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  1. And is it RU world cup year? I'm sure the England RL lads are on £5k a match - trouble is they only play about 4 games a year as opposed to RUs 12 to 15.
  2. Err....Great atmosphere when they are packed - your point is?
  3. Great stuff by Mumby here - just about agree with him. The same topic but stating that the grounds are full would be interesting so the atmosphere is taken into account for a big crowd - Suddenly the likes of Bradford & Cas would jump up the rankings. Workington under the lights with big crowds for the WC and the 4 nations was magical - official crowd figures said it was about 2000 under capacity for those 3 games - it wasn't!! - you couldn't move and it was great.
  4. Mr Frisky

    New Grounds.

    Just in time for relegation.
  5. Leeds will go ok this season - new team and coach and a really hard start to the season as far as fixtures go. They will get going after a few home games.
  6. To be honest people of Newcastle would support anything if you put black and white strips on it so never understood why Thunder dont change their strip to match the soccer team. Few more fans potentially and why not then put a few RL tops in the Newcastle club shop - I bet they would sell a few of nothing else.
  7. Mr Frisky

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Is Will Carlin still playing?
  8. Good game, second half was a belter. NRL just that 5% above superleague still - just more clinical.
  9. Man Nann- Of course they do! Of all of the top flight RL clubs in the world (over the 2 top leagues) Wigan are in the top 10 all day long. Wigan playing at home, in the winter against an undercooked Sydney side have a decent chance - Come on SL show the NRL what we can do! If I'm wrong at least give them a good hard game.
  10. Mr Frisky

    Credit where it’s due

    Depends- Did you go Out Out or just Out??
  11. Mr Frisky

    If money was no object...

    Build Workington a 135000 capacity stadium - I was thinking 130000 would do but added an other 5000 just in case.
  12. Any idea if the Roosters have sold any tickets to their fans? I'm sure there will be the odd Aussie or two travelling up from London for the game though.
  13. Im not a Wigan fan but im really looking forward to this and will be cheering them on all the way. If they keep it tight in the first quarter they will have a chance - Wigan by 6 then wait for the Aussies to say its just a warm up match.... Is it more or less sold out now??