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    Take it you have never been to CCFinal. You will find fans from every club converging at the same time as has happened for 100 years. Dont ever go to a Magic weekend it will freak you out........
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    Hopefully Newcastle can gain promotion, they are doing tremendous work on and off the field. Reserve team, under 19’s academy, increasing participation at grassroots, increasing attendances. They are a club on the up and long may it continue.
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    If you are wondering what is at the root of their healthy glow, its the near 30 years of grassroots development work started by Mick Hogan. They have slowly grown the community game (and continue to do so) from day one. I'm staggered that most still believe you can ''sell'' the game to people who have never heard of it, in areas where no-one has ever played it before. It's embarrassingly naive to argue for expansion without doing a lot of work to seed the ground, grow the participant player and fan base, forming new school, college and amateur clubs, year on year developing along with them a RL loving culture, gathering sponsors and business backers as we go, until the locality can provide all the resources the ''pro'' team will need to draw on. That's how it's done and there's no such thing my friends, as a short cut.
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    Great appointment by the Titans and as a Saints fan I'm absolutely gutted. Not only has he massively improved our team, often transforming players who looked awful under KC, but he also has got us playing exciting rugby again. He has brought through lots of youth, and he's also improved the clubs position with the community and the fans, and seems a genuinely likeable bloke. I'm surprised he went for the Titans job rather than wait a year for the Bulldogs job, but suppose there's no guarantee he would get it. I don't think it's money or lifestyle as much as the challenge of coaching in the NRL unfortunately. I just hope we can send him out with the trophies he deserves.
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    Martin Vicker's argument was that pre Wolfpack there was no demand for RL overseas rights as there was no interest. The club had shown otherwise and the rights had a monetary value. Sky were in the best position to exploit this via their world wide channel swapping arrangements. The inference being that Toronto add value to the Sky deal and hence negotiations.
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    All six matches to be shown live on Sky Sports, according to LE.
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    He's 36 and totally unsuitable for SL.
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    A successful anyone playing in Super League would draw big (by RL standards) crowds.
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    Really hope Thunder can get promoted to the Championship,currently second. I'd like all clubs to prosper but surely most neutral fans understand that Newcastle offer more to the Championship than many traditional clubs who have stagnated in the past 30 yrs.
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    Couldn't agree more S.K. You always need 2 or 3 old heads in a team to keep the young ones right. Have we missed Benny? Of course we have. Do we miss Tim when he's not in the side? Of course we do. Same with Graham Horne.
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    Toronto Arrows play in Major League Rugby, where most of the players are "associate members" (aka part time semi-pros) and only a small handful are full time professionals. They get roughly 2k out to their games. TWP average over 7k and are fully professional. The national broadcaster's "rugby" section is completely dominated by the Wolfpack. Who is supporting what now? Oh by the way, those established teams you mention- they also support the Wolfpack. The opportunity for RL (and indeed RU) here in North America is the overwhelming majority of people have never seen and are not familiar with "rugby" beyond "a game that's like football except no pads." There is plenty of room, with over 350 some odd million people in both nations, for both to carve out their own niches. It's not a zero sum game. I watch both, most fans here will because we watch multiple different sports- that's our culture. The one vs. the other thing doesn't exist here.
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    You need the old heads, we would still be in League one if we had only played young lads last season.
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    The first part I totally agree with. They don't want a championship final in the UK between potentially a Canadian and a French team. The rest is frankly a lot of anti-Toronto prejudice though Harry and has been refuted several times on here. They chose not to take part in the cup as they (along with Toulouse and Catalans) were asked to lodge a Half-a-Million pound bond to do so - perfectly reasonable. They have appeared in the cup before and have said repeatedly (most recently on Backchat last Thursday) that they would love to be part of it again. Their advantages to being at home are logically just as much disadvantages to them being away. Also, London went there at a weeks notice for the Million Pound Game last year, why couldn't St Helens or Hull? As for their 'on the road games'. How many other teams would accept having to play 3 'home games' a year away from home because the rest of the league couldn't schedule a summer sport into the summer calendar?
