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  1. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Harry Pinner did a stint there too
  2. winter league

    No. no. and...nO
  3. Kato Ottio

    Thoughts with the family
  4. RFL copy Wales rugby league

    Is this being run by the RFL or by NWC...or both ?
  5. New idea from Wales RL

    Cracking idea - in a world of iPhones and 20/20 quick fire sport, 9s, short season etc, this is the future
  6. Why not !?? nothing else to do until the return of TGG
  7. Robbery - Can you help?

    Absolutely speechless
  8. That's a no then - for centre. i think he'd have nailed the FB slot, I think we should have taken Tomkins and Eden
  9. If ZH had been available and playing at centre (or FB) would we have won. Hope ZH is well, but he cost himself and our sport dearly
  10. Firstly - and most importantly - I want a known in advance continuous four year international plan. a Euro comp every four years, a WC every four years, a Pacific cup, every four years..........and the Aussies o be leading the charge ! our is TGG
  11. Magical World Cup memories

    Indeed...next time.....
  12. Original Rugby World Cup !
  13. RU fans ignore this massive abuse and stain on their history, it's our job to remind them...
  14. Very very good post - though tad too generous to the Aussies, they can and must do more...