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  1. You're in Oz right? Go to bed mate - tomorrow is a new day. Try again.
  2. The ramblings of a mad man ladies and gentleman. You're literally missing the point - nobody here has an issue with the NRL or it's clubs, it's you and what you're spouting that's the problem. You didn't want to have a fair debate or argument to project your POV. Instead you've attempted to make inflammatory comments and disregard the thoughts of others to push your own opinion. Now I don't know if there's an outright definition of a troll but I'd imagine you're not far from it.
  3. Yeah it took me 3 replies too many to realise - my bad. I'd add to that seriously deluded as to the power NRL and it's club have. It must really hurt them how close of a competition SL is to NRL based on such a huge salary cap and resource diff there is. Anyway...... Looking forward to a great game with two great sides. Thought Matt Parcell was great last season, i'll be watching how he plays up against the legend Cam Smith. Similarly Jack Walker with Billy Slater. Still say Melbourne by 12.
  4. At least you're consistent, I'll give you that. For anyone who hasn't seen Great Dane here has lots more interesting 'facts' and points of view about these games and WCC in the Leeds v Storm thread. He/she seems very keen to ram home how little interest there will be in these games in Oz and the inferiority of SL to NRL (which I'm yet to find anyone who's suggested SL is better to trigger these comments)?
  5. Okay mate, you keep stirring up the propaganda that would have us believe Melbourne are treating this as a trial game. Out of interest and I genuinely want to know your opinion, what do you think the difference is in their mindset if the club/players do see this as a trial game? it's their strongest available line up right - So how will we as fans be able to tell if they're taking it serious or treating as trial? Will it be tag rugby? Will they run at half speed? Will there be 13 players changed at half time? Will Leeds be asked to take it easy too as it's only 'trial'? Like seriously mate have you ever played the game? There's no such thing as an uncompetitive game in rugby - it just doesn't work and the answer to my above questions is none of that will be happening, so regardless of how you think the Storm/NRL/Aussie media view this, when all said and done what happens out on that field will be the result of a fully contested game between two sides. Forget referencing it as a trial, as it's pretty obvious you're doing that to belittle it's importance. It's a one off game - whoever wins was the best side on the day. Will I think Leeds could win the NRL if they beat Storm? absolutely not! Will I think SL is any worse if Leeds get beat by a very good Melbourne side? Absolutely not! The only thing I do agree with you on is I don't see why it has to be played at this time of year. In my opinion it should be played late October.
  6. I mean it's not the truth, just because you say it is mate. I feel you and fellow countrymen are still suffering some kind of delayed shock from the World Cup final where the Aussies were widely tipped to be far too good for England so a 6-0 scoreline on your own patch is going to damage the ego somewhat - although by your reckoning they'll probably have been treating the RLWC as a trial game for the upcoming all-singing all-dancing NRL season..... Again, I'll say I'm a huge fan of the NRL and under no illusions that it's a stronger competition than SL as a whole, but the margin really isn't that big for your earlier comment of 'If Melbourne take it seriously they'll win by however many they want, if they treat it like a trial then we'll have a game on our hands' to be in anyway true. Also, a little game for you to play - check Storm's attendances at AAMI this season.....if there are any bigger than tomorrow's against little old Leeds from SL (and for a 'trial' game no less) you let me know.
  7. Would have to remove the floodlight in that corner to do that which I don't think would be cheap as it'll affect what they need to do with the whole stadium lighting. Also the standing/seating ratio is different and the fact carnegie is 2 tiers, apposed to SS being one mixed stand, would make this a logistical nightmare for the relatively low value it adds in filling it in. Trying to get some kind of permission to do the Western terrace has to be priority IMO.
  8. The age old excuse - if the NRL team don't treat it seriously then it'll be close if they do then it'll be a hiding... To be clear I think Melbourne will win, but not because they aren't taking it 'seriously' - there's no such thing as a 'friendly' in rugby, especially if one team (Leeds) doesn't see it that way. The only variable could be the team being under strength, but Storm have announced their squad and it's pretty much full strength. Whatever the score is be under no illusion that this wasn't treated seriously by Melbourne - they've made their intentions clear.
  9. Storm by 12. Leeds to be competitive first half hour, maybe get on the board but last ten of first half and last half hour Storm will show their class IMO. Hope it isn't an absolute drubbing a ) because I hope SL really isn't 'that' for behind NRL and b ) because it'll probably see the end of the concept if another SL teams gets hammered or at the very least have the Aussie press treat it with even less regard than they do already.
  10. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    One thing that will start to become apparent with NRL on Sky now - the audio difference between NRL and SL. Always noticed when watching NRL that you can really hear the contact in the tackle and kicks etc and I really think it helps portray the velocity and intensity out on the field - you can't hear any of that in SL games. It must be something to do with the way they have the sound set up by the Aussie production companies as I noticed the Wigan v Hull game sounded the same. Reckon Sky should try and do the same.
  11. Haha fair one, I didn't expect that. Well done Fev - I didn't see it but sounds like they played very well. There will be some very nervous semi pro clubs not fancying the remaining amateur sides left in the cup.
  12. Challenge cup 2018

    Sure they will mate - we'd never underestimate a Wath Brow side. Be no excuses from us if we don't win - near enough full strength.
  13. Pretty much guarantee the the bottom right corner seating next to the Hill isn't open as that won't have sold out over the seats that are more behind the sticks. Also the blocks at the ends of the other stand behind sticks don't appear to be open either. If it gets 10K+ that'll be a good turn out IMO