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  1. When does the league start
  2. Is the Hull fc game live a definite??
  3. Is this genuinely Chris Sandow,??
  4. Does anybody know much about Brandon westerman at Castleford, ie how they think he'll go in the first team
  5. Embarrassing
  6. Queens are rhubarb
  7. Are Queens still carrying there reputation??
  8. Why wouldn't it be going ahead??
  9. Does anybody no other then there official site were to get one from??
  10. He's an ex Hull fc player then went around championship clubs, for one reason or another he lost interest in the game
  11. Fryston warriors didn't use the knock your head off tactic against north Hull, maybe because NHK stood up to them. Always like to see that happen it's funny to see there reaction
  12. Disgraceful by Hull kr
  13. I'm hoping to get there myself but be watching through the fence ☺️