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  1. johnmatrix

    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    I'd second that about Upton, they didn't like playing the top sides away from home. Not a nice place to go.
  2. johnmatrix

    Our new position in the EU

    Of course they don't want everything we want and we don't want chequers, They want what they want and us likewise, a no deal hurts alot of Europe as well as us.
  3. johnmatrix

    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    I played against them in national cup a few years ago, seemed ok to me, certainly nothing compared to some of the sides I played against in the CMS Yorkshire league. But the previous poster who's had a lot more interactions with them than me will no more
  4. johnmatrix

    End of season play offs

    With only 12 teams in a league I think three up three down is abit much, surely two up two down is better?
  5. johnmatrix

    this seasons relegation

    The professional clubs have a lot to answer for in terms of the decimation of amateur youth rugby, I would abolish scholarships at professional clubs, the whole of rugby league needs a massive overhaul. In regards to O/a sides struggling, I always think things go full circle the club's mentioned earlier are all strong clubs who will in a few years rebuild and come strong again, sides find their level.
  6. johnmatrix

    Time for a rethink ?

    Originally was it meant to be for the elite in terms of playing side and facilities etc? If it was it probably isn't the case now, or was it never set out that way??
  7. johnmatrix

    NCL Division 2

    There's a few clubs who's in the NCL that have some pretty poor facilities and setup's.
  8. johnmatrix

    Archbishop of Canterbury.

    Let's all listen to the church they've some fantastically brilliant ideas
  9. johnmatrix

    Pennine divisions

    I bet hanging Heaton will struggle in summer without the lad from Batley playing.
  10. johnmatrix

    NCL Division 2

    In regards to Leigh east wasn't that because blackbrook got a double relegation from division 1?? I don't think 3 up 3 down is a good idea especially when you only have 12 teams in the league. 2 up 2 down would be better, but then would you still have playoffs? Champions promoted and then 2/5 battle it out for the next spot?
  11. johnmatrix

    The Culture Wars

    At a guess I would say identity politics, standard operating procedure???
  12. johnmatrix

    NCL Division 2

    I believe Batley boy's were going to apply but I've no idea if they have
  13. johnmatrix

    Big game Saturday

    If Thornhill win do they get the championship? Will be a treat for the viewers listening to the partisan Thornhill crowd
  14. johnmatrix

    Time for a rethink ?

    The standard of the league isn't what it used to be, but neither is the youth rugby, less and less players playing. What's going on!!! Can anybody sort it out?? Hopefully they can , cause the game I grew up playing is disappearing.
  15. Why is she finished?