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  1. David Shepherd

    Magic Weekend in New York

    I know that, it'd just be those hovering on the website at the moment it's announced that would get the cheap fares. Not that there's any fare cheap enough to ever make me want to fly with them mind, bloody awful airline. Again though, something like this would be right up Jet2 or Cook's street. Flybe charter out their aircraft too.
  2. It's actually quite difficult to believe that we haven't tried this already. No reason why 1pm kick offs wouldn't work here. You could have 2 games per weekend starting at that time (or 2pm for Catalan). Of course we'd need Sky on board as I doubt the "visionaries" at Super League Europe Ltd would be willing to fund the production costs, not being able to see beyond the end of their noses etc. Huge potential for extra revenues from not just the TV money, but selling sponsorship to Aus/NZ/PNG companies. Also, in the same way that we buy loads of NRL shirts etc, there's a big merchandising opportunity following on from the exposure the games would give them.
  3. David Shepherd

    Magic Weekend in New York

    Well I think it's a fantastic idea and I don't buy into the whole "RL fans are totally impoverished and can't afford it" trope. Logistically, it needs to be announced well in advance (at least 18 months) to give people time to get the finances etc sorted. We need to be talking to a major tour operator like Jet2 or Thomas Cook, who have planes capable of getting to New York and can do the trip at relatively low cost. Filling multiple tens of planes bound for America will be very attractive to them, but they are planning for 2020 already so if we were to try a tie up, we'd be looking at 2021 realistically. As an interim foreign experiment, why not try France? Both leagues could put on a three day jamboree to help with re-energising the French scene. Even us destitute northern fleabags can afford a Ryanair flight and a flop house.
  4. Poor show, as I predicted. That Hull game will have knocked the hell out of the lads. Can we just not bother with the cup in future? Leigh were nothing special today, a fit and fresh Rovers could and should have won that. To cap it all we've got injuries to Farrell and Riddy. What happened with Riddy? Was he taken out off the ball?
  5. David Shepherd

    Leeds QF CC game to be played at Fev

    Dewsbury have managed a very nice terrace at their place. We need something similar with nice deep steps, crush barriers and some form of cover. If we moved the walkway underneath any new terracing, we could be looking at a substantial increase in capacity too, together with plenty of space for bars/food outlets. I just need to win the Euromillions and buy up all those houses on Post Office Road so I can waive through the planning application
  6. David Shepherd

    Leeds QF CC game to be played at Fev

    Nah, love a bit of history myself but the POR end needs to go soon. The steps are too shallow for my bang on average size nines and there's subsidence and un-eveness all over the place. Have we ever tried to get permission for a covered terrace? There must be a way of designing one to limit the effect on the houses at the rear.
  7. David Shepherd

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    Is it though? I'm not sure why a 20 year old situation is in any way relevant to 2018, or indeed the deal that was secured by a vastly different competition 5 years ago. A rough bag of a fag packet calculation looks like the championship presently get north of £2.75m a year for signing those rights away. Regardless of the circumstances, that's what they are worth right now. What they'll be worth when the next deal comes round, neither you or I have a clue. It's only non speculative because it fits with how you see things.
  8. David Shepherd

    Ricky Leutele signs for Wolfpack

    How many quota spots do they have? Or don't the rules apply the same, being outside The EU?
  9. David Shepherd

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    I don't know how attractive the competition is to a broadcaster. The point I was making is that no one knows except Sky, BT et al. Suggesting that it's not attractive is exactly the same kind of speculation as suggesting it is attractive. We simply have no clue until the next TV deal is announced.
  10. David Shepherd

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    I'm no statto, but I know Leigh and Fev's are up.
  11. Our (Fev's) output recently has been top drawer. I think it helps that I think one of the volunteers that produces the content works in TV. The Fev TV product is the best £4 a month I spend. I was sceptical when I signed up, figuring it would be an amateur affair, but have been blown away by the quality of not just the TV footage, but mini magazine programs and interviews etc. Facebook and Twitter output are also a step above what went before. I follow all of the Super League clubs and Fev's is right up there with the likes of Leeds and Wigan.
  12. David Shepherd

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    Comparing Apples and Oranges there. Last time the Championship was on TV, there was a £300k salary cap and it was strictly semi-pro. The vibrant competition we see now has 4 full time clubs, 1 almost full time and with Bradford next year 5 + 1 almost full time. Not to mention the truly international flavour of the competition. The standard of the competition and it's potential attractiveness to broadcast partners is significantly higher than 4 years ago. The truth is that until the end of the current contract, we've no idea what the championship is worth. To say that it's worth less than what Sky pay is just as much wild speculation as saying it's worth £20m.
  13. David Shepherd

    This Forum

    Facebook has become really tiresome in general and the Fev page in particular is 95% drivel. It's all RFL are bent, this player is carp, what time is the shop open (which was funny for 10 mins), threats of violence and other general tittery or people claiming to be in the know about stuff. I rarely even look on it now. Much prefer reading this forum and official news sources.
  14. David Shepherd

    BBC Coverage

    I've always preferred The BBC's coverage of any sporting event. If we weren't all tight sods chelping about 12 quid a month for a TV License, we could enjoy more sport, professionally presented and without adverts.
  15. I'm sure Sims threw a punch in the flare up after Warrington's first try. That should have been carded too. Re the Dixon one: Red was perhaps a bit harsh for one pretty poor punch, but if you're going to swing one, you shouldn't expect to go un-punished.