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  1. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday against local team north Hull Knights. Should be a entertaining game
  2. I accidentally stumbled across it walking my dog, later found out the Ppl who run the hull and district rugby league in hull, have fallen out with NHK because they chose to go to Yorkshire league. Therfore won't put any write ups etc in Hull Daily Mail for them. Shame really but shows how hull and district is been run
  3. Wat a fantastic game I just watched. NHK taking it 26-24 last kick penalty to win it. Absolutely frantic pace from start to finish. Credit to both teams well done great game!!
  4. Beverley A v North Hull Knights
  5. What a performance by Sam tomkins Englands number 1 he's a absolute superstar super sam
  6. What a player this kid looks, fc reserves won 36-30 scored 2 quality trys miloudi..... Big future all keep an eye out for him Ull be impressed
  7. That explains it then because I have no interest in French rugby league it offers zero to our competition. Imo obviously
  8. Am I the only person to never have heard of this guy
  9. I'm going to get to the NHK v donny toll bar game. 2 struggling teams atm. Should be high scoring
  10. Any truth in the scrum. Half of siddal signing for Leeds
  11. Salford hull kr, already hearing from kr fans there planning a revenge visit
  12. Semi finals this weekend, anybody know venue and date for the final