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  1. He wants advice, im giving it. It was my post, my comment, my choice to say terrible bet, not me saying it should be his choice by any means. Ok ok ok, in my opinion it is a terrible bet and I would advise against it.
  2. If Wigan win EVERY game including the super 8's they finish on 40 points. Hull salford and leeds need to win 9 out of the last 12 and wigan won't be able to catch them. These 3 teams have only lost 6 each all year. Will they now lose 4 out of the next 12? I doubt it. Wigan won't make the top 4. Terrible bet.
  3. Oh god, I'm not looking forward to this one. Leigh beating us will be another low point in a very frustrating season, and one I think they have a good chance of pulling off. Through out the season this will be the one they will be most up for. Leigh 32 wigan 22
  4. It was obv an aliteration for the first Cardiff weekenders, 'millenium magic'. Perhaps we should have the nifty newcastle weekend, or maybe not, yeah you're right get rid of it. But if we moved it to coventry,it could be the crappy coventry weekend. That does not get my vote after going there last year.
  5. Of course I agree, by keeping it in newcastle it should be promoted to the locals and try and get some interest in the local teams, of course it should. I think my point is, if it isn't gaining that much local support, I don't think we should move it solely because of this. As I said I haven't seen many locals at any mw yet.
  6. I've been to every magic weekend except when it was at man city. And i absolutely love them. Imo newcastle is head and shoulders above the rest. In my experiences I've not seen many locals at any venue and i am not getting caught up in it needing to have a purpose to expand the game. What i love so much about magic is the banter between all the fans and you very very rarely seen any trouble. It's just amazing having a laugh with all the other fans in the bars on the friday, and on the day of the game, you look around and feel part of a rl family, and proud that no other sport does it, you imagine for a minute what the carnage would be if football where to attempt anything like it. For me it is simply a jolly boys outing, the amount of groups of fellas, groups of lasses and groups of families all enjoying their rl. It doesn't have to spread the game,it doesn't need to be a cup game, it doesn't need to be anything else that it isn't, just enjoy what it is. I think it's an amazing weekend away. Long may it continue. And keep it newcastle for me.
  7. 40 to 50k should be achievable here, that's not my point. I just used that figure because seeing a large crowd in a big stadium in a new foreign land would be a real achievement, something great for us all to watch, a massive push for rl development, the press would be all over it and it would also be a massive two fingers up to rugby union.
  8. Strike whilst the iron is hot.
  9. Would a big venue in Toronto not be worth a look into. It wouldnt be cheap to hold there but I'm sure the rich backers of the wolfpack would help out. Just imagine 40 or 50k fans in Canada, which imo would be achievable. It's the stuff of dreams.
  10. Exactly, it's less than a pint in most pubs. People really can't complain about paying the minute sum of 3.49, at that price it's almost free anyway.
  11. C'mon then hindle, you've put yourself up to this. What pun for the props topic would you choose to headline.
  12. Not in wigan matey. More like sending the work experience kid to the corner shop to pick up three meat and tatty pies and a stick.......The classic wigan kebab.
  13. Only in rugby league would the menu for the evening meal be decided upon before the actual days fixture 😦
  14. Saints and wire in a bottom end of the league clash, a massive four pointer. Who would have thought that before the season started. If wire win then both teams could occupy two out of the bottom three in the league after the weekend. If saints win wire will continue to be pointless. #ICANTLOSE! Saints by 14 btw
  15. I was in a bar about 8 week ago speaking to the gorgeous George carmont, and he were dead set on making a cameo appearence cos we we were looking depleted in the backs. Fast forward to now, and after seeing forsyth and marshall, all seems in hand. God help everyone else when Manfredi is back and both him and Burgess are on top form.