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    I've held a rugby ball probably five times in my entire life. On one of those occasions I found a ball at the local field while out walking the dog. I picked it up and kicked it away aimlessly. I was spotted doing this by a rugby union scout, who immediately tried to sign me up.
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    Hasn't anyone seen the last episode of Back Chat this week? At last, a few facts about Toronto Wolfpacks impact on the rest of the world. They have been engaged in a process of raising the profile of the game, world-wide, a costly, and lengthy process. Their backer, has a better idea (and a more realistic one) of what it will take to establish the game over there than anyone here does and he's prepared to put his money where his mouth is, for a long time, to make it happen. He and his team are like manna from heaven for our game. Whatever they are doing, they are doing it better than anyone in this country is doing and better than anyone here has ever done. The stench of envy expressed in some of these posts is palpable, sickening and verdant cabbage coloured. Thank god for Toronto Wolfpack, I just hope they can establish the game in Canada, before it collapses here in the ''god forsaken'' heartlands.
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    Expectations of the Titans are so low that if Holbrook has any kind of success he will seen in a very favourable light. It’s not a bad move at all on his part. Sad to see him going from SL. The speed of his turnaround of Saints was remarkable - they went from pretty much a basket case under Cunningham to within a Golden Point of the GF in his first half-season. Think he’ll go well. Seems a player’s coach who has the right balance between fairness and firmness. A class act.
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    Not unexpected after weeks of rumours, but still disappointing to hear. Holbrook has honoured his contract with us and his high win percentage and style of rugby has earned him a shot at a NRL head coaches job, so can't blame him or his family for wanting to head back when such an opportunity presented itself. As some have said, he's transformed the club. Towards the end of the Cunningham era, we were approaching open hostility between club and fans. Since Holbrook's come in, we've had regular open training sessions, junior member open days and a lot more engagement from the players in local projects, which has restored the relationship. His recruitment decisions have been bang on. He has moved on players and replaced them either internally or externally with stronger ones. I questioned the decision to move Lomax back to 6, but it proved to be inspired, with him now playing the best rugby of his career. We've also seen the likes of Lees, Ashworth, Grace, Smith, Bentley, Costello and Welsby become either regular starters or solid back-up players, all with the potential to become future regulars. But most importantly, he's made going to the game enjoyable again. Our style under Cunningham was utterly turgid yet with the same players in 2017, you could see the change in style immediately. At times under Cunningham, you would look up at the clock with 20 minutes gone, thinking it must almost be half time is was that dire! Fans now watch the match at games, instead of their phones! I hope our fans offer patience to Holbrook's replacement, because we would be extremely lucky to get someone who has done as well as he has. Hopefully, we can send him off with a trophy or 3 and here's also hoping he succeeds at Gold Coast, however tricky that may be!
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    I did enjoy Mick Gledhill's strop about all this. He is just the same as when he used to post here.
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    You can be a right spoilsport at times John. ?
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    Please don't post entire stories copied from League Express on here (or anywhere else for that matter). We rely on people buying the paper to read the stories themselves, or there'd be no League Express left for anyone to copy anything from. Thanks.
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    The sporting scene in Toronto is dominated by the likes of Baseball, Ice Hockey, Canadian Football, Soccer/Football, Basketball. What Sports dominate the Heavy Woolen area, Leigh and Halifax areas? How long have we has Rugby League in Toronto? A decade with mainly 3 or 4 amateur teams until the TWP came along. So no century long club or any real fan base.The game has been played professionaly and at amateur level for decades in London. London Broncos have had success and play in SL yet cant get even half the crowds of TWP Leigh have had success and been in Super League as have Halifax. But the way them club have been run and marketed themselves over the years has been pathetic. That goes for much of the Game, except a couple of years at Keighley and then Bradford. And apart from one Promotion what success on the field have TWP had? The game (Fans, Clubs, Administrators etc) in the UK keeps coming out with excuses and looking at shortcuts. Maybe the Game should look at how TWP entice 7,000 people to turn up watching a sport that is very much a minority one in the area. Instead of moaning and finding fault with TWP, it would be better to look at why they get 7000 crowds and good sponsorship. How they market themselves in an area dominated by big multi million Pound/Dollar Sports.
