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  1. Quality signing... his experience will be of great help to the young lads in the team
  2. I was referring to amateurs that Haven have signed over the last few seasons.... players like Milburn and Bewsher...
  3. It's a good bet some of the lads they signed from the amateur ranks will quit before the end of the season due to getting no game time despite training their backsides off!!! History will repeat itself....
  4. Haven have signed them, a case of strawberry jam was involved. Yep, apparently Haven found out Town were in talks with them. Haven offered to beat Towns offer, would pay cash in hand and threw in pallet load of strawberry jam for a signing on fee, so they signed for Haven instead.
  5. Surprised them lot down the road are priced at 14/1, especially with the fans on claiming their squad is the best outside of Superleague and they'll stuff Toronto.... I thought they would have been odds-on favourites!!!
  6. And the Haven fans fell for it hook, line and sinker!!!
  7. Well what do you expect from!!! Their fans think they are going to do the league and cup double....
  8. Christmas is approaching and I think all Town fans are hoping for more announcements with regards to players signing!!!!
  9. Ooooh..... is somebody teasing us? Don't worry, the Haven trolls will be along soon to spoil it for us!!!
  10. So the season hasn't even started and some of the Haven locals are quitting.....
  11. Great news...
  12. Haven shirt for next season looks very bland.....
  13. Last season is the past...... It's time to move on and give the the coaching team, the players and the BOD our full support. After listening to what was said last night I am feeling very positive about the season ahead...
  14. You seem to conveniently forget that the NZ Scotland match at Headingley was a World Cup Quarter Final and many people would have booked tickets before they knew who was playing
  15. If it was such a bad place for the Kiwis to play then why didn't the Kiwis object to the choice of ground when it was announced? And also it wasn't the first visit of Kidwell to Derwent Park... he played in a match there in 2000 when Samoa beat the New Zealand Maori in the World Cup...