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  1. Good news, according to Times & Star PJ will be back in light training this week after a knee cleanout. Don't know why it's taken so long, when I had my knee cleaned out I was only off 4 days, then back fully fit to my office job at Sellafield!!!
  2. Thanks fellas. I for one will be sorry to see you both stand down. You rescued the club, simple as! Enjoy your rugby now, you deserve a rest!
  3. The club was teetering on the edge of oblivion half way through last season. If the BoD hadn't acted the way it did, we wouldn't be on this forum to argue. There's a new impetus in the club, let's just trust the people in charge!
  4. I laughed when I saw Elliot Miller's tweet! 'Barrow sign new kit man' lol
  5. The RFL would rather see an empty Ricoh Stadium than a full Derwent Park!
  6. Just put £20 in, what I would have spent if we'd had a match yesterday, (without refreshments of course)!
  7. Apologies if it read like that, I'm just annoyed at the way people are slagging off the people who are working hard to ensure our clubs survival through a very difficult period.
  8. Does anybody involved in the slagging off of the board know exactly who the board is?
  9. I've dodged nothing! What info do you want? I don't go to Mark or Tony & say what's happening?! But if I want to know something in particular I'll ask. You don't have to ask in person, you can contact anyone at the club by electronic means. Or do you want them to put out drivel on a weekly basis like some other clubs do.
  10. No one is questioning their commitment? Your having a laugh! And your last point, you want to know what's going on ASK! That's how I find out, they love the club more than any of us, they don't bite. They don't read this forum, they used to, but got sick of the personal abuse, so giving them expert advice on here is a waste of time. They have to make decisions & stand by them, unlike their critics!
  11. If anybody wants to know anything, ask! Mark is very forthcoming & Tony will tell you what he can. You should be bloody well ashamed of yourselves knocking the very people who have kept this club alive through a very difficult time. You're all experts on how to win the league, well I know what's happening at the club & most of you are a million miles away. Try getting the truth before you spout your rubbish on here, the BoD deserve nothing but praise, without them there would be no club!
  12. Well as long as they nearly beat us, I'll be happy!
  13. I volunteer to help the club & still pay to get in! Just because you volunteer, doesn't mean you have to be a freeloader.
  14. Read the note at the top of the page! It works ok on mobiles & tablets, but it seems PC security is identifying a threat that isn't there.
  15. Easy to sit at home typing on a forum & decide the best way forward! Why not get down to DP & volunteer to get the ball rolling? One thing the club isn't short of is anonymous armchair critics. One thing it is short of is volunteers to help run the show.