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  1. I hope to god hull kr are relegated, absolute #### of rugby league
  2. Easier to get rid of a player of tautai's quality or lack of it. Dilly fingers will be got shut off no problem, as for Bateman assaulting a team mate, what was the truth in that??
  3. Long shot and cheeky could anyone be kind enough to let me use there BT password for the boxing tomorrow night please. DM me if yes thanks in advance
  4. Griffin and temper???? Hahahahahahahaa that's Griffin's biggest problem he isn't aggressive enough. He's like a little wimp, I'd be looking to get shut of him
  5. I'd be happy to replace BF, Naulago as back up with Swift starting on one wing and Fonua on the other.
  6. Looks to have played his last game for West Tigers, season ending injury suffered last week. Could he make the return to a Hull FC?
  7. This is true, no coincidence Liam Watts is with Westerman sister and Watts n Taylor didn't get on at all. Then St and JW had a fight at training the week of the catalan game, both was dropped however JW ended up been brought in as a late replacement. Well done to Lee Radford for getting rid of the trouble n bad eggs at the club. No one bigger!!!
  8. Prove it or don't come on here making rumours up
  9. Gwlym lloyd was saying the atmosphere was poor, 8010 fans, no wonder must av been like a library, I rang my mate up who was at the game and he said "I forgot to put my phone on silent u woke me up"
  10. Wigan will win this by an absolute stretch, Tony Smith job will be under massive threat if he gets the hiding I believe he will. Smith out already some kr fans who I know are saying
  11. If you read the line ups and see for example, S. Tomkins 29 13th on the team sheet, and you think "oh he's playing loose forward" , then I'm sorry for me you need to go to bed. As for team lists, it's dependent on the team. I.e Salfords team is by squad number, others by alphabetical!!! Does it matter that much or aint got nothing else to do.
  12. Jesse leaving cas at the end of the season, to be back home with his wife
  13. Just what I'm hearing pal in the local boozer off the local swiller, what he says is gospel, even if it is after 15pints
  14. Hudgell on a flight back from NYC was overheard by a Hull Daily Mail reporter talking about sacking Sheen's, is what I've heard!!!
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