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  1. RIGGY

    Swinton v Worky.

    Hi Hornets fans Thank you for coming to shout the Lions to safety today. We have some great friends between out two sets of fans and it will be great to see you all again next season. Riggy
  2. RIGGY


    Don't forget if you have a free afternoon to come watch some FREE Rugby League at Heywood Road, Thanks Riggy
  3. RIGGY

    Crowd for home opener

    A lot of our fans have bought their travel packages for the Swinton game in Toronto should be a great occasion
  4. RIGGY

    Swinton game

    The pitch at Heywood Road has been inspected and the signs are good however the Referee has slight concerns over a small area of the pitch but as the temperatures are due to improve overnight they will inspect again early on Sunday morning but things are looking hopeful at the moment. Please monitor the Lions Twitter and Website in the morning for updates. Thanks Riggy (Swinton)
  5. RIGGY

    Lions v Wolfpack

    There has been a pitch inspection this afternoon at Heywood Road and things are looking hopeful for the game tomorrow. There is one small area of the pitch causing a little concern but hopefully this should thaw during the night and another early inspection will take place on Sunday morning. Please monitor the Twitter account and the website for further news. Thank You
  6. RIGGY

    Challenge Cup fourth round draw

    Hi Andy and All at York Be nice to see you all again Riggy
  7. RIGGY

    Swinton Game OFF

    Waterlogged Pitch. No new date for game yet. Thanks
  8. RIGGY

    Rochdale Game OFF

    Waterlogged pitch no new date for game yet. Thanks
  9. Don't forget to visit the Swinton Legion on Cheetham Road. Meet the players and see the new squad numbers be issued plus see the new clothing leisure range and a q & a session with Andy Mazey Starts at 7-30PM and Free Admission
  10. RIGGY

    Christmas Present Idea

    Steve Wilds Book on the Lions 150 Year history is still available and you can order your copy on the main Swinton Lions Website. While you are there check out the shop where you can order your replica shirt and see some new clothing items. It all goes to help the club so please have a look.
  11. RIGGY

    2018 KIT

    Launched on Monday 29th October and very smart the shirts are too. If you want one before Christmas you need to go on the website from Monday and you have until 1st Nov to order to make sure you have yours in time for Santa
  12. RIGGY

    New signings 2018

    We have today signed Marcus Webb a 20 year old Welsh Student International from Hunslet Hawks. He is a winger. Riggy
  13. RIGGY

    Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    From your website Naylor will pick from these: Clay, Tyson, Leatherbarrow, Hewitt, Gee, Neal, Spencer, Thompson, Adamson, Bent, Lepori, Davies, Burke, Hughes, Grimshaw, Ward, Pearce-Paul, Adebiyi, Nield, Wilkinson, Hooley, Morris
  14. RIGGY

    John Duffy it is then

    You have got a top coach there and very good at team selection too. Look after him Riggy Swinton
  15. RIGGY


    Just like to say well played today again my side. Thought Aaron Brown was outstanding . Thanks for being part of a great day Riggy Swinton