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  1. RIP Steve.... Condolences to his family and friends....
  2. OttO


    It's embarrassing that a so-called professional club has failed to publicise admission prices 3 days before a match.....
  3. OttO


    Any idea what the price for admission is???
  4. Towns odds dropped to 8/1 during the week after signing Sean Penkywicz ....
  5. Only 5 comments over on deludedfans.com regarding Eppies sad passing yet you come on here trolling to attack Town fans..... I showed my respect at the season launch night and at the match last Saturday.....
  6. Was chatting with Eddie Bowman on last Friday and he told me the same tale of been banned from all pubs in Whitehaven after he signed for Town....
  7. With Howarth and Mossop leaving, it will have freed some of the budget up.....
  8. I have.... Carabao is a Thai energy drink company...., very similar Red Bull which also had it's origins in Thailand.... You'd be surprised how much Thai companies are investing in sport sponsorship...
  9. And on the day they were facing a winding -up order they put out a statement saying they were not in difficulty contrary to the rumour mill...... And it's not the first time this year they've been under threat of being wound up.....
  10. Has Scott put on a dress and joined the Ladies Committee now?
  11. Yep, Holland and Roper gone as well......
  12. OttO

    Tee Ritson

    Sad to see Tee leaving and wish him all the best... Heard a rumour that he was off to University, so it wouldn't be easy travelling to training and playing with combining study....
  13. Previously banned poster returns..... yep, you're a troll!!!
  14. Loosing Tee to Newcastle would be a huge loss and certainly a bigger loss than Callum leaving...
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