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  1. I loved the tweet on Esther Mcvey’s twitter when someone said ‘ would you like help with your universal credit application ?’
  2. DavidM

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    William Goldman who won Oscars for writing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the Presidents Men
  3. DavidM

    2019 kits

    Outstanding ! Best I can recall in ages . We’ll be doing good business with that . Clean , smart , modern but also traditional
  4. DavidM

    New kit

    Oh boy that is the business ! I can’t recall a better smarter looking top than that . One Christmas gift sorted
  5. Geoffrey Cox or Geoffrey Boycott ?
  6. I’ve got that Barclay now . He was the health minister who told Andrew Neil that it was the biggest funding injection ever in the NHS and got totally savaged and had no idea what to say . Another who as totally ineffective and anonymous . Basically she’s surrounded by her little praetorian guard of supporters and people who’ve come up with her and she’s promoted along the way . The few outliers have been shackled by not resigning
  7. Surely the Queen doesn’t have to approve every cabinet appointment ? I mean really... wonder if she ever says ‘ nah find someone else ‘ just for a laugh .
  8. All politicians now have to have the compulsory coffee cup as they go anywhere now . It seems to be the thing now to look the part and ‘ I haven’t got a minute ‘ . The eponymous coffee cup is everywhere
  9. DavidM

    The TV Thread

    Unbelievably the aforementioned Indoor League is now on sky 431...engrossing table football championships with a hotshot from Doncaster involved . The tension is quite literally unbearable . I really need some friends
  10. If there’s 80ish in the ERG , and some of these letters of no confidence are from remainers you’d think it would be easy peasy to get these 48 letters . I’m surprised , especially given their rhetoric , that there isn’t . It looks like just being blow hards at present
  11. Handful of May supporters I’ve heard this morning have all got the memo about saying “ national interest “ a lot . Unfortunately not one interviewer has actually pressed them that it may mean different things to different people . The cheerleaders also all May-like totally ignore the related point about parliamentary arithmetic being against her , and just carry on regardless . They’re gonna get a rude wake up call then eventually.
  12. DavidM

    Town agree sponsorship deal with Myers & Bowman.

    They’ve been good backers of town . Well done to both in taking this on further
  13. DavidM

    Dear Diary

    Just had an automated call saying ‘ you’re internet has been compromised and will be shut off within 24 hours ... ‘ . Bye . I didn’t get to press 1 for this or that . I’d luckily heard of this scam before.
  14. Now you’ve put it in mine ... thanks 😢.Now if you’ve gone Right Said Fred ...
  15. DavidM

    Dear Diary

    No doubt . But they have cold showers I guess
  16. Rory Stewart must be eyeing a big job , the amount of bootlicking he’s done today in a small minority
  17. Totally . No sign of getting this through , vote of no confidence , opposition left and right .... just plods on in her own bubble
  18. National interest ... national interest.... she always does this for some reason . She gets a slogan and just repeats it ad nauseam like a mantra . Strong and stable , nothing has changed etc etc . Just robotically repeating things , often things that don’t mean anything . What she says is the national interest obviously isn’t to most other people who’ve spoken today . Reality doesn’t matter , I’ll hammer home my point till you believe it
  19. DavidM

    Rovers Rebooted...

    I like Keinhorst . I think he’s a very good signing so that move may make sense
  20. Funnily enough the cat has just gone into number 10 while the reporter was speaking ....
  21. Right decision ..... it’s a catastrophe , would be catastrophic career wise , the country is in a cataclysmic state . I’ll pummel it home till you get it ....
  22. The Govemeister apparently said his price for taking the brexit job is to renegotiate the whole thing ....
  23. DavidM


    Ricky Bailey ?