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  1. Since when were Egremont and Wath Brow in Whitehaven???. They are not in Whitehaven!!! Obviously your not doing well in Geography at school.....
  2. Haven fans claiming the ref was deliberately keeping the score down....
  3. Why would the All Golds throw away home advantage? Probably because the fixture will attract a much higher attendance at Workington...
  4. It gets even funnier down the road......Someone got caught telling an untruth with regards to the "pay to use the forum" poll that only 7% voted for.... Oh dear!!!
  5. Hee hee...... get the popcorn out... is getting quite funny now with rumours of locals quitting because of DR!!!
  6. I think some fans were expecting too much after the good performances prior to playing Thunder.... give them time and they will come good...
  7. Yes and they will have spent it all by now signing all those superstars who they thought were good enough for them to win the league....
  8. I'm not surprised about Haven's sponsors pulling out since NMP got kicked out of Sellafield, it was only a matter of time before they pulled the plug...
  9. Don't worry, Haircut94 will be along soon to start yet another fund-raising scheme...
  10. Another one signed up... great news!!!
  11. Sounds like they're panicking already and have obviously realised their expensively assembled squad isn't as good as they thought it was after narrowly sneaking their first win of the year....
  12. Something to do with losing their main sponsor apparently.....
  13. LOL, so who are the Jam-pie eaters now???
  14. Great news!!!
  15. It is the clubs responsibility to ensure the required medical stuff is available.... it should have been checked well beforehand to see nothing was missing or out of date, not when the doctor turned up. The doctor and match commissioner do the check to verify everything is present and correct.... The deluded ones have tried to divert have blame away from their beloved club.... And let's not forget rugby matches aren't the main priority for doctors... patients are!!!