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  1. shaun mc

    Saints - Play the ball

    The ptb shouldn't commence until the attacker only has his feet in contact with the ground. That'd be a start Start the ptb with a hand, shoulder, head, arm, knee on the ground and its a penalty. Or maybe a replay of the ptb. Same with moving forward or sideways off the mark. Then the ref can deal with the defenders a bit more consistently
  2. shaun mc

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Different tone to the posts on here now that its the SL clubs that may have 'difficulties' with visas I await a certain poster to get revved up and absolutely launch himself with a tirade against a SL club in the same way he did with Barrow and their similar issues. Maybe not though One aspect posters seem to forget is that if a player has a record - his team mates may not know about it. Therefore, he has to come clean and be prepared to let his team mates down by not travelling. Some may choose not to and still hope (naively) they get a Visa
  3. shaun mc

    Tour de France 2018

    Stunning part of the world as well. Aerial shots were fantastic
  4. shaun mc

    It's Ralph

    7 months to come up with RR as CEO. This is extremely disappointing and backward I can't recall RR giving a single statement of leadership in all the time he's been at the top table in the RFL. Full of soundbites, as Wood was, without actually saying anything I hope whilst he's kept a low profile he's been beavering away on the many, many issues that the game currently faces, and where most of those issues has caused the game to either stagnate at best or go backwards Elstone is 10x what RR brings, so expect a one-sided contest!
  5. % of Britons who believe Donald Trump is... Sexist - 74% Racist - 63% A strong leader - 38% Charismatic - 25% Honest - 16%
  6. shaun mc

    Town V Haven predictions

    Its another one like the season tickets where the main purpose is to get to the end of the season. We know that bit is fact from all that has been in the public domain in the past month about the level of debt and the begging bowls out. Its also like the season tickets where it 'forgets' the impact of what this does to next season and the year after i.e. up the creek It didn't take much to see the holes in the truimphant posts regarding the last saviour and every Haven fan was full of it. This is exactly the same. I hope the Haven board haven't forecasted the amount of beer they'll sell in the same manner as they did their business plan. It'll help to get to the end of the season which is a good thing for the club, but thats about it
  7. shaun mc

    Town V Haven predictions

    Probably owe the brewery a wedge - convert the debt into 3 year sponsorship. No cash influx that they need but staves off the solicitors letters
  8. Few spots of rain in South Cumbria & North Lancs this morning
  9. shaun mc

    Park Run

    Due in anytime from 18:30 - epic running!! Wild Ginger Films broadcasting live from Keswick on You Tube
  10. shaun mc

    Park Run

    Now its not whether he'll break the record but by how much - about an hour ahead 1 summit to go then the run into Keswick Billy Bland finished the equivalent of 19:58
  11. shaun mc

    Park Run

    Kilian Jornet is the Lakes today on a Bob Graham Round record attempt - its stood since 1982 Currently on leg 3 and 30 minutes up
  12. shaun mc

    Hunslet game.

    Heard it was watered last night and it didn't make any difference. Going to try again when the tide goes out and pump from the Derwent
  13. shaun mc

    Hunslet game.

    I've heard there is a pitch inspection for tomorrows game as the ground is so dry and hard its a bit of a safety issue
  14. shaun mc

    Squad for Sunday

    Union couldn't handle/keep up with the way the Paul brothers played as well Steve McCurrie played centre in union for Bedford when he signed - 'nuff said!
  15. shaun mc

    Duel Registration Question

    Clear conflict of interest here. Leeds may be in the middle 8's with Fev. Leeds get a players like Dwyer qualified for the 8's on Dr and hey presto they are playing when Hkr and Widnes visit Fev in order to hope Fev sneak a win and Leeds are then more certain of their future in the top division. IMO Dwyer never, ever should be a Dr player. He's an experienced SL player