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  1. https://twitter.com/AaronBower/status/1139641545093734400 Worst club he could sign for really
  2. Huge development. If RTS were to follow would be similar to when JT/Fifita decided to play for Tonga. A weakened NZRL is poor result for the game. They have enough problems as it is to now be the de facto player factory for the Pacific nations.
  3. Source: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/selfless-origin-players-pass-on-chance-to-pocket-an-extra-20-000-20190613-p51xds.html [In an article about State of Origin payments, this was an interesting note] "The RLPA also floated the idea of increasing payments to players involved in internationals, but again the players passed. The Kangaroos deserved credit for taking a pay cut and splitting the money with Tonga last year so their historic Test in front of a packed Mt Smart Stadium proceeded. The Kangaroos earn $20,000 a Test, which is less than Origin but more than their Wallabies counterparts, who pocket $10,000 for each international, as well as the Socceroos ($7000)." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Im a Trade Union man through and through, and you should get paid for your work - but when we struggle to afford any International Tests involving the Kangaroos, the RLPA should think about the end goals of their objectives. Kudos to the senior Australian players here.
  4. FRENCH FANCY We have all seen the impact of English recruits to the NRL last weekend; John Bateman was a standout for Canberra and Sam Burgess scored for Souths. But now a Frenchman could be the next Super League export to chance his arm in Australia. France five-eighth Theo Fages has caught the eye of clubs here. The St Helens halfback is in discussion with at least two NRL sides as he comes off contract later this year. Fages, who has 12 French caps to his name, has been a revelation for the Saints in Super League this season and is open to testing himself here. He is expected to make a decision on his future in the next fortnight and is keen to explore a move to Australia. Source: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/exile-files-inu-and-fifita-near-deals-the-french-nrl-target-and-ellery-hanleys-son-makes-a-mark/news-story/f6bb8a485bc817a12f66a725fc8b5cf0 Thoughts? Has Fages played many games with St Helens this year? How has he been going?
  5. The Triple header is on the same date at the Rugby World Cup Final in Japan. Could very well feature New Zealand and England in it. It will kick off at 10pm NZ time. Assuming the GB v NZ Test is at 7:30pm, most of the ground will start emptying, if they even attend. hilarious.
  6. I wonder if the Tour will make money - as that's the point right? Lets assume the PNG is a sell out. How will the rest go? - v Tonga in (Hamilton?) This should be fine, but Tonga might need to win a game, or go close again against NZ in their June Test match to keep the 'Tongan wave' going on. Take away JT, Fifita from them and suddenly they are shaky. 16,000 crowd. - v NZ in Auckland, Eden Park. If a Triple Header can't sell out Eden Park, then I don't know. 45,000 or sell out. - v NZ in Christchurch. 15,000? NZ aren't exactly a draw card themselves anymore in their own country.
  7. Will many GB/England fans bother to make the trip down?
  8. Source? Lots of Aus/NZ media saying the same as well regarding NZ Tests for end of year
  9. As Spud said, it did not at all. There is no money to be made from TV rights due to the current tv deal which bundled in Internationals.
  10. I hear you, but apparently they don’t make money due to the clubs needing insurance etc to release players. The Australia v Tonga match only just broke even, and that was with Australia forgoing their match payments.
  11. It is Buzz Rothfield in the daily Telegraph - not like he pays must attention anyway. Yes, but where and who pays? The last Test season showed that no one makes money, so no one wants to put on the Tests. NZRL has no money and is risk averse. Tonga, Fiji and Samoa (where is PNG) will only play if the NRL covers costs. Hopefully the Tests are played at Eden Park - but honestly could see them playing at Mt Smart Stadium.
  12. You better believe there will be a TRIPLE HEADER in Auckland: "KANGAROOS-TONGA PART OF TRIPLE TREAT In another huge boost for international rugby league, the Kangaroos are likely to again play Tonga in November as part of a triple-header in Auckland. Talks are under way for Australia to play Tonga on the same day New Zealand host England and Fiji take on Samoa. The triple-header would be staged the week after the World Nines tournament at the new Western Sydney stadium. It would attract huge media interest after the Melbourne Cup and before the cricket Test season kicks into gear. This is a great result for international rugby league. No more ridiculous ventures like the failed Denver Test experience of New Zealand v England last season. The growth of the international game is all about the emerging Pacific nations, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. They have to regularly compete on the big stage at the big venues. They will get stronger and stronger and eventually become tier-one nations." https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/monday-buzz-weekend-highlights-lowlights/news-story/cd9043b102b25f81aad7f7629570c23c
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