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Bring back the Clashes for the Ashes?

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#21 thirteenthman

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 01:17 PM

Have to agree with PaulHHZ that the 4 nations should be cut back to every 4 years. It's a bit unnecessary, as the it's more or less the same as the WC once you get to the semis. So here's what I would go with:-

2013 WC Eng
2014 GB tour Aus
Pacific / Euro Cup (4N Qualifiers)
2015 4N Eng
2016 NZ tour GB
Pacific / Euro Cup (WC Qualifiers)
2017 WC Aus & NZ
2018 Aus tour GB
Pacific / Euro Cup (4N Qualifiers)
2019 4N Aus
2020 GB tour NZ & PNG
Pacific / Euro Cup (WC Qualifiers)
2021 WC Eng & France

So GB play Aus and NZ every 4 years, but splitting GB tours between Aus and NZ makes the tour shorter, which would be the main objection to a full blown Lions Tour. England could carry on playing in the 4N and WC, but we'd get GB back for the tours. At present this wouldn't make much difference, but with developments in Wales a GB side could look different from an England side in years to come. Also the Aussies get a year off, which is why there's no chance of an Ashes series for 2012. The RFL and the NZRFL don't seem quite as concerned.

The only problem would be the Home Nations playing in a Euro Cup at the same time as GB are playing, but you could get round that by playing the Euro Cup games mid-season.

The most important thing about it is that the RFL start giving the internationals the importance they deserve. If we bring back GB don't hide them away in the North, but take them to Cardiff or Wembley. And then give the matches the hard sell.

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