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    Isn't this topic related to audiences, and largely irrelevant to location... 1) Traditional clubs need to look at audience size and penetration (brand awareness through to those willing to part with cash). It really is quite simple. Grow the marketing funnel. This means, understand your customers, understand your audiences. How many RL clubs are actively trying to understand their customers? Genuine question. They are awash with data from websites to ticket purchases etc. It doesn't take much to understand who is buying your tickets, merch, viewing your website etc. to get a really good grip on this. Having seen the hot-spots, you can learn a lot. Where do they need to focus efforts to grow. Be more effective in marketing spends. The sole purpose being to drive revenue... 2) Expansion/New clubs - propose a SOLID business plan based on a risk/reward approach. I.e. realistically, how many people can they reach and encourage to come along to a game. This is harder to truly quantify. But with a bit of market research you can at least assess whether their is a market there or not. Whether your marketing activities execute well enough to cut through is another matter. Who cares whether it is in Carlisle or Calgary?? Its about the robustness of the potential club to reach an audience and create a market. Does the RFL really take a robust enough approach? It's hard to say without seeing the business plans. But this should be a minimum requirement as part of any approval process... I cant say I am overwhelmed. Toronto have clearly shown how to reach audiences via digital marketing. They then convert a certain proportion in to attending. Then Word of mouth etc etc etc. In a digital world, they use data to inform growth. Does your local club capture data? Does it have a marketing/data analyst to inform how to grow its audience? This is something Leeds tend to do very well. Perfect example was when I went to watch London. I bought a ticket at the ground. London took nothing but cash. I had 3 friends with me. All live across London and at their first game, loved it. Yet London never had the chance to follow-up with the other 3 customers that weren't quite so RL mad as me.. Asking for data is common practice and for good reason... its all about return business. London as a result got £80 in revenue. Nothing more. Short-term thinking. I read a lot about "creating an event" in RL. This is only part of a relationship with a customer... its about creating interesting content (live or digital) that is enticing and interesting in an attention economy. We have a great product, yet cant seem to understand the long term value of relationships... or audiences for that matter.
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    As a Saints fan I’m gutted Also it shows how far ahead of Super League the NRL is if the coach of our best club wants to leave to join their worst.
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    come on worky please win
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    Why are they better? (even Aussie media concede English refs are better) Simple answer, there is only one of them - not two. NRL refs have been dumbed down.
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    As a teacher/coach of kids, I would often ban the acting-half-back from running with the ball in casual games, turning the role into one of distribution, with a play-maker at either side evaluating options. It increased the involvement of other players, increased general playability and enjoyment, and added, rather than subtracted, extra variability to the attack .The ramifications for such an approach are interesting, and worth a little consideration. Eliminating the acting-half-back “scoot”, for instance, would change the dynamics of the sport in significant ways, not all of them bad. The scorn and disdain poured, by some, on suggestions for change make me wonder if the sport has at last evolved to absolute perfection, can never be surpassed, must never need to react to changing circumstances. It doesn’t always look so to me.
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    The headline in the menu reads "Ban the acting half back from being able." I've played in several sides like that.
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    Nurse! SWR’s pills have worn off again!
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    Darren Holt,Willie Horne,Ian ball,dean marwood,in that order?
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    Started my 'career' ? in the very early 80s with the advent of the Carlisle league. Played for the Pioneers, so-called because we were the first amateur club in the city for 30 years and formed by me and an old school mate nicknamed Puddy. Moved to London and dropped out for a few years before joining the London Civil Service RLC and East London RL. Then helped form South London for whom I played until 2014 at the age of 52. Then a season with Croydon Hurricanes, before retiring to the occasional game of Masters with the Silverbacks. I was never anything other than an ordinary player, with only a meagre haul of gongs from 35 years of Open Age, but I really do miss playing and training. I have so many happy memories from the game, and a real pride in what I achieved off the pitch in setting up and running clubs. If there is reincarnation please let me come back somewhere that plays Rugby league.

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