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  1. Oh dear Danny

    Oh, Danny boy! A special PMA (Paul Marsh Award) to you in recognition of responsible drinking and impeccable public behaviour when representing club (and country). Such a talent, such a shame.
  2. Player for next season

    Game management, drop goals - do you think Haven would give us a re-match?
  3. Haven game

    Shame there had to be a loser. I would have said the same if it had gone the other way. Only point I would make is we scored four tries to three - where oh where can we find a goalkicker? 'Haven, hope you're not too cream crackered for next week. Knights see you next season - please, please sign us a kicker!
  4. Possible new signing

    Do we only sign people with great names, Mo Agoro, Zeus Silk and the doubled barrelleds from the Eton first XI back four (Jake Butler-Fleming, Harry and Bobby T-W and DFJ) to name but a few? Sir Ranulph-Twisleton-Wykeham Fiennes might be available on loan when he gets back from the Antarctic.
  5. Crowd v Wolfpack

    Double whammy, miss the game of the season and my car blows up! Fantastic result (the Knights that is, not the car). Keep performing like that and the sky's the limit.
  6. Toronto

    Looked like there were one or two going from the replies on the previous Toronto thread. I was sorely tempted but have settled for second best, a couple of nights b'n'b in Scarborough and 3 days at the Yorkshire-Somerset match. Is it broadcast live on telly or is it one of these complicated streaming things? Cheers, WWE
  7. Toronto

    Anyone going to Toronto? Costed it business class and 4* because wifey wanted to come - over four grand for the two of us, thanks but no thanks! However if I go on my own, steerage and backpacker has anybody done the sums? Posted a request for info on Knights' site but they decline to respond, hmm!
  8. Today's game

    I'm not sure I had Barrow in mind when contemplating a kind draw but hope springs eternal. I'll do my darndest to be there.
  9. Today's game

    Shows the value of kicking your goals, Hornets will be ruing their misses. Same with the Ironmen game, all came down to 2 points. Is T-W a talented kicker or were they all in front of the sticks? Anyway, a great result, let's hope the draw is kind to us.
  10. New shirts

    Knights, Wasps, Vikings, whatever their current incarnation might be,York colours for me will always be black and amber - good choice
  11. Toronto Wolfpack away

    Was on the point of booking the flights and then heard a rumour the Wolfpack were hankering after replacing Bradford Bulls in the Championship. Reminds me of a couple of seasons ago when that Welsh outfit wanted a fast track to the Champ at the Knight's expense. Who knows which way this one will pan out? Very few certainties in Rugby League these days!
  12. Toronto Wolfpack away

    Can anyone confirm this will definitely take place on 1/7/2017? It's included in the Wolfpack fixtures with kick-off time tba but not mentioned in the Knight's list. Hate to book the flights and find it re-scheduled! Happy New Year to one and all. Good to have a season to look forward to, it did look a bit bleak at one point.
  13. York Old Boys

    World Cup results going Scotland's way means we'll see Danny Brough in the quarter finals, although he will need to be at the top of his game against New Zealand. And lo and behold our old mate Dave Woods doing a bit of punditry, still eating plenty of pies by the look of him. My bog standard broadband/TV package amazingly includes Premier Sports so will be continuing to keep an eye on proceedings.