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  1. I don’t think even the most diehard fan will say we’ve looked slick this year. Even with Penky available we’ve looked fairly ordinary with ball in hand. It might be time to have a look at different structures but I don’t know whether the time to do that is in the derby. It was interesting listening to Craig lingard on commentary on Friday saying how well Doran had slotted into full back. If making a move such as that helps to tighten up the fringe defence by moving mellor to the wing and allowing worthington to play in the centre thus allowing Barnes to play in the forwards, it may well be for the benefit of the team all round. We have lost our most potent attacker and probably our best defensive back in Ell, we need to find a way to cover that and stop leaking points on the flank. Until Ryan is back playing, if that means shuffling players around to get the best out of everyone available then I’m all for it. We certainly can’t keep stuttering along as we are or any chance of being up there at the end of the season will quickly disappear.Utt
  2. IanMac


    I saw it on the Facebook page David.
  3. IanMac


    Don’t really understand where you are coming from. The club always said they were going with a small squad, as are many others in league 1, and supplementing it with loan and dr. They’ve recently announced extended deals for 2 integral members of the squad and a season long loan for an exciting talent. Communication from the club has improved big time over the last couple of years, and just today they have released information re Ell and his operation. Also making the comment they prefer to wait for medical expertise before making comment. I don’t think any coach would be happy having lost a game we should have won and then getting 70+ points against. Are you insinuating something else? All board members are named on the website and as recently when Gary Murdock took on a new role it was in the local press. The club have come a long way in the last couple of years, nothing is ever perfect although I’m sure those involved would like to be it just doesn’t happen in life. For now I’ll enjoy the ride, as I have for the last 50 plus years, some good mostly bad, but there has always been people prepared to put their time and money into the club either as directors or in other ways. Without them we wouldn’t have a club, for that I offer them my thanks.
  4. I agree David but in all honesty Penky will probably be calling time at the end of the season anyway and it makes the decision to let Newts go even more baffling. He’d have got plenty of game time but as it is we are without a specialist back up hooker, albeit we are not likely to pick anyone up of the same class as Penky.
  5. I was but managed to get it to load. Just shows what comments you get when someone actually knows what they are talking about. If I was the council or even the town I’d be looking to get someone like that on their side if for nothing else other than an independent view of the route the council are exploring.
  6. It’s a real shame joe took a year out. I thought he had a good year last season, always took high balls well and run it out strongly as well as finishing really well. Would certainly be a place for him if he was ever to come back.
  7. Realistically with the small squad we’ve got we were only ever going to be competing for promotion if by some miracle we avoided any injuries. This was never going to happen and to lose Miller and Fieldhouse, one for nearly half the season, the other for the season it seems, leaves the backs way short of where they need to be. Coupled with Penky being missing you’ve lost 2 class strike players and the guy who pulls most of the strings. Although it absolutely pains me to say it can’t see much more than a haven win. Hope I’m proved totally wrong and I’m sure the players will give 110% but we just don’t seem to be at the same levels we hit for the vast majority of last season. Utt
  8. We’ve been hammered as expected but fair play to every player. After the start we had could easily have been a ton scored. Hope nobody has got any serious knocks and we move on. Utt
  9. It’s taken Gibson 40mins to tell us that Olly broke down in the warm up and wasn’t on the pitch. Unbelievable. Let’s hope it isn’t too serious for Olly
  10. Very true David. Last thing we want is anymore injuries.
  11. You would think there’s got to be better than him because he certainly doesn’t do either local club any good with his commentary. Not sure what he expected tonight but to me he’s almost belittling the town with his comments. No matter what the score the lads are putting there bodies on the line and comments like ‘unfortunately Leeds have knocked on’ is not going to endear him to anybody.
  12. It’s on radio Cumbria on line.
  13. Its a shame that it takes a guest summariser to give credit to the town defence for putting pressure on and forcing some errors while Gibson just seems to gloat at every try Leeds score. Pity they couldn’t have got Walshy to do it.
  14. Could be more at this rate.
  15. You would really hope so David, although whether we will get anybody of the quality of Elliot is doubtful.
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