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  1. Mr Frisky

    Scotland RL hiring

    Let's face it though that wage isn't going to attract many decent candidates.
  2. Can we all agree then that GB have produced at least 1 top class Fullback then?
  3. How soon people forget....Chris Radlinski was one of the best of all time - remember when the RFU were all over him to go to the dark side? He would have got into the Australian team no problem, his ( more or less) replacement for GB was Wellens - very underrated at the time and especially now - Great great player. - so there is 20 years covered. Even the past 10 years (mainly) Tomkins has been a very good player- not a great but I am still happy to pay good money to watch him. So original poster- your point is??
  4. Mr Frisky

    2019 - SL and NRL on television

    I don't know what the question was but I'm assuming the answer was SKY.
  5. Mr Frisky

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    I bet you are a big bag of laughs down the pub marra.....
  6. Mr Frisky

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    And at present most Rugby fans in the county try to avoid Scaryport as it is with out building a stadium there......
  7. Mr Frisky

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    As a Mara myself no one in the county has ever pushed for a SL club merged between 3 teams - most fans up here just want to watch a game of RL. Cumbrians don't regard Barra as Cumbria and I'm sure Barra don't as well. That only leaves Haven and Town - as has been said, too few people in a big big county to get regular crowds over say 4000 for SL. Amateur game get bigger crowds than both clubs at times but there isn't the volume to support a SL club. Also a new stadium would be in one post code or the other and the fans wouldn't go with that- they would then rather watch the local amature teams and SL on TV instead. Great idea but will never work.
  8. Mr Frisky

    2019 200 Club

    Different subject but anyone know who won the £10k town flyer - cant see anything on the Town website
  9. Mr Frisky

    Leeds South Stand opening

    Think this bloke is just looking for some fish to catch. Everyone knows the new south stand is fantastic and still gives the hard core a chance to stand in their old place. The stadium now the best RL stadium in the league along with Wires- Saints very good but Wire got their layout spot on. The only point he makes that actually makes sense is the safe standing - this is where the likes of Wigan, Hull and Hudds should be pushing for safe standing for RL and all seated for soccer.
  10. Mr Frisky

    New Grounds.

    They gave Haven £5million for the ground but they spent the lot on a big pot of Jam! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Would really shake the UK press and the RFU up if a NRL team came in and got a high profile RU player like say Owen Farrell- even though he isn't good enough and it would never happen - would be good to see though and put RL back on the map.
  12. Mr Frisky

    Rugby League in the summer

    To give SKY something to show through the summer when soccer wasn't on and to line up with the NRL.
  13. Mr Frisky

    Oledzki Signs 4 Year Deal

    Well I don't think a great deal of Germans live around Leeds compared to Poles- I would say it's almost a given that a few Poles will go and watch Leeds play this season where if this lad wasn't playing they probably wouldn't. Of those few some may just like the sport and continue watching. Same as UK fans watching the NRL when Burgess etc are playing.
  14. Mr Frisky

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    So does everyone still agree Workingtons kit still leads the way here?
  15. Mr Frisky

    Will Odsal ever get redeveloped?

    Love Odsal, cant wait to see it back in SL - nothing better than 20K there on a hot summer's night against Leeds.