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  1. How many more chances?

    Crime reflects personality, it doesn't matter what the age of the offender is. They committed a very grown up crime that was pre meditated, they should never have been let out. You cannot rehabilitate a person who was not habilitated to begin with.
  2. Premier division play offs

    Yeah it is the same, but its amateurs playing rugby at end of day, get the game on. Especially if they've travelled. Best on the day goes thru.
  3. Premier division play offs

    Should have just played, surely can't have been any worse in winter, same for both teams.
  4. Replacing CLS

    That's exactly why my club left the Yorkshire league. The. Pennine went a bit of the same way in the end, for a period of time the premier Division was one of the best in the country. Alot of them style teams and clubs have been found out, because of their in ability to not follow the rules. I remember certain teams in the old CMS league refusing to play away games and playing home matches and 'taking heads off' and winning, finishing above my team because we played all the top teams home and away and lost by more than. 24/0 that they received for giving games, get the league never did anything about it.
  5. Friendly

    It's a rugby forum, it's a shame more people don't post their clubs match reports. Even if they might be one sided etc
  6. Hull League

    Bet they are, can't play away. Why enter the league if you won't play
  7. Referring standards

    I went to watch warriors Vs Dewsbury moor today, warriors won, the referee was abysmal there must have been 50/60 penalties in the match, mainly committed by Dewsbury moor, the official was equally poor for both teams. The referee couldn't keep up with pace and couldn't be consistent in the decision's they kept. I ended up stood next to the assessor, who I think was a super league ref(Thaler)I think. He thought the referee was brilliant etc, as a fan I couldn't have had a more opposite opinion. I'm sure the players on both teams felt the same way, no doubt the official will be refereeing pro soon.
  8. Labour and Danzcuk

    They should both be out of labour and out of parliament. danczuk has been treated differently, vaz still has the whip ha what a joke
  9. So they delay a decision on him, yet Keith vaz is still in parliament. Just get rid of them, no credibility.
  10. The bookies odds are in

    Is Jamie Bradley gonna be playing everyweek? Top player
  11. The bookies odds are in

    Parkside are/should win that league they won't have it there own way like the last couple of seasons, premier is too hard but surely you can't look past the usual suspects. Div 2 is hard also I'd say anyone of 5 could take the title and div 3 is pot luck, Woolston and stanningly will be there or there abouts not sure it says anything about the strength of the yml. Pennine premier over last 10yr was way above level of yml last year
  12. I would have voted trump, I'm not any of the things Clinton said about his supporters, I just think how bad can he be, she had a disastrous policy on a myriad of issue's. Hilarys problem and that of the liberal elite is that a lot of/more than most people don't share their vision of the world, who's wrong who's right will be determined by your ideology, don't write Corbyn off yet.
  13. What about total recall, see you at the party Richter
  14. Grammar Schools

    I went to a comprehensive anyways probably why my spelling and grammar are poor