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  1. Cash does talk to a lot of players - not only match fees but signing on fees as well If the Town budget was 450 - then we are probably ahead of that If Havens was 850 - then probably below but had a good attendance last week
  2. You could probably name 3 or 4 very good packs of forwards out of the overseas players
  3. I was thinking about Ged Stokes in the 17, but we never saw the best of him - he was an International. Only played about 10 games? We have had some cracking overseas players when you really think back and add those that I didn't include such as Jenkins, Savelio, Groves, etc. We've also had some duds as well......
  4. Anthony Samuel would do fine over the others for me, great tackler, thanks DM
  5. Centre wasn't he? Didn't see Pretorious or Mudge play. So stick Hurst on the wing and I need a 2nd rower from1970's onwards. Jason Palmada?
  6. I'll have a go, had to fill it out with a couple of players I didn't see play Mulligan Baildon Kerr Tuimavave Pretorious Sammut Varley Pickering McKenzie Lomax Stack Mudge Hepi Subs - Sione, Limmer, Gibbs & O'Kesene
  7. A loan deal can only be a solution Town would be happy with given the state of the squad and injuries, some of which will be ok, but others could be aggrivated. But without any Town player going the other way. Forster is on the look out for players. IMO its a risk and I'd get agreement that the first game he doesn't turn up for, he refunds all his previous match fees and anything Town give to Haven for his services for the whole loan period. Then we'd see how keen he is.
  8. Just those I've seen play Mulligan (didn't quite see Charlo at his best) Drummond Kay Kerr Fawcett Sammut Boxer Pickering McKenzie Bowman Gorley L Gorley P Pattinson Bench - Lunt S, Buck, Hepi, Varley
  9. And a factor that wasn't covered in that article was child poverty. Add that to the overall subject of child welfare
  10. There is also Olstrums issue with Haven from what I've heard, so he may not want to play for them whether they want him to or not
  11. Fixtures out at 9am tomorrow
  12. And to me, that dispels the 'fact' that Toronto have given away the TV rights FOC. An assertion that becomes fact if its repeated often enough. No proof has been given that Toronto have given the TV rights away for free
  13. Don't forget that this year was also about bringing some financial stability to the club, especially on reduced funding, so that there is a club in years to come. 2016 couldn't be repeated from that point of view. I know it doesn't explain such as Brett & Mossop being less influential though
  14. When the needs of the country and of its residents, their health, welfare, well-being and education became more about a £ note that can be cut rather than the service and long-term benefit it can give
  15. York have brought in Horne, Clark & Lawler from Hull KR which is an abuse of the DR system really. DR should only be for young players to get game time, not established 1st team squad members, one of whom has played a significant number of SL games. York are targetting to win and win well to cement 4th spot and 4 home games in the 8's