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  1. Not in wigan matey. More like sending the work experience kid to the corner shop to pick up three meat and tatty pies and a stick.......The classic wigan kebab.
  2. Only in rugby league would the menu for the evening meal be decided upon before the actual days fixture 😦
  3. Saints and wire in a bottom end of the league clash, a massive four pointer. Who would have thought that before the season started. If wire win then both teams could occupy two out of the bottom three in the league after the weekend. If saints win wire will continue to be pointless. #ICANTLOSE! Saints by 14 btw
  4. I was in a bar about 8 week ago speaking to the gorgeous George carmont, and he were dead set on making a cameo appearence cos we we were looking depleted in the backs. Fast forward to now, and after seeing forsyth and marshall, all seems in hand. God help everyone else when Manfredi is back and both him and Burgess are on top form.
  5. Exactly, added to the fact that catalan and hull may do well this year,they both will falter towards the end (as per) I said it first here (maybe not first but I've said it anyway), wigan are too strong, cas a strong second. Everyone else forget it.
  6. So back to the wire game,was wigan that good or was wire that bad?
  7. Exactly,early start yet. We've seen wire, udders and hull finish toward the top then crumble when it matters. I personally think you need to have been to the grand final and lost before you can go back and win it. BIt dint get me wrong, I'm a wigan fan and think it would be great of cas won the gf.
  8. Do you honestly think that come the end of the year cas will be in the final and have a good chance of winning it?
  9. Wire leeds ans saints at the bottom end of the table. Who is gonna get close to wigan thus year apart from cas.
  10. Some generalisations then from some or most people's thoughts: 1. The 8's format does offer some benefits and excitment but needs tweaking. 2. Teams from 7th and 8th in super league are too far off the mark after the split to make the top four. 3. There is a possibility of a championship team getting promoted but reality is there is only prob 2 teams at any time that have any realistic chance of doing so. I think the answer is staring us in the face! Split after 23 rounds, and have a top 6 team league not 8), (Super sixes). That would determine the semis finalists as is now. That solves point 2 above. The bottom 6 super league teams would then play the top two championship teams to create the middle 8's. Solves point 3 above.
  11. Take a bow Warrington. Cannot believe my eyes tbh. More of the same second half please.
  12. I agree. Too easy. The ausies just can't compete with us😁
  13. Oh and I think you've all missed the glaringly obvious choice to replace stevo. Please step forward Mr Alan Partridge.
  14. New commentating team, new start. Please please please can sky use this as an opportunity to scrap that embarrassing 'music' after each try. Cringe worthy
  15. Does anyone know if this game is being streamed live, as some of TO games were last year.