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  1. David Shepherd

    Gaz Hock

    Agree with all that, except number 4 to an extent. Halfback cover was more than adequate to cover the loss of Ridyard or Holmes, but not both. We should reasonably have expected to get Jordan Lilley during this vital period. That was exactly when he was loaned out. Thanks for nothing Mr Hetherington. Bottom line is that we bet the farm on some star players and hoped that Leeds would be the cavalry when needed. It could have worked and been wonderful. It didn't and now we're in the gary glitter. We've come back from worse. Up The Chuffing Rovers.
  2. Thanks Kman, you learn something new every day. Booze is literally everywhere here, from corner shops to petrol stations and super markets and everywhere inbetween. In fact it's harder to find a shop that doesn't sell booze. That might be why we have such a binge drinking at home problem.
  3. The money that the championship clubs receive is compensation for signing their (largely unused) TV rights over to Sky. It is categorically not SL money.
  4. Sky absolutely love the 8s and in particular the MPG I've no evidence for that, but it doesn't seem to stop other folk from making stuff up and presenting it as fact.
  5. Really? You can't just nip to the supermarket or local shop for booze? Is it just "hard liqour" or beer, wine etc too?
  6. David Shepherd

    Gaz Hock

    it's the only explanation that makes sense. We basically threw in the towel in late May / early June.
  7. Don't know about anyone else, but I'm waiting with baited breath for Parky's contribution to this thread.
  8. David Shepherd

    Gaz Hock

    By the sound of it, top four won't be a thing next year. That might be our best hope of a decent squad. If there's no top four, there's no logic in the distribution of the TV money. The only way you can operate a 1 up 1 down league is with equal funding across the league, which would mean we got a bit more. Massively clutching at straws, but I wonder if (hope that) MC knows this already.
  9. David Shepherd

    Gaz Hock

    Certainly feels that way. However, this year seems like sod's law. Which says that if you run with no squad depth and rely on Leeds, you'll get injuries and Leeds will let you down.
  10. This is so easily solved. Fly back on the Monday evening Manchester flight and let the players have a well earned day off. Just need to ensure that you're not expected to play on Thursday or Friday. But hey, this is rugby league let's have a moan and a whine over nothing. However, Air Transat are not the only game in town. There are cheaper options (if the clubs are paying their own way). Icelandair have a daily Toronto > Keflavic > Manchester and vice versa. There also BA from Heathrow and the shuttle up to LBA/MAN Or even Humberside/LBA to Toronto via Schipol with KLM
  11. Very lucky. Playing like that they'll get mullered by everyone, including Halifax.
  12. Watched Bussey from being a young lad at Fev. Very good championship player, but nowhere near SL standard. He won't be in your squad next year, unless you stay in the championship Always been a penalty machine and has recently become a bit of a grub.
  13. It does indeed. It also has a gene pool all of its own.
  14. Jeeez these are two pretty awful sides. If ever anyone needed justification for relegation, this game is it.
  15. Think it roughly translates as "pointless filler games, to pad out the season a bit and get the SL chairmen 14 guaranteed paydays"