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  1. Really enjoyed that today. Excellent being so close to the action and the pitch looked excellent. For parts of that we played a really good game with a lot more shape to our attack and some really intelligent kicking. Thought Jamie had his best game for a while and stevie was very good. Liked the look of Calvin Wellington as well he looks like he could be a good acquisition. If we keep improving every week we can hopefully be in the mix at the end because we certainly look like a well coached team now when we start to play.
  2. Going by report in news and star Barnes and Olstrum miss out with injuries. Caine could be missing for 4 weeks
  3. A great read. Only started watching the town mid 60’s so didn’t see the great town teams of the 50’s but in my time watching Ian Wright is probably the best centre I have seen in a town shirt. No doubt other fans will have their favourites but to see Ian in full flow was a magnificent sight and I’m sure whoever the winger was outside him knew they were going to have some spaces to run into and score tries. If he hadn’t had his injury problems I’m sure his try tally would have been much greater. How he only got an under 24 cap I don’t know, maybe if he hadn’t been so loyal to the town and had moved to a more fashionable club he would have got more international recognition. A true, loyal, town great.
  4. He’s obviously got the right attitude as Chris Thorman saying in his interview that he hasn’t missed a training session.That’s the kind of lad you want in the squad.
  5. Just like his dad, backing up to score a try. Only on the field a minute, let’s hope it’s first of many in town colours
  6. That bit looks a bit like it did when sky televised our game against Halifax in 95. That probably looks better actually
  7. Was nice to see the passion from Dec o Donnel when we scored that last try, considering he’s just on loan for a month, good to see that it means something to him.
  8. Chris Thorman reckoned he looked nervous and didn’t follow through on the kicks, but he’ll always kick more than he misses. Thought he tackled very well today, Hunslet ran at him quite a lot but he stood up to it and with Caine’s help shut down that side.
  9. Well that was hard to watch but fair play to the lads. They dug in and ground out a result and only conceded a break away try. Big raps to stevie thought he was awesome, but also big shout out to Lancaster and Bolton who defended for their lives and tried their hearts out. Not pretty but good to get a win.
  10. Good luck today’s boys. All I ask is you give 100% and wear the shirt with pride. Here’s hoping for the 2pts to kick start the season again.
  11. Ollly our for a few weeks with a hamstring strain. As if we didn’t have enough injuries. He will be a big miss, let’s hope the others step up and fill what will be a huge hole to plug not to mention his leadership.
  12. IanMac


    Maybe not to you Jim, but from being 6/4 fav to win the league after the victory at Oldham to where we are at this point in time, unable to field 17 players and losing games, with all due respect to those opponents, we shouldn’t be losing its hardly all sweetness and light is it. I sincerely hope that the new coach can instil his obvious professionalism and ideas into the team and we can turn a corner, but to do that we will also need new players to at least give us a fighting chance of putting 17 bodies on the team sheet. Whilst our injuries have had a serious impact on the team we should never have been in a position with so few numbers in the squad. I, like you no doubt, wish the club nothing but the best but this current slump will hit hard where it matters and that’s through the turnstiles. I will be there on Sunday giving my support as I have done for 50+ years but I am sure anybody who was enticed back in the early part of this year may not be so keen to spend their cash having seen the recent run of form. I hope I’m wrong. UTT
  13. IanMac


    It is so very sad that what could have been a very good season has degenerated into this complete and utter fiasco. After the fine season last year, increased early attendances and a winning start we should have been looking to kick on. However for whatever reason the foundations, such as they were, have gone and we are left with very little. I do not have a clue what has gone on within the club, but looking on companies house Les Ashe resigned as a director at the same time the coach went, there are more cryptic tweets than enough being put out by an ex member of the staff and the results are there to see. Through all this the one entity that is suffering badly is my beloved club. Whatever has gone on is in the past, everyone associated with the club now need to pull in the same direction. If certain players don’t have the stomach for the fight let them go. We have recruited an excellent coach who if given the right tools to work with will produce results. Injuries have certainly contributed to our current situation but we should never have started a season with so little cover in the backs. Let’s hope things start to be rectified and pride in wearing the blue and white returns. UTT
  14. IanMac


    I’m at a beer festival so not the best time to comment but is this really a surprise?We don’t have any backs who can utilise any go forward that we get on the back of Penky or any of our forwards who make good yards. As soon as we lost miller and mellor, 2 players with pace and good running lines we were struggling. As has already been said the pre season recruitment was poor and we will suffer for that until it is rectified. I’m sure Chris Thorman knows where we are lacking and the only sad thing is that we did not have somebody with his knowledge and coaching ability at the start of the year. Let’s hope that the building blocks are put in place to ensure that the club can move forward whether or not he is here next year.
  15. IanMac


    Good luck today’s boys, let’s hope we carry on from last week and play with the same intensity and commitment. Looking at Ryan Fieldhouse on Instagram he’s put game day is back so looks like we’ll have what feels like a new signing at fullback. UTT
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