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  1. Mary Queen of Scots, terrible film.
  2. johnmatrix

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    I really can't see a different result of there was another referendum. The pollsters and the experts got it wrong the first time and they'll get it wrong again. Mate of mine had 20k on remain the first time, thought he couldn't lose.
  3. I'm sure if somebody put together a compilation of radlinski's best moments, some would be shocked at how good he was, whilst maybe not as easy on the eye as some he was brilliant under the high ball, support play was fantastic and defensively very good.
  4. When Inglis is at fullback he is the best player in the world absolute freak, Davies is the best fullback we have produced on the last 30 odd years, radlinski a very very good player, Aussie players Brett Mullins in the 90s was ridiculous, I'd have him Inglis or Davies ahead of Billy the grub Slater.
  5. johnmatrix

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    One of the greatest players of all time without a doubt.
  6. johnmatrix

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    He should be in the hall of fame, certainly one of the best players of late 80s early 90s, unbelievable talent, one the best side steps of all time.
  7. johnmatrix

    Yorkshire cup

    Did well the parkside lot, missed a few of their key players but stood up well, more than a match for most league 1 sides
  8. johnmatrix

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    what would the south Yorkshire clubs bring to the comp big crowds flowing rugby.
  9. johnmatrix


    Send them back to France, it's safe there. What are they fleeing from in France?
  10. johnmatrix

    Yorkshire Cup

    Glad lock lane won.
  11. Why don't the better teams try join the NCL? How is it tier 4, when the best sides in York's lancs Cumbria regiaonl leagues would match them, at best its tier 5, if that
  12. johnmatrix

    Yorkshire Cup

    I coached a game where we lost a cup match to a side who played an inelligible player, I never raised it as to be honest the player was rubbish and did absolutely nothing in the game to contribute to the opposition winning other than having a kit on. However I could have and was entitled to, but we should have beat them and didn't deserve to win so never pressed the issue. Rules are rules and Upton are well within their rights to do this, 3 players who are ineligible is alot so they obviously contributed to their win. Hope lock lane win. Wouldn't be surprised if rhere was abit of biff and a fair few cheap shots thrown about, but that's to be expected with Upton
  13. Was only thinking about recent years. Take it they ended up being a pro side? In terms of acheivment in the cup, in modern times, I would reckon egremont or ellenborough runs in 98 would take some topping. Really hope a few amateur sides ok knock a couple oout this year. Always good to see
  14. Which team did that? Didn't think any amateur side ever made a quarter final
  15. johnmatrix

    Yorkshire Cup

    But it's a semi final, if your not sure you don't play them, anyways Upton or lock lane?