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  1. That's my thinking on the hooker interchange. I do agree with Connor at centre but he's just as good in the halves. He could become a integral part of the squad
  2. Williams out injured will Connor play in the halves now,???
  3. Yes BBC 2 i believe 9:00pm ill be bladdered
  4. Hullfan

    USA visa

    Just asked my pal what he did, he was imprisoned for a total of 11 days out of a 10 week sentence. For refusing to do community service when he was 19 he's now 34 so was a while ago. Appreciate the replys thanks a lot I'll pass it on 😊
  5. Hullfan


    Love a bit of gammo me
  6. I'm looking for some help regarding going on a family holiday to florida. I've been told people with a criminal record cannot be accepted for a visa albeit in the past and spent convictions. Is there any way to find out if you can be accepted without booking an holiday then to be told sorry you can't get a visa. Thanks for any replys!! #askingforamate😋
  7. Just got in, I'm bladdered the ref cost us the game. How many times is this going to happen to us. Coyh
  8. Richardson 1st try 20/1 £10 ive had Saints will score 40+
  9. Do hull have any lads returning from injuries or is it likely to be same 19 as last week
  10. This should have been on sky, 2 teams going for top 4. I think it'll b an outstanding game. Hull by 2
  11. Hullfan

    Hull league 2018

    Nothing can be done with the present committee, like u say there don't have no plan in plac, No ideas and I totally agree with last minute thing
  12. Can't stop laughing at this signing it's hilarious, what a small poor club
  13. Hullfan

    Hull league 2018

    This hull and District summer league is really becoming a waste of everyone's time. I went to watch nhk v lambwath on Saturday, nhk had 12 players and won 56-8 how is this doing anyone any favours. Even the referee said he will be telling the league he doesn't want to ref this league any more. It needs scrapping I'm afraid, the committee need to see what's happening and decide the ###### up there have on the committee meetings midweek is not worth running the league for. Sad state of affairs but it's over imo!!!
  14. This is an awful signing, but one to be expected by Tim sheen's, let's be honest who else is going to go there. The club is a mess top to bottom. I can only see relegation for them