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  1. If you think sin is boring you're not doing it right.
  2. Here she is at a Shipley bus stop drummng up support.
  3. You could have coughed up 60p and bought a copy of today's 'i' newspaper, page 5 has a quarter page article about it.
  4. Any chance that Escare has an English grandfather/mother?
  5. Dutch rhubarb, another reason to exit the EU, get it taxed.
  6. I wouldn't expect a Welshman to have the discerning palate necessary to appreciate the delicate taste of forced rhubarb. 😉 Mrs Moose makes it with an oat topping. Yesterday's masterpiece was served with fresh raspberries and single cream, no custard.
  7. Pub with rooms each night, sorted.
  8. I'm fortunate enough to live within the rhubarb triangle (Rothwell, Morley and Wakefield) so no need to grow it myself, there's plenty of farm shops in the area. When I was a youngster rhubarb was usually called tuskie/tusky, is this a regional word or is used elsewhere?
  9. Just eaten a large portion of Mrs Moose's rhubarb crumble, it is the food of gods.😃
  10. I'm a big fan of SAHB, this is one of the best cover versions of one of their classics I've heard.
  11. I've given my three, but on reflection how did I not choose Dave Allen?
  12. Kenneth Williams Tony Hancock Peter Kay
  13. Couldn't agree more. Today you could watch both the Indian Premier League 20/20 and West Indies V Pakistan in a one dayer on Sky, plus as you say every county championship match is available on local BBC radio. A veritable feast. PS not forgetting Wire V Rhinos tonight. My day is complete.
  14. Hampshire 50 odd for 5 in reply to Yorkshire's 270 odd all out. The young Tykes bowler Coad has taken all 5 wickets. The following has unashamedly been taken from the White Rose forum. New Morse Coad - dot dot wicket dot dot wicket.
  15. What a pity you ommited the last paragraph from the News Thump article Phil. We reached out to Jeremy Corbyn for comment. A representative of the leader of the opposition texted " New phone, who dis" to all major media outlets.