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  1. Beverley info?

    Got a millionaire backing them apparently!! Can't see them winning many games to be honest. I might pop down and have a look when season does start.
  2. Beverley info?

    Thought this was info on how much there offering players to play for them this coming season, disappointed now. But good luck with what your looking for !!
  3. Tom Johnstone

    Wanted Hull FC to replace Fonua with this kid, agree with rest of comments he will play NRL and international football In future for sure.
  4. Hope his brother hakim can knuckle down and challenge for first team games at hull
  5. BOCM cup

    North Hull Knights v Brownies Bulldogs, Ko 12pm Boxing day. West hull arlfc Should be a good game!! My Xmas fix over the holiday period!!!
  6. Catalans signing?

    Is this true??? Terrible move for him if it is
  7. World Club Challenge

    Are they actually any confirmed wcc fixtures for 2018?????
  8. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Yes they do , 2 I can think of nev Morrison and louis sheriff
  9. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Ovenden v nhk should never ever have been played absolutley ridiculous
  10. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    I was told by three tuns players after there Yorkshire cup game against East Leeds, that the regular pennine east leeds players who was dropped for the ncl players were all complaining saying how wrong it is that there was picked ahead of them. I tend to agree. The Yorkshire cup should run through summer so teams with nc teams can't play them. Its only way to solve it
  11. Lock Lane v East Leeds Ovenden v North hull Both ties played this weekend 9/12/17, I've been watching NHK and must say how good they looking. Admittedly don't know much if anything about the other 3 teams. Unfortunately work comes first so won't b going to watch this weekend. Does anybody know were the final is at??
  12. SPOTY

    AJ hands down
  13. Roby will be fine doing that as long as the forwards are doin there bit. Each specialist position needs another position to do well for them to play well and be effective!!
  14. Unlucky for the player, but can only think its a blessing for england. Roby been one of England's best players this tournament without question behind McGillivray and widdop!!
  15. can bateman pass to his winger

    Im a huge fan of Bateman, but not at centre. Michael Jennings is for me the best at centre at the moment. Not many specialist around. Duggan is quality, but its easy for Aussies just see on Saturday morning!! Chambers will terrorise Bateman he'll definitly need burgess as his 2nd row I wouldn't like to have burgess at 13 if SO is ruled out.