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  1. Crigglestone look to have only had one game left anyway. But this season has seen the following teams drop out: Championship: Stainland Stags and Boothtown Terriers Division 1: CK Vikings, Whinmoor and Dalton Division 2: Higginshaw and Brotherton Division 3: Halton Moor, Worth Village, Meltham All Blacks and East Leeds 11 out of 53 teams in the fixtured divisions. Somewhat ironically division 4 has kept all its teams
  2. Looks like Dalton have given up on long distance away trips and dropped out
  3. Only ever three at once: York Acorn, Heworth and New Earswick All Blacks
  4. They had a league structure in rugby union at the time before rugby league was formed but only in the north. Yorkshire had a 12 team league (the 11 Northern Union founders plus Dewsbury) and did have lower leagues. The bottom two teams in the top league had to apply for re-election and when Morley and Castleford (top two in the Second Competition) had their bid for promotion knocked back they appealed to the RFU. I think the RFU said they'd shut the league down unless they allowed Morley and Castleford in. Lancashire had smaller leagues but some kind of promotion and relegation (based on playoffs like northern union adopted I believe). However, these leagues collapsed quite rapidly after the northern union was founded. I think Lancashire saw more wastage of teams in part because clubs were based in areas too small to support professionalism.
  5. Basically the lower division Yorkshire based clubs were slower to switch to Northern Union than the Lancashire based ones. This is in large part due to the split from rugby union being for different reasons either side of the Pennines. West of the Pennines the split was primarily due to professionalism and there were close ties between elite clubs and those in lower divisions. In Yorkshire a major factor was the top division clubs wanting a closed shop league, whilst the RFU wanted to introduce promotion and relegation. In short there may have been local competitions but there was no second competition that season.
  6. I don't think this is true actually. The rugby league conference largely failed in this respect. Coventry Bears, Nottingham Outlaws and Gateshead Storm have progressed from a short season but even then Nottingham Outlaws are going to have to go back to a short RU league this year. Hemel and Skolars predate the RLC's short season and neither club ever benefitted from it
  7. Any more news on what Nottingham and London Chargers' plans are?
  8. Labour still have further to fall I reckon
  9. Unlike the Lancashire line ups these aren't final positions. Also I can't vouch for the accuracy of these to the same extent as the Lancashire ones as they're taken from many different sources (in particular the 1899-1900 season) 1898-99 Yorkshire Second Competition (East) Featherstone Goole Hull Kingston Rovers Kinsley Normanton Outwood Parish Church Ripon Rothwell York Yorkshire Second Competition (West) Birstall Bowling Dewsbury Eastmoor Elland Idle Luddendenfoot Morley Todmorden Hull Kingston Rovers were overall champions and defeated Heckmondwike to take their place in the senior competition 1899-1900 Yorkshire Second Competition (East) Alverthorpe Eastmoor Featherstone Goole Kinsley Normanton Ossett Outwood Parish Church Pontefract Rothwell York Yorkshire Second Competition (West) Birstall Dewsbury Elland Hebden Bridge Heckmondwike Idle Kirkstall Luddendenfoot Shipley Sowerby Bridge Todmorden Windhill Normanton were overall champions but lost to Liversedge in the promotion/relegation match 1900-01 Yorkshire Second Competition (East) Alverthorpe Eastmoor Featherstone Goole Kinsley Kirkstall Normanton Ossett Outwood Parish Church Pontefract York York Melbourne Yorkshire Second Competition (West) Bingley Dewsbury (started the season in the East division) Hebden Bridge Heckmondwike Idle Keighley Otley Sowerby Bridge Shipley Todmorden Windhill Birstall (withdrew midseason) Luddendenfoot (withdrew midseason) Elland (failed to start the season) Teams in bold elected to the Yorkshire Senior Competition. I don't know the fate of all these clubs but a single division was formed which ended up named the Yorkshire Senior Competition that lasted for a while as a non-league semi-professional competition
  10. As promised: 1897-98 Lancashire Second Competition Barrow Millom Ulverston Radcliffe Lancaster Barton Birkenhead Wanderers Walkden Altrincham (called up from 3rd competition to replace Dukinfield) Fleetwood Crompton (withdrew midseason) St Helens Recs (withdrew mid-season; this St Helens Recs is not the same club as the later one) Lancashire Third Competition Werneth Leigh Shamrocks Whitworth Rochdale Rangers Warrington St Mary's Mossley (withdrew mid-season) Boothstown (withdrew mid-season) Blackley Rangers (failed to start the season) Cheetham Hill (failed to start the season) Morecambe defeated Barrow to retained their Senior Competition status 1898-99 Lancashire Second Competition Millom Barrow Lancaster Ulverston Altrincham Radcliffe Birkenhead Wanderers Fleetwood Blackpool Barton (withdrew mid-season) Walkden (withdrew mid-season) Millom defeated Morecambe to take their place in the senior competition 1899-1900 Lancashire Second Competition Barrow Werneth Morecambe Birkenhead Wanderers Whitworth Altrincham Lancaster Fleetwood Radcliffe Ulverston Dalton Barrow defeated Tyldesley to take their place in the senior competition 1900-01 Lancashire Second Competition Morecambe Birkenhead Wanderers Lancaster Altrincham Radcliffe Werneth Whitworth Tyldesley Leigh Shamrocks Fleetwood (withdrew mid-season) Teams in bold were elected to the Lancashire Senior Competition. Werneth joined the Lancashire Combination (reserve league). Leigh Shamrocks joined the Central Lancashire League. Whitworth and Tyldesley folded
  11. 10 million people had to flee their homes in the partition of India and as many Jewish people had to flee North Africa as Palestinians fled Israel. None of these have been kept in camps the way Palestinians have by neighbouring states
  12. The main obstacle is to do with number of seats at the stadium. Though Rochdale Mayfield's application was rejected even though they met criteria
  13. Leigh missed an extra season after WW2 because they lost their ground and nearly folded. Both Bradford and Hunslet have folded midseason and then rebounded
  14. I wonder if the RFL could resurrect the Community Shield now that there are many more clubs playing summer? The first (and only) season's format was too contrived as well by ringfencing 12 spots in the last 30 (why not 32?) for expansion teams
  15. I know Oxford signed a few of their better players just before they dropped out