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  1. Sam tomkins wasn't right last year and was carrying injuries, we should see a return to form next year from him. Burgess in for charnley. Leulei in for Smith. I am one of a few it seems that still rated smith but tommy will add something special to the team again. The return to fitness of clubb, mcclorum and Joel tomkins. Tierney and williams will grow from the 4 nations tests.Players not even in the first thirteen read as: 1 escare 2 Davies 3 batemen 4 higginson 5 ? 6 ? 7 shorrocks 8 clubb 9 Powell 10 Sutton 11 tautai 12 Gregson 13 isa Seriously that thirteen (ok 11, I cant get a 5 or 6) would challenge or possibly beat some clubs first teams.
  2. Go on my shot would be: Wigan (by a country mile) Saints Hull Wire Leeds Cas Catalan Widnes Salford Leigh Wakefield Huddersfield No surprises there I don't think. And although a little biased I can't see anyone getting close to wigan this year looking at the squad we've assembled. You could get a team out of the subs that would give most other teams a hiding.
  3. How's about 'better rugby' or 'superior rugby'. Surely no one could confuse the two now.
  4. Agreed. Happened to me a few times recently. After searching for 'rugby league' news stories on t'internet have revealed rugby union stories from their countries league competition.
  5. Your prediction could still come in yet.
  6. Well we are dissapointed when our game isn't on national television for tests. Thank goodness this is only on premier.
  7. Would england be this much up at this point, Worryingly I doubt it. Aus are looking mighty good.
  8. After Graham had passed the ball he got grabbed/tackled, no malice there, but then got threw around like s spear tackle. Looked really really dangerous.
  9. Seems to have very little loyalty to any club, chasing where the money is (can't blame him in some respects). I used to like him at Wigan before he left for sale and once showed potential. He goes unnoticed these days. Will a move to Catalan rejuvenate him or will his lack of loyalty continue and find the move difficult?
  10. Yes sorry my bad. Should have excluded cas from that statement. Cas were the one team that from the bottom 4 that looked most likely to sneak in, wish they had, and with 3 points a win you still could have!
  11. The way the top have been beating the bottom, I think these methods will only exaggerate the gap.
  12. 3 points a win in the super 8's could actually work. If it was in place now you would see:Wire 42 pts Hull 40 Wigan 38 Sts 37 Cas 30 Cats 29 Widnes 22 Wake 20 Not too dissimilar because of the results we've seen in the 8's so far, but with 3 points a win, at least even now with 3 games to go we could potentially see both cas and catalan climbing as high as third, and thus extending the jeapordy we are wishing for.
  13. Here's an idea.... start a new thread next week on attendances, and leave today for positive comments.
  14. And that ladies and gentlemen is why I love rugby league. Nothing even comes close. For those who are moaning on here, save it for another day and let's enjoy the occasion for at least one day.