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  1. Dropping Hemel would probably be the right decision but now that Oxford have improved on the field I can't think of another club you'd drop (All Golds have good player development, Coventry good crowds and it is good to have a Welsh club in the south or west)
  2. Yeah if Devon and Cornish Rebels can be accommodated in the West of England then that would seem a fair compromise. Presumably instead of Southampton and Portsmouth. I think the eastern division of the Southern competition has to go ahead next season as the clubs are already at the right level and the current set up has already failed due to standard imbalances. This isn't so much the case in the West, the issue is more with the South West.
  3. Not sure clubs waiting around til 2019 is an option because I don't know how well Devon and Cornwall will survive two seasons without a league
  4. Agree apart from with South Wales. They have 6 clubs there, who all seem solid, so take one out and the league's still viable though could do with a replacement
  5. Torfaen, Oxford, Swindon, Cheltenham, Devon and Cornish Rebels would probably be the place to start with the new league. Surprised Valley Cougars aren't applying, though guess they may struggle as they'll no longer get fringe professional players with the relocation of the Ironmen. Also they don't have any junior teams. I'd have thought under this scenario that there would be no south west division 1, once again
  6. I heard: Coventry Dragons Northampton Demons Hemel Stags A London Chargers Wests Warriors London Skolars A And then presumably three regions below.
  7. Pork tongue cod roe black pudding All things I like thanks to my grandparents introducing me to them. I have tongue most often of them
  8. The premier division already has
  9. Massively help. Leicester, Leamington and Telford could then reform in an expanded division 1
  10. Sounds like Leamington have dropped out of the premier division as well leaving three teams. Luckily there should be a new format in place for next season
  11. Aberdeen Warriors have folded, Carluke Tigers haven't played yet and Edinburgh Eagles called off their away game in Aberdeen. Probably time to call it a day and expel Scotland from the World Cup and all other internationals
  12. Yeah Labour risk either losing southern votes to the Lib Dems or northern votes to the Conservatives if they handle this badly. A lot of people in places like Kensington have voted Labour in part because of thinking it will stop a hard Brexit. However, without Corbyn's pledge to leave the EU and end European freedom of movement he wouldn't have held so many northern and Midlands working class seats
  13. Part of the reason Labour had a surge in the election was Corbyn compromised with other members of his party in the creation of his manifesto. And this wasn't with Blairites, it was with people like Andy Burnham and Ed Miliband. If Corbyn had campaigned on his personal opinions (defund the army, open border immigration, soft touch to terrorism etc) then Labour would have been slaughtered
  14. The gains down south I can believe
  15. The exit polls seem to predict Labour gains in the north. This seems hard to believe outside of Leeds North West and Sheffield Hallam