they don't really come out in numbers to follow there teams when just surviving in Championship or in league one . I'm not totally in favour of it but here's a few that could possibly merge 1. Batley - Dewsbury = Kirklees , 2. Oldham - Rochdale = East Manchester Mets . 3. Salford - Swinton = West Manchester Mets . 4, Barrow - Whitehaven = South Cumbrians . Maybe look at building new stadia in Barrow and share with football team . 5, Workington to move to Carlisle again look at getting investment to build new stadia to share with Carlisle Utd fc and become North Cumbrians. Yes IVE GOT MY CRASH HELMET ON LOL
  4. The commonwealth nines down under in April for both men's and women's team two day comp yet I have heard nothing about it . Will it be broadcast on TV ? 8 teams in men's comp and 6 teams in women's. All England , Scotland and Wales are there in men's comp
  5. winter league

    AS well as the current leagues. Some players may chose to double up , but plenty of players may chose to play winter rugby rather than summer freeing up more family time for summer hols ect
  6. Is there room for an eight team city winter league on a semi pro basis ? Starting in October running through till end of March with a three week break over Christmas and new year. That gives you 23 weeks for fixtures. Each team plays each other three times for 21 games top four make play off semis 1st v 4th 2nd v 3rd . Final to be played at who ever finishes highest that qualifies through semis. It could be away to help expand our game 8 teams from cities like Leeds, Manchester , Bradford , Hull , Liverpool , Sheffield, Cardiff , London . Maybe in time then form a second division .
  7. if we had three up three down between super league and championship , you might get more people willing to invest in championship clubs hence bring more money into the game . In early 90s there were some very big attendances in the old division two with just two up two down , I think teams like Halifax, Hull KR and Oldham all averaged over 5,000 . I remember 9,000 watching league two game between Huddersfield and Halifax. Then 8,000 at Rochdale v Oldham in Rochdale's promotion season . Maybe we license the top two leagues.
  8. barrow

    I think the rams will be ok they looked to have made a few good signings if player keep injury free they will be mid table .
  9. Reserve and Academy teams

    If we had a reasonable reserve league , then teams looking to join our league teams like Bristol for example could play first season in reserve grade to help them get established and up to speed but joining league .
  10. Kato Ottio

    Very sad news , hope Widnes retire his shirt number as a lasting mark of respect.
  11. v salford

    Will Swinton be selling merchandise at the friendly against Salford ? I think it could be a good idea if they can get some stuff there to sell at the game .
  12. Sheffield went full time and finished below part timers so why cant london
  13. Looking forward to this one . A great traditional derby . Would love to see this fixture a regular in the super league calendar . I think Salford would benefit so much having Swinton in same league competing against them . I'm not saying its as bigger a derby as Wigan / Saints but when you look how those two team drive each other on in the battle to be beat or better there rivals , just like the two Hull clubs. Hope plenty turn out for this great fixture full of history and tradition between these two great clubs.
  14. League Restructure 2019

    Sport in our country is based mainly on history and traditions , so here's a crazy idea why not take the 8 most successful teams from Yorkshire or east of Pennines and the eight most successful teams for Lancashire/Cumbria or west of the Pennines to form one league of 16 . Play 26 weekly rounds top 8 for championship play offs . The 16 alone compete in Challenge Cup . Bring back the county Cups as midweek cup comps. Also bring back county league titles for teams who finish highest in league involving the 14 county games mixed in championship.
  15. scrumdown

    hull could have gone down if they lost by more than 80 points in last game at home to Castleford so was unlikely but not mathematically impossible