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  1. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    They only had three applicants for the western division and three for the eastern division, and I doubt all six would want to play in a South wide division
  2. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Why can't Bristol enter for 2 seasons?
  3. Don't see the point. Avignon or Carcassonne would add something to the League here but Villeneuve would just be playing abroad for no good reason
  4. Hull League

    Maybe the YML would set up a Hull division? Though they'd still want the better teams in the Yorkshire wide divisions
  5. Or they could expand SL and/or the Championship to 14?
  6. World Cup Last 8

    Ireland-PNG will be close but think home advantage will swing it for PNG. Otherwise yes that's the likely outcomes. France are very overrated
  7. Hull League

    I'm guessing this is the last season and then clubs will have to pick Pennine League or Yorkshire Men's League next season
  8. Scotland's the only team he's got a point about
  9. New Teams 2018

    Twice from memory. First time was a draw, so they had a second vote which ended 28-10 in favour of summer. In the end only West Bowling decided not to switch to the summer, and they have of course since changed their mind
  10. New Teams 2018

    No nor an open age section
  11. New Teams 2018

    I don't think there need to be two more teams as they could just go with four divisions of twelve, which is six more clubs than in winter
  12. New Teams 2018

    I doubt it very much, though one day Nottingham may well step up, just not next year
  13. Blueprint for SL

    I expect only 2 of them will face exclusion as they'd have to go for 14 if they wanted four expansion teams
  14. Not really any vacancies as League 1 is too big as it is