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  1. shaun mc

    Those nice tories

    Never liked Major that much when he was in power, but now he sounds like the sounds of reason (though he's speaking through very gritted teeth) in the midst of the madness in both parties Extremist remainers? I've never heard anything so ridiculous. Major wants the best for his country. Major parts of his party are just in it for themselves, or haven't got the economic nous to be leading the country
  2. shaun mc

    Gigs 2019

    Off down south to see Fairport Convention on Saturday at a small-ish venue. Never really been into their music until a few weeks ago. Any good live?
  3. The word is 'may' as we can all see. The actual impact will be a set of estimates, therefore its described as 'may' not 'will'. Time magazine took the higher estimate of $1billion - I think the lower estimate was $800 million Even if Ford's Model is out by 90% its still $100 million cost - not a trivial amount I've yet to see a major company come out and state Brexit will cost them less money and they will increase profits. If anyone has the links then by all means post them There will be organisations out there that are looking to make money, but they won't be declaring their hand at the moment. these are the ones that are looking at the Irish border and opportunities, whether its goods or people. Looking at the proposed almost 'wave-through' at Dover, etc
  4. From Time Magazine - is it a source of Remain Lies?
  5. shaun mc

    new stadium - todays press

    There is RL funding towards the stadium - maybe its from the £15m pot that the Govt gave to the 2021 RLWC A utility company wants to buy DP A hotel is to be built on the green space near to the Tesco roundabout All of the above help the stadium project
  6. At least everything is all above board and there are no shenanigans going on.......
  7. shaun mc

    Challenge Cup

    Quite a good band though 🙂
  8. shaun mc

    Challenge Cup

    Plus there's an extra week between the semi's and the Final this time. Fair play to the RFL on this one, as they seem to have reacted to one of last years gripes
  9. shaun mc

    new stadium - todays press

    This news obviously makes large projects such as stadia more self-funding The Sellafield staff are going to be housed there in order reduce the transport issues that the journey to work there faces. I heard this first over Xmas. Naturally, a number of them are going to be from the Workington/Maryport/Cockermouth area Now that the new nuclear station isn't going to happen soon and the improvements to transport links that were going to take place are also on the back burner (such as dual tracking the railway line and creating a terminus at Corkickle), then they have to find other ways for staff to get to work Reducing journey times and also meeting reduced environmental impact targets will also be met by this move 300 workers on site will also need facilities such as a Costa, Starbucks, Spar, Greggs etc which will bring a few further jobs and they will pay for unit space
  10. shaun mc

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    A few glaring reporting errors on the BBC website article as it portrays Welsh union as wholly amateur and Rugby League as wholly professional
  11. shaun mc


    They aren't all about the elimination of meat eating. For a proportion its about animal welfare, and they'd be quite happy if the animals were reared and culled in a 'humane' manner (whatever that entails) For some, if meat eating could have less of an impact on the environment (reducing methane emissions from cattle for example) they would be ok with that as well
  12. shaun mc


    A number of todays top mountain/ultra runners are vegans, simply because they find it the best food for running performance. They know what works My other half is a vegetarian based on animal cruelty grounds, and lets face it, the vast majority of our meat-based food is based on inhumane treatment of animals and the pursuit of profit She has no problem with me eating meat at the table/in a restaurant, its her choice. I ate completely vegetarian for 3 days recently, I haven't ever done so for that long, but it was all tasty and I had no issue not having meat on the plate. I treat food as fuel rather than having cravings which is what the multi nationals rely on with their advertising and product placement Can't beat a good bacon or sausage buttie however
  13. shaun mc

    Rugby History Thread

    Its West Lancashire Rugby League, but its 1890
  14. shaun mc

    How can this happen

    Didn't Malcolm Andrews quote their cruises?
  15. shaun mc

    How can this happen

    Aren't Seaborne a posh cruise ship company? I think (without checking as off out) that they also have cruise ships as hotels in London and Gibraltar Not excusing whats going on, as it strikes me as 'jobs for the boys' this one, but Seaborne may not be as naive as made out in ways of the sea