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  1. DavidM

    York City Knights

    Best racecourse for sure
  2. DavidM

    Food and drink thread

    I bought some dandelion and burdock from home bargains today . Haven’t had it since I was a kid
  3. DavidM

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    Yeh it could still be Toulouse and London so good theory
  4. DavidM


    Whyte should have fought Wilder by now as his mandatory but Wilder didn’t want any part of him . Whyte has done everything , jumped through every hoop , and had been frozen out . More than deserves his shot
  5. DavidM

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    It’s fascinating with so many permutations . Toronto could yet fall out if it all together .
  6. I take it bringing a sample was voluntary ?
  7. DavidM

    The TV Thread

    It’s just all so false . Everything they try to portray . But as you say , beneath the bonhomie you know right below the surface is the truth if you step off script
  8. DavidM

    Doncaster predictions

    Agreed . Staring us in the face for some time ... Can’t blame them for getting as many eligible players as possible , they scored three tries yesterday , in a massive game . It’s a big factor especially if it’s in key positions , and I’m sure they’re confident at home . The pressure and expectation is on them then so just gotta make sure you turn up and do yourself justice , and it’s all on
  9. I didn’t hear it , can’t stand the guy , but seen a little bit with on him on the politics show where he said the next leader ‘ must ‘ be a woman . Thought that was bizarre , none of this radical notion of picking the best person on merit and on who you are rather than what you are . Seems he’s wiped out half the population from consideration
  10. No you didn’t miss it ...
  11. DavidM

    Doncaster predictions

    Leon talking of the problems caused us on the edges and how our back three were “appalling” with errors and missed tackles
  12. DavidM

    The TV Thread

    Yes , I always liked his travelogues . I wonder how many people are behind the camera watching him , and he’ll know his hotel room is bugged . It’s all eerily robotic and regimented , and the scene in the school showed the brainwashing they go through
  13. This league which has been so vibrant is obviously just a leftover from all the restructurings and decision making . They don’t really know what to do with it , or probably care . Reducing teams even more will be a big problem . It’s a shame after it was garnering momentum , now it seems there’s more questions after everything else is sorted
  14. DavidM


    Yes , just bring it round now
  15. DavidM

    Doncaster predictions

    Exactly . We talk endlessly about not being sloppy and patchy because if you put together the game your capable of there really is no one around to frighten you . Now it’s on the day , no coming back tomorrow , and that’s a factor on it’s own . Who handles it . We’ll see . You wouldn’t really be surprised whatever happened , and that’s part and parcel of the rollercoaster of being a town fan !
  16. Reports in the Sun that a rules meeting discussed shot clocks for scrums and drop outs , with more complaints about the length of games .... and the introduction of golden point
  17. DavidM

    Doncaster predictions

    This season . I think I read that he may have hyperextended his elbow and was getting it scanned , but Leon wasn’t hopeful on him
  18. DavidM

    Golden Point ?

    Can you imagine if someone put their hand up and quietly suggested it ... everyone else looks down , shuffles papers and said person leaves room in total embarrassment
  19. DavidM

    NRL Grand Final

    The pregame seems to go on a hell of a long time so probably about 10.45 . And half time seems to be an age to going on the souths game yesterday !
  20. DavidM

    Doncaster predictions

    I don’t think Singleton is gonna play again
  21. DavidM


    Well done guys . They don’t give league titles away . Deserved over a long , tough , hard fought season . This has been no Mickey Mouse league as I disgracefully have heard it called this year . It’s been one of the hardest fought , best league one comps in ages . You should be proud coming through it so well . I wish you all the best next year in holding your own and nudging forward again
  22. Yeh but that was Child so you accept it ...
  23. He likes putting his two penneth in on every political matter. Who made him important , hasn’t he got a union to run and day job to concentrate on ?
  24. Probably copied that tactic from some of the leaders he admires