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  1. Budgie - Napoleon Bona parts 1&2 If you haven't heard it before stick with it, it seems to be going nowhere until about 2:38 mins.
  2. Big Country with a great cover version of a Neil Young classic.
  3. Unashamedly pinched from the TV programme Pointless. The blink of an eye lasts a tenth of a second, but you can't blink 10 times in a second.
  4. I know what you mean, it's uncanny how the New Year always seems to start with January and old people carry on dying.
  5. Didn't he die 2012?
  6. After my last visit to Wilkinson's I am now banned by Mrs Moose from shopping there unless accompanied by a responsible adult. I'd nipped in for some batteries and thirty minutes later, feeling rather pleased with myself came out of the store clutching not only the batteries but a ball of garden twine, a packet of broad beans seeds, (I hate broad beans) a tin of paint and, what I thought was a very reasonably priced set of stepladders. Mrs Moose was not impressed!
  7. Had a bad day?
  8. Halifax population 95,000, Scunthorpe 65,000, Exeter, 125,000, YORK, 206,000
  9. Button flies, apart from the odd chance of trapping the old John Thomas a zip wins every time. Buttons are too fiddly, especially on jeans.
  10. We have 26 players signed on but only 1 winger and 2/3 centres, IMO woefully short of three-quarters. Maybe 1 of the 7 props can play on the wing☺
  11. Get up about 8ish, pull back curtains and enjoy the view and more importantly the sunshine, exchange pressies with Mrs Moose, ablutions, then into the hotel dining room for breakfast. A wander down to the beach, coffee and brandy about 11, walk on the beach, lunch same as last few years will be a slice on Xmas cake and cheddar cheese, maybe a mince pie. Might have an afternoon nap, showered and dressed for the Xmas gala dinner in the hotel, then probably hit the resort bars for a few sherbets.
  12. The Hunslet Squad numbers are on the club's website 1 J. Watson 3 J. Norfolk 4 M. Mvududu 5 G.Duffy 6 J. Sanderson 7 D. Ansell 8 M. Haley 9 J. Lee 10 L. Reed 11 J. Normington 12 A. Wilson 13 L. Mackay Interestingly number 2 hasn't been announced yet, a new signing imminent? Can't wait for the new season to start, new coach, new players with plenty of good things going on behind the scenes. Looking forward to seeing the half-back pairing of Danny and Joe, at least we'll have probably the divisions best goalkicker in young Mr Sanderson☺
  13. Cricket in Corfu is called 'block and wallop'
  14. The King Charles pub, Lands Lane, Leeds, late sixties early seventies. The smell of wet Afghan coats, patchouli oil, cannabis, Tetley bitter and music like this on the jukebox. Happy days!