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  1. Mark Mulligan old me what he said to Jimmy, & Jimmy's reply! I don't think he'd want to have a go in the car park, unless he'd suffered brain damage!
  2. Karl was offered the same as the other players from last year's squad who stayed.
  3. You can have my livestock, & I'll buy you a beer if you come over & into our bar! There's often Karaoke, you can treat us to some Howlin' Wolf!!
  4. A big thank you to Alan Tait for the emotional & modest talk about his extraordinary career in both codes of rugby. Although born in Scotland, he was raised in Workington while his dad Alan snr played for Town & Haven. Playing Union for Kelso & Scotland he was snapped up by Widnes when they had their great side of the late eighties. He went on to play for Leeds & Great Britain at League, before returning to Union with Newcastle, playing for the British Lions in South Africa at the age of 35. A fantastic story, & he spoke emotionally about his father's fondness of West Cumbria while playing for Workington & Whitehaven. A great night, enjoyed by all. Thank you Tony & Mark, & Glenn Burgess, without whom the event would not have been possible. If you'd like to take part in the Vice Presidents events & choose the next addition to the Town Hall Of Fame, contact Tony Boyd.
  5. BTW, the club own Derwent Park, it is listed as a club asset. The land it stands on is leased from the council. It is just the same as anyone who owns a leasehold as opposed to a freehold house.
  6. It was revealed at the WTRLFC AGM early this year, that the land lease for the old training pitch was sold several years ago to a redevelopment company, the money raised helped the club out of a hole. The payments to the club were staged, but the details of the deal are between the club who were the leaseholder, the council who are the landowner & the firm who bought the lease. If anyone has dealt with land & lease sales, you would know the legalities are thorough to prevent fraud & money laundering, the council still own the land, but the club no longer lease it. This information is not secret, but the club is not obliged to disclose it to anyone who doesn't have a financial stake in the club. It is up to the club to dispose of assets it sees fit if it helps the club to move forward. It was agreed at the AGM that this has always been the case. If you want to know how the club deals with these issues, then you'll need to buy some shares, the club balance sheet is declared annually at the AGM (12 months in arrears), all shareholders are entitled to a copy. Believe me, the board members have great difficulty raising the money to run the club debt free, it costs them ALL personally. No one takes the reins at a semi-pro club to make themselves a profit as appears to be insinuated on here.
  7. Good news, according to Times & Star PJ will be back in light training this week after a knee cleanout. Don't know why it's taken so long, when I had my knee cleaned out I was only off 4 days, then back fully fit to my office job at Sellafield!!!
  8. Thanks fellas. I for one will be sorry to see you both stand down. You rescued the club, simple as! Enjoy your rugby now, you deserve a rest!
  9. The club was teetering on the edge of oblivion half way through last season. If the BoD hadn't acted the way it did, we wouldn't be on this forum to argue. There's a new impetus in the club, let's just trust the people in charge!
  10. I laughed when I saw Elliot Miller's tweet! 'Barrow sign new kit man' lol
  11. The RFL would rather see an empty Ricoh Stadium than a full Derwent Park!
  12. Just put £20 in, what I would have spent if we'd had a match yesterday, (without refreshments of course)!
  13. Apologies if it read like that, I'm just annoyed at the way people are slagging off the people who are working hard to ensure our clubs survival through a very difficult period.
  14. Does anybody involved in the slagging off of the board know exactly who the board is?
  15. I've dodged nothing! What info do you want? I don't go to Mark or Tony & say what's happening?! But if I want to know something in particular I'll ask. You don't have to ask in person, you can contact anyone at the club by electronic means. Or do you want them to put out drivel on a weekly basis like some other clubs do.