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  1. Abicus

    Jamaica v USA live now

    Score update?
  2. So much for those calls for Australia to tour next year eh?
  3. Lomax has looked good today. England's defence has been shot to bits that last 10min, and could barely get out of their half with ball in hand.
  4. The bench has offered little impact generally.
  5. This could get, ahh, rather ugly
  6. Worst possible path being taken, not too surprising. Sinfield saying that the England Knights might play at home in 2019 isn't exciting to anyone.
  7. So if the Eastern upper stand (cap. 7,000) doesn't get opened, the capacity will be 30,000? (taken from Wikipedia)
  8. This point needs to be hammered into the RFL. England, as 'brand England' has never had so much potential to become the number one ranked nation and capture some of the national mindshare.
  9. Australia costs $20,000 per player for a Test match. I think there is alot more than politics at play here unfortunately when it comes to Australia's inaction. Who pays?
  10. Feels like a power play between the NRL and RFL. The above feels like the 'best case scenario' for International Rugby League. But could the RFL swallow their pride and admit that the GB Lions concept won't happen next year?
  11. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/11/05/why-kangaroos-tour-is-best-chance-for-australia-england-showdown/ There is quite a bit to unpack from this article by NRL.com journalist Brad Walter. Repeating the knowledge that Australia will not play a touring Great Britain side in 2019 in the Southern Hemisphere Noting that an 'Oceanic Cup' could be played alongside the GB tour Australia could play England in an Ashes tour; as well as midweek games against France, Ireland, Wales & Scotland Sone bonus points: RLIF will likely give England No.2 ranking Calendar may not be finalised due to need to ensure Tests are financially viable pay parity between nations to be raised (i.e. Tonga) 2025 RLWC in USA to be discussed
  12. Abicus

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The product on field always delivers
  13. Abicus

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    25,000 maximum then?
  14. Abicus

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    So should they issue a fire sale to fill the ground? Is there any contingency plan now to avoid a 20,000 crowd, or is just inevitable?