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  1. That right . I didn’t know that
  2. That’ll prove to be a huge difference this year . He’ll get the job done , comfortably you’d think
  3. DavidM


    Yes I’d agree . Wilder talks the talk but doesn’t seem to want to walk the walk , instead shouting venom from an ocean away . Fury is a fighter he’ll take on anyone and him and AJ will be the biggest fight and money spinner probably ever here
  4. Thoroughly professional display . Look to have moved on again under BMc ... Easier than the weekly euchre game 😁
  5. It’s really well done to
  6. Signed Mullally to I think I read
  7. DavidM

    London away

    What’s a euchre
  8. The man of the people won’t come up against a championship centre like that again ! Found one better than him there
  9. That really is pitiful defence
  10. DavidM

    19 man Squad

    I think looking at his biography he can play a bit of anywhere . I’d be interested where Olstrum fits in
  11. If this is the second best team god help this league . Toronto easy peasy
  12. DavidM

    British/Irish Dialects

    The joy of accents
  13. McDermott looks like he’s really tightened this team up . It was often entertaining but a bit loose under Rowley and their defences could be breached , but they look really well drilled all round now
  14. I do wish sky would stop endlessly apologising for every bit of ‘ bad ‘ language . They even do it with the crowd in footy now . Don’t put mics in or around pitches or in boxing corners etc if you’re petrified of what you get . If you do just accept it
  15. DavidM

    Sharks Troubles

    If Dragons could offload Hunt Johnson could have that money
  16. I think Widnes won’t be to dischuffed . Still in it but Toronto look pretty controlled
  17. Rightly so , well done that’s how to start a season .
  18. And in late shock news Darcy Lussick gets penalised for a botched decapitation attempt.
  19. It really is crazy Leteule is playing in the championship . Must be getting huge coin
  20. I often wonder if refs need to put incidents on report . You’d think every game will be gone through and anything pertinent taken from it in review
  21. Russell will score lots of tries Eden style on that flank to
  22. DavidM

    London away

    What’s a euchre
  23. And in shock news Darcy Lussick gets put on report