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  1. Not all that different.–18_Northern_Rugby_Football_Union_Wartime_Emergency_League_season
  2. Danny Ansell

    Fully agree Lenin, if it had been Union we'd have had wall to wall Inverdale's smarmy, smug face on our TV's. At least we get all the England games live on the BBC and others on Premier, so not all bad.
  3. Danny Ansell

    Congratulations Danny on being selected for the Welsh World Cup Squad. A tough first match against PNG, shown live on Premier Sports. Here's a link for the televised games.
  4. Thirteen against and surprisingly Japan is one of 'em.
  5. Great sporting moments

    If you can spare four minutes how about this.
  6. Coronation street

    When's the audition, I'll send the wife.
  7. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I've been bowling this afternoon and lost. Tonight I'm going to a highly regarded vegetarian Indian restaurant.
  8. Rant thread

    I take 'em out of a glass on a morning and put in my mouth, sorted.
  9. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I'm into my third week abroad on holiday and although the apartment has a large flat screen TV we haven't switched it on. This is probably the longest time in over 60 years I haven't watched a TV programme.
  10. Food and drink thread

    At the risk of being called a ##### my nan's concoction also included shredded lettuce. It appears the word po nce is frowned upon
  11. Obituary thread 2017

    Donald Trump tweeted " So sad, 'The Day Of The Jackal' is one of my favourite films "
  12. Cricket 2017

    What a fantastic evening at Headingley, some big hitting, especially from Lyth, some great bowling from Bresnan (6 for 19) and to round it off Jack Leaning's unbelievable catch. More or less a full house made for an electric atmosphere, only downside was Lancashire insisting on bringing their own weather
  13. Cricket 2017

    The Yorkshire team, especially the batsmen are thought to be suffering from a virulent strain of the noruns virus.