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  1. Hullfan

    Koppy leaves Salford

    I'd have him over micky paea at hull
  2. Hullfan

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    I've been going to watch hull fc home n away for last 11years. I'm truly worried for the club at the minute, Pearson says making proper signings. These 4 players who we've acquired are absolutely no we're near "proper" signings. Let's have it right if Hull KR had signed these 4 all FC fans would av been laughing at them. If I was radford I'd get out the club sharpish because he's got everything to coach at the very very top he'll be the one who suffers when this goes wrong and it will do by March. Embarrassing
  3. Apologies if I've missed this elsewhere, but is the midweek game televised??
  4. Hullfan


    They av a very very strong team
  5. Hullfan


    How did three tuns get on today
  6. I agree however its just what's been spoken about around these parts
  7. Welhams moved back to Hull months ago aswel. Couldnt settle in Salford. He's lookin for a more local club, Wakefield favourites to sign him
  8. Hullfan

    Grand Final 2019

    Tell me to mind my own business but what do u do for a living, ur boss needs a slap!! A year in advance that's ludicrous
  9. Hullfan

    2019 Signings

    Rhys handbury to kr aswel
  10. Both, its well known if another sl club got relegated then the parachute payment would be split between the, 2. So clearly widnes av turned up or not to get hammered this game to make sure kr stay in the sl. I for one hope we never ever see widnes in sl ever again
  11. Could this be widnes worried about sharing the parachute payment with another super league club, if kr was to go down. Just a thought
  12. Admitted to hospital with meningitis and pluresy. Hope he recovers great player. All the best
  13. Zak hardaker as been arrested today/tonight