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  1. Be great to have a team at each stadium plus the odd double header at Wembley
  2. Could the two London clubs rebrand and join the NRL ? All this talk of super league expanding in to Aus and NZ how would we feel if NRL started two franchises in London and signing all our best players. Rebrand the London broncos to the London LIONS with all the best English players playing for them . Then rebrand the Skolars to London CELTS with all the best Welsh, Scots and Irish players playing for them. This would take the NRL up to 18 clubs so a fixture format could be two groups of 9 . Teams play there own group once either home or away and the other group twice both home and away . You could a London team in each group . That's a total of 26 games plus play offs .
  3. Having watched championship I feel once the split is made with super 8 and middle 8 I feel the bottom 8 are left kinda out on s limb. So maybe if we brought back the treize with the bottom 8 championship and the top 8 French teams play in a cup comp . have four pools of four two pools of championship clubs and two pools of four French clubs. One championship pool plays a French pool once with two home and two away two in each pool makes quarters .
  4. Match day prices is your club value for money ? As a fan of the game and not just one team I travel and watch different teams . But I have to say so far this season Dewsbury are great value for money at just 15 pounds in a tidy modern small stadia that creates a half decent atmosphere .it's been that good I've been there four times so far . while Bradford are 22 pound a time way to much in my eyes for the experience uyou get there. I been interested to know what other fans think and how much people are prepared to pay to see a match . Another question is how did Sheffield get that ground past for the championship ?
  5. Sad to see no coverage of challenge cup this weekend on TV . a wasted opportunity the Dewsbury v Bradford game could have been a good advert for our lower level surely it could have been put on the red button . is it time to look at another terestial TV partner for our sport. The super league show is poor and on at silly times . I can't see why the show couldn't go on Saturday afternoon with soccer scores popping up
  6. why don't world club winners get a gold star on there badge like football world cup winners ?
  7. got to say I love the widnes kit for the magic weekend . Would love to hull fc do something similar with hull kr adopting a sunderlnd style look .
  8. With New Zealand touring this season could we not reward the top four with tour games ? Could the super league champions play New Zealand a week before the first test with the other three playing midweek matches against them ? Also increase world club to four teams with two games Saturday and two games sunday .
  9. looking at next seasons two league of 12 and the format (which im not convinced of) so I thought id looked at other possible ideas while keeping in the same time scale . At moment I think if IM right we play 27 weekly rounds and four play offs plus 5 challenge cup for 36 weeks . With two games at easter that makes 35 weeks . My idea would be to have two leagues of twelve playing 28 weekly rounds . Then a third division of 13 playing 26 weekly rounds for 24 games . The format for super league and championship would be each team plays each other home and away for 22 rounds . Then going on this seasons positions odds v evens places one more time for six more games taking it to 28 rounds . So 1st this season extra games would be v 2nd at home , 4th away , 6th at home 8th away , 10th at home 12th away . Play offs could be top six with 3rd v 4th and 5th v 6th . Then 1st v lowest and 2nd v other followed by final . So that would be three play off rounds for league total of 31 rounds . The magic weekend I would turn in to an international weekend ranking each team in Europe so 1st v 2nd , 3rd v 4th and 5th v 6th . Winner of 1 v 2 would be champions with the loser dropping down to third rank for the year after . 3v 4 winner moves up next season and loser drops down like wise 5 v 6 . So teams can move up through ranks quickly . So add that one weekend to my fixture list gives me 32 rounds . I would revamp challenge cup so that the top 8 eight super league clubs come in at the last 16 stage so they only play four rounds . Also if we still want promotion play offs after grand finals we could have league one grand final winners hosting 12th place in championship for a place in next seasons championship and like wise championships grand final winners hosting 12th place super league club for a place in next seasons super league.
  10. Just checked on cougars web site . It says ladies are free admission on sunday .
  11. Its early in season but a few questions . Should Bradford been allowed to sign players on loan when in administration ? What I saw of the Wakefield v Bradford game could London finish above them both and escape after all that was one of the worse adverts for our game both were shocking . Our league standards are going backwards will the new structure be enough to save it ? Another thing on new structure is the championship going to revert back to two points for a win and one for a draw when its up and running ? Also looking at the new middle section play off system I don't see any reward for finishing ninth in super league ? How can a team who finishes bottom may be losing every match in regular rounds then start level with a team who finished ninth ? I would have carried over points gained from each other in regular season then play cross league matches against the top four championship sides home and away for 8 games with 4th in league then playing 5th in winner take all match. Looking at last season for example the league at start would look like this before playing cross league matches. league PL PTS diff Wakefield 6 11 +121 Featherstone 6 10 +91 Sheffield 6 8 +31 London 6 5 -26 Salford 6 5 -66 Halifax 6 4 +2 Castleford 6 3 -29 Leigh 6 2 -124 imagine the pressure on Castleford , Salford and London all would have to make up points on there championship opponents . So Castleford would play Featherstone , Sheffield , Halifax and Leigh all home and away .
  12. just wondering what would happen if London went down this year and we bring in Toulouse as well . Then the year later catalan came down . HOW would clubs in the championship fund them away trips ? Plus imagine if then they all finished in the bottom 8 of the championship it would be a financial disaster.
  13. got to be honest im not in favour of this new look . Theres no expansion in this infact it looks to me like a step backwards. While you could say the current super had gone a bit flat the new set up brings nothing new. How is this to help England , wales and France ? WE should have sort investors to add new teams to the fourteen . Toulouse should have been added and the crusaders relocated to Cardiff . The possibility of another new team in Manchester . The sixteen could have looked like this Bradford ,Cardiff , Catalan , Huddersfield , Hull FC , Hull KR , Leeds , London , Manchester , St Helens , Salford , Toulouse , Wakefield , Warrington , Widnes and Wigan. European Rugby League Championship 26 weekly rounds with straight top eight play offs like the old premiership. Then instead of challenge cup just have the 16 teams in European knock out cup .
  14. The world cup has so far been fantastic and I cant wait for new season after this. But no one seems to know whats happening with the future structure of the leagues what a shame. Also clubs could have been banging down doors with great season ticket offers till Christmas say while people are on a high with the sport. The RFL as well as pushing the world cup tickets should be pushing the challenge cup out there and the super league grand final as well as the magic week end. After Cardiff at week end should the magic weekend go back there build on the interest in the area. Maybe even take the challenge cup semis on the road as a double header. We could have got these fixtures set in stone and been pushing these events out with the world cup. IE if the magic week end was at Cardiff next season we could have been selling this game last Saturday and maybe offering discount tickets to fans who bought both. For me the RFL always seem to think short term and not long term.
  15. Went to game last night v rams , chairman made statement the club have a meeting with owlerton owners and council on friday with the hope of moving in there. Well done the rams fans last night they must have brought 300 and around ten of them never stop singing well done lads.Shame on Eagles stay away fans though last ever game at dv and only 893 turned up and like I said around 300 were from dewsbury. It hardly sends a message to the council when only around 600 fans turn out .