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Graeme Langlands dies.

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This (broader) story disgusts me. It was well known for a few years that he had advanced Alzheimers and yet the police insisted on dragging him in and formally charging him for some alleged sexual incident 30 years ago. The Police and Prosecutor's Office must both have been fully aware that he couldn't stand trial because he didn't have the mental capacity to assist in his own defence and yet they went ahead.

I'm sure the woman (and her inevitable "supporters") will claim that she "needed" justice but she's had 30 years (or 20 or whatever) to get "justice." Even if her allegations are 100% true, what kind of despicable sack of sh%% can only get "resolution" from putting the boot into some old guy with  Alzheimers who is now mentally incapable of defending himself. (and who knows? maybe he was innocent)

I'm not defending him because he's a footy legend. I'm not defending him because he's a possibly wrongly-accused man. I'm defending him because he's a person of diminished mental capacity and, as such, has been inhumanely treated by the legal system.

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Magic player, magic sidestep magic versatility!

Quote "Stick it up your ######!" in response to a MOM award! Brilliant!


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Loved watching this bloke play in the 70's for my favourite side St George. Sadly my overriding memory of him was in the 1975 NSWRL Grand Final against resulting in the "white boots affair" with a 38-0 drubbing by Easts. One of the greatest players ever.   RIP fella.

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