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  1. One to look out for

    Who played number 20 against Rovers? Seemed to have a good game. Also an unfilled shirt in the squad I was told.
  2. 2018 Squad

    We need an experienced stand off for the next 2 seasons. A to get us promoted and B to stay up. Then get Liam back who will have improved.
  3. 2018 Squad

    I agree with that, just think it was not put across well. It confuses the fans.
  4. 2018 Squad

    Hopefully we have an experienced half back in mind having not signed Harris. I don't understand Fordy's comment about going behind the back of Hull KR either. If he was available then why not put in an offer?
  5. 2018 Squad

    We have released a lot of good players and other clubs are spending a lot of money taking our ex players. I honestly believe we are going to sign some quality players better than those departed, otherwise why release people if you haven't got a better alternative. Hull connection probably took Liam to Donny. All the profile teams in League 1 are desperate to get promoted next year and some will end up financially embarrassed no doubt.
  6. Player for next season

    Good grief. That's a step down too far.
  7. James Ford

    York has more potential than London and better crowds. Can't see him going.
  8. Player for next season

    Sam Scott as well according to The Press. Maybe Rob Burrow is not retiring as half back lol.
  9. 2018 Squad

    I see Sheffield have just released 8 players, some ex York ones that were good too!!
  10. 2018 Squad

    Don't think any that left will be welcome back while Fordy is coach. Needs to bring in higher level players.
  11. 2018 Squad

    Don't think any that left will be welcome back while Fordy is coach. Needs to bring in higher level players.
  12. Player for next season

    Any idea if a new player?
  13. Haven game

    Top 6 left in League 1 together with the 2 relegated should play each other home and away as should the ones below then an open draw between the top and bottom groups to play once only either home or away and get rid of League 1 cup.
  14. 2017 Fixtures

    Well spotted about the fixture mismatches, so fairly obvious York who I support will be included. Also means a trip to Toronto for 1st July. I see the Winner of the Super 8's is automatically promoted so no late planning required to Toronto for any team. I also assume their first 3 Super 8 games will be in the UK giving time for 4 teams to travel to Toronto. Format still rubbish though. Every team should be playing each other home and away and top 2 promoted as no neutral finals day anymore.
  15. 2017 Fixtures

    No team should have more than one home game more than away games. Therefore I assume their bye will be away to York. So that's 2 Cumbria teams that have more home than away games!