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  1. lets be honest you could make a case for more than half the league teams to be chopped including traditional teams. look at championship Bradford in disarray so are Swinton who like people say don't play in Swinton. Oldham another team who don't play in there home town. Even my own club Sheffield are in a mess off the field.
  2. id be happy if we had pay per view for RL games say £3 a match for super league games with one Thursday and one Friday . The look at two championship matches one Saturday and one Sunday say at £2 a match . So a tenner a week for four live games
  3. I agree lets see where they are in five years probably gone. look at all the hype when crusaders went into super league 10,000 first game crowd but soon plummeted look at paris 17,000 first game down to 500 at the end . Gateshead also . The novelty value will soon disappear in the mean time traditional clubs have to make way to appease these people who wanna play for a while then get bored and walk away .
  4. should the eagles as a club bite the bullet and totally relocate from Sheffield for ever ? like many big cities football is king . look at Liverpool there rl club couldn't survive . Could somewhere like Scunthorpe be a realistic target for a rugby league club. Talk of a new stadium getting built there. Would still have Doncaster as local derbie and still close to the local talent pool areas of the west Yorkshire clubs and the two hull clubs.
  5. should look to try and get eight team league based in Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. Maybe four teams in or around both cities. Tap into universities . For me Wales, Scotland and Ireland should all aim for eight team leagues. Also play in challenge cup and the Ipro cup.
  6. With the south Africans teams looking like joining the pro 12 union league. Could RL look at inviting teams from South Africa to join our league ?
  7. the problem is RFL lack a number of quality stadia. Ground share stadiums are in the main to big . What's needed is a couple of RL stadiums around the 20,000 capacity . Its a shame certain clubs can't ground share new stadia and build them a bit bigger. Could Blackpool be a possible venue in future for the semi's . Keep with it so it becomes a tradition could be a great weekend for RL fans one game Saturday and one Sunday.
  8. and you wonder why crowds are poor for such an important game and people say the cup is losing its magic
  9. why we playing a semi Friday night ? A few years ago I went to both semis when one game was played Saturday and the other Sunday with both played at Huddersfield was a great week end
  10. well done ironmen first win today
  11. still think there's a case for England to play a combined Celtic Nations team . There's around 36 Celtic Nation players playing in Super League plus seven at the London Broncos and 3 at Hull KR so around 46 players to chose from . It could be our answer to state of origin.
  12. could a super league mid week summer nines be a way to go
  13. How long should a season be. Should we start in February or March ? Should we end in October or November . If we started February and ended end of November that 43 weeks is this too many or would you want this and if so what would you want ? How many league games ? cup games ? international games. Like wise if we started in March and ended end of November that's 39 weeks what would you want to see. Or start March and end end of October for 35 weeks . Or start February and end end of October for 39 weeks . What the best start and finish and what would you like to see to fit the weeks more or less league games ? less or more play offs ? more cup games ? or more international games ?
  14. fans weren't complaining when Bradford were playing leeds for or five times a season infront of 20,000 plus crowds
  15. the max each team would play each other in four leagues of ten is 3 times in league , maybe once in challenge cup , once in play offs so that's five max