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  1. All useless, it boils down to the least inept, of which my goldfish could do a better job than all of them chancers put together. Our MPs are not trying to solve out problems, they're trying to solve their own, of which getting elected and re elected are problem no 1 and problem no 2 everything else comes way down the pecking order.
  2. He did well staying out of it, just like Joe Biden and Bill.
  3. Ossett brewery, Yorkshire blonde, lovely
  4. Cleverer people than me on here but why can't they be prosecuted?
  5. It's as if admitting to taking drugs makes you cool, down with the electorate etc. Morons lot of them, just shows them up to being hooray Henry's who will do what they like. Can't stand them. Gove is one of the worst politicians in last 20 years but thinks he's some sort of demi god. Not chance in hell of him doing anything for anybody unless it furthers his political career.
  6. So Brexit comes down to being held over barrel by terrorist's? If the border problem in ireland can't be sorted?
  7. Alot of people have got carried away with AJ, he's a very limited boxer but powerful, a bit like a bigger Frank Bruno. He's backed by sky so he's allover the sports channels all the time, so you will get a lot of crossover fans. I would expect an immediate rematch between AJ and Ruiz as that'll be a pretty standard contract. Parker was woeful in Joshua fight, and he wasn't much better against Whyte, he's not gonna trouble Tyson fury or wilder. Well done to Ruiz though, another Eddie hearn hype job getting done over
  8. Is it for the state to decide ? Why should the state decide on what's moral or immoral to teach?
  9. Bet the lib Dems and parliament, wish that Charles Kennedy was still around.
  10. If labour had a decent leader they'd probaby win a n election, but they've got Corbyn. Some of my friends are died in the wool labour supporters, but they've said they'd never vote for him
  11. Depends on your definition of poor, there will always be a certain percentage in the very poor bracket
  12. Wilder result was to be expected, shame theyve ducked dillian Whyte as I think he gives wilder a few problems, still think wilder Kos him. Inoue on the wbss was frightening again, know wonder people avoid him to destroy a world champ like that. Superb. Taylor had a good points win and him prograis will be a cracking fight in the final and will prove who the best is at super lightweight. The Saunders fight was a masterclass over a poor opponent, although he got tagged and shook up on rd6 it was all one way traffic. Really hope he gets the Callum Smith fight as that would be a terrific match up.
  13. You lot will hate it if the Brexit party Wins seats
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