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  1. Hull done sport proud tonight in honouring their VC player
  2. Playing with fire......
  3. This is a good - very good - story
  4. This is simply excellent news.....really well done by Serbia !
  5. Best of luck and speedy recovery
  6. Sorry, who won ?
  7. How about moaning to the BBC to treat our sport with respect - of get lost
  8. Yes. clear message to BBC, pay up or show crown green bowling instead. delighte sport standing up for itself. £3.50 bargain for our respect
  9. Wow ! off you pop - go and try arranging a game there then ! hope you like porridge. under hand shameless low life call it what you like....it's banned
  10. RL has never banned RU. No surrender to this lot
  11. Why on earth doesn't someone pull them up about this?
  12. Great news. our spot has always been inclusive. We need to do more to reach out to Asian communities within the UK
  13. Poor decision. one game at best just to set the standard of don't touch the ref. why didn't peacock get a ban the other year back ?
  14. Well, it's made me smile !