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  1. I think there's a clear polarisation of young voters away from social democrats and towards populist parties on both the left and right. A lot of that is down to economic problems disproportionately affecting young people. Pensioners on the continent disproportionately back mainstream candidates presumably because of their memories of WW2 or its aftermath
  2. Austria only didn't get a Freedom Party president when pensioners turned out for the Green Party candidate. Though it's worth bearing in mind the young people are often liberal on gender and sexuality issues but conservative on immigration. Social Democracy is very much a dying form of politics in Europe outside Scandinavia and Portugal
  3. I think the private sector/public sector split is more important in many ways. A public sector manager on £40-50,000 a year would care more about austerity than say a plumber would. Age profile is relevant, but young people being more liberal is very much an Anglosphere thing. It certainly isn't the case in continental Europe, so things could change in the future.
  4. I think we are seeing a long term realignment though. Both Labour and the Conservatives poll equally well with both middle class and working class voters.
  5. Status quo's not really a compromise. Soft Brexit would be a compromise between remaining in the EU and hard Brexit. Norway and Switzerland are hardly suffering from being outside the EU
  6. I think there's a good argument for a softer Brexit than the Conservatives are proposing given the narrow majority, but that's not the same as Remaining
  7. This is where things get tricky. Most of the Conservative Remain voters are in places like Surrey. Hence why Labour released a middle class populist manifesto rather than a far left one as expected. Nevertheless Labour have a big majority to overcome in such places
  8. If leaving the EU were just a government decision then I could see the point, but it was a decision made in a democratic referendum so it can't just be cancelled
  9. The Norway option would give us control of fisheries
  10. It's not UKIP that Labour would lose northern Leave voters to. Labour may have had one of their best results with the middle class, but Mansfield now has its first ever Conservative MP and wasn't the only similar seat. Labour would have lost a lot more Northern working class voters if they'd stood on a Remain manifesto
  11. Coventry's gone from having an average house price of £130,000 to £210,000 in 5 years. The city's population has increased rapidly and there's been widespread gentrification though
  12. The Culture Wars Personally I think women should be allowed to go swimming topless irrespective of how they self define, if men are allowed to. But does make a fair point about self definition
  13. He'd make a lot better PM than Corbyn or Theresa May
  14. Regional leagues 2018

    There's a new club in Southend but I don't know for definite if they're in the league.
  15. The Culture Wars

    I think a lot of gaps are naturally closing, women under 40 working full time get paid the same as men to give one example. I think there are still some concerns, the low employment rate of Muslim women and disproportionate sentencing for Afro-Caribbean men are two that come to mind. Eastern Europeans and Black Africans are still on average poorer than the general population, but I am more optimistic that things will improve there as they are both mainly relatively newer immigrants to the country.