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  1. First look at this thread - I'll have a look at the Old Patagonia Express as going there next month, and the Theroux book I'm just finishing There Is No Map in Hell by Steve Birkinshaw. What these fell runners put themselves through is insane. I wish I had a small amount of their resolve
  2. Can't really argue with the 13 IMO, but I'd have Brierley, Waddell & Hepi on the bench. Got to have Graham in there - I remember he played at 6 /13 a number of times as well as prop?
  3. Corsica is on the radar to visit, especially one of the GR long-distance walking trails. Have heard the facilities at the mountain huts are more spartan than European mainland
  4. Huddart never hit the saem levels after moving from Whitehaven to Carlisle Carlisle could certainly claim to be the top Cumbrian side around the time of the 8 team 2nd division. They always seemed to get the better of Town. Think we played each other 6 times that season. Remember a night game at Derwent Park and Paul Penrice was sent off for tackling Brad Hepi by his hair! I'd have Hepi in that top 17 somewhere nec
  5. Predictions

    Bradford & York 1st and 2nd. York are getting 4 players per week from HKR according to Sheens Then its perm 3 from about 6 for positions 3, 4 and 5. Donny are getting a lot of players from Hull now that neither team is running reserves. 4th seems about right for us.
  6. Carillion - gone?

    Exactly, this is a sticking plaster covering some of the massive cracks. Put your fingers in your ears, cover your eyes and in a fortnight it'll all go away. Good on the companies that have stepped in, but why should they have to. Oh, I forgot, free market and de-regulation.
  7. Carillion - gone?

    I presume this is being posted to say - 'look at this - isn't it a good thing'? I'd say its not. The far more important point is why the Insolvency dept had to take this action in the first place UK corporate culture at its absolute worst - give yourself huge pay rises, insert clauses that you'll be paid these huge rises months after any dissolution of the company and also award large bonuses and dividends even though the company is making large losses. All this with the knowledge of these losses and the cash & asset position of the company i.e can they pay their way Those pay rises, bonuses and dividends are being paid out of monies that should have been paying suppliers and employees. And now the pot is being further diminished by the huge legal and professional fees now having to be spent
  8. Trump just couldn't have a BMI of 30+ therefore the height was adjusted accordingly
  9. Carillion - gone?

    Wonder if the Marillion line has sunk in yet..... Anyway, we've got another Philip Green fleecing the country His company has been failing for a while. Wonder if he still picked up his (massive) bonus. It seems to be a trend nowadays - even though companies are going down the pan, posting profit warnings, bonuses are still being paid
  10. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    Sky will employ the best (or near to the best in tv contract negotiations) in procurement, the legal side, the accountants and a project manager The RFL can't and probably won't and neither can the clubs. Unfortunately its an uneven playing field and Sky hold most of the cards. Its like the local shop dealing with the Tesco buyers The game in general (and not just the clubs) have to be more cute, not get caught on the back foot by Sky, and have a number of strategy scenarios in place when they come calling, including having already approached other broadcasters if necessary, to mitigate as much as possible the advantage that Sky has Easier said than done though.......
  11. New Facebook group

    I've still got the classic blue n white V shirt from that time - on the way to an away game at Doncaster we were stopped at a services on the M1. Heard people say the Town team also there. My sister and ex wife at the time went to investigate and they got on the team bus and got all the team to sign it
  12. Reserve and Academy teams

    Recently Sam Tomkins and Lee Radford have gone public on the need for reserves I don't recall examples of current players and coaches calling for them to be scrapped.....unless there are examples out there
  13. Reserve and Academy teams

    Also add to that list - just give it to the much bigger developed kid who will run North to South (as Nobby says), scores the tries and the junior coach thinks he's Gods gift. Weight grading of kids is a much better concept Add that just giving it to the bigger kids does not allow development of half backs, 13's like O'Loughlin and centres
  14. Reserve and Academy teams

    I was of the opinion that SL clubs had to field a reserve team and an Academy for entry to SL. Championship clubs also to run reserves. And that DR was the devil. However, now I don't think a 'one size fits all' approach will work, given the rapid decline in reserves, lesser in academies and the contraction of the amatuer base. Its difficult to see how the situation can be recovered as quick as it has declined. In addition, DR seems to be used more as it was probably envisaged by younger players going out on DR. (btw how the remaining 5 clubs are going to run a meaningful reserves program is anyones guess , and I predict further plugs will be pulled) The situation now means a more fluid approach depending on the existing squads and the strength of the amatuer game in the area. Probably regional reserves & academies are the approach so that amatuer clubs aren't decimated, such as in Hull. I'd still like to limit DR to players that are yet to reach a number of SL games and have to be under a certain age
  15. New Facebook group

    Its been great stuff Richard. Thanks for collating all of this Good suggestion by Derwent as well. Maybe the Arabs from the Bramley away game could make an appearance over the weekend?