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  1. Sunday

    Haven home win was virtually a banker for me - Rochdale's recent results have been terrible. However, fair play, 38-0 is a great result
  2. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    Without trying to derail the thread - a rugby union game today involving Penrith finished 70 - 59 A little bit of sun and teams cant defend
  3. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    The game lost a number of referees from the top pool such as Silverwood The refs now are very inexperienced as a whole and only seem to have a black n white way of reffing rather than managing the game and its players which all comes through experience. They are also influenced to a greater extent by the gamesmanship of coaches and players
  4. The future of RL's TV rights

    The renewal isn't for a few years, but so was the last one, and the game seemed (to the outsider) to rush headlong into a new deal without wider thought, consultation and strategy The game is practically leaderless at the moment (and zero signs that it might change) and Sky might just take advantage of the games profound weakness, and offer another take it or leave it
  5. How would you improve the game

    Reduce the value of a try if from a kick inside the 20m. I like the idea of being able to diffuse a bomb, but not concede the drop out Only a 7 tackle set if the kick is from outside the half way line to stop teams using it as a way of running down the clock or taking a breather Have a skinny 10m but also delay the point slightly at which the defending side moves up. Most are moving up before the ptb commences. The 2 points will balance out in terms of who gains from them - attack or defence, but will also make the game less reliant on the 5 drives One out rugby is not allowed until under 16's/17's as it only encourages "just give it to the big lad" coaching who then think they are world beaters, but aren't actually coaching any rugby skills All rugby up to under 16's is graded by weight rather than age to avoid the above but to also have skills coached instead of just the power game when there are great differences in the size of kids of the same age Reduce the severity of penalties for the 50:50 areas at the tackle and ptb as its too easy to gain territory and points by the gamesmanship that goes on Have a spell where these rules are enforced without leeway for a while. The coaches, fans and players may complain, but a message needs to be sent in order to clean up the area
  6. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Anyone on this forum can put Marrafan, Anonymouse, Donald or anyone else on ignore if they don't want to read their posts, and lower their blood pressure at the same time. Saves filling threads with constant sniping and goading once someone posts on here
  7. Callum Hawkins

    That was a tough watch in the early hours, and wasn't the woman in the blue top taking pictures a volunteer? Seemed like a serious delay in getting him some assistance
  8. Favourite commentary

    Vossy on the Samoa v New Zealand WC game at Warrington was a treat from start to finish
  9. Absolutely, if ever there was an example of a rudderless sport, lacking in leadership right now its RL Same comments could be applied to many of the different threads on this forum To drag the game, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century requires direction and leadership. Something IMO the game hasn't got, and so we have things going in different directions, where it really needs a joined-up approach
  10. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    Nothing of the sort - its due (and no fault of the ref really) that the pool of refs is so inexperienced that they can't handle the game in a) the required way, in the same manner where there are non English speaking players and b ) be absolutely conned by play acting
  11. Add that one to the list Scubby of 'some central policy being made clear' by the RFL It'll be about 245th in line
  12. And also responded in the correct manner, which is just as important, even if they weren't in agreement
  13. Definitely a case of "we are a bigger club, we are putting money in your cash-strapped club and I'm throwing my toys out in a Beaumont-esque way if we don't get our own way" syndrome. Bless
  14. Town have enough problems trying to get their locals through the gate without giving them another reason not to attend Coupled with drinks promotions on a Sunday afternoon/teatime in the bars/pubs locally - "lets save the £15 going to the game, have a few pints and watch it on line"
  15. Bradford bulls

    How did the Bulls supporters manage 5 years ago when live streaming wasn't an option? Clue - they got off their fat asses and went and supported their team