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  1. johnmatrix

    What is the most boring job in the world?

    Lift operator, it has its ups and downs
  2. johnmatrix

    Michael Jackson

    It's all about the money. Should his music be banned no.
  3. johnmatrix

    Michael Jackson

    He was an oddball that's for sure, having watched the documentary I was amazed at the parents behaviour. They whored their kids out for fame and money they were not concerned at all about if their child was safe etc. So they've lied in court before under oath now they're completely changing their statements what's to say they're not lying again. They've come out with this now because I'm guessing they'd have been torn to shreds in court. Seems like it's all about fame/notoriety and especially money. Two white men change their statements to convict a black man. That said he was an absolute freak and kids should have been kept well away from him, I think he probably was.
  4. johnmatrix

    NCL Season

    Let's play two games a week, lads will absolutely love it, they'll all be on board Player welfare is most important,, never mind if the secretary has to fill the team sheet in twice a week, he's not missing work Monday cause he was smashed to bits Saturday.
  5. johnmatrix

    NCL Season

    Play games mid week?? I know them games don't take anything out of the body especially local derbies. That's the administrator talking not a player, nobody, I've ever played with or against has ever said you know what, let's play mid week, it'll be ace it'll be like we've never played
  6. johnmatrix

    "Jihadi Bride" story

    Be careful what we wish for, it could be one of us on here who the government decided to make stateless because they happen not to like our views
  7. Loved to have seen him in his pomp, not so much now.
  8. johnmatrix

    Independent Group

    What do they stand for peace live and understanding just like the rest?
  9. Perpetual motion. When electric gets cheap enough for the masses then it'll catch on.
  10. johnmatrix

    Challenge Cup Round 1

    Absolutely disgraceful, bet they are proud of themselves.
  11. johnmatrix

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Hasn't the EU released there own forecasts for UK growth and they go against the bank of England?
  12. johnmatrix

    Junior Refereeing abuse

    Quite sad really, I just don't get parents/supporters having a go at a young match official. Bet they're all really proud of themselves for their conduct.
  13. johnmatrix

    The Youth of Today

    We make far too many excuses for the yoof. I coach an u16 team in Yorkshire, Many can't multiply or divide by two digit numbers by other two digit numbers. Speaking to the lads many struggle to read and as for writing sentences and actually having to spell words correctly, they think I am daft. The mind boggles, but they can all use a mobile and are a whizz on the tinternet, but as for knowing things, not so great
  14. johnmatrix


    Yes, but nobody would know who the champion of Selby, heavy woollen or the cas and Fev a teams are!!!!
  15. johnmatrix


    I remember smawthorne. Top side. Everyone gets suspicious when a team moves en mass to another club. What are the reasons for these lads all leaving the club? I find it hard to believe that they (all the team) turn up at a club with none of them knowing anybody at the new club, just saying hi, we are here to play for you. It's hard enough attracting 1 player let alone a full team!