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  1. I'd suggest you take a look at what was cancelled in the early Blair/Brown years.
  2. I'd guess the difference is that travelling in the UK is such a massive ball ache. You've got a lovely big country with plenty of space for highways that are wide enough to cope. We're a crowded little island with limited space for a decent motorway network and we have far too many lefty/environmentalist/doo-gooders who do their best to prevent road building work of any kind that might provide some relief. Getting to Toulouse is far quicker for me than driving to Barrow, such is the poor state of our major road network.
  3. Chris Houston at the RFL Disciplinary...

    Looks accidental to me. Clearly looking at the ball IMHO
  4. Axiom. Junction 32.

    We're a travel agent in South Elmsall, looking to open a second shop. It's just a matter of finding the right place, we'd be doing it in partneship with Jet2, who it's really difficult to book in the town now TUI and Cooks don't sell them. I'd be lost without Vaperama, they feed my nicotine addiction on a weekly basis!
  5. Axiom. Junction 32.

    I do remember you Ian. You always called me a flat capper whenever I turned up at the 5 Towns Centre! David Blythe was the other lad (tall ginger fella). Neither of us work for WMDC anymore, he's still in IT with a firm of accountants in Leeds. I bought South Elmsall Post Office, then sold it and accidentally ended up owning a travel business. Didn't know you'd moved to Australia. Hope you are well.
  6. Axiom. Junction 32.

    Not strictly true. I'm looking for premises at the moment, there are only 6 or 7 empty units. Sadly none are suitable for me. I'll agree it's on it's knees. The percentage of bookies and charity shops is ridiculous too.
  7. Axiom. Junction 32.

    If you're extremely you're lucky, it'll be 40 minutes to actually get on or off the motorway.
  8. Axiom. Junction 32.

    It's not the stadium that really worries me. It's a once every 2 weeks thing for 2/3 of the year and will only cause a couple of hours of hassle. It's the constrant extra load from the retail park on an already inadequate motorway junction. Together with the extra load on the M62 and A639, neither of which can cope with more traffic. There's already regular queues back to the A1(M) merge westbound and back to Jn31 Eastbound. It's not a stretch to imagine these queues reaching back to the A1(M) mainline in future.
  9. Axiom. Junction 32.

    If your computer systems worked OK, then yes it was me. I remember Andy well. Must admit I can't remember anyone moving to Australia back then, but I think I'd been centralised by 2006 and was working on moving the data centre to Pontefract.
  10. Axiom. Junction 32.

    Let's not forget that this is the same local authority granting approval that lost millions of our money in Icelandic banks and totally mismanaged the Newmarket development, leaving Trinity up poo poo creek with not a hint of a propulsion device. I'm not usually one for a conspiracy theory, but having worked at the town hall............
  11. Axiom. Junction 32.

    All the plans I've seen show it plugging into the junction with zero improvements. It will be absolutely chaotic.
  12. Axiom. Junction 32.

    Still can't believe this development was green lighted. We've already got a situation where the motorway junction is clogged all through the weekend, with regular queues on the mainline of the M62 in both directions. The infrastructure surrounding this development is totally inadequate for the task of coping with multiple thousands of extra cars per day. That's before we move onto the devastating impact that it may have on Pontefract and Castleford town centres, which are already dying on their arrises. It'll be great for Cas if they get the stadium, but I suspect that as with Wakefield's, it's an enabler for the development and a reason will be found for not actually delivering it. If the development is to go ahead, then the developer should be made to pay for an extra lane adding to the M62 between Jn31 and Jn32A, along with a much needed dualling of the A639 towards both Pontefract and Castleford. Only then might the junction be able to cope.
  13. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    Just the championship iirc. League 1 has no TV deal.
  14. Going to Toulouse

    Must admit I was already on Flybe's website at 8am on the morning the fixtures were released. It got up to £300 within an hour.
  15. Going to Toulouse

    Trains are a much more civilised way to travel, but a bit too time consuming for me on this occasion. I'm back at work 4 hours after we land. Although I'd normally be happy to pay the extra.