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  1. It's a good point about the fans staying mostly in Spain. The tours that advertise in RL Express stay in Lloret and Calella I think. Has to be way of enticing more to stay in the perpignan region and the nearby towns that have good transport links. More fans staying locally and spending the Brexit pounds can only help the economy, goodwill and profile of the game. I've mainly stayed in large houses with friends in S France as a more economical method. But then you need transport or one has to stay off the beer that day and drive. I remember a couple of years ago planning a potential trip to perpignan by train that the hotels around the station were fairly reasonable How do the away fans do it for the union games or is it just a day trip?
  2. You got waterlogged on Webster bitter before you got pi$$ed. Used to sell it in our student union (mid 80's so similar time) it was cheap so the drink of choice
  3. Park foot is my home Park Run and now it will just about OK in trail shoes. The majority is on grass Lancaster is a harder run and is a good but challenging course with a couple of short steep hills. I'm about 20 seconds slower at Lancaster than Fell Foot
  4. Salfords academy like most others will be a combination of local lads plus players they identity from outside their immediate area. There is no quick fix in developing a youth structure at whatever level of RL you are at. And IMO contracting the number of pro clubs with that structure for them then to have easier access to young RL players over a wider area, isn't the answer either as it then encourages them to be lazy and not have the best coaches, leaders, mentors and facilities for our young players
  5. I'll ask again how have those 3 clubs got the resources to hoover up every single kid that is going to be SL player? They simply haven't. And it's a disingenuous argument to keep following, but repeat often enough...... A kid may be world beater at 14, and then get overtaken by others at 15. Sure Wigan may have the 14 yr old on their radar, but what about the other kids from other teams and sports that have caught up and passed that kid in the 12 month period. Are they watching Gaelic football, soccer and basketball teams locally as well as RL? They don't have the resources to do all of that, but if more clubs had a more serious approach to developing kids that may or may not get into their super doomed academy, then they may be casting their net wider, and not give the ammunition to make the lazy assumption that they just go and raid the community clubs locally. It's time the game as a whole took some decisions that meant it was going to develop and widen the player and talent pool instead of taking the lazy cheap route and avoiding it
  6. It's not that Leigh and Salford can't run academies, they won't. They have chosen not to invest in that method of identifying, nurturing and developing players.
  7. It's not always about the elite academy there are kids who may not be elite players but still enjoy their RL to a decent level but have other aspects of their life that are more important at that age - jobs, family, studies etc. Many posts on this thread are making huge assumptions in order to make the point that it's only the very top of the pyramid that's important and the rest are deadbeat. Same with the argument about the top rich clubs and the rest needn't bother existing. How Leeds St Helens and Wigan have so many scouts attending every RL, RU touch and tag games at junior level and are also take in scouring other sports for junior talent so much so that everyone else needn't bother is beyond believable, but repeat it some many times on here it will become true If that way of thinking is allowed to be the norm then in 10 year's time we won't have much of a game to debate on here. It will be 6 clubs playing each other 4 times a season in SL and an absolute chasm to an 11 a side community game plus touch and masters RL
  8. Can't see the game attracting more than 7 - 800, so the atmosphere will be fairly flat. And if there is a smidgeon of rain up to the game then it will be a swamp.
  9. With pension contributions it's £272k and 50% of that is £136k I gave wide bandings to protect confidential info - maybe too wide, but it's certainly not bang on 80% less as you have assumed
  10. Error - Wood earns about £275k with pension. Let me know how you get to £50k
  11. Turnover for the RFL in 2015 was £25m. You can't compare that with premier league clubs t/o and their CEO's salary. I work for a company that has t/o between 50 and 80% higher than the RFL and the CEO is paid between 50 and 80% less. He seems to be paid well I do think it's time for a change even if the game has to pay another £50k more for the right one
  12. To me the only way this has a place is if the game has a surfeit of international games to show - we haven't Or there is some announcement in the offing regarding the international calendar that isn't covered by existing broadcast agreements, which there could be. It's not about the game below international and SL as the announcement about magic weekend shows
  13. And we also bag the other code for doing the same we'll have to see what materialises in that first home game
  14. Its not great preparation to play by far the best team in the division, but it is what it is. You have to embrace it and look at the details of what needs to happen with a long weekend over there, and when you do it ain't no holiday. Its important for their welfare that they are looked after properly in terms of food, sleep, logistics, preparation and recovery to go and play one of the worlds toughest sports
  15. Its minimum 2 days for most players - yes there will be the odd one that takes less because of their shift pattern but that will also mean the odd one takes more than 2. For Barrow they will arrive about 22 hours before the game and depart about 26 hours after. Its not possible to shorten than schedule without taking the player straight from the pitch and put on a Saturday night flight Flights are not every day to Toronto. Going via Manchester is worse than Glasgow. And its an overnight flight back to UK (for all flights)which are killers for the next 2/3 days with the jetlag, then they have to get down to training and a game coming up quickly. Its not a walk in the park