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  1. Yet someone posts on Twitter that they don't mind getting hammered every week now after the first 2 friendlies, as long as they beat Town!!
  2. Andrew Voss is the best commentator o RL (to back up earlier posts on this thread), then Ray Warren 2nd What they both have in common is that I only hear them periodically, so they are going to sound fresh and with a different perspective on the game I don't think Sky will get Voss and will probably promote from within. Voss is great as an international RL commentator as he understands both hemispheres and the wider aspects of the game For me Bill Arthur and Rod Studd are ahead of anyone else in the Sky team as game callers and I'd happily go with Brian Carney as the anchor man/presenter Leave Woods, Noble, Wilkin and Kear at the BBC as they are doing a good job there Maybe we'll see a different Cummings once Stevo is out of the way, so be tempted to keep him. You have to also take into account what the commentators/presenter/analysis brief is with Sky - they are probably told to do a certain job which is controversial or just stupidly funny with a northern stereotype thrown in
  3. You'd be in a much better position regarding offers if you have already sold your house and have the funds (deposit/mortgage) in place There's a 'value' in being a buyer in that position. The sellers know there is no onward chain to delay things or fall through and will take that into account when considering offers as they can move on quickly as well
  4. Great signing for the experience and for his versatility. Good stuff
  5. I've looked back at the announcement from GMcK when Conor signed. All it says is a season long loan, and that he would be in pre-season with Cas and will then join Town from 1st Feb. So he'll miss the pre-season friendlies
  6. Nobody had Keighley in the top 3 or 4 either Young Conor Fitzsimmons was in the Castleford squad today to face Wakefield who were putting a strong side out
  7. Out of the 21 names Paul, 12 IMO are of decent Championship standard. Add in 2 or 3 loans then its a squad of 24 and could do ok (noting your comments about the 5 young Academy players though) Whether they can accumulate 13 points more than 2 out of Swinton, Rochdale, Sheffield, Oldham etc is another point with all the disruption they've had. Even better if they have retained Rohan Smith Best of luck to the club, there's a mountain of work to be done just to meet the challenges of the first game in 3 weeks time
  8. Jamie Reed Labour MP has resigned his seat and a bi-election is due in Feb Jamie was a campaigner on the NHS. His constituency is Copeland and will be interesting from a nuclear power point of view given his party leaders opposition to the nuclear industry. The Tories may get in there. The main hospital in Copeland has recently been rebuilt (good as it was falling to bits) but there is a whole investigation going on to look at pulling services out of the hospital. Its crazy when you think that shortly there will be the construction of the Moorside nuclear power station and all the surrounding infrastructure - more demand for hospital services, but services are likely (not decided but recommended) to be taken away.
  9. Uncle Mo patently saw London, New York, Paris, Munich in his eyes as the SL of the future, and the first proposed mergers was only the start of it. Why not Saints/Wigan if Widnes/Warrington was ok? Everyone was bullish when we had 18k at the first game in Paris Mo hated the small clubs - Keighley, Workington, Oldham, Cas - as they were holding back the sport, and went to great lengths so extradite clubs from RL altogether. They hung on, just, in stark, brutal comparison to what is currently going on with Bradford As Padge noted earlier, far, far, too much money was paid out linked to the SL/ARL war down under that could have been much better spent elsewhere. A gun was held against clubs heads and the outcome has never been ideal in RL when that happens.
  10. Edit post
  11. Yes, the best advice will be on moneysavingexpert A few years ago you could completely ignore the fine, I believe is not quite the case now
  12. About the 3rd or 4th time I've seen that one - you'd think that the amount of OGWT material they have a new programme could be put together
  13. Sad news about Rick Parfitt - first saw them at Carlisle Market Hall in about 1976 - it was very, very loud as you can imagine Went off them a few years later, but really enjoyed their acoustic stuff recently Only a few days ago had Ma Kellys Greasy Spoon on YouTube - possibly their best album - the hard bluesy rock coming out but still with tinges of the mock phsychodelia RIP Rick you certainly lived it to the full
  14. Thanks Ginock We need back row cover looking at that 17
  15. Someone mentioned that's 17 signed now - anyone post a likely line up from those 17 just to see where we are at as I think I've missed a couple with moving house and not being on here