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  1. Hunt didn’t say his biggest weakness was trying to knacker up the NHS
  2. That will probably be all of them piling into him for the duration as he’s their biggest threat . It will be interesting how he handles it and if he comes out unscathed
  3. He’s tried way to hard and just sounded puffed up and arrogant
  4. This is the most sense Boris has ever made .... not opening his mouth at all by being somewhere else
  5. How can a guy be PM if he is bamboozled by putting the bins out ?
  6. I guess this is what cabinets been like for three years .....
  7. I never knew these were so marvellous ... Ive done this , I’ve done that , I can do , I’m great etc etc . Wow they’ve all been hiding their light under a collective bushel . None answered Krishnans key point , ‘ how you gonna do it , and where were you before ‘
  8. I know Kohli , sorry ' Virat ' , is a great player buy boy all the commentators do fawn over everything he does , however basic , and up it to superhuman levels .
  9. Does any of them have a plan . Other than ‘ I can do it ‘ I’ve heard little illuminating detail . They’re all gonna face the same arithmetic in the House and the same EU on the other side . They’re all being disingenuous in selling anything different
  10. Masterly inactivity isn’t a new political game plan in office , but usually not before you get elected
  11. This is Catalans . Very strange inconsistent outfit . Like a lot in SL really this year
  12. Don’t know if it’s just perception but Mead doesn’t seem to be having the impact I remember him having a couple of years back
  13. Wonder what his electorate think ? Suddenly they’ve got a rep who’s been through more parties than Mick Jagger and now they’re a hip Lib Dem area ! He should really be putting himself up for a by-election
  14. I used to quite like Chuka but he really has lost the plot a bit and got himself in a right old muddle . Anna Soubry will be sitting there chuntering away endlessly with that face like bad fat look on her own soon
  15. What can you say ? Since day one the bloke has come across as gold standard . I hope we can do everything humanly possible to get him to stay
  16. That’s a good one . I’m gonna note that to use sometime in the future !
  17. Good point . It’s very curious how they want to wipe out those years , which I’m sure were labours most electorally successful ever with huge landslides . They seem to want to turn everything inside out . But then they probably hated it then , regardless . Curious . Maybe they should learn from it about what it took to win . But they’re moving back instead ... or maybe they don’t want to win and are just happy protesting from the outside in their comfort zone . I’d still take Blair and Brown all day long
  18. He’s having real trouble now up against SL centres defensively and in making the same attacking contribution , so up against NRL centres it’s gonna be a huge challenge . Must say I’m surprised by this ... but not surprised it’s with the Titans
  19. Seen a little bit of debate about Chris Gayle’s clowning antics and it being like he was in a benefit game
  20. Yeh that’s right . One of those I find a bit unfair is when a player loses it , the ball just touches an opposition player and yet the guy was gonna recatch it anyway . They call that a knock on but it’s a little pedantic . You see opposition players just trying to get a touch on it to do that on purpose .
  21. The ruck up here is a mess , over 90% of pens must be there . And the ball steal pen is a huge part . Half the time the ref is guessing and so it’s inconsistently ruled . To me the default should be knock on . For to long it’s seemed to be the other way . If you can’t keep hold of it hard luck , unless it’s 100% stone cold clear reefing motion . Contact in a tackle , not clear or the ball popping out should be knock on . It’s impossible with 2 or 3 man tackle for there not to be contact with the ball . And you’re told to lock up the ball - those ones where they do that and it cones out or is let go , or pulling a trapped arm out and the player letting it go are rubbish pens . Put the onus on the man with the ball as a default start . You’re strong enough , have ball control . And to many errors penalised .What about make the one on one rule a two on one rule .... Ray Warren advocated that . These pens are important so don’t throw them around like confetti . then after that make a player stand up ... play it WITH their foot , give the ruck more structure and we may be a bit tidier . The complete obsession with speed at the ruck has made it a total farce
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