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  1. Salford hull kr, already hearing from kr fans there planning a revenge visit
  2. Semi finals this weekend, anybody know venue and date for the final
  3. Awful performance by NHK at east hull, can see it been a long season for them if the players don't commit
  4. Ev2 sports
  5. North Hull Bentley again, should be another poor game. I'm going over to east Hull for the Beverley game. Should be a good one
  6. £10. On welham first try 16/1
  7. NHK was clinical 76-16
  8. Good win for NHK I believe they have a good chance of winning the cup. Who does anyone else fancy. I'm only sayin NHK because I see them the most ha
  9. Sure will, was told that it was away
  10. Any fixtures this weekend?
  11. Has the vnue for the final been confirmed, missed last seasons due to the arrival of my daughter
  12. It has been known, would he have given it had it not been kickable is my question