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  1. And nothing in the Budget to help the country attain its climate change targets. In fact, its probably made them less achievable
  2. shaun mc

    Job is too big for Rimmer?

    Played against him when he was at Liverpool University. No idea what course he was on. He was a stand-out player and we were beaten by Liverpool 92-0!
  3. shaun mc


    11 team League next year - 10 home games
  4. shaun mc


    Thats 17 times the number of homes games 13 = 221 extra speccies required Add on the extra Donny fans that were supposed to come to DP as well
  5. shaun mc


    Not all about money (and wtf do Haven get signing on fees from) but contacts and coaches. Jonty Gorley is having an impact at Haven in terms of attracting players. And to the detriment of Town with 1 player rumoured but not yet announced. But that was the head coaches decision and life moves on
  6. shaun mc

    Official Club Statement.

    Do Haven not have a signing embargo still in place due to their financial situation?
  7. So the RFL were hoping that Town would forfeit the match due to lack of players and then this would all go away And thats apart from their unhelpfulness over the dispensation issue, which I've heard the RFL were dismissive, and almost aggressive towards the representation from Town Absolutely disgraceful
  8. shaun mc

    London crusaders final.

    I'll give you a shout if I come across it, but have recently moved house and it could be anywhere
  9. Apparently Swinton have named a 19 man squad, so thats why they've been fairly quiet on this AFAIK Town could at the very best have 15 (no confirmation though) but that includes up to 4 that shouldn't be playing due to injury and 2 that have cancelled holidays
  10. shaun mc

    Those nice tories

    I knew it would be defended, no surprise there I'll just ignore what people are actually saying on the ground, in favour of 'they can claim an advance, so there's no issue' Tories always talk 'in theory' when making cuts and people lives worse than they should be, because in theory always works doesn't it? The person running the food bank actually agrees with UC in principle, but is imploring the Govt to hold on implementation, because it isn't working as it should However, in theory all is rosy
  11. shaun mc

    Those nice tories

    UC Legislation has been amended 95 times since it was first on statute. A person who runs the food bank in Carlisle has said that UC is now by far the number 1 reason for families coming to them. The main issue is the length of time to the payments which is on average over 5 weeks, despite what Tory supporters claim on here
  12. shaun mc

    Squad for Bradford

    I believe the Club have already contacted the RFL for dispensation to sign players for next week, should they have lost today. Don't know the outcome though
  13. shaun mc

    Those nice tories

    It won't see the light of day after today Corbyn will make an attack on the Govt in a few days time, making highly relevant and pertinent points. But no-one listens to Corbyn and the Liberals have disappeared. It will be too late, the Govt will put another lying press release on how they are spending record levels on welfare (now that May has officially declared austerity over, another lie) and then its kicked into the long grass.
  14. shaun mc

    Those nice tories

    Liz Truss has just said they aren't cutting the money given to Councils!
  15. shaun mc

    London crusaders final.

    Was at the game and both teams served up a classic game. The Sky highlights of about 50 minutes didn't do it justice at all. I may still have it on a VHS somewhere. Seemed to remember Oggy making lots of metres every time he had the ball. However, it was only a goalpost away from a defeat IIRC