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  1. hunsletgreenandgold

    How to speak fluent Rugby League

    Stuart Cummings - by the laws of the game that shouldn't be given Video ref Decision - Try Stuart Cummings - The rules changed this year which mean this should be a try Video ref decision - No Try
  2. hunsletgreenandgold

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Harry Stottle called it last week in the Hardaker to Wigan thread. Reckons Ryan Sutton leaving too - both to Catalans.
  3. hunsletgreenandgold

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Looks like your source might be right with this morning's Wane departure announced.....Sutton to follow? I'm sure this has nothing to do with the Hardaker signing but will massively unsettle the status quo at Wigan and the iron fist that Wane ruled with, which is what I think Hardaker needed.
  4. If we can go on and win the NCL Prem title this year will we be the first team to get back to back promotions from Div 3 to Prem and win all the leagues in a row? Fully appreciate I might get the wrath of some who will see this as an example of our perceived arrogance, but genuinely don't know the answer and if it would be some kind of NCL record? Cheers
  5. hunsletgreenandgold

    Ben Barba

    He's not even in the top 5 best wingers in SL IMO, never mind NRL. I agree he is young though and can hopefully work on his defensive game and bulk up a bit to become a solid player. Don't think there's much danger of losing him to Union either - he was with Ospreys when he was younger and they let him go I believe, so I'm not sure he's on any radars from over there.
  6. hunsletgreenandgold

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Pleased for Zak and a great deal for Wigan. Really does call into question for me why Cas decided end his contract. Was it a moral decision or didn't think he'd get less then two years? Interesting to see if he's ever considered for England again too. I agree a great FB often leads to a side playing good rugby, but even if Barba leaves Hardaker still won't be the best FB in SL. That will be Jack Walker by next season and probably for the next few years.
  7. hunsletgreenandgold

    Ben Barba

    Speed to burn and a good finisher but defensively naive and dodgy under a kick - essentially Kevin Penny
  8. hunsletgreenandgold

    Ben Barba

    This was always going to happen if we're all honest. Ben Barba was one of the best players in the NRL 3/4 years ago and yeah he had a couple of wayward seasons but this stint in SL has given him all the confidence in the world and I'm sure a return to the NRL will happen in the near future. If he sees the season out with Saints and can help them win silverware, then i'm not sure anybody loses here. Kevin Naiqama is a decent player to get in if this does go through.
  9. hunsletgreenandgold

    Fouad Yaha to Union?

    Well they can keep contacting Agen and Agen but hopefully he'll stay in RL.
  10. hunsletgreenandgold

    Ncl charity shield

    We never got asked to play in the game from what I can remember, so assume it got scrapped.
  11. This thread reminds me of amateur RL - where there's regularly a bit of biff on the field and when the game has long since finished, the players have shook hands and now in a new competition to see who can down a pint the fastest, the 'fans' are stilling backbiting at each other across the room about who started what. Strange old game sometimes.
  12. hunsletgreenandgold

    Barba & Lomax

    I'd imagine this is exactly that - a rumour. Seems highly unlikely and unless someone recorded it the club are never going to say even if it did happen. Also, Saints have put a pic on of their captain's run 3 hours ago and both are there....I reckon this is a none starter.
  13. Couldn't agree more - if he can play like that with the extra weight on him and at nearly 35, a fully fit Hock will have a huge impact and could prove pivotal to how competitive Fev are in the Middle 8's shake up.
  14. Okay maybe there wasn't much basis for saying 'agenda', but you seemed to single out Hock for heavy criticism and needlessly brought up past indiscretions completely unrelated to the game - that's what my comments were based on.
  15. You really don't like Mr Hock do you, JohnM? Reckon you've mentioned him in at least 5 of your posts since/during last night's game - as he upset you? Yet for all his perceived ill-discipline (so much so that you felt the need to bring up a track record of such events) in a very ill-tempered game, a Hock card would've been a given surely? But no, no he wasn't. Now I know you'll say 'well he probably should've been carded' but he remained on the field is the fact. What I saw was a physical mismatch in the sides (which is always going to happen in a SL v Champ game) and Hock doing is upmost to make his presence felt and give Hull something to think about. Pretty sure Fev were 18-0 down when he came on and essentially drew 20-20 with him on the field. He is an aggressive player and has undoubtedly overstepped the mark in the past and i'm sure he'll have demons until the day he retires about 'what could've been' had he reigned several elements of his behaviour in over the years, but he's nearly 35 now and looks like he's enjoying his final years and could probably still do a job in SL. But you keep pushing the anti-Hock agenda.