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  1. Does this actually have any legs? I too have heard rumblings of this from a few of the lads who are close with the Cas playing squad - apparently Cas lads have been winding Galey up for a few weeks about this and especially as he was offered to sit up in the executive seats last week at Headingley (think this was more to do with there wasn't enough seats in the Cas team area but don't let that get in the way of a good rumour). All that said I haven't seen anything in the written press about this, even as a rumour? IF it is true then this could be very shrewd business from Cas - he's nearly 31 and as others have said, barely played last 2 seasons and Trueman will be a superstar in the coming years. I guess the flip side of that is Leeds could be getting a player who certainly came into is best late 20's and barring any other major injuries could no doubt do a very good job for the next 3 or 4 years.
  2. The article says Telegraph Sport understands the new two-year deal is worth close to double Super League’s annual income from its existing three-year contract with Betfred. That suggests to me that if the previous was around £900k per annum then the new deal will be about £1.8m per annum. Over a 2 year extension that's closer to £3.6m. Still a fantastic deal and more than i'd expected when the term 'multi-million' was initially used but not quite the dizzy heights of £5 million just yet.
  3. They've not released the exact figure yet, but the current deal was reported to be around £900k a year so I'd assume this deal will be in excess of £3 million over the 3 years. More than anything though I just think it's good all this is tied up well before the start of next season instead of scrambling around last minute as it's appeared happened at the end of other main sponsorship deals. Edit: I guess 'until the end of 2021 season' suggests a 2 year extension but the fact it says multi million suggests in excess of £2 million, so yeah per year I'd guess the same as I said above.
  4. You've asked 2 people 'why so angry?' - you seem confused as to what denotes anger. It's just tedious that you constantly seem to position yourself to be the counter argument/opinion on just about every thread. I'm all for healthy debate and certainly don't expect everyone to have the same opinions, but I think you know what you're doing and appears somewhat deliberate at times IMHO.
  5. No anger here, just found your post rather tediously predictable. Hence, boring.
  6. Starting a petition to give you a new username.....Oliver Boreoff
  7. No, I'd agree with Handley and by some distant to Briscoe - Jack Walker probs next and if he ever plays for Leeds again Ashton Goulding probably quickest at Leeds.
  8. First game back after 9 months and posts these stats.... Not really 'poor' was he? Also, how can he be 'back' in the NSW cup - he's never played in it? He put his hand up and played relatively last minute in a new comp, in a new team, against some of the best outside backs in the game after a massive injury. Your bias against him is glaringly obvious.
  9. Latest odds I think they'll keep Agar there for the remainder of the season but announce next years coach well before the end of this season - soften the blow of such an awful season. Maybe a half back announcement too by then.
  10. Be careful, you'll have the forum advertising police on your back! And i'm only saying that slightly tongue in cheek after 'O'Neillsgate' The guy who does all the GRM videos is a really nice bloke and really talented at what he does - he's covered a few of our games and really gets it.
  11. Yeah the failures at the 'changing of the guard' as it were are plain for all to see. My only slight reservation about making the comparison was likening Brian Mc to Sir Alex - worlds apart in terms of their individual impact.
  12. The Man United of RL in every sense.
  13. I get your overall point, but 2 golden generations isn't really 'luck' though...... I emphasise that because whilst the current on field squad is obviously struggling, behind the scenes the next generation is coming through - just a bigger gap than previously it seems.
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