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  1. johnmatrix

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    If it comes across as the EU stuffing us then leave will win in an other referendum scenario.
  2. johnmatrix

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    If its not in our best interests, then we should walk away.
  3. johnmatrix


    Shame if true,always had good hard games against them in the York's then Pennine league. When they first won the national cup, their team was absolutely brilliant.
  4. It's in bad taste, but they should be free to express themselves in bad taste. But everything has a consequence.
  5. johnmatrix

    New NCL Teams

    How many are likely to be accepted?
  6. johnmatrix


    Phil, comes across as embittered. He's obviously got too much time on his hands and very thin skin.
  7. johnmatrix


    Sound like you've an axe to grind.
  8. johnmatrix


    You need to chill out. Hahaha
  9. johnmatrix

    Equal Pay

    Bin men lifting things, I've not seen that, seen them press a button on machine.
  10. johnmatrix

    Equal Pay

    How many women aply to be refuse collectors? If you work in a warehouse and drive forklifts should you be paid the same as a shelf stacker in the local super? Are they saying it's the same job? If they are then anybody can drive a forks without doibg any training.
  11. johnmatrix

    Equal Pay

    The world's gone mad.
  12. I'm assuming it was called conference as a copy of the football pyramid which at the time the highest division under the professional game was called the football conference.
  13. johnmatrix

    Hunslet P

    No junior's???? Get them in, they'll have a bright future. But seriously two teams dropping out is not good, are they long established conference clubs? The game needs to really look at what's going wrong. Has there been a major change in the game that has had a deterimental effect on the whole of the amateur game?? We all know the answer but the people running the game can't see the wood for the trees
  14. No point trying to have three teams at one club if you've nobody to play. The more teams/competition in an area should make your club work harder on and off the field to be the best in the town/city
  15. johnmatrix

    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    I'd second that about Upton, they didn't like playing the top sides away from home. Not a nice place to go.