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  1. The one thing the RL club have done correct though is to keep plenty of standing - especially the new South Stand with seats above - nothing worse than watching football or RL with fans who want to stand but forcing them into seats. The fans stand anyway which can cause arguments and you are up and down all match regardless what the rules are. Wire did this great, Saints less so but both are still great RL stadiums and Leeds is up there.
  2. Cheers Marrow - I will tell the lads to get themselves down.
  3. I'm going to stick my neck out here and say- I bet the Sun newspaper goes to the wall before the sport of RL.
  4. Will be heading down for the next match - are drinks banned while you watch the game? If so a couple of casual fans I know may not bother - not the end if the world as the Rugby is king and the only reason to attend but shame to lose a few lads who started going this season.
  5. You know the rules on here about naming names Red Arra.... unless as a very recent new poster you are a councillor yourself marra. Maybe you know what is really going on kid.
  6. Havens are on a different level of poor to match their town centre. Talking to a new councillor today and there seems a real determination within the new group to veto this asap. Apparently just to remove the shale from DP has cost a fortune so they want to put a stop to it all now.
  7. Lets face it the stadium isn't going ahead now, too many negative people in tye area. We are all hoping it will but it's just not going to happen with the new council. Looks like its back to painting DP every year I'm afraid.
  8. Not a clue what you are babbling on about kid.
  9. If we get 8001 people for this it may force them to build a bigger stadium......
  10. What about room for all the trophies??
  11. Stand and be counted.......You really dont know anything about West Cumbria of the mentality of the Marras do you???
  12. I can see a club like Hudds going for him. They are quietly building a decent team and you would assume they have plenty of space on the cap / marquee allowance. Big name would start a buzz at the club. Saying that is it not time for Hull to prove they are a big club and spend some ££ to finally compete at the top.
  13. Obviously most of the people who have committed on this haven't bothered to read the magazine...
  14. Please not Coventry..... Newcastle or Sheffield please.
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