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  1. shaun mc


    Think Donny have secured third? Our points difference is about 120 worse than theirs
  2. shaun mc

    New league structure revealed

    Semi pro comps haven't got the resources to run their own structure, administration and governance - it has to be within the RFL. So we have SL going their own way. I've not read all 67 pages, but I see very, very little about this deal/agreement being for the good of the game as a whole. The most serious issue facing the SL clubs isn't how much power they are going to ring-fence, but how are they going to drive their profile to stop the slide of decreasing participation and the philosophy of just taking the easy route and farming players off on DR in the hope the hope that it is somehow like what development should be. IMO if we carry on for the next 5 years in the same manner, regardless of structure in the top division, and this is a criticism of both RFL and SL, the game is in trouble. The tables have been cleared to some extent, it's time to take those myopic glasses of and have full vision for the RL game on all levels. The same players (I.e owners) are still in place, so ATM I don't see it
  3. I'm on my way to go hiking in the Alps and may be out of range of the news for a week. Will the idiot POTUS still be in place by next Saturday?
  4. shaun mc

    Caine Barnes

    Heard he wants to play a full season at Town next year on loan as part of his development Don't know if he's too old for the Academy next year, but if he is, a full season loan is good for any player, rather than an odd reserve game or here and there on DR
  5. shaun mc


    My first visit in a while and a really good game between 2 well-matched sides. York are a well-coached team. I was happy with 6 - 4 down at half time with the wind at our backs in the 2nd half, but the wind did drop off quite a bit, so there weren't many long raking kicks Ref made quite a few glaring errors - some for both sides. However, the one that stood out is where Cockayne bounced through a couple of tackles and went to ground with no-one within 3 yards of him. Town rightly completed the tackle and the ref gave penalty! York questioned many decisions and got away with it. Town questioned 1 and got marched 10. No consistency
  6. Agree - the 'free market' is run on corruption, lobbying, lies and false competition in the most developed economies. The USA currently is the best example of that. Economic equality are words they either hate with a passion or are used but never acted upon
  7. shaun mc

    Vive la France

  8. shaun mc

    Vive la France

    L'Independent is having a 44 page spread or supplement in todays (or maybe tomorrows) newspaper if my GCSE French Grade 1 is up to scratch
  9. shaun mc

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    Not sure what you're meaning by helping develop, but isn't it the remit of the RFL to develop its competitions, structure, participation and coaching standards to name a few. Catalans and Toulouse are part of that structure. But as far as I'm aware they get no favours from the RFL. If 15 French players came over here and played for Wigan, the RFL couldn't stop them, whether it develops UK or French RL or not I believe a stronger French game will benefit the whole of the Northern Hemisphere RL, especially if they can also get a TV deal. Mid-season tests against France are far preferable than messing up the League season by trying to fit it in, in Aus or NZ, mid-season. Your not bothered about the French, so the CC Final was less interesting for you rather than seeing the wider picture. It felt like it was an historic occasion. The amount of column inches in the Sunday/Monday papers just in the UK, never mind France, was proof of that. If it was a 'better' Final with say Warrington v Leeds in a fuller stadium, the column inches would have been less
  10. shaun mc

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    Not sure. They have used 7 overseas players and 4 UK players out of 35 in total. Aiton as 1 of them has barely played a game All clubs have Kolpak dispensations - Williame, Langi etc may qualify here, but Wiki wasn't helpful on that
  11. shaun mc

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    Catalans are the only team in SL to field full reserve league and academy teams with a set and proper fixture list. They had a lad off the bench who was only playing his 6th first team game, and his time in Elite 1 has helped his development such that he is now a Cup winner Every club has too many overseas players and Catalans are no different. Hopefully this win will re-ignite interest in a passionate RL area, and they rely on overseas players less, strengthening both themselves, Toulouse and their home competitions
  12. Back home now after an epic weekend, just settling down to watch a recording of the game, only to find the Sky box has frozen and the subsequent back-up process also failed. Grrr 🤬
  13. Seemed to be building on a large portion of the coach/car park as far as I could see yesterday. Not a lot of it left
  14. shaun mc

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    Great game and very tense at the end with Catalans hanging on a bit. Good atmosphere in the ground, even though 17k less than last year. Catalans were never going to take 20k fans to the UK, soit was expected. Hopefully it will kick the game on in France. The game overall needs a strong French side internationally as well as the Catalans
  15. shaun mc

    Carl Forster

    Sammut starts on the same course/job as Jarrad Stack went on next month