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  1. The TV Thread

    Without a doubt, last week's episode with the dead/not dead dog (toto) and the weeping statue of Mary will go down as a classic. Very reminiscent of The Inbetweeners.
  2. Another win for England, now 3:0 up in the five match series. Loved the barmy army singing, "we're gonna win 5:4, we're gonna win 5:4, we're gonna win 5:4"
  3. Best cover versions

    Listened to this a few times and I'm still not quite sure if I like it. A Neil Young classic covered by a young lady, a guy on a trumpet and Joe Satriani.
  4. The TV Thread

    It's hard to believe that it's the same Steve Pemberton who appears in the complete dross of 'Benidorm' It can only be for the money.
  5. Rant thread

    McDonalds on the seafront in Plays Del Ingles charge 1 whole euro for an excellent brew + it's handy if you want a Mcpee.
  6. Football

    For all you Leeds United fans who are unaware, their FA Cup match against Newport is on TV. Sky channel 952 which is BBC 1Wales. KO is 12:00pm
  7. The TV Thread

    I still haven't got over Sara Martins departure, sigh 😥
  8. 28° in Plays Del Ingles today. Looking forward to the New Year celebrations and fireworks. Happy New Year everyone, have a good one☺
  9. Another one from Will Oldham this time under his Bonnie Prince Billy moniker. Much better live is our Will, he gives this some real welly from about halfway in.
  10. I could have put this on Best Cover thread but that would be cheating. Will Oldham covering his own song Death To Everyone which he recorded under his more famous stage name Bonnie Prince Billy.
  11. The TV Thread

    Thank God for that. I was beginning to feel slightly unnerved by your uncanny ability to mirror my likes and dislikes of TV programmes and music/musicians, it was as if you'd managed to access my TV planner and record collection I love Wallace and Grommit.☺
  12. Mitchell Marsh's batting test average is 21, Peter Handscomb's is 47, hardly an improvement. Unlike Handscomb though he is a decent bowler.
  13. Best cover versions

    Depends on your definition of kids. Jet Black was 39 and the other 3 were in their late twenties.
  14. IMO the greatest ever female singer/songwriter. Joni Mitchell.
  15. The TV Thread

    What an episode it promises to be! Will Andy discover the magpie's nest and it's hoard of gold coins? Will he buy the derelict cottage? Will Toni, Lance's girlfriend leave her narrow boat and move in with him? Will Mackenzie leave a few loose ends in the storyline to maybe leave us with, fingers crossed, hopes of future episodes?